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  Team Coach TV/TW Race Score  
1. Roster [R] Como gato panza arriba (13h) gamu 1660k/1790k Elven Union 0  
2. Roster [B] Coming in From The Cold (2h) Monolith38 2030k/2030k Norse 0  
3. Roster [B] [BT3] Avelron Outcasts (2h) lautrehamon 1410k/1770k Elven Union 0  
4. Roster [R] Michigan GT 9 (3h) steinerp 2400k/2400k Elven Union 0  
5. Roster [B] Classic Basketball (6h) petalwarfare 1090k/1270k Norse 0  
6. Roster [B] [BT3] Ragnarok (2h) lautrehamon 1700k/1920k Norse 0  
7. Roster [R] Valkyries of Myths Past (27m) Swampserpent 1520k/1520k Elven Union 0  
8. Roster [B] Torvig (5h) Pirigin 1970k/1970k Norse 0  
9. P [R] Hokuto No Pelf (6h) Araznaroth 1460k/1770k Elven Union 0  
10. Roster [R] ShipWreck of Magh Tuireadh (20m) GotrekSlayer 2380k/2540k Norse 0  
11. Roster [R] Roar Joergensen (5h) Pirigin 2320k/2320k Elven Union 0  
12. Roster [B] Rouska Marouska (3h) cdassak 1780k/1780k Norse 0  
13. Roster [B] Darwin's Law (2h) Doofr 2000k/2000k Elven Union 0  
14. Roster [B] Box Block (14h) tussock 1550k/1550k Norse 0  
15. P [B] Se L'aura Spira (5h) Subs 1590k/1730k Elven Union 0  
16. Roster [B] S Elf Y (6d) skinnydookie 1830k/2060k Elven Union 0  
17. Roster [R] Airs and Graces (5h) Jokaero 2150k/2330k Elven Union 0  
18. Roster [R] Not that kind of elf (7h) Uedder 1860k/1860k Elven Union 0  
19. Roster [B] Nordics Allowed (6d) skinnydookie 1520k/1740k Norse 0  
20. Roster [R] Wolves in Sheep's Clothing (8h) Ryld 2170k/2170k Elven Union 0  
21. Skills Pending [R] Blood and Booze (3h) Kam 1440k/1490k Norse 0  
22. Roster [R] Norska Mountain Monsters (3h) Dalfort 1490k/1750k Norse 0  
23. P [R] Kalevanvik Klashers (17m) KhorneliusPraxx 1020k/1070k Norse 0  
24. Roster [R] Blonde and Futile Elves 3 (3h) Dalfort 1940k/1940k Elven Union 0  
25. P [R] Misrata Ataxia (17m) KhorneliusPraxx 1580k/1580k Elven Union 0  
26. Roster [R] Winter Whispers (17m) Nelphine 2250k/2250k Elven Union 0  
27. Roster [B] To the Hall of Valhalla (13d) spinball 2170k/2170k Norse 0  
28. Retired [R] Muscle Mountains (5h) Jokaero 1580k/1690k Norse 0  
29. Roster [R] Turisas (6h) Araznaroth 1870k/1990k Norse 0  
30. Roster [R] Mente Malata (6h) Gary_Gygax 1960k/2080k Elven Union 0  
31. Roster [R] Typen und Charaktere (17h) Dominik 1920k/2040k Norse 0  
32. Roster [R] Stormtroopers of Death (8h) Cloggy 1820k/2040k Norse 0  
33. Roster [R] Weltwunder (17h) Dominik 2040k/2040k Elven Union 0  
34. Roster [R] Stinging Cherries (10d) Arcon 1550k/1650k Elven Union 0  
35. P [R] Cloak and Dagger (20m) Borgen 2320k/2460k Elven Union 0  
36. Roster [R] Redheim Eagles (14m) Nachtogen 1650k/1730k Elven Union 0