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  Team Coach TV/TW Race  
1. Roster [L] [EB] Gold an claws (2h) Hovring 1200k/1200k Necromantic Horror  
2. Retired [L] [EBL] blitzerNvargh (5h) AmazingGaze 1200k/1200k Vampire  
3. Roster [L] Necromangers(MT) (6d) Zazu_87 1200k/1200k Necromantic Horror  
4. Roster [L] [EAL] Storm Cruisers (2h) Topas 1190k/1190k Wood Elf  
5. Roster [L] Llanowar Forever (7h) Sampittu 1190k/1190k Wood Elf  
6. Roster [L] Hellraiser - Bloodlines (10d) Boneripper 1180k/1180k Khorne  
7. Roster [L] [EBL] block thralls (5h) AmazingGaze 1170k/1170k Vampire  
8. Roster [L] [EBL] stackingVamps (5h) AmazingGaze 1170k/1170k Vampire  
9. Roster [L] [EBL] v4 (5h) AmazingGaze 1170k/1170k Vampire  
10. Roster [L] [EB] Greek Orcadox (1d) ClayInfinity 1160k/1160k Orc  
11. Roster [L] Bredäng baby sirvejlance 1160k/1160k Skaven  
12. Roster [L] EB Stone Crushers III (1d) DoubleEdge 1160k/1160k Orc  
13. Roster [L] Rofello's Finest (7h) Sampittu 1160k/1160k Wood Elf  
14. Roster [L] [EB24] Tar-Remedy (5h) baronvdw 1150k/1150k Dark Elf  
15. Roster [L] Athens Necro (22h) MontelGee 1150k/1150k Necromantic Horror  
16. Roster [L] Dark Spartak Training Team (6h) sebco 1150k/1150k Dark Elf  
17. Roster [L] EuroBowl Tombs (22h) MontelGee 1150k/1150k Tomb Kings  
18. Roster [L] Fist of Hashut [EB2K24] (23h) il-Fieres 1150k/1150k Chaos Dwarf  
19. Roster [L] Gum Forest Mice (1d) gumbi 1150k/1150k Wood Elf  
20. Roster [L] [EB] Furious Felines (17h) Yuri_the_Scourge 1060k/1060k Amazon  
21. Roster [L] [EB] Sapera Snake Charmers (1d) ClayInfinity 1060k/1060k Amazon  
22. Roster [L] Görlz, Görlz, Görlz (13m) LargoFL 1060k/1060k Amazon  
23. Roster [L] Athen's Denizens (1d) Jopotzuki 1050k/1050k Underworld Denizens  
24. Roster [L] Athens League zons - bribe Joost 1050k/1050k Amazon  
25. Roster [L] [EB] Numberworld (17h) Yuri_the_Scourge 950k/950k Underworld Denizens  
26. Roster [L] [EB] Fungoides (17h) Yuri_the_Scourge 910k/910k Underworld Denizens  
27. Roster [L] EOnderworld (2h) jonno 910k/910k Underworld Denizens