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Past Players of Helena High
Team Page
1PrincipalGutter Runner1133Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Block, Side Step, Diving Tackled
20Julius WhiterockLineman10d
17Howard WhitetreeLineman10d
2SchneiderBlitzer711Block, Mighty Blowm, d
17Fredrick StrongwingLineman10d
16Groundkeeper WillyRat Ogre1325Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Prehensile Tail, Loner, Wild Animal, +MA, +STd
18William TruesnakeLineman10d
17Osmond BluefieldLineman10d
1PrincipalGutter Runner106Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Wrestle-ag
1PrincIPALBlitzer312Block, Mighty Blowd
19Howard ColdhammerLineman15d
15QB JockThrower73Sure Hands, Pass-ma
17George ClearrockLineman10d
18Duane HardspikeLineman10d
4Full backGutter Runner2046Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Block, Side Step, Diving Tackle-av
3Post DocGutter Runner1965Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Block, Side Step, Diving Tackle, Tackle-st
32014, coming at ya!Gutter Runner11Dodge, Weeping Daggerd
8Tåg sent fanLineman45-av
8Wos upt?Lineman25d
11KrankLineman263m, -ma
10Sitting outLineman2119Wrestle, Tackle-ma, d
10Lady FungusLineman20d
9Mr FungusLineman115m, d
8Head and toesLineman60d
7Jan Itor 2Rat Ogre1223Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Prehensile Tail, Loner, Wild Animal, Claw, Juggernautm, n
16BållisThrower1628Sure Hands, Pass, Leader, Big Handn
16TranserThrower21Sure Hands, Passd
5BackstreetGutter Runner1865Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Block, Guard, Side Step, Fendd
4FConqurerGutter Runner1848Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Block, Guard, Side Stepm, m, d
9Last chance SteveLineman50-av
10Beater of the Synnfull changerLineman60-ma, m
9Your MamaLineman50d
12LOS LC ratLineman3924Wrestle, Kickm, m, d
82nd extra LC guyLineman127Blockm, m, d
71st LC extra guyLineman120m, m, d
15LChampinjonThrower127Sure Hands, Pass, Leader-st
18Albert DeepfireLineman10d
17Aaron WhiteeagleLineman10d
3So far to the Major manGutter Runner33118Dodge, Weeping Dagger, +ST, Two Heads, +MA, Block, Tackle-ma, d
6Crazy wanna be frogGutter Runner3657Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Wrestle, Strip Ball, Dauntless, Leapm, -st
5Ganga StylerGutter Runner1538Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Block, Side Step, Guardm, m, d
17Duane DeeprockLineman10d
12CalasLineman50m, m, d
5Djerfen ZweiGutter Runner20Dodge, Weeping Daggerd
6rfGutter Runner00Dodge, Weeping Dagger 
9GLT Winner 2013Lineman45-av
8AngriesGutter Runner716Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Wrestle, Strip Balln
15Claude L. Pomper Ph.D.Lineman105-st
3The leader to beThrower1324Sure Hands, Pass, Extra Arms, Accurated
12Ulric WeakhawkLineman74d
7Munny manLineman100m, d
4Danny-Leia 3Gutter Runner2451Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Block, Side Step, Diving Tackle, Tacklem, m, -ag
15Ian WeakhawkLineman62n
16Jan ItorRat Ogre3362Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Prehensile Tail, Loner, Wild Animal, Guard, Claw, Juggernaut, +MAd
