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Past Players of Exorcists
Team Page
16Stick DumperCatcher823Catch, Block, Dodged
1Planetary SlothBlitzer518Block, Dodge, Dauntlessd
16Deep JeepLineman61 
1Time EaterBlitzer514Block, Mighty Blow-ag
10Itchy TechnologyLineman198Blockm, -ma
16It TallCatcher518Catch, Block, Dodgem, d
11Walk in SkyLineman67Guardd
16Place FootCatcher20Catch-av
2Eleven ElephantsBlitzer26Blockd
15Chocolate CloudCatcher69Catch, Wrestlen
11Wind WuffLineman116Dirty Playerd
1Ice TrainBlitzer3685Block, Mighty Blow, Dodge, Dauntless, Side Step, Tackle-ma, m, d
12See Through BossLineman2917Block, Side Stepm, d
12Skipped WavesLineman36Guardd
3Long MissThrower5893Pass, Safe Throw, Accurate, Block, Dodge, Strong Arm, Side Stepd
13Scowl PaperCatcher4793Catch, Block, Dodge, Side Step, +MA, Shadowingm, m, d
15Officer BumblebeeCatcher2848Catch, Wrestle, Guard, Dodgem, m, m, -ma
10Dan the Ideal ManLineman5031Block, Guard, Side Stepm, m, m, -st
1Enough LinesBlitzer1739Block, Dodge, Dauntless, Side Stepm, -ma
14Magnet ParkCatcher4580Catch, Block, Dodge, Side Step, Shadowing, Pass Blockm, m, m, d
4Spinning MidnightThrower1628Pass, Safe Throw, Accurate, Blockn
1Four Legged GoldBlitzer810Block, Dodged
14Sweating AddersCatcher1419Catch, Block, Dodgem, -ag
3OK BooThrower2433Pass, Safe Throw, Guard, Block, Side Stepd
13Drunk on PearsCatcher2431Catch, Wrestle, Dodge, Side Stepm, d
8Fishing LureLineman6553Block, Guard, Side Step, Dodgem, m, d
8Heart TargetLineman20-ag
9Wiggled HourLineman810Blockd
12Apple BlissLineman4039Block, Side Step, Dodgem, m, m, m, n
16Dream ChillyCatcher68179Catch, +MA, Block, Dodge, Side Step, Shadowing, Pass Blockm, m, m, m, d
4Fey ShineThrower2755Pass, Safe Throw, Block, Strong Arm, Accurate, Dodged
14Homemade BleedingCatcher2055Catch, Wrestle, Dodge, Side Step, Shadowing-ma
9Glitzy TickLineman916Block, Side Stepm, d
12Whino LinoLineman126Dirty Playern
16End of ChaseCatcher1213Catch, Blockm, m, -ag
12Red IceLineman40n
8Mustard RuntLineman1418Block, Side Stepm, m, -st
13Firm FireCatcher2568Catch, Guard, Block, Dodge, Side Step-av
3Chilled MarcasThrower2343Pass, Safe Throw, Accurate, Block, Side Stepm, -ma, m
10Clear AminesLineman4630Block, Side Stepm, m, m, n
6Sweltering CaseLineman2113Guard-ma, -ma
14Ting TongCatcher1239Catch, Wrestle, Dodge, Side Stepd
11Channel OneLineman8033Guard, Block, Side Step-ag, m, m, m, m, -st
13Perfect PressureCatcher26Catch, Blockn
9Teasing TeethLineman157Guardm, -av
15Speckle LipCatcher5888Catch, Block, Dodge, Guard, Side Step, Shadowingm, m, d
12Meatball HatLineman313Guardd
3Miss LateThrower138Pass, Safe Throw, Blockd
2Chess RiderBlitzer95196Block, Dodge, Mighty Blow, Dauntless, Side Step, Guard, Diving Tackle-ma, m, m, m, m, m, -av
6Direct Broken MaryLineman147Dirty Playerd
3Vortex ChantThrower21Pass, Safe Throw-st
10Six Sided CylinderLineman1518Guard, Blockm, -av
