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Past Players of Rough Rides
Team Page
6Helen Hoverboard IIPiranha Warrior Catcher817Catch, Dodge, Block, Diving Tackled
6Helen HoverboardPiranha Warrior Catcher10Catch, Dodge-av
8Polly PonyTribal Linewoman50Dodged
5Toni Trolly IIPiranha Warrior Catcher20Catch, Dodged
4Zelda ZorseKoka Kalim Blitzer60Block, Dodgem, d
2Megan Moped Still Wont Go yetKoka Kalim Blitzer82Block, Dodgem, m, d
2Megan Moped Still Wont GoKoka Kalim Blitzer10Block, Dodged
2Megan Moped Wont GoKoka Kalim Blitzer38Block, Dodge, +MA-ma
3Scarlet Scooter IIIKoka Kalim Blitzer2123Block, Dodge, Mighty Blow, Break Tackle-av, m
6Stacy SkateTribal Linewoman110Dodge-av, d
9Toni Trolly IIPiranha Warrior Catcher100Catch, Dodgem, m, m, m, n
2Megan Moped Returns AgainKoka Kalim Blitzer1123Block, Dodge, +AG, Mighty Blowm, d
5Claire CarriagePiranha Warrior Catcher2027Catch, Dodge, Block, Tackled
3Scarlet Scooter IIKoka Kalim Blitzer1115Block, Dodge, Mighty Blowd
15Panic BuyTribal Linewoman2137Dodge, +AG, Block, Tacklem, m, -ma, d
6Lady RiderTribal Linewoman80Dodgem, -st
14Delia DonkeyTribal Linewoman1510Dodge, Blockm, -av
11Toni TrollyTribal Linewoman100Dodgem, -ma
9Carol CharabangTribal Linewoman915Dodge, Tackled
5Scarlet ScooterKoka Kalim Blitzer58Block, Dodge, Mighty Blowm, d
2Megan Moped ReturnsKoka Kalim Blitzer1333Block, Dodge, Tackle, Mighty Blow, Guardm, d
8Trinity TricycleTribal Linewoman2718Dodge, Wrestle, Tacklem, d
3Lilo LilithPiranha Warrior Catcher1210Catch, Dodge, Blockd
3Lilo LilTribal Linewoman30Dodgen
10Veronica Vehicle IITribal Linewoman61Dodge-st
9Petra Pedalo IITribal Linewoman85Dodgem, d
10Petra PedaloTribal Linewoman10Dodge-av
8Veronica Vehicle JrPiranha Warrior Catcher710Catch, Dodge, Blockd
6Drunken High-Roller IIPiranha Warrior Catcher146Catch, Dodge, Blockm, d
5Beverley BikeKoka Kalim Blitzer1112Block, Dodge, Side Stepm, d
2Megan Moped AgainKoka Kalim Blitzer819Block, Dodge, Mighty Blow, Guard-av
8Veronica VehicleKoka Kalim Blitzer316Block, Dodge, Mighty Blow, Side Stepd
3Belinda BikeTribal Linewoman108Dodge, Guardd
2Megan MopedKoka Kalim Blitzer50Block, Dodgem, -av
10Catriana CamelTribal Linewoman71Dodged
9Bella burroTribal Linewoman117Dodge, Blockn
8Mona MulePiranha Warrior Catcher65Catch, Dodgem, d
3Pipa Pedalo Koka Kalim Blitzer59Block, Dodge, Guard-ma
11Tina TrikeTribal Linewoman142Dodged
10Penelope PedaloTribal Linewoman30Dodged
3Angelina AssKoka Kalim Blitzer25Block, Dodged
2Hillary HopperKoka Kalim Blitzer713Block, Dodge, Guardm, d
8Penny Farthing XPiranha Warrior Catcher21Catch, Dodged
2Ethel ElephantKoka Kalim Blitzer20Block, Dodged
16 Grahamet PaletreeTribal Linewoman20Dodged
5 Briany GrottyfistTribal Linewoman1716Dodge, Block, Dauntlessd