3Boll Kotten 3Thrower611Sure Hands, Pass, Accurate-st
4Danny-LeiaGutter Runner714Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Two Headsd
3Boll Kotten 2Thrower315Sure Hands, Pass, Accurated
67th rebuildGutter Runner1747Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Wrestle, Horns, Strip Balld
13The new dealerLineman3558Block, Kick, Shadowing, +STm, m, m, m, d
2CoachBlitzer71134Block, Guard, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Grab, Juggernaut-ma, m, m, m, d
7VLLeia 3Gutter Runner811Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Blockd
7VLL Lena wannabeGutter Runner20Dodge, Weeping Daggerd
6CopperGutter Runner724Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Horns, Wrestled
6StuganGutter Runner10Dodge, Weeping Daggerd
5DjerfenGutter Runner3062Dodge, Weeping Dagger, +MA, Block, Side Step, Sprint-av, -ag
15The new LLLLineman60n
9On the road againLineman90d
16Lottery Winner, a year later...Rat Ogre32Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Prehensile Tail, Loner, Wild Animaln
3Lottery winner!Gutter Runner612Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Blockd
2HEADmasterBlitzer1621Block, Guard, Mighty Blowm, -av, -ma
15Bloater #15Lineman83d
9Bloater nr. 14Lineman45d
6LitzGutter Runner1450Dodge, Weeping Dagger, +MA, Side Step, Blockn
5FegzGutter Runner920Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Block, Side Step-av
14Extra Extra!Lineman8147Dirty Player, Wrestle, Tackle-ma, -ag, m, m
5TjanghyGutter Runner13Dodge, Weeping Daggerd
3Black CupLineman96+AGd
2HeadsterBlitzer1120Block, Tackle, Mighty Blowd
1prinCIPALBlitzer89212Block, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Juggernaut, Juggernaut, +AG, Frenzym, m, m, m, -av, m, m, m, m, -ag
6#4Gutter Runner1235Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Block, Guard, Side Stepd
14OxbridgeLineman79Wrestlem, d
5SmackerGutter Runner1556Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Guard, Block, Side Step, Shadowingm, d
10LinzLineman2929Wrestle, Frenzym, -ma, n
9Smelly ratLineman149Guardm, d
12SkyLineman3617Wrestle, Guardm, m, -av, m, m, -av
9Smelly ratLineman50-ma
8WOwinGutter Runner3751Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Wrestle, Strip Ball, Dauntless, Tacklem, m, -ma, m, m, n
6Sylvian TystLineman92-ag, n
5Åka fort ÅkeGutter Runner1116Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Guard, Two Headsd
2Head KillerBlitzer2325Block, Mighty Blow, Tacklem, m, d
3PrincipalBlitzer2664Block, Claw, Mighty Blow, Juggernaut, Hornsm, m, d
2Mr. TennisBlitzer20Block-av
16Cambridge all A's studentGutter Runner1721Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Block, Side Step-ma, d
8EMO foulerLineman55d
15FlumBall Cup winnerLineman64-st
7Långa Legs LeiaGutter Runner57232Dodge, Weeping Dagger, +AG, +MA, Block, Leap, Sprint, Sure Feetn, m, -st, m, d
14Facebook type nerd that will get RICHLineman103-av
9Track and field CaptainLineman66Guardd
3Mr. TennisBlitzer611Block, Mighty Blow-st
