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Trantio Dragon Hawks
P [L] Tilea (CIBBL)

Vittore Facchini

Team Captain:
Innocenzo Mastragiacomo

Old World

Team Colours:
Cream and Blue

Trantio Dragon Hawks
Once, a man named Vittore Facchini had a dream. A dream to be great, to be known and loved across Tilea, across the whole Old World. After inheriting a large sum of money, he had the means to start working on this dream. While the Tilean people weren't the most suited for Blood Bowl, Facchini had connections. He searched for the best players around, Old World and New, regardless of race or allegiance. He wanted his fame, and was willing to pay anything to get it.

Spring, 2601, Old World Regional

The Dragon Hawks placed second in the regional of 2601, winning against most, but falling short against their Estalian rivals, the Montetriste Noblemen.
Zunrec pulled ahead this season, earning the Triple X achievement against the Carcassonne Knights. Sadly, Bel-Verar's career came to an abrupt end, as his fractured skull caused by the Montetriste Noblemen resulted in his forced retirement from the team, leaving his sister alone. Thankfully this did not affect her performance, and Aethedi still performed as was expected of her.
Most Valuable Player: Zunrec Greatbone

Summer, 2601, Pearl Chalice
After unfortunate losses to the Nejaz Djinn and Lords of the Silent Death, the Dragon Hawks only managed to place third, much to the dismay of Facchini.
Zunrec Greatbone, star Blitzer of Spring, started the season well, but unfortunately came to an end at the hands of the Grand Celestial Delegate. Both Elves showed their hatred for the followers of Slaanesh, outperforming their expectations for a spectacular win
Most Valuable Player: Ghezioc

Autumn, 2601, Gold Division
After a few disappointing games, such as those against the Grand Celestial Delegate and Montetriste Noblemen, the Dragon Hawks placed fourth, right behind their rivals. They did cause an upset in the final round however, preventing the forces of Khorne from claiming ultimate victory.
Play was varied from the players, with losses that many thought ought to be wins, and questionable play from the star players. Ghezioc in particular was underperforming for a number of games, and the former gladiator Oedia did little up to her death at the hands of the Ninja Warriors. Manslicer the Vile made himself an enemy of the Blood God, single-handedly tearing apart the Crimson Skull, and while the game was a loss, Siegfried Lindner played wonderfully against the Montetriste Noblemen.
Most Valuable Player: Aethedi

Spring, 2602, Old World Regional

With the disappearance of the Kislevites, but the new Border Princes joining, the Spring of 2602 was an exciting time for the Old World, with a four way tie on points. Alas, once again the Dragon Hawks came second, behind the Montetriste Noblemen.
The Dragon Hawks had to spend time recovering from the loss of their team captain, Aethedi, in the Winter, playing with a new Elf Catcher and under the new captainship of Ladislao Celano. It is suspected that this is part of what led to their loss against the Stone Prince's Men, and only placing second in the tournament.
Most Valuable Player: Nisadei

Summer, 2602, Conjoined Blue Eagle Cup
The Dragon Hawks, joined with their Half-Elven allies the Reik River Kicking Mules, dominated both halves of the Conjoined Blue Eagle Cup, the Dragon Hawks even coming undefeated.
Finally recovered from previous losses, Ladislao led the team to glorious victory, aided by the talent of Nisadei. Odorico de Leo, Fabio Sciullo and of course Manslicer the Vile were also instrumental to victory. The loss of Bindwi Proudgut was a painful one, but the team pulled to glorious victory with their new Half-Elven teammate, Cressida Rosenblatt.
Most Valuable Player: Nisadei

Autumn, 2602, Gold Division
The Autumn of 2602 was a disappointing one for the Dragon Hawks. Starting with a bloody game in which the Crimson Skull claimed vengeance against Manslicer for last Autumn, claiming the Snow Troll's head, the match was followed up with the Necrarch Bloodline of the Tower of the Necromancer killing and raising the team's captain, Ladislao. A short string of success occurred for the middle of the season, but the final two games were similarly one sided, as regional rivals Montetriste Noblemen and the Ninja Warriors handily beat them.
The loss of Manslicer was a harsh loss for the team, and Ladislao's departure also shook them. An Ogre mercenary, Rorec Stoutbelly, who underperformed for his tenure, was hired to replace the Snow Troll, but suffered a career-ending injury against the Nippon Warriors. Siegfried, a long time player, also suffered similar damage, and had to retire.
Most Valuable Player: Nisadei

