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Past Players of Sleeper in Metropolis
Team Page
15Bubba Bo BobZombie10Regeneration 
16Larson SonofawitchZombie10Regeneration 
15Lars FredericksenZombie70Regeneration 
6A little hike for BidefordZombie20Regeneration 
15Harold HothawkZombie10Regeneration 
12yolo the 4thZombie10Regeneration 
12Boris BlackteefZombie40Regeneration 
6Rage GroupieZombie140Regenerationm, d
16Deflated BallzZombie90Regeneration 
15Soufle IIZombie40Regeneration-av
6GlendronachZombie106Regeneration, Wrestled
1Norbert FlinkfussZombie116Regeneration, Wrestled
16Sylvester ClumsyeagleZombie80Regeneration 
12Dead Dirty LarryZombie182Regenerationd
3Frigid StarrWight Blitzer2051Block, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, Guard, Juggernaut, Tackled
10ErykkZombie1816Regeneration, Wrestle, Fendn
2Bearded MinMaxWight Blitzer10Block, Regeneration-ma
11Sahti-Waari IIZombie6551Regeneration, Wrestle, Fend, Tackle, Dauntlessm, d
2Merci HertzWight Blitzer68Block, Regeneration, Mighty Blow-av
4Jaded FoolWerewolf98Frenzy, Claw, Regeneration, Blockd
16SpookZombie2119Regeneration, +AG, Sure Handsn
12Canis MajorZombie145Regeneration-ag
8Apocalypse RectumWight Blitzer3379Block, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, Juggernaut, Guard, Tackle, Dauntlessm, -st
15HotZombie4517Regeneration, Dirty Player, +AG-ma
4Greenskin SkalperWerewolf1117Frenzy, Claw, Regeneration, Block, Dodgem, -av
11Ms. Marvel IIIZombie200Regeneration 
7Goldead FleshunFlesh Golem2631Stand Firm, Thick Skull, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, Block, Guard-ma
8David IIZombie65Regenerationd
14Freppa AnkeborgFlesh Golem71146Stand Firm, Thick Skull, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, Block, Guard, Tackle, Juggernaut-ma, n
13"Billy the Kid" McCartyZombie169Regeneration, Wrestled
1SchmitzZombie5654Regeneration, +AG, Sure Hands, Block, Kickd
6RakerhtraZombie5543Regeneration, Wrestle, Fend, Tacklem, m, -st
7Ace TumblerFlesh Golem132Stand Firm, Thick Skull, Regenerationn
3WilliamZombie520Regenerationm, m, d
6Levi VeRageZombie40Regeneration-ma
5Lingo the DingoWerewolf1016Frenzy, Claw, Regeneration, Block, Dodged
3Petha RabbittFlesh Golem46Stand Firm, Thick Skull, Regeneration, Dodged
5Angry GhoulcasterGhoul Runner31Dodge-st
14ApocryghoulGhoul Runner1214Dodge, Blockn
11Cause of DeathZombie2312Regeneration, Wrestled
8Founding FatherZombie217Regeneration, Wrestled
3Ura ToolZombie80Regenerationm, d
5GhouliaGhoul Runner63Dodgen
3Balloon PopZombie40Regeneration-ma
2Bordeaux SplashWight Blitzer4464Block, Regeneration, +AG, Sure Hands, Guard, +AGm, -av, m, n
12Vamp DicerWight Blitzer3990Block, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, Juggernaut, Jump Up, Guard, Dodged
16Urist McScotchZombie2111Regeneration, Wrestle-av
8LunizzGhoul Runner101Dodgen
6Bone DoktorWerewolf1843Frenzy, Claw, Regeneration, Block, Dodge, Tacklem, d
14Shutter Island IIZombie135Regenerationd
13A 'the Force' PetersonZombie2413Regeneration, Wrestlem, d
11Party 1999Ghoul Runner1515Dodge, Block-av
5GorrnizzZombie2118Regeneration, Wrestle, Tacklem, m, d
12Olympix PounderWight Blitzer1731Block, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, Juggernautm, d
7Circus AtariFlesh Golem3671Stand Firm, Thick Skull, Regeneration, Dodge, Block, Mighty Blow, Guard-ag, m, -st
16To Temper the HeartZombie210Regeneration-ma
15Elladan NarmolanyaZombie6236Regeneration, Dirty Player, Kick, Sneaky Gitd
14Slaanesh Al GhoulGhoul Runner99Dodge, Sure Handsm, -av
12Silver SerpentWight Blitzer79Block, Regeneration, Mighty Blow-ma
9Saezarus the MercilessZombie3421Regeneration, +AG, Dodged
11Varlin SinnerZombie188Regeneration, Guardd
10Billy SilenthawkZombie8964Regeneration, Dirty Player, +AG, Sure Hands, Blockm
10Ugly DodgerGhoul Runner11Dodge-ma
8Beef HeartWerewolf3088Frenzy, Claw, Regeneration, Block, Mighty Blow, Dodge, Tackle, Side Stepd
6George DirtysnakeZombie3018Regeneration, Wrestle, Guardd
4Dread KillerWerewolf70100Frenzy, Claw, Regeneration, Block, Dodge, Tackle, Side Step, Diving Tacklem, d
5DresdoZombie1914Regeneration, Wrestlem, n
3Hellbound PounderWight Blitzer42105Block, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, Juggernaut, Tackle, Guard, Jump Upd
4Zachary ClumsyfireZombie46Regeneration, Wrestle 
2Fire FighterZombie4432Regeneration, Wrestle, Fend, Tacklem, d
1Dark ScrimmageFlesh Golem67104Stand Firm, Thick Skull, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, Block, Guard, Tackle, Dodge-ag, -ma
1Stony ManbushFlesh Golem10Stand Firm, Thick Skull, Regeneration-av
1Los FodderZombie20Regeneration 
15Stinky ClogsWerewolf1739Frenzy, Claw, Regeneration, Block, Dodge, Tackled
16NymphZombie246Regeneration, Wrestlem
15Zapadores AnimalWerewolf929Frenzy, Claw, Regeneration, +ST, Blockd
6Korgar IIZombie266Regeneration, Wrestlem, m
13Cabrit VZombie5435Regeneration, Dirty Player, Kick, Blockm, -av
5Virus GhoulGhoul Runner189Dodge, Block-st
5Gritter TieZombie30Regenerationd
3Horny SwogglerZombie2711Regeneration, Wrestled
10Lil StabberzWerewolf38108Frenzy, Claw, Regeneration, Block, Mighty Blow, Dodge, Tackle, +AGn
12Purple WightWight Blitzer45115Block, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, Juggernaut, Jump Up, Tackle, Dodgem, m, d