17Paul DeeplightningLineman10d
2MonsterBlitzer823Block, Mighty Blow, Juggernautd
1Sär skriv ning?Rat Ogre3846Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Prehensile Tail, Loner, Wild Animal, Guard, Juggernaut, Break Tacklem, -ag, d
8Slann is the new BlackGutter Runner316Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Block, Side Stepn
11Killer of the evilsLineman7149Guard, Block, Kickm, m, m, m, m, m, -av, d
6The 10th Generation of great ratsGutter Runner1632Dodge, Weeping Dagger, +MA, Block, Side Stepm, d
2DC-DCBlitzer718Block, Guard, Mighty Blowd
13EskiesLineman5424Wrestle, Kick-ma, m, -ma, m, -ma, m, m, -av, m, -ma, -st
3DC-ACBlitzer724Block, Mighty Blow, Juggernautm, d
72 straight 2 skill ageing nigglingsGutter Runner911Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Big Hand-ma, -av
6Funky ChickenGutter Runner620Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Dauntless, +AGn, d
5Iron Man - for real!Gutter Runner2156Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Block, Dauntless, Tackle, Strip Ballm, d
16Filip BergmanRat Ogre12Mighty Blow, Frenzy, Prehensile Tail, Big Guy, Wild Animalm, n
2DC-DCBlitzer818Block, Guard, Clawm, d
1Rektor Börje IIIBlitzer918Block, Claw, Guardn, d
4Boll KotttenThrower89202Sure Hands, Pass, Accurate, Safe Throw, Leader, +AG, +AG, Dump-Offm, -ma, m, m, -ma
13The cup!Lineman1216Block, Tackled
10Fumbbl Cup - 'ere we goLineman3440Block, Kick, Tacklem, -ma, d
9Psyko KillerLineman30m, n
316th player for LustrinLineman178Block-ag, m, d
9UI Winner!Lineman30m, n
11Lizzardhouse IIILineman50d
6Generation KillGutter Runner1639Dodge, Very Long Legs, +AG, Sprintn, d
11Lizzardhouse IILineman30m, -ag
10My team played Sriik and survived, but LostLineman35-ag, d
8Ice manGutter Runner921Dodge, Dauntless, Blockd
7Iron man IIGutter Runner2240Dodge, Block, +ST, Hornsd
8Irony ManGutter Runner26Dodge, +MAm, n
7Iron manGutter Runner318Dodge, Block, Side Stepn
16Slam Dunker!Rat Ogre1911Mighty Blow, Frenzy, Prehensile Tail, Big Guy, Wild Animal, Guardm, n
15Lång väg tillbaksLineman3125Block, Strip Ball-av, n
2Rektor Börje IIStorm Vermin2332Block, Claw, Guard, Clawn
7School nerdGutter Runner34Dodged
13UI winnerLineman2127Block, Tackled
12Lets live the life I choose!Lineman4747Block, Tackle, Frenzym, m, m, d
5BajsmannenGutter Runner2731Dodge, Block, Side Step, Diving Tackled
13Join us!Lineman40d
14No niggle campainLineman4316Dirty Player, Blockm, m, d
53e gången...Gutter Runner23Dodged
12Din mamma!Lineman50d
11Java BowlLineman95n, m, n
5Nu du!Gutter Runner10Dodged
8Nu DJÄVLAR!Gutter Runner1139Dodge, Very Long Legs, Sprint, Sure Feetd
5House VGutter Runner77Dodge, Blockd
9UI V? IILineman2414Block-ma, d
10Operahögskolan IILineman30d
9UI V?Lineman35d
6Generation KillGutter Runner2925Dodge, Dauntless, Blockn
10OperahögskolanLineman20m, -st
5House IIIGutter Runner39Dodge, Blockd
6House IIGutter Runner28Dodge, +MAm, n
1Rektor Lars IIStorm Vermin4276Block, Guard, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Kick, Juggernaut-ma, n
6HouseGutter Runner418Dodge, Block, Dirty Playern
