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Group managers: DaCoach, HeadlessCoach, lanky316, PeteW, Prez

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We have kicked off season LXI, where all coaches starts new teams at 1.1M gold.

In this first, special, season, teams will be placed into equal-sized conferences and the League kicked off.
Teams will be promoted to Premier League and relegated to Regionals from here.

Following a review of how it's gone first season, likely a Regular season will follow, with a Premier Division, a number of Conferences and a smaller number Regionals.
A Champion and divisional champions will be decided, and likely re-draft will kick in.

26/10: Forum post/PM
31/10: submitting team wishes
1/11: team races allocated
6/11: teams created on group and applied to group
7/11: draw
21/11: Round 1
30/11: Round 2
9/12: Round 3
18/12: Round 4
27/12: Round 5
5/1: Round 6
14/1: Round 7
23/1: Round 8
1/2: Final round

60 seasons of glory
The history of WIL goes back...

After it's LXth season, with the arrival and implenetation of the bb20202 rules, it was time for WIL to....to come

The league generally recruits between seasons, but do get in contact with a WIL admin or drop by discord channel, and there may be an opening in-season.

Entry requirements
This is an English-speaking, UK time zone league, so coaches wanting to join should be either:
a) British Isles residents;
b) citizens of the British Isles living abroad but within two time zones of UK/Irish time;
c) any English-speaking coach within two time zones of UK/Irish time whose home country does not have its own national league.
(However, we have been known to bend these rules ... quite frequently.)

League Regulations

Each round of matches will have a 9-day deadline, but coaches are very much encouraged to complete matches faster than that as often as possible. So, the deadline for the next round will be set as soon as all the matches in the previous round have been played.

Team Categories
WIL uses BB2020 races
To ensure that a variety of types of roster are represented, the league uses the race categories adopted by the SWL (as listed below). In the competitive league as a whole, approximately one-third of the member teams would ideally be drawn from each of the three main categories (Rock, Scissors, Paper). (There is no minimum on Dynamite teams.)
As far as is possible, teams from each category will be spread as evenly as possible across the divisions in each tier when they are drawn.

The Rock-Scissors-Paper-Dynamite (RSP-D) format classifies races as follows:
ROCK: Chaos Chosen, Chaos Dwarf, Dwarf, Khemri, Nurgle, Old World, Orc, Shambling Undead, Khorne.
SCISSORS: Black Orc, Chaos Renegades, Human, Imperial Nobles, Lizardmen, Necromantic, Norse.
PAPER: Amazon, Dark Elf, Elven Union, High Elf, Skaven, Underworld Denizens, Wood Elf.
DYNAMITE: Goblin, Halfling, Ogre, Snotling, Vampire.

(Note that teams are broken down into these categories on the basis of the potential damage they can inflict, not how much they can take. Any system chosen will always be somewhat imperfect and arbitrary - this is just our one!)

Individual Roster Cap
In order to avoid flooding the league with teams of the same race the races available to new coaches will be based on the make up of the WIL.
There is also a cap on the total number of teams in the league that can be drawn from any single roster, which is 10% of the total teams (rounding down).

Please note that this means that there may not be a completely even mix of teams in the league with all rosters represented. This is intentional. I consider it normal, fitting to the Blood Bowl fluff, and in fact desirable, for more popular teams like Orcs and Humans to be (relatively) over-represented compared to niche teams like Pro Elves and Khemri.

Birthday Potions and Kickstarter Gifts
For the purposes of maintaining a level playing field, please do not use birthday healing potions or any other scrolls or potions from the FUMBBL Kickstarter in WIL.

An extension of up to 2 days can be given if both players are sure to get the game played in that time. (N.B. Sometimes this extension will not be available if this will delay the start of another tournament but this will be indicated in group PM's).
If they can't guarentee that the game will be played the game will be forfeited on the deadline.
The rules used for forfeiting are based on the official FUMBBL tournament rules and are as follows:
-If no coach contacts the staff the forfeit will be random in a league neither team will get the points. In a cup then it will be random unless one coach has obviously been absent.
-If only one coach contacted the staff that coach goes through to the next round.
-If both coaches contact the staff I will look at the circumstances. This might result in a random forfeit or a certain team forfeiting.

