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Past Players of Skye Babes
Team Page
17 Xavier GrottysnakeEagle Warrior Linewoman10Dodged
11Veronica Lake IIIIIIEagle Warrior Linewoman00Dodge 
10Cyd Charisse IVEagle Warrior Linewoman40Dodgem, n
4Mae West IVEagle Warrior Linewoman20Dodged
8Anne Gwyne IIIIIIJaguar Warrior Blocker70Dodge, Defensivem, d
1Clara Bow IIIIPiranha Warrior Blitzer511Dodge, Jump Up, Hit and Run, Block, Dauntless-av, n
3Hedy Lamarr IIIIEagle Warrior Linewoman60Dodgem
4Mae West IIIEagle Warrior Linewoman1012Dodge, Pro, Strip Ball-pa, d
1Clara Bow IIIPiranha Warrior Blitzer613Dodge, Jump Up, Hit and Run, Blockd
3Hedy Lamarr IIIEagle Warrior Linewoman52Dodge-pa
4Mae West IIEagle Warrior Linewoman611Dodge, Wrestle, Strip Ball-av
3Hedy Lamarr IIEagle Warrior Linewoman10Dodgen
1Clara Bow IIPiranha Warrior Blitzer30Dodge, Jump Up, Hit and Runm
7Gina Lollobrigida IIIIJaguar Warrior Blocker50Dodge, Defensive-pa
8Anne Gwyne IIIIIJaguar Warrior Blocker128Dodge, Defensive, Blockd
11Yvonne De Carlo IIIIIEagle Warrior Linewoman2116Dodge, Dirty Player, Strip Ball, Wrestlem
7Gina Lollobrigida IIIPiranha Warrior Catcher54Catch, Dodge, Kick-pa
10Veronica Lake IIIIIEagle Warrior Linewoman2520Dodge, Frenzy, Pro, Fendm, m
11Yvonne De Carlo IIIIEagle Warrior Linewoman20Dodge-av
12Cyd Charisse IIIEagle Warrior Linewoman2319Dodge, Wrestle, Block, Dauntlessm, m, -av
12Cyd Charisse IIEagle Warrior Linewoman70Dodge 
11Yvonne De Carlo IIIEagle Warrior Linewoman63Dodge, Frenzyn
10 Veronica Lake IIIIEagle Warrior Linewoman65Dodge, Frenzyn
7Gina Lollobrigida IIPiranha Warrior Catcher73Catch, Dodge, Frenzy 
8Anne Gwyne IIIIPiranha Warrior Catcher1214Catch, Dodge, Dauntless, Pro, Kickn
5 Carmen Miranda IIPython Warrior Thrower1421Dodge, On the Ball, Pass, Safe Pass, Hail Mary Pass, Accurate, Cannoneerd
6Carole Landis IIIPython Warrior Thrower3138Dodge, On the Ball, Pass, Safe Pass, Leader, Running Pass, Dirty Player, Fend, Kickm
2Dita Von Teese IIIIKoka Kalim Blitzer139Dodge, Block, Break Tackle, Guard 
6Carole Landis IIPython Warrior Thrower44Dodge, On the Ball, Pass, Safe Pass, Safe Pass 
1Clara BowKoka Kalim Blitzer1429Dodge, Block, Guard, Break Tackle, Brawler, Thick Skull-pa, n, m
12Cyd CharisseEagle Warrior Linewoman53Dodge, Frenzyd
13Marlene DietrichEagle Warrior Linewoman56Dodge, Mighty Blow-av
10Veronica Lake IIIEagle Warrior Linewoman60Dodge-ag, n
8Anne Gwyne IIIPiranha Warrior Catcher50Catch, Dodgen, n
2Dita Von Teese IIIKoka Kalim Blitzer60Dodge, Blockn
13 William QuickfieldEagle Warrior Linewoman00Dodge 
16 Harold DeeprockEagle Warrior Linewoman00Dodge 
11Yvonne De Carlo IIEagle Warrior Linewoman99Dodge, Tackle, Wrestlen, d
10Veronica Lake IIEagle Warrior Linewoman65Dodge, Shadowing-av
2Dita Von Teese IIKoka Kalim Blitzer65Dodge, Block, Arm Bard
1Jayne Mansfield IIKoka Kalim Blitzer97Dodge, Block, Guardd
8Anne Gwyne IIPiranha Warrior Catcher60Catch, Dodge 
12Bettie PageEagle Warrior Linewoman1112Dodge, Dauntless, Blockd
8Anne GwynnePiranha Warrior Catcher20Catch, Dodgen
6Carole LandisPython Warrior Thrower1112Dodge, On the Ball, Pass, Safe Pass, Nerves of Steel, Blockm, n, n
11Yvonne De CarloEagle Warrior Linewoman30Dodge 
10Veronica LakeEagle Warrior Linewoman30Dodge 
9Betty GrableEagle Warrior Linewoman4729Dodge, Strip Ball, Wrestle, Sure Hands, Tacklem, m
7Gina LollobrigidaPiranha Warrior Catcher1415Catch, Dodge, Frenzy, Wrestle, Dauntlessn, -av, -st
5Carmen MirandaPython Warrior Thrower1432Dodge, On the Ball, Pass, Safe Pass, Cannoneer, Sure Hands, On the Ball, Hail Mary Pass-st, m
4Mae WestKoka Kalim Blitzer2636Dodge, Block, Juggernaut, Arm Bar, Stand Firm, Multiple Block, Pile Driver 
3Hedy LamarrKoka Kalim Blitzer2618Dodge, Block, Guard, Juggernautm, m, m, m
2Dita Von TeeseKoka Kalim Blitzer30Dodge, Block 
1Jayne MansfieldKoka Kalim Blitzer30Dodge, Block