14Cory DirtyrockZombie3818Regeneration, Sneaky Git, Dirty Playern
8KK LegendGhoul Runner2729Dodge, Block, Tackle-st
11Greenskin SacrificeZombie388Regeneration, Wrestlem, d
2Dwarf DicingWight Blitzer3161Block, Regeneration, +AG, +AG, Sure Hands, Guardm, -ma, m, d
12Bone CrusherWight Blitzer1123Block, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, Juggernautn
14IronfistZombie86Regeneration, +AV-ag
10LegionaireWerewolf1759Frenzy, Claw, Regeneration, Block, Mighty Blow, Dodge, +STd
3SektorZombie247Regeneration, Wrestlem, n
3Chaos Dwarf JokeZombie42Regenerationd
13Hellbound DicerGhoul Runner3236Dodge, Mighty Blow, Block, Juggernautm, -ma, d
11Peck, Dread Scott AvatarZombie196Regeneration, Dirty Playerd
6Synn is DogWerewolf3657Frenzy, Claw, Regeneration, Block, Dodge, +AV, Mighty Blow-ma, m, d
3Toomb SpeedGhoul Runner67Dodge, Blockd
11Full PowerWerewolf30Frenzy, Claw, Regenerationd
10Socio WolfWerewolf1548Frenzy, Claw, Regeneration, Block, Dodge, Side Stepn
7Bear FistFlesh Golem83134Stand Firm, Thick Skull, Regeneration, Dodge, Block, Mighty Blow, Guard, Tacklem, m, n
9AllesandraZombie8142Regeneration, +AV, +AV, +STm, -ma
8MesquiteZombie3315Regeneration, Dirty Playerd
6Graham PaleorcZombie1114Regeneration, Block-ag
3Yorick VilelightningZombie1320Regeneration, Blockd
2Goblin MayhemWight Blitzer3666Block, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, Juggernaut, Guard, Tackled
5GoldieZombie4726Regeneration, Guard, Blockm, m, m, d
6Silver BulletWerewolf25Frenzy, Claw, Regenerationn
7Albert WhitestreamZombie1611Regeneration, Blockd
6Repto SkinnerWerewolf47Frenzy, Claw, Regeneration, Blockd
4PyretZombie8460Regeneration, Dirty Player, Kick, Sneaky Git, +STm
13Fidel CastroZombie80Regenerationd
12New HatredWight Blitzer48121Block, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, Juggernaut, Tackle, Guard, Jump Upd
10SkeltoZombie1716Regeneration, Dirty Player, Wrestle 
8Nicholas StrongfireZombie142Regeneration-ma
11OrgrimmarZombie3624Regeneration, +AV, Blockd
11Smelly SuckerGhoul Runner21Dodged
8Broken ClawWight Blitzer921Block, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, Tackled
2RohadaerbohZombie258Regeneration, Dirty Playerm, m, m, m, d
15Malta ManglerWight Blitzer3058Block, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, Juggernaut, +AG, Tacklem, -ma, m, n
9San GwannZombie3418Regeneration, Dirty Player, +AV 
2Richie RichWight Blitzer46Block, Regeneration, +AGn
13Pfc. Michael ZimmermanZombie75Regenerationd
15Zarg Boar-ChokerZombie60Regeneration 
9Bad FingerWight Blitzer1618Block, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, Juggernautd
7HellZombie3926Regeneration, Block, Tackle-ma, d
6HelloweenGhoul Runner4385Dodge, +ST, +AV, +ST, Block, Tackled
9Spell CastorWight Blitzer51Block, Regeneration-st
11Howard HardtreeZombie296Regeneration, +AVm, d
5Barbas LocoWerewolf56134Frenzy, Claw, Regeneration, Block, +AG, +ST, Dodge, +AGd
7 Hervé VillechaizeZombie54Regenerationd
5Synn GoatfunWight Blitzer20Block, Regenerationn
12White Belly WolfWerewolf4483Frenzy, Claw, Regeneration, Block, Dodge, Side Step, Mighty Blow, Tackle-ag, m, d
9Rampant HoundWerewolf47Frenzy, Claw, Regeneration, +AGm, n
10Ulric WhiteshieldZombie4416Regeneration, Dirty Player, Wrestlem, d
2Hammer DiceWight Blitzer3258Block, Regeneration, Jump Up, Mighty Blow, Juggernaut, Tacklem, d
1Kliff KlavisFlesh Golem133193Stand Firm, Thick Skull, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, +ST, Dodge, Block, Guard, Break Tacklem, -ma, d
10Astronaut RickZombie30Regeneration-ag
7Wulf ZoneWerewolf610Frenzy, Claw, Regeneration, Block-av
8Robert ClumsyhammerZombie4148Regeneration, +AG, Sure Hands, Blockd
4Crip WDZombie5923Regeneration, +AV, +AGm, -av
1Mourning WoodFlesh Golem41Stand Firm, Thick Skull, Regeneration-st
3Big Al YankovicFlesh Golem74107Stand Firm, Thick Skull, Regeneration, +ST, Mighty Blow, Block, Guard, Juggernaut-av, m, -ma
1Boney KillazWerewolf20Frenzy, Claw, Regenerationd
5Green MonsterWight Blitzer2026Block, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, +AGd
1Katt BreakerFlesh Golem910Stand Firm, Thick Skull, Regeneration, Mighty Blowd
14Hong KongZombie117Regeneration, Wrestled
2Brother DarknessWight Blitzer2440Block, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, Jump Up, Dodged
11Logan's RunZombie3514Regeneration, Wrestlem, m, d
11Kalhuax KloxZombie20Regenerationd
13Sooper TrooperGhoul Runner76Dodge, Blockd
12El LupeWerewolf1940Frenzy, Claw, Regeneration, Block, Dodge, Side Stepm, n
11Psycho PediaWight Blitzer411Block, Regeneration, Mighty Blowd
7Ian DeepsnakeZombie2715Regeneration, Blockm, -av
4Underworld StranglerWerewolf2249Frenzy, Claw, Regeneration, Block, Dodge, Side Step-st
11KarnageWight Blitzer15Block, Regeneration-ag
9KebabZombie3441Regeneration, Block, Tackle, Fend-ma
5Silk the ShockerWight Blitzer2542Block, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, Juggernaut, Tacklem, -av
7Bigg BaddWerewolf514Frenzy, Claw, Regeneration, Blockd
2Chairman Zombie1712Regeneration, Blockm, m, d
2RobozoWight Blitzer27Block, Regeneration, Mighty Blow-ag
16Donnie the BearZombie139174Regeneration, Block, Wrestle, Mighty Blow, Juggernaut, Dauntlessm, m, m, m, m, -av, d