Scoring and the Divisional system
Scoring System
5 points are scored for a win (or win by forfeit)
2 points for a draw
1 point for a loss
0 points for a loss by forfeit or concession

(Note on forfeits: If both coaches are judged to be equally responsible for the match failing to be played, neither team will get any points from the match.)
So: play your games! Just turning up and hanging on for the final whistle will get you a point!

Coaches who consistently forfeit or concede matches will be kicked from the league. Concessions are allowed but very strongly discouraged. The leagues and cups will be short so teams can easily be retired afterwards and a new team started.

Team Retirements
A team can be retired after a season or cup finishes and replaced with a brand new TW 1100 team in a regional division.

Tie Breakers
Net TD+Cas
Net TD
Net Cas
TD scored
CAS scored
Coin toss

Note the Commissioner/WIL Admin group will put forward changes in the league to the community before bringing them in to get feedback and opinions from the players. They are also open to suggestions on changes from the community to make things better. However they will have the final say on any changes..

White Isle League is all about team rivalries built over many seasons, so while trying to stay as close to BB2020 rules as possible, there are a few twists to allow for teams and players to grow big and experienced, respectively.

Seasons and re-drafting
Seasons are currently not implemented.
However, to have some balance in things, it is expected, at some stage, to introduce seasons and re-drafting.
The effects will not be as harsh as in Competitive Division:
Teams will be able to hold on to their experienced players longer, as agent fees are reduced and only kicks in from season four onwards.
Given their better exposure, the higher division a team plays in, the better the sponsorship, allowing for a slightly higher team budget.
Sponsor donations are done as per the new division the team is starting in
While not set in stone yet, it could be around:
Premier: 150k
Comference: 100k
Regional: 50k

If really interested, the ruleset used can be found here
The official one used by bb2020 is this.

WIL Champions of old resides here where the old rivalries continue.

Titles per Team and Titles per Coach
Dominus AstrumBritnoth5PeteW7
HarsH NorthStonetroll4Britnoth5
Rebel PrideKFoged4Stonetroll4
Salamonis Glorygeggster3KFoged4
White and Purple SmokePurpleChest3PurpleChest3
Seven PillarsAzure3Azure3
keep WIL and ClawPeteW3somertown3
Pine Valley Cosmonautssomertown3geggster3
Surfing the WhiteIslePeteW2Mateuszzzzzz3
Pleasure and Pain VIIIMateuszzzzzz2Prez2
Tackle gives us the WILliesBlueDevil4202BlueDevil4202
Irn Bru Re-animatorJockMcRowdy2JockMcRowdy2
Death Isle GhostsPrez2Rijssiej2
Legends of SoulPeteW2Gritter1
White Isle dogsMateuszzzzzz1Furious_George1
Something is RottingUnstoffe1GAZZATROT1
Guardian Dragons of Albionsableheart1Cyrus-Havoc1
Kung Pow!!Gritter1Christy1
Dark IsleRijssiej1Purplegoo1
Bear NecessitiesBorgen1DaCoach1
White Isle RetailCyrus-Havoc1erikekers1
Manchester's FinestPandaPower1Ulrik1
Buffalorc BWILsGAZZATROT1zombificus1
Marienburg AthleticFurious_George1Borgen1
Hugleik's WarriorsChristy1sableheart1
Night of the Walking DeadNightbreed1Unstoffe1
Karaz-a-Karak Warp Krawlerszombificus1Nightbreed 1
Doomed From the StartPurplegoo1PandaPower1
White Isle LizardsUlrik1Bill-BJJ1
Games R UsRijssiej1Nightbreed1
Woodies on Vacationerikekers1
Rickson By ArmbarBill-BJJ1
Asrai AssaultersNightbreed 1
Har Ganeth HeadrippersDaCoach1