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Emerging Star
Win Percentage
Dark Elf
Emerging Star
Dark Elf
Win Percentage
Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
  Lab Garbage Skaven 0 6/1/10 1520k ±440  
  Soffiatori di Minestrine SRL Human 80k 3/0/1 1240k ±190  
  Unlucky Shameful Chaos Dwarf 0 1/0/1 1040k ±100  
Scheduled against asignal2noise's Coalition Of Chaoss (Seen 2y ago).
  E.V. Bricklayers Assistants Chaos Renegades 270k 5/0/0 1150k    
Scheduled against 33 possible opponents.
  E.V. Duke's Garden Keepers High Elf 90k 5/3/0 1410k    
  E.V. Malefiroots Dark Elf 80k 2/1/0 1160k    
  E.V. Reverers Juniores Dark Elf 50k 2/3/2 1390k    
  E.V. Scaled Bricklayers Chaos Renegades 100k 1/0/2 1130k    
  E.V. Sharpened Guitars Dark Elf 30k 6/1/2 1590k    
  E.V. Snowball Pelleters Norse 110k 3/0/10 1500k    
  E.V. Survive Lesson Students Shambling Undead 110k 4/2/1 1370k    
  Earthquake Valley PipeInvaders Skaven 90k 7/2/3 1670k    
  F.C. Piemonte Chaos Dwarf 650k 10/12/9 1800k    
Scheduled against badger89's Barnsley Rovers (Seen 5h ago).
  Pale Ale of Tremal-ka Khemri Tomb Kings 10k 0/0/0 990k    
  PorchettaGinger United Chaos Dwarf 1000k 19/8/12 1800k    
Scheduled against Roto's Big Blue Squigs (Seen 23m ago).
  Punk Lemon Pogoers Dark Elf 60k 1/4/2 1220k    
  Staggering Throne Disciples Shambling Undead 1100k 12/8/10 1780k    
  Thorned Pole Roses Amazon 570k 7/3/0 1440k    
  Voice of Longhorn Wood Elf 10k 0/0/0 990k    
League teams for BIBBL
  Fiery Pewter Hammers Ironbreakers (BIBBL) 190k 3/7/1 1570k    
Scheduled against Bartkolo's Cripple Peak Warpgrinders (Seen 7m ago).
League teams for CIBBL
  Dukes of Earthquake Valley High Elf (CIBBL) 230k 15/10/25 2010k    
Scheduled against Aniur's Eye and Arrow (Seen 4h ago).
League teams for Online NAF Tournaments
  Handgrenade Hearts Wood Elf 0 1/0/2 1130k    
  Stinky Challenging Experiment Skaven 190k 0/0/0 1060k    
  Tricolor Arrow Dark Elf 150k 4/3/1 1100k    
  Anca Sbilenca DubSteppers Shambling Undead 150k 7/1/7 1400k    
  Caciotta Heavy Lifters Orc 40k 1/0/0 1080k    
Scheduled against Thoriin's RRR UD Crumbbl I (Seen 46m ago).
 Scheduled to play at 2020-02-18 22:00 CET 
  E.V. Black Cleft Reverers Dark Elf 70k 5/2/12 1440k    
  E.V. Indie Swing Paladins Human 110k 3/2/6 1240k    
  Gli Elettrauti Dwarf 0 0/0/0 1000k    
Scheduled against Thoriin's Royal Rorkies Crumbll III (Seen 46m ago).
  Hairy Androleteiras Amazon 110k 1/0/1 1040k    
  Mada Escala Lizardman 90k 2/0/0 1060k    
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