4Boll Kåt!Thrower4779Pass, Sure Hands, Big Hand, Strong Arm, Accurate, +AG, Safe Thrown, m
5Grunn THIS!Gutter Runner731Dodge, Block, Side Stepd
11Håkan Hellström IILineman2017Block, Tackled
10Bruce Springsteen IILineman912Foul Appearanced
11Håkan HellströmLineman10d
11Bruce SpringsteenLineman10d
12Super BowlLineman2312Dirty Playerm, n
3ÄntligenThrower1227Pass, Sure Hands, Accurate, Safe Throwm, n
6Nytt kontraktGutter Runner516Dodge, Block, +MAn
2Rektor BörjeStorm Vermin3465Block, Claw, Tackle, Guard, Kickn
8Crazy NeckGutter Runner2452Dodge, Block, Side Step, Diving Tackle, Tackled
1Rektor LarsStorm Vermin1734Block, Guard, Mighty Blow, Tacklem, -st
3Elmotordriven kastarmThrower64Pass, Sure Handsd
2Grrrreen BayStorm Vermin10Blockd
5Silicon CarbideGutter Runner1357Dodge, Block, Side Step, Diving Tackle, Tackled
1HammarrrrbyStorm Vermin37Block, Guardd
13KILLER MutantLineman3634Block, Dirty Player, Tackle-ag, d
16Ph. D. stduentRat Ogre4449Mighty Blow, Frenzy, Prehensile Tail, Big Guy, Wild Animal, Guard, Break Tackle, Juggernautd
3fevdGutter Runner00Dodge 
4Kastar KungenThrower67Pass, Sure Hands, Accurated
1HamarrrrbyStorm Vermin36Block, Guardm, n
8L-PINGGutter Runner24Dodged
16The Ph. D studentRat Ogre68Mighty Blow, Frenzy, Prehensile Tail, Big Guy, Wild Animal, +AGm, n
1HamarrrbyStorm Vermin611Block, Stand Firmm, n
7SyriggGutter Runner5380Dodge, Block, Dauntless, Side Step, Horns, +AGn, d
6Reccy PodGutter Runner2342Dodge, Block, Dauntless, Tacklem, n
12Statens JärnvägarLineman2216Block, Strip Balln, d
13Uppsala DödspatrullLineman146Dirty Playerm, n
14KTHLineman5136Block, Tackle, Kickd
1Ghostface KillahStorm Vermin26Blockd
11KTHLineman168Block-ma, n, d
8Hammarby IF BandyGutter Runner31Dodged
15KistaLineman6146Foul Appearance, Block, Pass Blockd
5PlayerGutter Runner1822Dodge, Block, +AGm, n
8Kista, hime of the dread...Gutter Runner210Dodge, Blockd
2Grrreen Bay Storm Vermin2951Block, Guard, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Kickn
1Reccy PodStorm Vermin810Block, Guardm, n
3JAS 39 GripenThrower2342Pass, Sure Hands, Accurate, Safe Throw, +MAm, n
9BackAttackLineman3233Block, +ST, Tackle-av, m, -st
11AnnandagsBandyLineman66+AG-ma, m, n
14Tallinder, Heselius och Lilja, de tre musketörernaLineman70d
6Luleå by nightGutter Runner1416Dodge, Block, Side Stepm, n
6Newbie ZGutter Runner411Dodge, Blockm, -ma
12Last and LeastLineman236Dirty Playerm, n
8Ashen-ShurgaGutter Runner1436Dodge, Sprint, Sure Feet, Blockd
13TomasLineman20m, -av
15PugLineman1623Block, Dirty Player-av, m, n
7BennyGutter Runner2744Dodge, Block, Side Step, Diving Tacklem, n
2The very LASTStorm Vermin2119Block, Guard, Mighty Blowd
1Last RUNStorm Vermin2133Block, Claw, Tackle, Guard-av, d
5Rookie gae #351Gutter Runner2252Dodge, Dauntless, Block, Tackle 
10Ol' DirtyLineman55133Block, Claw, Tackle, Claw, +MA, +ST-av, n, m
4DTP - LarsThrower2952Pass, Sure Hands, +AG, Accurate, Safe Throw, Block-ag
13LineFodder #412Lineman611Blockd
16FreeRiderRat Ogre4856Mighty Blow, Frenzy, Prehensile Tail, Big Guy, Wild Animal, Guard, +MA, Break Tackle, +AG-av, m