15Moonlight ClubberGhoul Runner1422Dodge, Guard, Block-st
15Kromy BallsGhoul Runner61Dodged
14FidodoWerewolf1237Frenzy, Claw, Regeneration, Block, Dodge, Tacklen
13Furybrood The BladeZombie186Regeneration, Blockd
7Warm BloodedZombie123Regenerationm, d
3ReptosmashFlesh Golem5067Stand Firm, Thick Skull, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, Block, Jump Up, Juggernautd
12Billy ClumsyfireZombie2732Regeneration, Block, Dirty Player, Tackled
12Hella LuckyGhoul Runner21Dodge-ma
10Graham QuickfieldZombie5629Regeneration, Dirty Player, Blockm, m, n
4Lizard BreathWerewolf3075Frenzy, Claw, Regeneration, Block, Mighty Blow, Dodge, Tackle-av, -st
6JugglesGhoul Runner81115Dodge, Block, Sure Hands, Side Step, Diving Tackle, Tacklem, m, -av
5SaxobeatWight Blitzer3158Block, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, Juggernaut, Guard, Tackled
18Sean PalestoneZombie10Regenerationd
8Line ChangeZombie6111Regeneration, +AGm, m, d
1French ToastFlesh Golem53108Stand Firm, Thick Skull, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, Block, Guard, Juggernaut, Tacklem, -st
10ReallyGhoul Runner64Dodge-ag
12Sux TobemeZombie20Regenerationn
2Another DicingWight Blitzer3584Block, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, Juggernaut, Guard, Tackle, Fendm, d
9Con SeedZombie4428Regeneration, Block, Dirty Playerd
3Chop and ChangeFlesh Golem2118Stand Firm, Thick Skull, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, Blockm, -ma
1The MoanFlesh Golem92Stand Firm, Thick Skull, Regenerationn
5Jock McGhoulieGhoul Runner1421Dodge, Block, Sure Hands-ma
7Nicklas FangstromWerewolf2554Frenzy, Claw, Regeneration, Block, Dodge, Tackle, Dauntlessm, m, -st
11Synn PuddingZombie156Regeneration, Dirty Player 
5Draft DodgerGhoul95Dodged
6Nnahgem Werewolf2240Frenzy, Claw, Regeneration, Block, Dodge, Tacklem, n
11Pain BalboaGhoul20Dodged
7Shrimp CocktailWerewolf1118Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodgem, -ma, m, n
2San Diego DicerWight1916Block, Regenerate, +MA, Tacklem, d
2Reavon DemonWight21Block, Regenerated
6Pumping BloodWerewolf1012Catch, Frenzy, Claw, +STd
7Dutch InfernoWerewolf922Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, +MAm, n
13TeamZombie3514Regeneration, Blockm, d
11ZamboZombie116Regenerate, Blockm, -av
9Sinister MinisterGhoul2434Dodge, Block, Sure Hands, Guardm, -ma, d
6Enfer LesautresWerewolf56Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Blockm, n
2Hedge TrimmerWight818Block, Regenerate, Tackle, Guardm, n
9Cashin InnGhoul40Dodge 
4Rivkah IIZombie5429Regeneration, +AG, Sure Handsm, d
12Bench WarmerGhoul2616Dodge, Block, Side Stepm, m, n
16Bring Tha PainZombie4416Regenerate, Dirty Player, Blockm, n
8Kung Fu DutchmanWight Blitzer5750Block, Regeneration, Guard, Tackle, Kickm, -ag, n
7Flying DutchmanWerewolf2661Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, +AG, +MA, Dodge-av, d
11Sly HowlieZombie240Regeneratem
2Wes SchneiderWerewolf2324Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodgem, m, m, m, n
1Hup Holland Flesh Golem5244Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Block, Guardd
10DanaZombie5949Regeneration, Dirty Player, +ST, +AGn, m, m, d
8Spoony PickerWight72Block, Regeneratem, -ma
7Downen OughtWerewolf69Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Blockm, n
11GringaletZombie1215Regenerate, +AGd
9Epic FaelGhoul3134Dodge, Block, Guard, Side Stepm, m, n, d
6Rata NegroWight3652Block, Regenerate, Dodge, +AG, Sure Hands, Tacklen
12MindaugasZombie2328Regenerate, Block, Guardd
12Gernot Rohr 6Zombie20Regeneratem, n
3Clint LiquorFlesh Golem6580Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Block, Guard, +MA, Tacklem, d
16Tank Johnson IIZombie2111Regenerate, Dirty Playerm, n
10Hott BronxWight1316Block, Regenerate, Sure Hands, Guardm, d
15Times SquareZombie9349Regeneration, Dirty Player, +ST, Blockm, m, d
8Funny PiggyZombie1616Regenerate, Dirty Player, Blockn
4Dead Pig 69Zombie356Regenerate, Blockm, n
1Earth QuakerFlesh Golem2225Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Dodgem, d
7MeghannWerewolf1953Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodge, Tackle, Side Stepd
5Beach PubZombie6634Regenerate, Dirty Player, Blockm, m, d
4The SicknessWight46Block, Regenerate, Sure Handsd
5MorphineZombie20Regeneratem, -st
12SublimeWerewolf31Catch, Frenzy, Clawm, m, m, n
13ShadowZombie5818Regenerate, Block, +STm, -ag, m, d
14Count von DrakenborgZombie8527Regenerate, Guard, Blockm, d
3Hellfish DestroyerFlesh Golem2028Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Blockd
4BudweiserWight1025Block, Regenerate, Sure Hands, Tackled
16LalaZombie1711Regenerate, Dirty Playerm, m, -ma
12TeemuWerewolf813Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Blockd
13BaseballZombie10Regeneratem, -ag
11BledsoeWight2936Block, Regenerate, Sure Hands, Tackle, Pass Blockd
4Sleeping AvengerWight40Block, Regeneratem, -ma
7AndartaZombie1417Regenerate, Dirty Playerd
2Death WolfWerewolf40117Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Mighty Blow, Block, Dodge, Tackle, Side Stepm, m, m, d
7RattenzenWight10Block, Regenerated
11BilleeyZombie50Regeneratem, -st
4SmithereensWight23Block, Regeneratem, n
2Rusty MetallariWerewolf317Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Blockd