10Portia PogoTribal Linewoman60Dodged
9Deliah DonkeyTribal Linewoman2135Dodge, Block, Tackle, Dauntless-ma, d
8Rachel RollerTribal Linewoman120Dodged
7Charlwnw ChickenEagle Warrior Thrower10Dodge, Passd
11Osmondia ColdwingTribal Linewoman108Dodge, Blockm, d
7Deborah DonkeyEagle Warrior Thrower14Dodge, Passd
12Fredricka DarkstoneTribal Linewoman30Dodged
19Kevin ClearrockTribal Linewoman10Dodged
7Freya FrizzleEagle Warrior Thrower713Dodge, Pass, Blockd
14Nichola ClumsylightningTribal Linewoman130Dodgem, n
4Zara ZorseKoka Kalim Blitzer83114Block, Dodge, Guard, Tackle, Mighty Blow, Fend, Juggernautm, m, m, m, d
8Ursula UnicycleTribal Linewoman10Dodge-ag
6Drunken High-RollerPiranha Warrior Catcher4869Catch, Dodge, Block, Guard, Tackle, Mighty Blowm, m, n, n
9Rachel RackingTribal Linewoman62Dodged
4Patricia Palamino IIKoka Kalim Blitzer20Block, Dodgen
8Bernice BusTribal Linewoman50Dodgem, n
6Drunken RollerPiranha Warrior Catcher714Catch, Dodge, +AGd
5Camilla CamelKoka Kalim Blitzer3823Block, Dodge, Mighty Blow, Tacklem, -ma, -ma, d
4Patricia PalaminoKoka Kalim Blitzer95Block, Dodgem
12Ulric GoldorcTribal Linewoman127Dodge, Guardd
16Nichola HotfireTribal Linewoman2518Dodge, Guard, Blockm, -ag, m, d
14Bryony DirtytreeTribal Linewoman60Dodgem, n
17Ian StrongstoneTribal Linewoman10Dodged
18Jack PalespikeTribal Linewoman10Dodged
9Lucy LlamaTribal Linewoman75Dodge-av
6Linda LlamaPiranha Warrior Catcher43Catch, Dodgem, d
4Pat PedaloKoka Kalim Blitzer110Block, Dodgem, m, d
6RewPiranha Warrior Catcher69Catch, Dodge, Blockd
10Cilla ClydesdaleTribal Linewoman1415Dodge, Blockm
9Alison AlpacaTribal Linewoman80Dodge-ma, m
8Linda LlamaTribal Linewoman206Dodge, Tacklem, -ma
2Tracy TrikePiranha Warrior Catcher5730Catch, Dodge, Block, Side Stepm, m, -ma, m, -ag, m, d
9Murial MuleTribal Linewoman10Dodge-ma
17Duane ColdshieldTribal Linewoman10Dodged
8Dottie DonkeyPiranha Warrior Catcher311Catch, Dodge, Side Stepd
8Donna DonkeyPiranha Warrior Catcher10Catch, Dodge-ma
4Petula PedaloKoka Kalim Blitzer90Block, Dodgem, -av
8Penny PogoTribal Linewoman42Dodged
2Delia DonkeyTribal Linewoman96Dodge, Wrestled
14Evander FastboneTribal Linewoman20Dodged
12Roberta HardrockTribal Linewoman2631Dodge, +MA, Dirty Player, Sneaky Gitm, -st, -ma, m, n
14Martina SilentwingTribal Linewoman77Dodged
16Coral ClearlightningTribal Linewoman1832Dodge, +ST, Block, Frenzyd
14Vincent FastliftTribal Linewoman24Dodge-st
1Hilda HefferKoka Kalim Blitzer48104Block, Dodge, +AG, Side Step, +MA, Fend, Tacklem, d
15Ulrica HardspikeTribal Linewoman108163Dodge, Block, Kick, Fend, Tackle, Mighty Blowm, m, m, m, m, d
16Alexis VilebrookTribal Linewoman25Dodged
7Helen HinnyEagle Warrior Thrower5153Dodge, Pass, Block, Accurate, Kick-Off Return, Sure Handsm, m, m, d