Spring, 2603, Old World Regional

The third regional of the Old World went poorly for Trantio. History repeated itself against our neighbours from Estalia and the Borderlands, and the Knights of Bretonnia fiercely took to the pitch, taking the previously uncontested title from Montetriste.
Nisadei was, as always, a remarkable player; her speed and agility was a driving force behind each touchdown. Cressida and Ghezioc ran behind her, while the rest of the team under performed. New recruit Arnbjörn failed to succeed in anything until the end of the season when it was too late, and similarly new Dwarf Thodik Deephelm did nothing of note.
Most Valuable Player: Nisadei

Summer, 2603, Greater Dragon Grapple

The Dragon Hawks entered the Summer with apprehension at the sight of many a renowned team: Ninja Warriors, Stone Prince's Men, former allies Reik River Kicking Mules and dreaded rivals Montetriste Noblemen. The season started spectacularly however, taking victories against the Nipponese and Estalians, leading the tournament until a pitfall in the later rounds, resulting in second place.
Once again instrumental to the team's success, Nisadei proved herself the star of the team, scoring five touchdowns in the first three games. She however received a serious concussion, and had to remain out for the rest of the season. Cressida was slain by a Nipponese Sorcerer, but Arnbjörn also played his part. Borg'th N'throg, Star Player, was also paramount to many a victory.
Most Valuable Player: Nisadei

Autumn, 2603, Gold Division

The Autumn of 2603 was a disaster. There is no other way of putting it.
Each game was worse than the last. Nisadei was injured and team captain Odorico de Leo killed. Ghezioc suffered a career-ending injury. Nisadei was killed by a monster from Athel Loren. Raondir Goldchin, Rossana Toro and Telemaco di Domenico also lost their lives at the hands of the opponents. There were no noteworthy successes.
Most Valuable Player: Nisad Khirathe

Spring, 2604, Old World Regional

After four years of trying, the championship of the Old World finally came to Tilea. After starting the season with a victory against newcomer Myrmidens and scaring the Kislevites into absence came the annual challenge: Stone Prince Jared and Don Enrique Sangrazul. This year, with renewed determination from the failures of last, the team pulled through, bringing the award home.
The most notable performance of the season was Arnbjörn's against the Montetriste Noblemen. He tore into the Estalians with the full ferocity of the north, and cleared the way to victory. Khirathe was as reliable a player as ever, leading the way for the team and doing what needed to be done.
Most Valuable Player: Arnbjörn the Hound

Summer, 2604, SCRIBBL Climax Qualifier IV
The SCIBBL Climax Qualifier was full of new experiences for the Dragon Hawks. A tournament filled with new teams to play, and new rewards to win.
Most Valuable Player: Khirathe

Autumn, 2604, Copper Division
In progress
01. Khirathe

Autumn 2603-Present
Hailing from the port of Lothern, Khirathe seeks the honour and glory of Blood Bowl with a chance to outshine her peers as she would be unable to do based from Ulthuan. Proud, brave and talented, Khirathe is willing to do anything to achieve victory.

Old World Values
Khirathe performed exceptionally in all fields of play over the 2604 regional championship. She demonstrated remarkable strength and agility, proving to all that she deserved her place on the roster.

02. Tabaldin

Spring 2604-Present
Tabaldin never truly fit in with other Elves, and after a century of trying, found himself in Trantio. After witnessing the crippling injury of the team's former member, Gonol, he saw a chance to achieve something, and the with the help of non-Elves who may accept him. He is a reliable player and a fast runner.

03. Dargognud Strongdreamer

Autumn 2603-Present
Odd for a Dwarf, nobody knows Dargognud's home, only that he dreams as no other Dwarf does. Perhaps he once lived as a Ranger, perhaps his mind has been twisted by Chaos, but whatever the state of the Dwarf's mind, he is a steadfast member of the team.