3Dwarf SmasherFlesh Golem1316Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Block-ma
6Nadi-RaZombie3730Regenerate, Guard, Mighty Blowd
14CarpantaZombie167Regenerate, +AGm, n
11Dwarf SlayerWerewolf733Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodge, Dirty Playern
15Tonker BollZombie2820Regenerate, Dirty Player, Blockm, n
12Jokerin YerhandsWerewolf1751Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodge, +AG-av, d
11Mutton ChoppsWerewolf23Catch, Frenzy, Clawm, -av
2Itchy StevensWight1312Block, Regenerate, Sure Handsm, n
10Unlucky DayZombie3528Regenerate, +ST, Blockm, m, n
8Losing StreakZombie2310Regenerate, Blockm, n
5Non HeavenZombie3221Regenerate, Block, Tackled
1Flesh EastwoodFlesh Golem3846Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Block, Guardd
1Former HumanZombie10Regeneratem, -ma
3Dragon FleshFlesh Golem2019Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Blockn
16Knaech Tett DeeechZombie3110Regenerate, Dirty Playerd
6Lizard MeatGhoul161Dodgem, -ma
2Wolf ReaperWerewolf1113Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Mighty Blowm, n
15CurznackZombie157Regenerate, Blockm, n
3Alffy BordeauxFlesh Golem42Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firmd
6Werder ReloadGhoul30Dodged
5Dance CommanderWerewolf82Catch, Frenzy, Clawm, n
3Heavy HartFlesh Golem113Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firmm, n
1Hank MoodyFlesh Golem1610Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blowm, -ma
16Danger JoeZombie156Regenerate, Blockn
4Horde SavageWight3748Block, Regenerate, Sure Hands, Tackle, Prom, -ag
8Demo ReaverGhoul2216Dodge, Block, Side Stepd
6Fremont HosterGhoul148Dodge, Blockn, m, n
4Spike KlubbWight51Block, Regenerated
5Elevator EmWerewolf1825Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodged
2Freak ShowWerewolf1931Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, +AG, Dodgen
9Dirty WillyZombie7641Regenerate, Dirty Player, Guard, Blockm, -ma, d
1Dutch PowerFlesh Golem118Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blowd
3Zuber RattFlesh Golem1320Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Blockd
2Trip BreakerWerewolf1036Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodge, Tacklem, -ag
12Banded BrotherWight4144Block, Regenerate, Sure Hands, Tackle, Strip Ballm, n
5Agony ArktorisWerewolf129Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Mighty Blowm, n
3Filthy FleshFlesh Golem83Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firmm, n
8Hot Rod ChariotGhoul197Dodge, Blockd
7Goony GhoulGhoul169Dodge, Guardm, n
2Quick RevengeWerewolf711Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Blockd
13John MassiveZombie7024Regenerate, Block, Tacklem, -st
16HakflemZombie2631Regenerate, Block, Tackle, +AGm, n
11Stunt DubbleZombie4127Regenerate, Block, Tackled
10Rigor MortisZombie4722Regenerate, Guard, Blockd
9Street PizzaZombie2216Regenerate, Dirty Player, Blockn
7Angry SportsZombie610Regenerate, Blockm, n
6Doom Bee LowZombie2926Regenerate, Block, Tacklem, n
4Lady Luck's Ex HusbandWight2726Block, Regenerate, +ST, Tacklem, -st
12Vin FuriousWight1628Block, Regenerate, Sure Hands, Mighty Blow-ma, d
2Gojira's AccidentWerewolf1124Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodged
15Gila MonsterZombie4517Regenerate, Dirty Player, Guardm, n
16KalleZombie72Regeneratem, -av
3Hell RazorFlesh Golem1711Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blowm, n
7Yumtum DicingZombie90Regenerated
6Windex LuckerZombie80Regenerated
13Smitten DameZombie32Regeneratem, -st
7Mountain DeadZombie10Regenerated
1Emphatic LuckerFlesh Golem3340Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Dodge, Block, Guardm, n
1Waagh SynnFlesh Golem20Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firmm, n
4Zombie DayeWight129Block, Regenerate, Mighty Blowd
2Paws and ClawsWerewolf1034Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodge, Tacklen
12Punky FriendGhoul1116Dodge, Block, Catchn
10Cribble CorpseZombie167Regenerate, Blockd
9Scythian ZombieZombie205Regenerated
5Savage StalkerWerewolf3056Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, +MA, Dodge, Tackle-ma, m, n
7Knee BenderWight1117Block, Regenerate, Tackle, Sure Handsn
2Tatia VolkWerewolf79Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Mighty Blow-av, d
2Dead WeatherWerewolf16Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Blockn
7Worst KillerWerewolf37Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Blockm, n
15íaZombie75Regeneratem, n
11Furious KokoGhoul2934Dodge, +MA, Blockd
9Valinor NectorianWight818Block, Regenerate, Mighty Blow, Dirty Playern
7Hank MoodyWerewolf49Catch, Frenzy, Claw, +MAd
16Death XIZombie215Regenerated
15Christmas JokeGhoul47Dodge, Blockd
1Tiny DancerFlesh Golem2218Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Blockn
1Lisa SimpsonZombie10Regenerate 
7Almas TraficanteurWerewolf610Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Blockd
10Dead FleshWerewolf1938Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Mighty Blow, Dodged
7Edge RollerWerewolf52Catch, Frenzy, Clawm, -av
9Zharr the DestroyerWight1620Block, Regenerate, Mighty Blow, Tacklen
4Void WalkerWight3049Block, Regenerate, Sure Hands, Mighty Blow, Tackled
