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* * * Did you know? The best scorer is debog with 491 touchdowns.
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Group managers: Hovring, Guinness, Murskapate
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General information on CDL
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Our staff
HovringRules and everything
GuinnessIn between game management and setting up teams


Check Wikipedia and cyberpunk design for inspiration if you want to fluff up your team.

Icons will have custom colors for each team - with some restrictions so they don't all look alike. It is also possible to create your own icons.

CDL icons

Information on joining CDL

If you are interested in joining write to Hovring on discord.

Procedure for new teams
A draft pool will be generated with the draft generator. You will pick 16 players from that pool and at random they will have age 1 to 8, with 2 at each age. Players aged 6-7 will be granted one extra skill roll and players at age 8 will be granted two extra skill rolls. The extra skill rolls wont give extra spp.

Expanding league to 16
At some time the league might be expanded to 16 players. A new draft with plaers of different ages will be created for that.


Link to previous draftpools

After each lap a draft pool is created. There will be different player types, with no restrictions to how many of each type you pick.

The draft takes place after players have aged, retired and rolled for skills (see rules - Team development and player progression). Each coach then takes turns picking one player at a time. If you have a full team, you can either pass on picking another player or retire a player to make room for another pick. There is no limit to number of players you can draft - value of late picks will be low.

The draft order is decided by the final standing of the finished season, if you finished last you pick first in each draft round and vice versa.

The player generator is shared and can be viewed here

There is no trading in CDL, changing teams is frowned upon and a player would most likely be if they play for another team.


CDL matches are played under CRP and fumbbl tournament rules

RULES on discord always takes precedence before the ones below.

- After each season every player gains a niggle. This replaces the old aging system. Hence there is no autoretirement, but attration will grow the longer you keep players.
Note that niggles are changed in bb2020 and doesn't influence the current game, but does increase chance of deaths.

- MNG er removed so everyone have full teams each game.
- Stat decrease can be compensated by a “free” 0 tv skill negating the cas. If the player is a legend you have to replace an earned skill with the stat compensation. For example if your next skill rolls is at 31 spp and you get -AG you can get the skill +AG costing a skillroll and your player will have to wait until 51 spp for the next skill.
- Death players are held alive with drugs until the end of the season. They cannot earn new skills until they retire after the season.

Rookie replacements
- You are allowed to replace any player with a rookie at any time. There will not be a free agent pool.

- Inducements will be halved rounding up. E.g. if you are entitled to 130,000k using normal rules, you will get 70,000k. You may choose between temp agency cheerleader, part time ass. coaches, biased referee, babe, re-roll, apo and bribe.
See link for description https://www.dadidimerda.it/inducements.php

Starting dedicated fans and reroll
- 3 dedicated fans
- 4 re-roll (+1 from previously due to multiple re-rolls per turn in bb2020)

Client options enabled
- Right Stuff prevents Tackle skill when blocked.
- You pick MVP

CDL is a corporate financed league set in a dystopic future on earth

Cyberpunk Draft League is a fast team development draft league set in dystopian world, where your talent on the field can get you of the streets. The most desperate gets mechanical bodyparts or drug themselves with steriods to qualify for the big league. Big corps are also experimenting at bioenginering kids at a very young age, creating the players who can dodge their much bigger opponents.

League structure and honors

Update august 2022

The league is rebooting and many changes are being implemented. This means parts of the info in these pages are not up to date. Contact me Hovring or Murskapate if you are interested in joining. The league is Europe based, but exemption are made if you can be flexible and play EU evenings.

(tie breaker saved for later use)
Tie breaker to determine group positions is according to fumbbl round robin rank, however if equal points and TD/CAS diff it will be as follows:
1. Winner of head to head match
2. TD difference
3. Cas difference
4. Lowest TV in head to head match
5. Lowest AVG TV in all matches during the lap
6. Coin toss


Season 1: ScanTech Runners (Hovring)
Season 2: ScanTech Runners (Hovring)
Season 3: Brutale Deluxe° (Murskapate)
Season 4: Brutale Deluxe° (Murskapate)
Season 5: Brutale Deluxe° (Murskapate)

Team score
After each season teams will be awarded points based on their final standing. The points from latest 5 season will be your team score.

Team score
ScanTech Runners7220201616
Brutal Deluxe°6212102020
New San Diego Liberators401610410
Borg Electric261016
Dooms Machine2240612
Cokenhagen Cyborgs1010
Mars Red Rovers00
Frunk Gladiators00

Points from final standing