04. Brathig Bitterchin

Autumn 2603-Present
Brathig, like all Longbeards, is old and stubborn. He refuses to listen to any, choosing to keep going his own path, doing what he wants to do. He came down from The Vaults purely out of his own desire to play, and a grudge with another Dwarf meaning he refused to play with him.

05. Otto Semmelrogge

Spring 2604-Present
Otto, while born there, is no Imperial. He is purely searching for work, and was swayed by the coin in Trantio's treasury to stray from his previous life as a journeyman and mercenary. He does what he must for the work, but in the heat of the game, he does seem to enjoy it.

06. Arnbjörn the Hound

Spring 2603-Present
Arnbjörn came from from the north seeking glory and a chance prove himself greater than the once legendary Manslicer. Wild and aggressive, he is the most violent member of the team, and strikes fear into the hearts of all.

Old World Values
Arnbjörn's ferocity in the Spring of 2604 was known across the Old World, as he spilled blood across the Southern Realms.

Star Player
In the Spring of 2604, Arnbjörn had injured enough opposing players for the CabalVision team to declare him a Star Player.

Triple X
Arnbjörn's rage finally boiled over in the final match of the Old World regional championship against the Montetriste Noblemen. As soon as the match begun, he sent a Diestro to the apothecary, and all knew he smelled blood. He sent three further men into the injury box as he continued his frenzied violence.

Super Star Player
In the Summer of 2604, Arnbjörn had injured enough opposing players for the CabalVision team to declare him a Super Star Player, despite his unfortunate injury in the late stages of the season.

07. Elia Barasso

Spring 2604-Present
The young son of an esteemed merchant, Elia was a fan of the Dragon Hawks since their debut. His youthful optimism and eagerness to play are assets to both him and the rest of the team.

08. Melania Cusano

Spring 2604-Present
The runaway daughter of some Merchant Prince, Melania wants nothing to do with her father's station, and joined the team seeking freedom. She is quiet, both on and off the pitch, not wanting to attract the attention of her father.

09. Danilo Parlato

Spring 2604-Present
Danilo, proud merchant, took to the pitch as a means of advertising while his sons manage the store. Like many a Tilean, he sees this as only a business venture, thoughts only for the coin involved.

10. Bartolo Massara

Spring 2604-Present
Bartolo hails from

11. Valfredo Merlino

Autumn 2602-Present
Valfredo was left with almost nothing after an argument with a wizard left his home in ruins. He had little other choice than to offer himself to Blood Bowl, and quickly found talent in it. Working together with the team, he seeks to rebuild his lost fortune, and possibly even take vengeance on the wizard who ruined him.

12. Innocenzo Mastrogiacomo

Summer 2601-Present
Innocenzo joined the team soon after returning from an expedition to the New World, searching for greatness and travel. Early in his career, he had a run in with a Skaven Assassin that left him permanently wounded, he has persevered and now leads the team. While he knows the true stars are the Elves and Dwarfs, he takes pride in being the most skilled Human player.

Target Eliminated
As the team faced against the living trees of the Elf God of Murder, Innocenzo was wary of the walking forest, and stood clear, instead trying to pick apart the smaller spirits supporting them. As the match drew to its close, the captain struck down a more renowned Spite, earning himself the prestige he had long missed.

14. Cassiopea Canova

Summer 2601-Present
Cassiopea possesses a determination unmatched by any in Tilea. He started a simple trader, but as he stayed with the team, he proved himself worthy of his position. He has suffered countless injuries, but still refuses retirement, much to the dismay of his family. One of the oldest players of the team, it seems he will remain with the team until his death.

Casualty TypesPlayers
Minus Strength
Minus Movement
Minus Agility
Minus Armor
Niggling Injury

Hall of Fame
03. Zunrec Greatbone

Winter 2601-Summer 2601
Zunrec's short career was a colourful and bloody one. Declared an MVP of the Old World for his performance in the Spring of 2601 and his rampage against Bretonnia, he enjoyed the breaking of bones and spills of blood on the pitch. Unfortunately he was struck down a Monkey Warrior from the far eastern Cathay, and while an injury was dealt to it's neck, the grudge has yet to be absolved.

