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* * * Did you know? The best passer is Cherrystone Hotpack with 656 completions.
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Basic Options
Ruleset Status
Enabled. Allows groups to use this ruleset.
Allow cross-league matches, assuming ruleset is the same.
Rules Version
Enable Spiralling Expenses.
k TV start point.
k TV step for increased expenses.
Note that spiralling expenses interact with petty cash transferred. Take care with the BB2016 inducement option to transfer all gold to petty cash.
Enable Expensive Mistakes.
Base roll.
k gold start point.
k gold step for tiers.
tier steps.
minor incidents.
major incidents.
Base - D6 + Min(MaxSteps, Floor((Treasury-Start) / StepSize))
1-5: Crisis Averted, 6-7: Minor incident, 8: Major Incident, 9+: Catastrophe
Core settings
Enable Seasons.
games per season.
Re-Drafting Budget
k gold base budget.
k gold per game.
k gold per win.
k gold per tie.
k gold per loss.
k Re-draft ramp. 0 to disable.
The Re-draft Ramp setting will limit the cap for the first few (total) games played for a team to Base + CapRamp * NumGames.
k Cap. 0 to disable.
k baseline agent fee.
k cumulative gold per season agent fee.
zero cumulative fee seasons.
The zero cumulative fee seasons setting is the number of seasons before the cumulative fee kicks in. 2 will make the first two seasons only add the baseline, and only start adding the cumulative fee starting after the third season.
Team Creation
Starting Treasury
Players on team to
Starting Fans
Fans on team to
Team Progression
Skill Progression
Custom SPPs per skill
SPPs required for skills, comma separated.
Definition for skills. Comma separated list of game/skill type pairs.
Skills per Player
Rule Settings
Test Mode
Force Test Mode.
Maximum number of cards for each coach is .
Fouling is .
Game Controls
Enable overtime.
Allow Concessions.
Argue the Call
Enable Argue the Call rule.
Nominate players for MVP selection. Use 0 for random selection.
A maximum of players may be set up in each widezone.
A maximum of players may be set up on the field.
A minimum of players must be set up on the line of scrimmage.
A spiked ball is used for play. Any failed pickup or catch roll results in the player being stabbed.
Use Golden Goal for overtime.
Use kickoff results for overtime.
General Settings
extra gold is given to each coach for purchasing inducements.
extra gold is given to each coach for purchasing cards.
Petty cash affects TV.
Treasury is automatically transferred to petty cash.
Allow spending treasury on inducements if CTV is equal.
Always use treasury for inducements (disables petty cash).
Allow the same star player to play on both teams.
Allow wizards to be induced.
Allow mega-stars to be induced.
Allow overdog spending.
A maximum of prayers are allowed (0 = no limit).
Use table for Prayers to Nuffle.
Grant Prayers to Nuffle to underdog team during inducement phase.
gold per Special Play Card.
gold per Prayer to Nuffle.
Skill Settings
Ball & Chain
Ball & Chain may use team re-rolls and pro to re-roll direction rolls.
Ball & Chain may use Chainsaw, Stab, or Vomit instead of a regular block.
Bomber placed prone is not a turnover.
Bomb hits with mighty blow.
Chainsaw causes turnover on armour breaks.
Claw does not stack with other skills that modify armour rolls.
Piling On
Allow coach to reroll rolls.
Piling On does not stack with other skills that modify armour or injury rolls.
Piling On player is knocked out when rolling a double on armour or injury rolls.
Piling On requires a Team Reroll.
Right Stuff
Right Stuff prevents Tackle skill when blocked.
Throw Team-mate
Cause a turnover if an opponent player is hit by a thrown team-mate.
Hitting team-mates always causes a turnover.
Sneaky Git
Sneaky Git functions as Guard on foul assists.
Banned Sneaky Git players are sent to the KO box instead.
Sneaky Git can move after fouling.
Stand Firm
Failing to dodge ends the player's turn instead of falling over. Does not cause a turnover.
Swoop distance:
Setting to zero makes the swoop distance D3 as per BB2020 rules.
Roster Settings
Available Rosters
Enable roster tiers
Create Roster
Add Existing Roster
Add Manager