5StudanGutter Runner612Dodge, Blockm, n
3Lång och sneThrower1322Pass, Sure Hands, Accurate, Safe Throwd
11SiarnLineman2814Dirty Playerd
16FILL the KILLRat Ogre20Mighty Blow, Frenzy, Prehensile Tail, Big Guy, Wild Animald
6FC WinnerGutter Runner2964Dodge, Block, Side Step, Diving Tackle, Tackled
6KillCHAOS(a blend of Killkenny)Gutter Runner13Dodgem, n
11Gadget DickLineman10d
15Mr Helena High IILineman1820Block, Tacklen
1BomBom JrStorm Vermin2053Block, Guard, Mighty Blow, Horns, Tacklen, d
6Hårt, FRAMÅT!!!!!!Thrower46Pass, Sure Hands, Blockd
11Mr Helena HighLineman55m, n
12School of HVDCLineman138Blockm, n
12Mr TennisLineman10d
16The Rat who sold the worldRat Ogre911Mighty Blow, Frenzy, Prehensile Tail, Big Guy, Wild Animal, Guardm, -av
2PowPow 3Storm Vermin2324Block, Guard, Mighty Blowm, n
1213, is it?Lineman211d
7Last Gutter inGutter Runner3058Dodge, Block, Side Step, Diving Tackle, Dauntlessn
15Nice ratLineman118Blockm, n
16KILL ALL machineRat Ogre42Mighty Blow, Frenzy, Prehensile Tail, Big Guy, Wild Animalm, n
5Pelle "Om och om" AlmgrenGutter Runner1856Dodge, +MA, Block, Dauntless, Strip Balld
11The finish partLineman20d
12Ner Ner, Ut UtLineman10d
2PowPow 2Storm Vermin919Block, Guard, Hornsd
14Upp Upp, Upp UppLineman5451Block, Kick, Foul Appearance, Tacklen
4TS120 and risingGutter Runner2554Dodge, Block, Side Step, Diving Tackle, Pass Blockd
15The MarriageLineman88Guardd
2PowPowStorm Vermin46Block, Kickm, n
1BomBomStorm Vermin2174Block, Claw, Claw, Tackle, Guardd
3Nu du, nu ska den in!Thrower3050Pass, Sure Hands, Accurate, Safe Throw, Blockm, n
12Greg the SkrekLineman911Blockm, n
13Im not gonna niggleLineman4127Dirty Player, Blockd
14Dan the ManLineman1312Blockd
8At least, At last!Gutter Runner5077Dodge, Block, Side Step, +MA, Tackle, Catchn
2Ner i botten och vända!!!Storm Vermin1125Block, Guard, Mighty Blowd
14Lino... DINOLineman30d
5GLT champ?Gutter Runner1874Dodge, Sprint, Sure Feet, Block, +MAn, d
12Exjobbs klarLineman10m, n
16Killer RematchRat Ogre2152Mighty Blow, Frenzy, Prehensile Tail, Big Guy, Wild Animal, Block, +MA, Guard, Break Tacklen, n
7Last one inGutter Runner2746Dodge, Block, Side Step, Diving Tackled
2REKTOR!!! IIStorm Vermin1126Block, Guard, Mighty Blowd
55someGutter Runner827Dodge, Block, +MAd
10Rodent RatLineman1716Foul Appearance, Blockn, n, d
14Dark ratLineman116Foul Appearanced
14Påskråttan 3Lineman23d
13PåskHaren?Lineman2333Claw, Block, Tacklen, d
14Påskråttan 2Lineman40d
7Uhhh Uhhh UIGutter Runner1116Dodge, Sprint, Very Long Legsd
1Revenge RATStorm Vermin4463Block, Guard, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Juggernautn, m, n
6Rookie game nr 262Gutter Runner4592Dodge, Block, +AG, Leap, Strip Ball, Side Stepn, m, n
10PARTY time!Lineman1616Block, Dirty Playern
13Whats the TIME?Lineman60m, n
6Wong TurnyGutter Runner22Dodged
2REKTOR!! Lämna plats!Storm Vermin2624Block, Guard, Hornsm, n
4SmackerGutter Runner2234Dodge, Block, Side Step, Diving Tackle-ma, d
10Mr TLineman20d
13The FaceLineman412Blockm, n
1Killa IIStorm Vermin1313Block, Guardd
