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Past Players of Luxor Tyrants
Team Page
6VI.SetutSkeleton Lineman10Thick Skull, Regenerationn
13V.SetutSkeleton Lineman10Thick Skull, Regeneration-av
13IV.SetutSkeleton Lineman35Thick Skull, Regenerationd
9VI.NeferkaraSkeleton Lineman25Thick Skull, Regeneration-ma
11II.Djedkare IsesiSkeleton Lineman10Thick Skull, Regenerationd
6III.AkhAnointed Thrower1725Sure Hands, Pass, Regeneration, Block, Tacklem, n
1IV.Iry-HorTomb Guardian1522Decay, Regeneration, Block, Mighty Blowd
2III.NarmerTomb Guardian1117Decay, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, Guardd
8IV.SesonkAnointed Blitzer1827Block, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, Tackle-ag
10V.SethSkeleton Lineman89Thick Skull, Regeneration, Wrestlem, -st
10IV.SethSkeleton Lineman30Thick Skull, Regenerationn
9V.Neferkara Skeleton Lineman1516Thick Skull, Regeneration, Wrestle, Guardm, d
1III.Iry-HorTomb Guardian87Decay, Regenerationd
14IV.NeferkaraSkeleton Lineman40Thick Skull, Regenerationd
5IV.SanakhteAnointed Thrower919Sure Hands, Pass, Regeneration, Block, +MAd
6II.AkhAnointed Thrower1534Sure Hands, Pass, Regeneration, Block, Tackle, Accurate 
15III.SetutSkeleton Lineman3329Thick Skull, Regeneration, Kick, Wrestlem
3II.Hor-AhaTomb Guardian2840Decay, Regeneration, Block, Mighty Blow, Guardm, m, n
8III. SesonkAnointed Blitzer2440Block, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Juggernautd
14Skeleton XFL VSkeleton Lineman610Thick Skull, Regeneration, Blockd
6AkhAnointed Thrower133Sure Hands, Pass, Regeneration-ma
7III. SahureAnointed Blitzer4590Block, Regeneration, Tackle, Mighty Blow, Juggernaut, Guard, Dodgem, d
16III. SethSkeleton Lineman2910Thick Skull, Regeneration, Dirty Playerm, d
5III. SanakhteAnointed Thrower2362Sure Hands, Pass, Regeneration, Dodge, Block, Side Step, Tackle-ma
14III. NeferkaraSkeleton116Regenerate, Blockd
8II. SesonkAnointed Blitzer1433Block, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, +MA, Guardm, -av
1II. Iry-HorTomb Guardian3353Decay, Regeneration, Block, Guard, Mighty Blow, Break Tackled
2II. NarmerTomb Guardian4122Decay, Regeneration, Block, Mighty Blowm, m, n, m
9Hut-Ka-PtahSkeleton Lineman186Thick Skull, Regeneration, Diving Tackled
5II. SanakhteThro-Ra96Pass, Sure Hands, Regenerate, +MAn
7II. SahureBlitz-Ra118Block, Regenerate, Mighty Blowm, -av
6II. NeferkaraSkeleton122Regenerated
10II. SetutSkeleton Lineman3625Thick Skull, Regeneration, Block, Guardm, m, -av
15II. Shepseskare IsiSkeleton Lineman3323Thick Skull, Regeneration, Dirty Player, +STm
14II. SethSkeleton30Regenerate-ma
14SeikimaSkeleton10Regeneratem, n
9Amasis Skeleton115Regenerated
8I. SesonkBlitz-Ra2324Block, Regenerate, Tackle, Stand Firmd
16TauszertSkeleton286Regenerate, Dirty Playern
16HapeSkeleton10Regeneratem, n
15SethSkeleton133Regeneratem, -ag
14UserkafSkeleton132Regeneratem, n
13Djedkare IsesiSkeleton Lineman4332Thick Skull, Regeneration, Block, Dirty Player, Tacklen, d
11Nyuserre IniSkeleton Lineman4620Thick Skull, Regeneration, Kick, Block-ma, d
10Shepseskare IsiSkeleton911Regenerate, Dirty Playerd
9Neferirkare KakaiSkeleton10Regeneratem, n
7SahureBlitz-Ra208Block, Regenerate, Guardn
5SanakhteThro-Ra2352Pass, Sure Hands, Regenerate, Block, Hail Mary Pass, Accurate, Tackled
4DenTomb Guardian6677Decay, Regeneration, Block, Guard, Break Tackle, Tackle, Mighty Blowm, -ag, -av, -ma
3Hor-AhaTomb Guardian4688Decay, Regeneration, Block, Guard, Tackle, Multiple Block, Dodge 
2NarmerMummy2438Mighty Blow, Regenerate, Block, Guard, Break Tacklem, n
1Iry-HorMummy2537Mighty Blow, Regenerate, Block, Guard, Tackled