13Closed SausageCatcher1019Catch, Block, Dodgem, m, -st
5Rolling MomentsLineman10437Dirty Player, Sneaky Git, Wrestlem, m, m, m, m, -ma
4Jumping SheetsLineman2118Guard, Blockd
12Slimey BooksLineman147Dirty Playerd
14Bleeding StarCatcher2241Catch, Wrestle, Dodge, Guardd
17Tristan WeakstreamLineman10d
9Three SavingsLineman1722Block, Side Stepm, m, d
2Sun BlindBlitzer1524Block, Mighty Blow, Dauntlessd
15Security VictoryCatcher2231Catch, Block, Guard, Dodgem, d
2What?Blitzer314Block, Dauntlessd
1Prime BalanceBlitzer73146Block, Mighty Blow, Dodge, Dauntless, Side Step, Shadowingm, m, m, -ma
18Martin DirtystreamLineman10d
16Monkey MondayCatcher3788Catch, Block, Dodge, Side Step, Shadowing, +MAm, m, m, n
12Sweet CalculatorLineman511Blockd
7Squid ClockLineman8385Block, Side Step, Dodge, Shadowing, Guardm, m, m, m, d
1Maximum SteelBlitzer824Block, Dodge, Mighty Blowm, -ag
6G GoatLineman2824Dirty Player, Guardm, -ma, -st, d
16Fairy NutCatcher815Catch, Blockd
10One Hundred and Fifty Four BearsLineman3231Block, Guard, Dodgem, m, m, d
8Gin FrownThrower57143Pass, Safe Throw, Sure Hands, Block, Accurate, Dodge, Side Stepd
2Eye of the InquisitorBlitzer2343Block, Dodge, Side Step, Dauntless-ag
6Blade WindLineman81-av
15Coughing BalloonsCatcher2159Catch, Block, Dodge, Side Step, Shadowingm, -ma
4Mama StickLineman2111Dirty Playerm, m, d
16Drunken DrumCatcher1325Catch, Block, Mighty Blowm, d
1Dragon SpikeBlitzer2347Block, Dodge, Tackle, Side Stepm, d
5Not FeelingLineman2238Block, Guard, Dodge-av, n
9Bacon WhiteLineman3121Block, Side Stepm, -av
13Butter GlassCatcher3366Catch, Block, Guard, Dodge, Side Stepm, m, m, d
7Greedy BoxLineman2616Blockm, m, m, d
4Crystal ScreamCatcher916Catch, Guard, Blockm, d
14Rock DiceLineman3744Block, Dodge, Dauntlessm, -ag
11Delayed PlatiniumLineman6878Block, Dodge, Side Step, Shadowing, Fendm, m, m, m, -ma
18Leroy HardhammerLineman15d
3Star BallistaThrower3875Pass, Safe Throw, Sure Hands, Block, Accurate, Dodgem, m, n, n
21Tristan TruefieldLineman12d
1Donkey FoulBlitzer1227Block, Dodge, Guard-av, d
17Robert HottreeLineman10d
19Yorick PalelightningLineman10d
10Poison ShowerLineman1526Block, Dodged
2Wailer of SpeechesBlitzer2753Block, Dodge, Dauntless, Side Step, Tackled
11Ogre SmileLineman69Guardm, -st, -av
15Fifth NothingCatcher2486Catch, Block, Dodge, Fend, Shadowing, Pass Blockm, d
15No Buy MiceLion Warrior15Catchm, n
12Sparkling HatredCatcher4894Catch, Block, Dodge, Tackle, Shadowing, Fendm, m, m, m, -ag, d
14Sunday ProgressLion Warrior516Catch, Blockm, n, d
9Fire ArtistLineman1421+MA, Blockd
7Completely SevenLineman91m, m, d
5Splash of TongueCatcher1136Catch, Block, Dodge, Tacklem, n, m, m
3Dice EaterPhoenix Warrior121Passm, -ag, d
5Barbie dot comLion Warrior23Catchd
14Jester LeapLion Warrior717Catch, +ST, Blockm, -ma, n
13Lyosome MilkshakeLineman1616Block, Side Stepd