7Once againGutter Runner1431Dodge, Block, Shadowing, Side Step-ag, m
10WO qualifier 6Lineman40d
8Nr 14Gutter Runner5178Dodge, Block, Side Step, Dauntless, Tackle, Leapn, d
6Free mutant dayGutter Runner1231Dodge, Sprint, +AG, Blockn
5Last nigth with the gangGutter Runner1019Dodge, Block, Shadowingd
13BadabangLineman1329Block, Dirty Playerd
12LF 100001Lineman5059Foul Appearance, Block, +ST, Tackle-ma, n
16Big BadabaRat Ogre5163Mighty Blow, Frenzy, Prehensile Tail, Big Guy, Wild Animal, +ST, Guard, Block, Break Tackled
15BadabingLineman2338+ST, Block, Tackled
3Båll GLAD!Thrower74127Pass, Sure Hands, Big Hand, Accurate, Safe Throw, Block, Kick, Nerves Of Steeln
15Mayor of BOOMtownLineman20d
7I better join!Gutter Runner1841Dodge, Block, Side Step, Diving Tacklen
12Elf carverLineman116Block-ma, m, n
10Da Orc StomperLineman146Block-av, m, n
9The Chaos AniliatnorLineman145115Block, Dirty Player, +AG, Shadowing, Tackle-ma, d
7Boo AhlGutter Runner67Dodge, +AGd
12YepperLineman20m, -av
3ABBThrower817Pass, Sure Hands, Accurate, Safe Throwd
3Smack attackerThrower11Pass, Sure Handsm, n
5The begining!Gutter Runner1334Dodge, Dauntless, +AG, Blockm, n
3Boo AhlThrower37Pass, Sure Hands, Accuratem
6The END?Gutter Runner1621Dodge, Block, Side Stepm, -ma
16BIG UP!!Rat Ogre1827Mighty Blow, Frenzy, Prehensile Tail, Big Guy, Wild Animal, Guard, Break Tackled
13DoerLineman1916Block, Dirty Playerd
7Mr PinkGutter Runner619Dodge, +ST, +STd
9Will I ever fall in Love? And if I do will it be with youLineman76+MAm, n
6Max von SchelbrügeGutter Runner817Dodge, Block, +MAn
5What now?!?Gutter Runner1212Dodge, Block-av
2StormaStorm Vermin5038Block, Guard, Claw, Tacklen
15Moving up againLineman1713Dirty Playerm, n
11Warpstone Open here I comeLineman9286Block, Tackle, Pass Block, +AG, Dirty Playerd
10RevangorLineman2439Block, Tackle, Dirty Playerm, n
9Grotty REVENGELineman50d
11Erkan ZenginLineman10 
5BooAhl returns again!Gutter Runner521Dodge, Block, Hornsm, -ag
12GettoBlasterLineman1316Dirty Player, +AGn, d
72-0 Derbyt!!Gutter Runner1124Dodge, Block, Dauntlessd
13KansasLineman75-av, d
14Mr DP 5Lineman80113Block, Claw, Tackle, Pro, +AGm, -st
16Bom BomRat Ogre1218Mighty Blow, Frenzy, Prehensile Tail, Big Guy, Wild Animal, Guard, Break Tacklem, n
8ZenginGutter Runner54127Dodge, Block, Side Step, Diving Tackle, Tackle, +MA, Dauntlessn, d
14Åre VM 2007Lineman50d
7Big CUPERGutter Runner731Dodge, Block, Side Step, Dirty Playern
6SMACKERGutter Runner1525Dodge, Block, Side Stepd
13Jack SparrowLineman614Guard-ma, -ma, d
2Grotty little manStorm Vermin2029Block, Guard, Clawm, n
3Esa KeskinenThrower3576Pass, Sure Hands, Accurate, Safe Throw, Block, Hail Mary Pass, Dirty Player-ma
11Mr DPLineman1124Block, Tackled
16BigBadOlofRat Ogre913Mighty Blow, Frenzy, Prehensile Tail, Big Guy, Wild Animal, Guardm, n
7Al Jazira(Uppsala)Gutter Runner619Dodge, Block, Strip Ballm, n
12Jan BylundLineman1221Block, Kickd
15AttackerLineman2531Block, Tackle, Pass Block-ma, d
3Anders BjörkThrower510Pass, Sure Hands, Accurated
6To the TOPGutter Runner517Dodge, Block, Kickm, n