Old World Values
Zunrec's skill was shown in the Spring season of Year 1, Zunrec started the year violently, and was awarded this for proving himself among the best in the Old World.

Triple X
Awarded for his violent play in the Spring Season of Year 1, Zunrec managed to cause three casualties in a single match.

04. Oedia

Winter 2601-Autumn 2601
Never remarkable, but always dependable, the former gladiator was a master of staying on her feet, always dodging their blows and striking her own. A steadfast part of the team for nearly a year, there was one attack she couldn't dodge, and it was her end. A Samurai from Nippon ended her life.

Old World Values
Oedia was granted this award for her diverse and spectacular play in the Spring season of Year 1. She proved she was capable of performing both the important roles of scoring, and injuring the opponents.

02. Aethedi

Winter 2601-Winter 2602
A friend to all, Aethedi joined with her brother in search of work for the coin to return to their home. After her brother's injury resulted in his questionable retirement, she argued, but little could be done, so she devoted her life to the sport for the remainder of the year, before she was pushed into an Arabyan crowd, resulting in the breaking of her neck. While she survived, she was deemed unfit for play and released from the team, causing outrage for many.

Lady of Balance (Pearl)
Aethedi was granted this award for her diverse and spectacular play in the Pearl Chalice, in the Summer of 2601. She proved her worth, scoring many a touchdown over the season and fighting against the forces of Chaos, injuring them at every chance she had.

06. Manslicer the Vile

Winter 2601-Autumn 2602
Never understood by the team, Manslicer, a Snow Troll bought from a nearby circus, only ever seemed to understand one language: blood. The most violent player in his time, the monster stuck fear into the hearts of his opponents. There was seldom a match that did not end with claws slick with blood. Manslicer's rage was great, and particularly so for the forces of Khorne, who were torn through by the beast, many a servant of the Blood God crippled by its claws. While early in its career it suffered an injury at the hands of Clan Eshin, it was the Warriors of Khorne who slew the Snow Troll and claimed the skull of Manslicer the Vile.

Triple X
Manslicer’s rampage against the followers of Khorne was recognised by the administrators, and was granted Zunrec’s old award. The beast’s proficiency at smashing ankles, in addition to the other assorted injuries caused by the Troll make him a worthy monster of having this award.

Star Player
Manslicer’s continued bloodshed since his debut has led to him being declared a Star Player in the Summer of 2602.

09. Ladislao Celano

Winter 2601-Autumn 2602
Ladislao Celano joined a young player at the birth of the team, eager for glory. He quickly learned the truth of Blood Bowl in the team's debut as he wrestled with a servant of Nurgle and was injured. He later learning he had crippled the once-man, and played with determination, his kicking accuracy renowned across the Old World. Eventually his boot started to strike at the necks of opposing players as well, and the main was promoted to captaincy. In the end, he was broken by a skeletal servant, and even raised to undeath himself by the foul vampiric magic.

Target Eliminated
After the team’s first match against the assassins of Clan Eshin, Facchini set the players a target for the next encounter in the gold division: Kill the exceptionally fast Gutter Runner. Despite the team’s efforts, Ladislao was the man who successfully put an end to the award winning Skaven, earning this achievement for himself in the process.

07. Odorico de Leo

Winter 2601-Autumn 2603
Odorico de Leo had one true talent: connecting his boot with the necks of opposing players without notice of the referee. His skill was prestigious, and he injured many a player unseen. After the death of Ladislao Celano, the Captain's Armband passed to de Leo, who wore it with pride as he led the team through 2603, earning the nickname "Scourge of Tor Anroc" in the process. He eventually met his end at the hands of an Arabyan Dervish, whose frenzied assault overwhelmed the captain.

Blue Eagle Ascending
Odorico’s boot was spotted by the Conjoined Blue Eagle award team over the course of the tournament. He was declared the best fouler in the tournament.

