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Group managers: knine
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General information on CBBFL
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A note on fluff

CBBFL is a BB2020 franchise league based on the Canadian Football League. As such, it is limited to 10 franchises (we have added Baltimore (which won the Grey Cup) to balance the conferences). You can put your name on a waiting list for a franchise by contacting knine.

Please see the "Joining CBBFL" section for more information (under construction).


- Discord is where we chat and organize games
- FUMBBL hosts the official rules

This is a BB2020 draft league based on the Canadian Football League, and drawing players from the NCBB (new teams) and NBFL draft (existing teams) (both are groups on fumbbl).

Information on joining CBBFL

League is running with 10 franchises - the 9 CFL teams and Baltimore, an ex-franchise (see bottom of this page). Dropouts happen, and people quit at some point so we are always looking for coaches who are keen to join the wait list.
If you are interested then get in contact with knine.

There are two different ways how you can join the league:

Takeover procedure:

- Take over an existing team; including SPPs and injuries. Fan factor remains the same.
- New owner inherits the franchise's draft rights.
- The new owner may adjust the bio and team name.

New team procedure

-Existing coaches may elect to start from scratch at the beginning of a season, and new coaches can create a new team by this process:
- You get a starting budget of 1000 tv. You are not allowed to buy an APO, ever (but you may induce one or an igor).
- You buy the players and RRs you want, and you may buy dedicated fans.
- You then have a budget (details below) for players that you can draft from the existing players in the NCBB league, including from different teams (https://fumbbl.com/p/group?op=view&group=6888&p=teams). You can only draft players that are of similar race and position(s) that you already have on your team. (eg, if you draft a saurus from some team in the NCBB, you must have a saurus on your team, or, a dark elf coach can draft a High elf lineman - so long as the original stats are the same). SPP cost will be as per the team you own (so if it was a normal on the team you got it from, eg Underworld troll with tentacles, and it is a double on your team - chaos renegade, you will pay the double cost).
- You may not hire any player that has a niggle or a stat decrease.
- BB2020 does not support MV10 - you won't get that upgrade, but you can trade it for a +AV.
- If you have a +AG, you can trade it for a +PA.
- Once selected, your team player will be renamed to be an exact copy of the relevant NCBB player, and the skills and spp will be added too. Note - if the skill doesn't exist in BB2020, then it won't be copied (but if there is an obvious replacement, eg canoneer and strong arm, then those will be ok), and your spp will be adjusted so that you are entitled to one additional random skill (which you may or may not roll for - your call).
- Restriction: different coaches may not draft the same player during drafts, but may do so for the initial team build.
- All drafted players will be listed on a google spreadsheet (link to follow).
- Initial draft budget is 420K worth of skills and stat increases (based on BB20 costs).
- Once the team is formed, the skills on your team will be costed as per BB2020 costs. (a double is 40K).

In season rules:
- This is Canada - we play in rough conditions and we need all the players we can get from the national college football system. Teams may NEVER fire a player during the season (once playoffs are over, you can fire players); regardless of injuries. If you fire a player during the season, the Commish will resurrect that player and a random player (done via a roll on discord) will be cut from the team. There will be spot checks!!
- If a team drops below 1300 tv (due deaths or MNGs) between any season or playoff game, they are entitled to call up ONE player from last NCBB senior list, found under the MAIN DRAFT BOARD tab - those in blue are taken (link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Nq7-UpNBQ6Bhl4V73rqLdwLMZEirfGy0U33tUE7N6hI/edit#gid=1941266437 ). Selecting from this spreadsheet is based on the type of player you are hiring, not race. If you're uncertain, pm the Commish. That player's skills need to be paid for, so if you select a star, it costs. If you select a player with NO skills, he is FREE!!! You can take ANY normal roster player, even a big guy (if you don't have one already).
- At the end of the playoffs, all MNGs and niggles will be cleared.