1Mohawk JuggsFlesh Golem1016Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Blockn
8SnullerZombie5430Regenerate, Dirty Player, Guardm, -av
9Bad HabitsZombie48Regenerate, Blockm, n
8Jitterbug RattWerewolf10Catch, Frenzy, Clawm, n
14ZammoZombie10355Regenerate, Block, Dirty Player, Kick, Tacklem, n
3Blak RocFlesh Golem4581Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, +ST, Block, Guard, Break Tacklem, n
14Bankai terceroZombie10Regeneratem, n
7Vick of WolvesWerewolf1011Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Blockd
6Fatty XVIIZombie4932Regenerate, Block, Guard, Tacklen
4Pathetic BongoWight1115Block, Regenerate, Sure Handsm, n
14Honorable CharioteerWerewolf512Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Blockm, -ag
14Pappino, Rhino Hellburn AvatarZombie10Regenerate 
15Doom DeBagWight1816Block, Regenerate, Sure Hands, Tacklen
9Acyc UlayrZombie100Regenerated
13Rock N RollaZombie401Regeneratem, n
8Yumtum BuffetWerewolf1430Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodged
16SillySodZombie3121Regenerate, Block, Tacklem, n
11Ignatious The AwesomeZombie3713Regenerate, Guardm, n
61500Ghoul1019Dodge, Block, Sure Handsd
12Edge of DarknessZombie4728Regenerate, Dirty Player, Block-ag, d
4Exterminator Wight1021Block, Regenerate, Tackle, Sure Handsm, n
2Bitter SweetZombie4713Regenerate, Dirty Playerm, -ma
7Mas GenifZombie1632Regenerate, Block, Dirty Player, Guardm, -st
5MaravillasZombie5041Regenerate, Block, Dirty Player, +STd
14Perito MorenoZombie99Regenerate, Dirty Playerd
4Cavedwelling Zomb69Werewolf24Catch, Frenzy, Clawm, n
15Bankai IIZombie127Regenerate, Dirty Playerm, n
7Bloody DevilWerewolf32Catch, Frenzy, Clawd
11Fabio Caressa IIZombie50Regeneratem
13Slobby SuburbiaWight1318Block, Regenerate, Tackle, Sure Handsn
5Wild CardWerewolf720Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodgem, n
7Tekodas WoodWerewolf817Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodged
16Ed Reed IIZombie175Regenerated
13Effen SantaWerewolf37Catch, Frenzy, Clawd
9EsparantoZombie1712Regenerate, Blockd
8OrgulloZombie179Regenerate, Dirty Playerd
15Harlak D'tabZombie141Regenerated
9Big KahaosGhoul416Dodge, Block, Side Stepm, n
8Mercury StriderZombie50Regeneratem
7Last DollarWerewolf1329Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodgem, n
14Lucky EmphWerewolf926Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Mighty Blowd
11Hellbound ArktorisGhoul2421Dodge, Block, +MAm, n
14Wolfen RammsteinWerewolf69Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Mighty Blowd
14Trent GreenZombie10Regenerate 
16Big KahZombie240Regeneratem
6Uncle SpoonehZombie4032Regenerate, Dirty Player, Block, Tacklen
4Prinz of BeatingZombie338Regenerate, Blockd
7Mas MurderZombie1210Regenerate, Blockd
6Piego SpezzoGhoul40Dodged
10Shadow CultestZombie7596Regenerate, +MA, Block, +ST, Tackle, Mighty Blowd
6Sleeper SoldierGhoul21Dodgem, -ag
14John "Bestig" McCullemZombie30Regeneratem, -ag
5Wazdak RevivalWight3631Block, Regenerate, Guard, Tackle, Dodgem, n, n
12Digger DoomWight5047Block, Regenerate, Tackle, Sure Hands, Pass Blockd
13Slash XIIIZombie329Regenerate, Blockm, n
8Harry ManbushWerewolf2351Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodge, Tackle, Side Stepn
7Purple BrainsZombie125Regeneratem, n
6Nec Ro PhiliacZombie60Regeneratem, n
3Enar HangoverFlesh Golem72120Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Block, Dodge, Guard, Tackle-ma, m, n
6Guy PowersWight21Block, Regenerated
8Wolf RunsrealfastWerewolf512Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Blockd
9Legend SlugZombie3816Regenerate, Block, Tacklem, n
10DMU came to get me, and left in a box!Zombie1616Regenerate, +MA, Guardn
9Grumble GhoulGhoul10Dodgem, n
14Lukeat MiebunsZombie115Regenerated
4Khazad KillerWerewolf2290Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, +AG, Dodge, Side Step, Tackle-av, d
8Werewolf DiaryWerewolf520Catch, Frenzy, Claw, +AG, Dauntless-st
4Dragon WolfeWerewolf41Catch, Frenzy, Clawd
7Horny AvengerZombie150Regenerated
6Ratty FoulscummWight1116Block, Regenerate, Tackle, Dirty Playern
8Yumtum LizardbreathWerewolf58Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Blockd
13The Seventh Meanest LizardZombie1810Regenerate, Blockd
15Deaughash AddarchaZombie5224Regenerate, Block, Dirty Playerd
1Keijo SmashFlesh Golem96158Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, +ST, Block, Dodge, +ST, Break Tackled
6Shadow WarriorWight82Block, Regenerated
8Mercy KillerWerewolf33Catch, Frenzy, Clawm, n
7Jilly JuarezZombie115Regenerated
5Magic HelmutWight3011Block, Regenerate, Guardd
12Risen LionZombie2511Regenerate, Dirty Player-ag, d
6Blood DrinkerWight66Block, Regenerate, Tackled
15Vin Doux NaturelZombie46Regenerate, Dirty Playerm, n
4Rotten AppleWerewolf1842Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Mighty Blow, Guardd
1Goat FleshFlesh Golem102Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firmd
16EliZombie4218Regenerate, Dirty Player, Blockm, n
8Revenge OrkzWerewolf823Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodged
6BearcatWerewolf37Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Mighty Blowm, n
11North TribeGhoul5979Dodge, Guard, Mighty Blow, Block, Dauntless, +AGd