02. Nisadei

Spring 2602-Autumn 2603
The flame-haired wonder, Nisadei was one of the most valuable players ever to play for Trantio. After her hiring in the early Spring of 2602 she has performed exceedingly, surpassing not only expectations, but also the player who previously bore her number. A team player and an expert ball handler, Nisadei was paramount to the team's success before her death in the Autumn of 2603. It was a Zoat, a foul monster from the heart of Athel Loren that delivered a punch not even the team's apothecary could heal.

Blue Eagle Ascending
Nisadei’s performance in the Summer of 2602 earned her this award for her outstanding play, and her development. She was the best scorer, interceptor and scoring thrower in the Conjoined Blue Eagles tournament, and was given this award for her multitude of achievements.

Star Player
In the Autumn of 2602, Nisadei had performed well enough for the league to declare her a Star Player, an award well-deserved for her spectacular play.

Mean Scoring Machine
Against the Secret Cult of Shiamoto in the Autumn of 2602, Nisadei scored three touchdowns over the course of the game, allowing the team a clean victory over the Chaos-touched Northern Nipponese.

Old World Values
Nisadei won over the hearts of the Old World in the Spring of 2603, with her spectacular performance, carrying the ball further than any in the region.

Super Star Player
In the Spring of 2603, Nisadei had performed well enough for the league to declare her a Super Star Player, after her spectacular play shocked the Old World.

01. Ghezioc

Spring 2601-Autumn 2603
High Elf star, Ghezioc played with the team from early 2601 to the disastrous Autumn of 2603, and while never spectacular, was always been core member of the team. His pride and arrogance knew no bounds, nor did his hatred for the forces of Chaos. A year prior to his retirement his ankle was broken by a southern Nippon man, leaving a crippling injury, and his decision to leave the game was made when a Samurai from the north of the country permanently damaged his back.

Star Player
Ghezioc’s time with the team was rewarded when in the Summer of 2602, he was declared a Star Player by CabalVision.

NSL template by Balle2000.
Player Ma St Ag Av Skills Inj G Cp Td It Cs Mvp SPP Cost  
High Elf Blitzer
7 3 4 9
Animosity, Block
Dodge, +AV, Mighty Blow, Guard, Tackle, Side Step
  62 8 11 0 31 7 Legend
High Elf Catcher
9 3 4 7
Animosity, Catch
Dodge, +MA, Block, Side Step
  14 0 13 0 1 2 51/76 180k
Dwarf Blitzer
5 4 3 9
Animosity, Block, Thick Skull
  4 0 0 0 0 2 10/16 130k
Dwarf Blocker
4 3 1 9
Animosity, Block, Tackle, Thick Skull
Guard, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow
-ag, -ag, m 35 0 0 0 2 6 34/51 130k
High Elf Lineman
6 3 4 8
Dodge, Block
  16 1 1 0 2 3 23/31 110k
Human Blitzer
7 3 3 8
Animosity, Block
m 6 0 0 0 1 1 7/16 120k
Tilean Lineman
6 2 3 7
-st, m 22 0 0 0 0 2 10/16 60k
Tilean Lineman
5 3 3 7 -ma 3 0 0 0 1 0 2/6 40k
Tilean Lineman
6 3 3 6 -av 8 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 40k
Tilean Lineman
5 3 3 7
Wrestle, Dirty Player
-ma 71 0 0 0 3 3 21/31 80k
Tilean Lineman
6 3 3 7
Dirty Player
  20 0 0 0 0 2 10/16 60k
Tilean Lineman
6 3 3 7   1 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 40k
Tilean Lineman
6 3 3 7   17 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 40k
Tilean Lineman
6 3 3 7
  11 0 0 0 1 1 7/16 60k
11 players (+3 players missing next game)  
Coach: MachJacob Re-Rolls (140k): 3  
Race: Tilea (CIBBL) Fan Factor: 6  
Current Team Value: 1350k Assistant Coaches: 0  
Treasury: 90k Cheerleaders: 0  
Team Value: 1660k Apothecary: Yes  

Games Played:134 (63/27/44) |TD Diff:48 (204 - 156) |Cas Diff:-68 (183/100/38 - 217/119/53)
Last Opponent: Vlad's Vampheroes