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Past Players of High E.L.F. Alliance
Team Page
10Kyrenic The SlickCatcher417Catch, Dodge, Guardd
11Aros The DistinguishedCatcher26Catch, Guardd
9Bensaar The TenaciousLineman140d
2Dahoet The SteadfastLineman1521Block, Side Stepn
10Obadaon The ResoluteLineman27Blockm, n
8Kisisirt The AudaciousLineman1418Block, Dodge 
6Babraen The CreativeLineman41m, n
8Sirion The BrilliantLineman61d
15Raratael The RighteousDragon Warrior1130Block, Tackle, Dodged
15Kanlaol The ChosenDragon Warrior619Block, Side Step, Dodgem, -ma
12Liltaar The RapidLion Warrior1221Catch, Guard, Dodged
5Panolial The VenerableLineman51d
16Atanaor The MarvelousDragon Warrior726Block, +MA, Side Stepm, n
11Mahroen The NimbleCatcher3583Catch, +MA, Sprint, Leap, Sure Feet, Nerves Of Steeld
12Halatat The AmbitiousLion Warrior314Catch, Blockm, n
2Nurcaal The DevotedLineman3544Block, Dirty Player, Frenzyd
14Inatiril The BlessedThrower4446Pass, Safe Throw, Guard, Block, Dodge-av
10Solhasis The IngeniousLineman2335+AG, Block, Leapd
5Kadlaor The InventiveLineman113m, n
1Rilbenh The RelentlessLineman4280+AG, Dodge, +MA, +ST, Block-ag, m, n
7Etasanaic The CourageousLineman5371+AG, Block, Strip Ball, Leapm, -av
1Kenlaoc The AudaciousLineman21m, n
15Andurr The FlamboyantDragon Warrior1845Block, Tackle, +AG, Leapd
3Cagnoar The TruthfulLineman56Blockn, m
8Veslain The GraciousLineman3556Block, Side Step, Tackle, +AGm, -av
16Kadarian The BrightLion Warrior726Catch, Block, Dodged
11Enduin The MightyDragon Warrior716Block, Tackle, Dodgen
9Fescaec The WatchfulPhoenix Warrior52115Pass, Strong Arm, Safe Throw, Accurate, Catch, Sure Feetd
2Nilaos The StrictLineman2037Frenzy, Block, Dodged
3Cignoah The SplendidLineman106Blockd
10Inataes The MethodicalPhoenix Warrior714Pass, Accuratem, -av
13Tendaan The GloriousDragon Warrior3657Block, Tackle, Dodge, Side Step, Guardn
8Palahdriel The HonorableLineman1231Block, Side Step, Dodgem, n
16Estaoh The VirtuousLion Warrior13Catchm, n
14Naraet The ImpressiveLion Warrior36Catch, Blockm, n
7Liralaen The EloquentLineman2221Block, +ST-ma, d
12Salanr The ProudDragon Warrior1423Block, Leap, Tacklen
6Bubasir The IntrepidLineman63101Nerves Of Steel, +AG, Leap, Sure Hands, Blockd
15Mutrahr The ReasonableLion Warrior3077Catch, Block, Dodge, Side Step, Tackle, +AGm, n
15Lotcaan The SageLion Warrior10Catchd
9Talenn The ZealousLineman1927+MA, Dirty Playerd
1Arnaar The LoyalLineman3838Dauntless, Block, Tacklem, n
7Johanaoh The FaithfulLineman1311Blockd
6Sarraic The VigilantLineman1321Block, Tacklem, n
13Pardhael The SkilledDragon Warrior2754Block, Dodge, Tackle, Side Step, Diving Tacklem, n
14Vanehliah The GiftedLion Warrior1722Catch, Block, Dodge-ma, d
14Alcaac The ShrewdLion Warrior36Catch, Block-av
1Taleahn The ValiantLineman1114Blockd
9Ucatenh The FierceLineman116Tacklem, -st
6Surdiun The ToughLineman102d
11Kellear The NoblePhoenix Warrior4379Pass, Block, Sure Hands, Dodge, Accurate, Side Stepn, m
13Jarodihr The SternDragon Warrior1434Block, +MA, Dodge, +MAn
10Firantual The SurePhoenix Warrior4994Pass, Safe Throw, Accurate, Sure Feet, +ST, Block-av, d
12Ranuin The GreatDragon Warrior3681Block, Tackle, +MA, +MA, +AG, Leapm, -av
8Canisann The GoodLineman4735Block, Dodge, Side Stepm, n
7Baliab The BrightLineman2534Block, Dodge, Side Stepd
5Otlaut The FairLineman7062Block, Guard, Dodge, Kickm, n
4Dulanath The StoutLineman105102Guard, Block, Dodge, +ST, +AGm, n
16Ecnaah The FastLion Warrior45103Catch, +AG, Dodge, Block, +ST, Leap-st, m, n
11Hebaon The BraveDragon Warrior1527Block, +MA, Dodgen
9Ulannian The BoldLineman2138Block, Dodge, Side Step-ma, d
8Orilaor The SwiftLineman65d
7Delleol The KeenLineman616+MA, Blockm, n
15Larliah The WiseLion Warrior3879Catch, Dodge, Block, Tackle, Side Step, +MAn
16Elnoen The QuickLion Warrior516Catch, Block, Dodgen
6Seradr The SharpLineman1919Block, Dodgem, n
5Cilboed The PureLineman68Guardm, n
4Adreus The SmartLineman67+MAd
3Ibrair The JustLineman6376Frenzy, Block, Dodge, Tackle, Side Stepn
2Nahuel The StrongLineman6782Mighty Blow, Block, Kick, Guard, Tackle-av, m, n
1Teriac The TrueLineman2518Block, Guard-ag, m, -ma