The Season: If we have all ten coaches, we will have conferences and a conference system. For now, we don't, so there is just one tournament where we play each other once. Top four in the tournament go to the Grim Cup playoffs (1 v 4, 2 v 3).
- Top two in each conference playoff for the Grim Cup. OR, if just one conference exists (as it is now), the top four in the tournament go to the Grey Cup playoffs (1 v 4, 2 v 3).
- Bottom teams enter a round-robin tournament that ends when the Grim Cup game finishes. Top team in the round-robin picks first in the following annual draft. 2nd place picks second, etc. Draft order for the Grim Cup teams is based on performance in the Grim Cup/ Season rank (losers pick before winners).
- This is the CFL - we can't keep the best football players because they go to the NFL. So, at the end of the playoffs, players with more than 80 spp (including unspent) must be retired (they are snapped up by the NFL).

Annual Draft:
- After the initial season, teams are able to draft up to 4 new players from the NCBB list of seniors that are graduating (link to follow). Draft order is determined by performance in the previous season (winner goes last). There isn't a player cost limit.
- The draft works like this:
1. You get a budget to spend on players, based on how you did in the previous season. First pick gets 300k, 2nd - 285, 3rd 270, and so on til #9 gets 180.
2. This budget is to pay for skills on the newly drafted players.
3. You must have treasury to pay for this (ie, the budget is what you are allowed to spend, but you can't hire any new players if you don't have treasury). The idea here is to make use of the BB2020's game winnings and to make the conference games more valuable.
4. The players you draft are added to your team roster, ie you need to have free positions for them, or you can fire players to make room.
5. Draftees are done using the NBFL league's system of drafting NCBB players and paying for skills (vice any particular player).

- Coaches may trade draft positions, players and budget.
- Coaches with the same race of players may trade players (eg, Necro and Undead both have zombies, so they can trade zombies).


CBBFL matches are played using BB2020 rules as per the competitive league rules in fumbbl. There are no custom rules - whatever the system is set up to allow is what you get.
1. All players must have a bio in which you record: 1. Their first season. 2. A link to the original player page (if they were drafted) 3. The skills and spp they had when they were drafted.
2. You may never fire a player.
3. If a team is below 1300 tv between any games, they may hire a new player from the last NCBB seniors list. You must have cash to pay for the skills (pm the commish).
4. This is the CFL - we can't keep the best football players because they go to the NFL. So, at the end of the playoffs, players with more than 80 spp (including unspent) must be retired (they are snapped up by the NFL).
5. If we have a full set of coaches, the season will mimic the CFL; therefore one game against cross conference teams and two games vs teams in your own conference - total 13 games. For now, we don't have enough, so it's just one game v all other teams.
6. When we have all ten coaches, the conferences matter because: A. you get an extra $20K (winner), $15K (tie) or $10K (loser) winnings for a conference game, ie a game against a team from your conference (I will post in the appropriate folder in discord when I've awarded the $$). and B. The first tie breaker vs another team in your conference is conference record.
7. For a win you get 2 points, for a draw you get 1 point, and 0 points for losses. Forfeits where there isn't a clear reason for the forfeit will result in 0 points for each team.
8. 14 days to complete a round - dates will be posted on the tournament page.
9. Don't time out your opponent. Ever.
10. Trades are big part of the league, they are not just allowed, but encouraged. Players, current, and future draft picks can be traded. Draft rights beyond the next draft are not allowed to be traded (it's too hard to track). Each coach in the trade must pm (discord) the staff (knine) to coord the deal. A trade is official only after a staff member posts it on discord. Trades can happen at any time.
11. If a trade is agreed, but any player involved in the deal suffers either death/-STR/-AG/-MA/-AV/Niggle injury before the trade is enacted, then the trade voids.
12. A trade cannot contain any provision for events AFTER the resolution of a trade.
13. The team with higher TV readies first, ideally at least one day before the game.
14. MNG and niggles will be eliminated during the offseason. So if you get a MNG on a player at the very last game in the season, then ask group admin to remove it. Similarly, MNG does not transfer if the player is traded.
15. This is a game.... have fun.

Need coaches:

Winnipeg - GotrekSlayer
BC- need a replacement
Saskatchewan- Miyuso
Edmonton- Nelphine
Calgary- Need a replacement

Toronto- Need a replacement
Hamilton - knine
Montreal- Rhumy
Ottawa- SRJarrett (on discord: Romos Sandthief)
Baltimore - Mr Cushtie