9Kostly BrainsGhoul2630Dodge, Block, +AGd
6Wolfgang SkullsWerewolf1111Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Blockm, n
10WilfredZombie3227Regenerate, Block, Dirty Playerd
6Flayyo FishWerewolf25Catch, Frenzy, Clawd
8Monkey BusinessWerewolf1644Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodge, Tacklem, -st
15PeebodiZombie1916Regenerate, Dirty Player, Blockd
3Fleshy TentacleFlesh Golem4948Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Dodge, Blockd
6Lady KillerWerewolf820Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodgen
15DMUb and DMUberZombie50Regenerate 
9Bloody HarryWerewolf30Catch, Frenzy, Clawm, n
15Bone HungerWerewolf522Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodgem, -av
12Asgard NightWight3344Block, Regenerate, Sure Hands, +MA, Tackled
6Odin "Wyrmtongue" CymbrogiZombie75Regenerated
3Cavern of FleshFlesh Golem119Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blowd
4Sappy WoodpulpFlesh Golem3660Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Block, +MA, Guard-ma, m
15Gobbo SteedWerewolf610Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Mighty Blowd
7Server TroublesWight4348Block, Regenerate, Sure Hands, Tackle, Kickm, -st
4Irrational WolfWerewolf510Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Blockd
8Clint "Manbush" RolesZombie1812Regenerate, Dirty Playerm, n
8Sebastian CalipseWerewolf20Catch, Frenzy, Clawd
9Benjamin "Leather" DavidsonZombie2015Regenerate, Blockd
3Hobo DynamiteFlesh Golem1222Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Block-ag, d
13Blocking Bot 'Nutcracker'Zombie5842Regenerate, Block, Tackle, Kickd
4Unsportsmanlike WolfWerewolf59Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Mighty Blowm, n
14gluttonbubo gnawpilesZombie6831Regenerate, +MA, Block, Tacklen
14Count von DrakenborgStar Player00Block, Dodge, Regenerate, Hypnotic Gaze, Star 
9Dog JusticeWerewolf417Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Mighty Blow, Blockd
14Zapatero gli va nel culoZombie20Regenerate 
16Gargrok DeathhowlZombie4416Regenerate, +AG, Sure Handsd
9Ro the Female DogWerewolf416Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodgen
15Walnut CrackerWight1931Block, Regenerate, Tackle, Sure Hands, +AGn
9Potter GoldWerewolf36Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Mighty Blowm, n
10Deeproot StrongbranchZombie401Regenerated
14Rerlerne 5Zombie80Regenerate 
8Fear the ShankerFlesh Golem1419Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Blockm, n
6Fleshy CrookFlesh Golem2631Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Dodge, Block, Guardn
16Circular sawZombie110Regenerate 
3Spoony's Last StandZombie1817Regenerate, Blockd
2Under ArmorZombie150106Regenerate, Block, Tackle, Guard, Mighty Blow, Kickm, n
1Zombie GaloreZombie6724Regenerate, Block, Tackled
5Mighty HudjisZombie7239Regenerate, Block, Tackle, Dirty Playerd
2Ninja ZombieZombie10Regeneratem, n
1Absurd GhoulGhoul31Dodgem, n
8Knot SorryZombie80Regeneratem, n
5Maverick's MercyZombie36Regenerate, Blockm, n
4Amazing WolfWerewolf2256Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Mighty Blow, Block, +AG, Dodgem, n
11Mark "Evil" Evans IIZombie5931Regenerate, Block, Dirty Player, Tackled
4Goolish MinerGhoul310Dodge, Blockn
6Sub ForspoonGhoul96Dodged
4Hell HoundWerewolf10Catch, Frenzy, Clawm, n
4UpgrayeddWerewolf211Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Blockm, n
11Chip IVZombie10Regenerate 
8President CamachoWerewolf1434Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodge, Side Stepm, n
15Mr Moo Moo MajooZombie2812Regenerate, Blockd
4Beef SupremeWerewolf919Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodgen
9LervZombie156Regenerate, Blockm, n
2Azure FistFlesh Golem2032Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Block, Guardn
10Bite Me!!Zombie10Regenerate 
2Running ScaredGhoul10Dodgem
7General WashingtonWight5379Block, Regenerate, Tackle, Sure Hands, Pro, Strip Ball, +MAn
11Strength in NumbersZombie146Regenerate, Blockm, n
16Darkness DivineZombie2724Regenerate, Block, Dirty Playerm, n
2Strawberry Sucker PunchWight56Block, Regenerate, Tacklem, n
12Doutzen KroesZombie7035Regenerate, Dirty Player, Block, Kickm, n
15SimsalabimZombie1816Regenerate, Guard, Blockn
7Orken AmbushWerewolf719Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodgen
5Incautos RevengeZombie3619Regenerate, Block, Dirty Playerm, -av
14JoneoZombie3111Regenerate, Dirty Playerm, -st
2Stoney BootsFlesh Golem610Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blowd
7II. TiuZombie20Regeneratem, -ag
16Diced Out Ghoul811Dodge, Blockm, -ag
7Black HandFlesh Golem63Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firmd
5More Human than HumanWerewolf919Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodged
9Rasheed SimonWight1831Block, Regenerate, Tackle, Pro, +MAm, n, -ma
5Speedy KillerWerewolf22Catch, Frenzy, Clawd
5Bugmans FollyWerewolf717Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodgem, -st
6BulloZombie5035Regenerate, Dirty Player, Block, Tackled
5Sheepish ClothingWerewolf37Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Blockd
9Clint's ManbushWight1312Block, Regenerate, Tacklem, n
14PhantomasZombie2613Regenerate, Blockm, n