5Cindy CowKoka Kalim Blitzer4129Block, Dodge, Guard, Side Stepm, m, m, m, m, d
15Aaron QuickfistTribal Linewoman50Dodge-ma
9Lola LipanzerTribal Linewoman69Dodge, +STd
6Bianca BikePiranha Warrior Catcher3277Catch, Dodge, +MA, Block, Side Step, Fend, Tacklem, d
17Sean TruestreamTribal Linewoman10Dodged
5Carmel CamelKoka Kalim Blitzer50Block, Dodge-av
15Brian PalespikeTribal Linewoman72Dodged
4Annastacia AssKoka Kalim Blitzer2850Block, Dodge, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Fendd
16Sean HideousrockTribal Linewoman1216Dodge, Mighty Blow, Guardd
20Duane QuicksnakeTribal Linewoman10Dodged
3Sheena ShetlandKoka Kalim Blitzer100165Block, Dodge, +ST, Mighty Blow, Side Step, Tackle, Fendm, m, m, m, -av, d
11Betty BullTribal Linewoman136Dodge, Wrestle-ma, m, m, m
10Hannah HobbyTribal Linewoman31Dodged
3Nancy NagKoka Kalim Blitzer35Block, Dodged
10BikeTribal Linewoman45Dodged
4Astrid AssPiranha Warrior Catcher98Catch, Dodge, Blockm, m, d
16Hariot HideoustreeTribal Linewoman711Dodge, Blockm, d
11Hilda HinnyTribal Linewoman10Dodged
10Coral CobbTribal Linewoman20Dodged
5Glenda GotlandKoka Kalim Blitzer143Block, Dodgem, m, m, m, d
3Erica ExmoorKoka Kalim Blitzer1210Block, Dodge, Guardd
5Doris DromedaryTribal Linewoman20Dodgen
8Yvonne YakTribal Linewoman3745Dodge, Tackle, Block, Fend-av, -st, n, -st
12Alison AlpaccaKoka Kalim Blitzer2310Block, Dodge, Mighty Blowm, -ag, -ma, d
10Zoe ZorseKoka Kalim Blitzer95Block, Dodgen
12Karen KulanKoka Kalim Blitzer10Block, Dodge-ma
5Grey MareTribal Linewoman94Dodged
18Brian PalespikeTribal Linewoman10Dodged
11Hand CartTribal Linewoman52Dodged
9Mary MareTribal Linewoman3611Dodge, Mighty Blowd
8Carol CarthorseTribal Linewoman1111Dodge, Mighty Blowd
8Freda FriesianTribal Linewoman25Dodged
7Doris DonkeyEagle Warrior Thrower4474Dodge, Pass, Block, Strong Arm, Accurate, Sure Handsm, m, -av, d
1Holly HorseTribal Linewoman5066Dodge, Block, Frenzy, Dauntless, Fendm, m, -st, m, d
8Doris DonkeyTribal Linewoman50Dodged
8Doris DonkeyTribal Linewoman10Dodged
7Anne AssTribal Linewoman75Dodge-ag
17Tristan GoldfistTribal Linewoman10Dodged
15Sarah ShetlandTribal Linewoman23Dodge 
11Go KartTribal Linewoman40Dodged
8SkateTribal Linewoman60Dodgem
3TrotterKoka Kalim Blitzer3524Block, Dodge, Guard, Mighty Blowm, d
4Penny FarthingPiranha Warrior Catcher41100Catch, Dodge, +AG, +MA, Block, Mighty Blow, Nerves Of Steelm, m, -st, n, m, d
15YakTribal Linewoman118Dodge, Block-ma, -ag
12HobbyEagle Warrior Thrower2835Dodge, Pass, Accurate, Block, Kick-Off Returnd
4TrikePiranha Warrior Catcher918Catch, Dodge, Wrestle, Tackled
2ElephantKoka Kalim Blitzer84202Block, Dodge, +ST, Mighty Blow, Side Step, Tackle, Kick, Frenzym, m, m, d
10Pogo StickKoka Kalim Blitzer4627Block, Dodge, Side Step, Guardm, m, -av