5BooAhl is BACKGutter Runner2254Dodge, Block, Side Step, Dirty Player, Diving Tacklen
16Big BoyRat Ogre59Mighty Blow, Frenzy, Prehensile Tail, Big Guy, Wild Animal, Guardm, n
14Jo, LINO!Lineman1316Dirty Player, Blockm, n
3AngyThrower726Pass, Sure Hands, +AG, Accurate-ma, d
1KillaStorm Vermin86167Block, Guard, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Kick, Horns, Shadowingn, d
10Revenge is my best friendLineman814+MAd
8Uppe KnasGutter Runner938Dodge, Dauntless, +AGd
2HellerStorm Vermin1743Block, Tackle, Mighty Blow, Guardm, n
10The team is rebornLineman48Blockm, n
12Enough is ENOUGHLineman138Blockm, n
13Lino on the GOLineman229Blockm, n
12SmackerLineman30m, n
9Attack! IILineman268Blockd
6Pass blockerGutter Runner1739Dodge, Block, Diving Tackle, Tacklen
14Line of Sigth RatLineman1918Dirty Player, Blockd
13UI Winner!Lineman157Guard-av, m, n
15SkankyLineman2147+AG, Block, Tackled
15Ogre HunterLineman20d
7RookieGutter Runner3663Dodge, Block, Sprint, Sure Feet, Shadowing 
14Smack Winner?Lineman112d
6SmackerGutter Runner1426Dodge, Block, Strip Ballm, n
12LFLineman2316Block, Foul Appearance-av, n, d
16Robbe IIRat Ogre2930Mighty Blow, Frenzy, Prehensile Tail, Big Guy, Wild Animal, +ST, +MAm, n
1StormerStorm Vermin3957Block, Guard, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Pron
12FeederLineman50m, n
5BlitzerGutter Runner3864Dodge, Block, Side Step, Dauntless, Tackle-ma, -av, m, -av
11Samuraj LarsLineman4613Blockm, n
4SantinoThrower21Pass, Sure Handsm, -ma
8The RookieGutter Runner3651Dodge, Block, Dirty Player, Side Step, Kickn
13UglyLineman1925Claw, Blockm, n
16RoppeRat Ogre1012Mighty Blow, Frenzy, Prehensile Tail, Big Guy, Wild Animal, Guardd
6MustGutter Runner926Dodge, Block, Kickd
2Svarte PetterStorm Vermin4473Block, Guard, Mighty Blow, Claw, Tacklem, n
1Musta PekkaStorm Vermin1216Block, Guard, +STd
10New Improved DPLineman4438Guard, Foul Appearance, Blockn, m, n
3AngeloThrower56127Pass, Sure Hands, +AG, Accurate, Dodge, Safe Throw, Block, Tacklen
13Vänster Halvan 17Lineman10d
14RegulatorLineman2228Claw, Blockm, n
14AvbytarenLineman20m, -av
15The Replacment 2Lineman2937Foul Appearance, Block, Tackled
14AvbytarnLineman20m, -av
15The ReplacmentLineman22m, n
7Insane KillerGutter Runner2769Dodge, Block, Pass Block, +MA, Side Step 
4Angel in the skyThrower1119Pass, Sure Hands, Accurate, +MAn
4AngelsThrower15Pass, Sure Handsd
9Attack!Lineman5142Block, Tackle, Kickd
16KillersRat Ogre1942Mighty Blow, Frenzy, Prehensile Tail, Big Guy, Wild Animal, Block, +MA, Guard-av, d
13Vänster Halvan 16Lineman137Frenzym, n
5This time its for real IIGutter Runner2858Dodge, +MA, Very Long Legs, Block, Sure Feet-av, d
10Höger Halvan IILineman1743+AG, Block, Tacklem, n
15Attack! IILineman40m, n
1Svenster 10^6Storm Vermin1816Block, Guard, Mighty Blowd
279ersStorm Vermin2528Block, Guard, Mighty Blowm, n
10Mitt MittLineman55d
8Gunnar IIIGutter Runner2957Dodge, Block, Kick, Side Step, Dirty Playerm
11LibroLineman3746Claw, Block, Tacklem, n
3Mac groupieThrower1737Pass, Sure Hands, Accurate, Big Hand, Safe Throwm, n