9Galaxy NosherWight27Block, Regenerate, +AGm, n
10Ben HenkleZombie3411Regenerate, +AGm, n
8Otsego BulldogWerewolf39126Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Mighty Blow, Dodge, Tackle, Side Step-ag, d
1Metro ManiacFlesh Golem68104Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Block, Guard, Tackle, Break Tacklem, n
11Femto-3Zombie3523Regenerate, Block, Guardd
12MolluscumZombie3516Regenerate, Block, Tacklem, -ma
5Cujo SerpisWerewolf1031Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Mighty Blow, Dauntless, Blockd
16ViduusZombie2511Regenerate, Blockn
3Spoony TiconderaWight78176Block, Regenerate, +AG, +AG, Leap, Pass Block, Tackle, Strip Ball, Sure Handsn, -av, n
7Seven Nation ArmyFlesh Golem3031Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Block, Guardn
13Protector BenjaminZombie9849Regenerate, Block, Tackle, Kickm, n
3Xtra CorpseZombie54Regenerated
15Bynfarch IV.Zombie4430Regenerate, Block, Dirty Playerm, n
10Fresh PrinzZombie94Regeneratem, -ma
7Limpy RunefangZombie10Regenerated
5Spikey FanZombie75Regenerated
8Dutch FangsWerewolf1624Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Mighty Blow, Guard-av, d
14Louping illZombie2219Regenerate, Dirty Player, Kick-av, m
2Temporary InsanityZombie4812Regenerate, Blockm, n
9Dead DrunkWight2252Block, Regenerate, Tackle, Sure Hands, +ST, Pron
12StaropramenZombie178Regenerate, Guardd
3Husky ThunderFlesh Golem1010Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blowd
14Averus AsiloZombie52Regeneratem, n
15LibrenZombie79Regenerate, Dirty Playerm, n
8Myth BusterZombie77Regenerate, Dirty Playerd
3Running EmptyZombie45Regeneratem, n
2Niggles WithAgeZombie92Regenerated
8Vamps MistakeGhoul20Dodgem, n
7Patient SkullWight1516Block, Regenerate, Sure Hands, +MAd
7Ro Ro RoZombie20Regeneratem, -av
6Tainted SoilZombie4243Regenerate, Block, Tackle, Prom, n
5Woody GravesZombie176Regenerate, Block-ma
3Midnight BrawlerFlesh Golem78Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blowd
6Marinated BeefZombie40Regenerated
4KlondikeZombie8768Regenerate, Block, +MA, Tackle, Kickm, n
2Joyful DoggWerewolf934Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, +ST, Dodgen
3Sigmar FroyFlesh Golem510Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, +STm, n
2Secondary CitizenGhoul624Dodge, +AG, Blockd
16Hard IIIZombie3731Regenerate, +AG, Sure Hands, Passn
8Dirty ManbushZombie96Regenerate, Dirty Playerd
7Bloody SpillerGhoul1321Dodge, +ST, Blockd
13KwekZombie3529Regenerate, Block, Tackled
6Fleshy MalthorFlesh Golem612Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Dodged
5Low TideWight1821Block, Regenerate, Sure Hands, Dodged
4Unsportsmanlike ConductWerewolf1330Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodged
14Kansas DayZombie2215Regenerate, Blockd
3Annoying ScreamerWerewolf1131Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodged
6Diddy ThrasherWight42Block, Regenerated
11AceyZombie3931Regenerate, Block, +MA, Tacklen
10Stinky ClogsWerewolf719Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Mighty Blowm, -ag
15LafZombie2818Regenerate, +ST, Block-av, m, n
6Bloody KhaineWight66Block, Regenerated
12Azura CloudZombie4222Regenerate, +AG, Sure Handsd
4Leroy EstmortWerewolf1225Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodged
2Awesomo 1200Wight2827Block, Regenerate, Sure Hands, Tackled
13PeteZombie2114Regenerate, Guardm, -st
10Rippin ScalesWerewolf711Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Blockm, n
10Massimo OpiateWerewolf29Catch, Frenzy, Clawd
14Joseph StalinZombie2110Regenerate, Blockm, n
11Sez ZesGhoul512Dodge, Blockd
9LoboZombie3924Regenerate, Block, Guardm, n
8LurchZombie3213Regenerate, Blockm, -av
8Woof WoofWerewolf10Catch, Frenzy, Clawd
9Flower PowerWerewolf26Catch, Frenzy, Claw, +MAn
15Blademaster FlashZombie2212Regenerate, Blockd
8Empathy for EmphasyZombie32Regeneratem, -st
3Clean PeeweeZombie3121Regenerate, Block, Guardd
10MalmirosanGhoul1111Dodge, Blockm, n
6Tang ShaoWight2423Block, Regenerate, +MA, Tacklem, n
3Drax DoomcoreWerewolf40Catch, Frenzy, Clawd
8PeweeZombie86Regenerate, Dirty Player 
3Crocodile HunterWerewolf213Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Blockm, -av
4Marga StonehammerZombie2512Regenerate, Blockd
3Fleetfoot MackGhoul34Dodged
1Spikey RunefangFlesh Golem100214Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Block, Guard, Dodge, Tackle, Multiple Block, +AG 
10Franz BronsonZombie1212Regenerate, Blockm, n
12Cuddle Fungus IIIZombie2317Regenerate, Block, Tacklem, -ma
8Darkie DoggieWerewolf715Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Blockm, n
10FenrisZombie40Regeneratem, n
8Rough Like a Freight TrainZombie40Regenerate 
5Fleshy StevenFlesh Golem56100Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Block, Guard, +ST, Dodged
15Tank JohnsonZombie2316Regenerate, Block, Tacklem, n
6Lizard FaceWight2120Block, Regenerate, Sure Hands, Tackled
1Great GattsFlesh Golem1223Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Guardd
10Reload BluesWerewolf1338Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodge, Side Stepm, -ag
9Lunatic DarksideWerewolf34102Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodge, +MA, Side Step, Tackled
12MarkraZombie209Regenerate, Blockm, n