6Surplus FearLineman1916Block, Side Stepm, m, n, m
6Silver CourageLineman10d
4Eagle WishThrower2846Pass, Safe Throw, Sure Hands, Block, Accurated
11Lucky Honey DropLineman2221Block, Guardm, d
7Close to YellowLineman109+AGm, m, d
1Easter ZBlitzer2553Block, +ST, Mighty Blow, Dodge, Guard-av, m, m, m
14Screaming MonkeyLion Warrior917Catch, Block, Mighty Blowm, n, m, -av
6Brave BeetleLineman66Blockm, n, d
15Inch CatLion Warrior2777Catch, Block, Dodge, Side Step, Strip Ball, Tacklem, n, m, n
9Simple SparkLineman221m, m, -st
9Tea KillerLineman10m, n
11Chain SmilerLineman511Blockd
3Bouncing Fish WatcherPhoenix Warrior1629Pass, +MA, +MAm, d
10Pure ZeroLineman3231Dirty Player, Block, Dauntlessm, n, d
2Prince of NothingDragon Warrior3858Block, Guard, +ST, Mighty Blow, +MAm, m, n, d
4Mushroom DiplomacyPhoenix Warrior1613Pass, Blockn, m, d
3Lazy MagnetLion Warrior611Catch, Blockd
12Golden BreezeLion Warrior34100Catch, Block, Dodge, Tackle, Side Step, +MAm, m, n, m, n
11Time SurferLineman128Blockn, m, -ma
7Alphabet WarriorLineman817Block, Side Step-av, d
9Cranky BeeLineman1426Block, Side Stepn, m, -av
8Lawyer in the GardenLineman3917Guard, Jump Upm, n, m, m, d
5Sweet LightningLion Warrior3276Catch, Block, Dodge, Dauntless, Mighty Blow, Side Stepn, n
12Jerry SnakesLineman56Guardd
1Sad Little GirlDragon Warrior2767Block, Dauntless, Dodge, Mighty Blow, Side Step-ma, d
16Lone TreeLineman7887Dirty Player, +AG, Block, Side Step, Dodgem, d
15Desperate OptimusLineman2452Block, Side Step, Dodge, Catchn, n
2Lady of FlameDragon Warrior1731Block, Strip Ball, Dauntless, Side Stepn, d
8Sand WeaverLineman13d
11Scum of FoulLineman1822Guard, Blockd
6Painter of SilenceLineman3148Block, Side Step, Tacklen, d
1Dragon TearsDragon Warrior78Block, Tacklen, m, -av
5Necro TechLineman1110Blockd
4Water PoemPhoenix Warrior1611Pass, Block-av, d
16Lightray OrbgazeLion Warrior1747Catch, Nerves Of Steel, Block, Dodgen, d
4Fire ChildLion Warrior411Catch, Blockn, m, n
2SloDragon Warrior2011Block, Strip Balld
1ArkDragon Warrior1018Block, +AG, +AGd
4MeallenvarLion Warrior34Catchd
3Comet HuggerPhoenix Warrior41107Pass, Sure Hands, Accurate, Safe Throw, Block, Sure Feetn, d
2Rainbow AlphaDragon Warrior1126Block, +ST, Tackled
5SurplexLineman2321Dauntless, Block-ag, m, -av
1MegaDragon Warrior815Block, Tackled
16Omega DareLineman1229Block, Side Stepn, d
15ProphetLineman2840Block, Side Step, Dodged
14Dawn SingerLineman4951Block, Dauntless, Guard, Side Stepn, m, -st
13Master of ButterfliesLineman5142Tackle, Block, Side Stepn, d
12Seer KraithLineman4232Dirty Player, Blockd
11Eleven EyeLineman266Guard-ma, n, m
10SolLineman5567Guard, Block, Side Step, Dodge-ma, m, n
9Moon WarperLineman5481+MA, Guard, Block, Side Step, +MA-ma, d
8Te' KellaronLineman2925Block, Side Stepn, m, n
7ArmistLineman5553Block, Side Step, Dodge, Catchn, n
6GellarLineman3336Block, Side Step, Guardd