13Vänster Halvan IVLineman122-ma, m, n
7DauntlessGutter Runner1939Dodge, Block, Side Step, Diving Tackled
16KillerRat Ogre1531Mighty Blow, Frenzy, Prehensile Tail, Big Guy, Wild Animal, Block, Guard, +STn
2KillersStorm Vermin76Block, Guardm, -ag
7GunnarGutter Runner416Dodge, Block, Catchn
6BenGutter Runner4084Dodge, +ST, Block, Tackle, Side Step, Diving Tackled
5This time its for realGutter Runner1751Dodge, +MA, Block, Sure Feet, +MAn
16DosForty (Volvo 240)Rat Ogre58Mighty Blow, Frenzy, Prehensile Tail, Big Guy, Wild Animal, Guardm, n
13Vänster Halvan IIILineman40d
13Vänster halvanLineman10d
13Vänster HalvaLineman30d
15Höger halvaLineman1718Foul Appearance, Blockd
12Dirty PlayerLineman4234Block, Dirty Player, Dodgen
7Never ageGutter Runner717Dodge, Block, Kickm, n
3Mac wannabeThrower1623Pass, Sure Hands, Accurate, Safe Throw-ma, m
14BlockerkingLineman2765Claw, Block, Tackle, Clawd
7The 3rd ChanceGutter Runner316Dodge, Block, Clawn
13Lucky 13Lineman60d
16RatterRat Ogre134Mighty Blow, Frenzy, Prehensile Tail, Big Guy, Wild Animald
1Svenster 1000Storm Vermin2821Block, Tackle, Guardm, n
12The last outpost!Lineman919Block, Dirty Playern
16Here we GO!Rat Ogre45Mighty Blow, Frenzy, Prehensile Tail, Big Guy, Wild Animald
10Punish me!Lineman2518Block, Dirty Player-ag, m, n
11Foul me!Lineman246Blockd
8Seventh son of a seventh sonGutter Runner2278Dodge, Block, Side Step, Dauntless, +ST, +MAd
1Sven 100Storm Vermin79Block, Tacklem, n
5Why can't my players live?Gutter Runner2480Dodge, +MA, Block, Sure Feet, Sprint, Side Step 
14Lino KINGLineman98Clawd
6Fumbbl CUP kanske?Gutter Runner2581Dodge, +AG, Block, Dauntless, Leap, +AGn
2GregerStorm Vermin3031Block, Tackle, Guard, Mighty Blow-ma, d
15DiersLineman1523Dirty Player, Blockd
1SvennerStorm Vermin712Block, Clawd
7The aftermatchGutter Runner1733Dodge, Block, +MA, Dauntlessm, n
12GLT nobodyLineman198Blockm, n
11DPLineman1318Dirty Player, Blockd
16RevengeRat Ogre1513Mighty Blow, Frenzy, Prehensile Tail, Big Guy, Wild Animal, Guardd
14BoosseLineman147Dirty Playerd
5Pump up the VOLUMEGutter Runner1845Dodge, Block, Dauntless, +AGn
6GLT final MVPGutter Runner2087Dodge, Block, +AG, Leap, Pass Block, Dauntlessd
15Mr TennisLineman40m, n
1Sven IIStorm Vermin2536Block, Guard, Tackle, Mighty Blowm, n
8AdrianGutter Runner3354Dodge, Block, Side Step, Diving Tackle, Tackle-av, m, n
14MattLineman154m, n
8HeatherGutter Runner23Dodged
16DanRat Ogre2236Mighty Blow, Frenzy, Prehensile Tail, Big Guy, Wild Animal, Claw, Guard, +MAd
13BrieLineman5128Kick, Block-av, d
12AdrianLineman80m, n
11StacyLineman2011Dirty Playerd
9SaraLineman6638Block, Tackle, Dirty Player-ma, -ag, -ma, -ma, m, -av
7DannyGutter Runner36127Dodge, Block, +MA, Sure Feet, +ST, Strip Ball, Sprintn, n, d
6KurtGutter Runner1636Dodge, Block, Pass Block, Catchn, m, n
5TylerGutter Runner2356Dodge, Block, Pass Block, Catch, Dirty Playern
3MacThrower57128Pass, Sure Hands, Accurate, Safe Throw, Block, +AG, +ST, Tacklen, d
2GregStorm Vermin3848Block, Tackle, Guard, +AGn, m, n
1SvenStorm Vermin1216Block, Tackle, Guardn