7TrakyaTribal Linewoman2620Dodge, Wrestle, Dauntlessm, -ag, -ag, m
6ChamurthiPiranha Warrior Catcher7072Catch, Dodge, Block, Dirty Player, Side Step, Fendm, -av, m, m, m, n, -ma, -st, m, m, m, -ma, d
3WalkaloosaKoka Kalim Blitzer2511Block, Dodge, Guardm, d
10ZedonkBlitzer117Block, Dodge, Guardm, n, d
14GutsulTribal Linewoman3919Dodge, Frenzy, +AGm, m, n, m, m, m
11QatganiTribal Linewoman3821Dodge, Block, Dauntlessm, m, m, -ag, n
1DromedaryTribal Linewoman5169Dodge, Block, +MA, Kick, Tacklem, -ma, m, m, m
12AdaevLinewoman713Dodge, Blockm, n
10AltwurttembergLinewoman81Dodgem, -ma, m, m
6ElephantLinewoman1419Dodge, Block, Tacklem, -ma, m, -ma
1AltwurttembergBlitzer51Block, Dodgen
5Racking Horse Koka Kalim Blitzer76146Block, Dodge, Dauntless, Guard, Mighty Blow, Strip Ball, Tacklem, n, d
9ZorseTribal Linewoman7268Dodge, Block, Dirty Player, Shadowing, Fendn, d
2KlepperBlitzer3755Block, Dodge, Mighty Blow, Guard, +AGd
1Cuban Criollo Linewoman816Dodge, Block, +MAn, m, n
8XilingolTribal Linewoman5146Dodge, Block, Dauntless, Strip Ballm, -ag, d
4FerghanaLinewoman4251Dodge, Block, Tackle, Shadowing, Guardm, m, d
15SorraiaLinewoman58Dodge, Dirty Player 
13TigerThrower1011Dodge, Pass, Strong Armd
5Alter RealLinewoman96Dodge, Block 
12MaremmanoLinewoman2737Dodge, Frenzy, Side Step, Blockd
8Missouri Fox TrotterCatcher96Catch, Dodge, +ST-av
3KladrubyBlitzer4376Block, Dodge, Guard, Mighty Blow, Frenzy, Tackle, Strip Balln, m, -ma
1BoulonnaisBlitzer1716Block, Dodge, Guardd
10OrlovLinewoman1510Dodge, +AGm, n
8HorseLinewoman61Dodgem, n
14ShireLinewoman2621Dodge, Tackle, Dauntlessd
13CriolloCatcher1328Catch, Dodge, Block, Dauntlessd
11BarbLinewoman3422Dodge, Block, Dirty Playern, m, n
4Paso FinoLinewoman2512Dodge, Tacklen
4MorganLinewoman20Dodgem, n
9AppaloosaLinewoman2649Dodge, +AG, Block, +AGn
6IomudBlitzer4253Block, Dodge, Mighty Blow, Guard, Strip Ball, Tacklen, m, n
15WalerLinewoman83Dodgem, n
11HaflingerThrower415Dodge, Pass, Accuratem, n
9ClydesdaleLinewoman65Dodge-ma, m, n
15AndalusianThrower311Dodge, Pass, +AGd
14AssCatcher1527Catch, Dodge, Block, +AG-av, d
6TarpanLinewoman911Dodge, Kickd
8DonkeyLinewoman1817Dodge, +AG, Strip Balln
13New ForestBlitzer112Block, Dodgen
12GalicenoLinewoman3123Dodge, Block, Kickn
11Welsh CobLinewoman1010Dodge, +STd
10DartmoorLinewoman1423Dodge, +MA, Strip Balld
9ExmoorLinewoman81Dodge-ma, m, n
7GotlandLinewoman7784Dodge, Block, Tackle, Kick, Dirty Player, Strip Balln, m
5CaspianThrower3737Dodge, Pass, Block, Sure Hands, +AGd
4PeneiaCatcher1932Catch, Dodge, Tackle, Block, Strip Balln, m, n
3SkyrosBlitzer3332Block, Dodge, +MA, Guard, Mighty Blown
2ShetlandBlitzer4884Block, Dodge, +ST, +ST, Guard, Mighty Blow, Tacklen, n, d
1FalabellaBlitzer3325Block, Dodge, Mighty Blow, Guard-av, -st