5Theodore BadskinFlesh Golem1416Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Blockd
5Amazing Pony TailFlesh Golem12Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firmm, n
6JigsawFlesh Golem1219Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blowd
5ThumperFlesh Golem30Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firmd
10DrunanothilZombie68Regenerate, Blockm, n
2TurtleWight5779Block, Regenerate, Tackle, Sure Hands, Pro, Pass Blockd
11Greh MarowboneZombie473Regenerated
4Short DoggZombie290Regeneratem
3ConcreteZombie3121Regenerate, Block, Tacklem, -ma
1Death RipperWight1811Block, Regenerate, Tackled
4Zoo KeeperWight10Block, Regeneratem, n
15OvermhaizZombie2026Regenerate, Block, Tackled
7BastarZombie8751Regenerate, Block, Tackle, Guard, Prod
4Jack WightWight10Block, Regeneratem, -ma
3Old YellerWerewolf738Catch, Frenzy, Claw, +AG, Block, Dodgem, n
2Bloody Good TimeWerewolf710Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Blockm, n
2Sleeper's DelightWerewolf20Catch, Frenzy, Clawd
9Bilbo BeutlinZombie210Regeneratem, -ma
16RaphiokZombie10378Regenerate, Dirty Player, Block, Kick, Tackle, +MAn
7Once BittenWight86Block, Regenerate, Tackled
15Emveepee VoleurZombie140Regeneratem, -ag
13Trois EmengeeZombie6058Regenerate, +MA, Block, Tackle, Pro-ma, m, n
14HogshineZombie6720Regenerate, Block, Tackled
7Darkie KnightWight416Block, Regenerate, Tackle, +AGn
4Lucky DiceWerewolf1222Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, +STm, n
1Stumpy PounderFlesh Golem2651Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Block, Guard, Tacklen
4Sensitive KlawWerewolf22Catch, Frenzy, Clawm, n
3Cowboy SehouGhoul198Dodge, Blockd
14Family ManWight75Block, Regenerated
4Bunny BittenWerewolf816Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodgem, -st
5SlaughterWight3233Block, Regenerate, +ST, Tackle, Prom, n
2Kitty Kat KlawsWerewolf3140Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodge, Mighty Blowd
16Olaf BloodZombie2710Regenerate, +STm, n
1Old Stone HandsFlesh Golem1828Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Dodge, Frenzyd
8BillyZombie7068Regenerate, Block, +AG, Sure Hands, Prod
8Helden HammerWerewolf20Catch, Frenzy, Clawm, n
13Andreas the WolfZombie2010Regenerate, Blockm, n
15Asgeirr IIZombie3132Regenerate, Block, Tackle, Dirty Playern
14ImpatienceWight1111Block, Regenerate, Tackled
13White StripeWerewolf412Catch, Frenzy, Claw, +AGm, -st
5VolkerWerewolf912Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Blockm, -st
12JugglezGhoul6071Dodge, Block, +MA, Sure Hands, Side Stepm, n
16The PharesZombie140Regeneratem, -st
1HumiliationFlesh Golem1432Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Block, Guardn
11Concession PrizeFlesh Golem6080Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Block, Guard, Tackle, Break Tacklen
9Grey Matter GourmetZombie4621Regenerate, Block, Tackled
8Brain NuggetZombie126Regenerate, Blockd
5Tormented ShankerWight911Block, Regenerate, Sure Handsm, -av
11GrimlockWerewolf35Catch, Frenzy, Clawd
7TentaclesZombie4035Regenerate, Block, Tackle, +MAm, n
1Unleash HellFlesh Golem73Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firmm, n
12Spoony Werewolf1340Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Mighty Blow, Dodgem, n
9FreshZombie92Regeneratem, n
6JohnZombie7372Regenerate, +AG, Dodge, Block, +AG-ag, d
2SeanZombie2816Regenerate, Block, Dirty Player 
3InsuranceZombie4427Regenerate, Block, Dirty Playerm, -st
4BockheimWight3556Block, Regenerate, Tackle, Mighty Blow, Pro, Strip Ballm, n
2Jackie DanielsWerewolf27Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Blockn
14TinyripZombie45Regeneratem, -ma
15Nuclear IIZombie30Regeneratem
14Sixteenth ManZombie10Regeneratem, -st
10HandicapZombie7953Regenerate, Block, Tackle, Kick, Mighty Blowd
9Rhaz-GhoulGhoul52Dodgem, -st
9GilrakGhoul20Dodgem, n
3BuzzWerewolf718Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodgem, n
13HuggZombie2211Regenerate, Guardm, n
12Bad Luck EddyGhoul96Dodge, Blockm, n
4Odel InemanWerewolf921Catch, Frenzy, Claw, +AG, Blockm, n
3Champ UnoWerewolf610Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Mighty Blowd
1Stone StudFlesh Golem2133Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Dodge, Frenzyd
5DohWight2751Block, Regenerate, +AG, Sure Hands, Pass Block, Pro-ma, n
12Beard CutterWerewolf819Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, +AGd
14Glacier HeartZombie170Regeneratem, n
2Aged to PerfectionWight1919Block, Regenerate, Guardd
11JonnyZombie2816Regenerate, Block, +AGn
13Herman JohnsonZombie147Regenerate, Blockm, -ma
4SnarfWerewolf910Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Blockd
2Dice Gone BadWerewolf49Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Blockd
9SchmerztalGhoul1120Dodge, Block, Sure Handsd
15TyphoonZombie2210Regenerate, Blockm, n
4Coma PosseWerewolf718Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodged
16PraashkZombie432Regeneratem, n
13Homeo DeathGhoul78Dodge, Blockm, n
8Sargent CampbellFlesh Golem4757Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Block, Guard, Tackled
2Shining DiceWerewolf1116Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodged
12Domino ConfessionWight1734Block, Regenerate, +MA, Tackle, Sure Handsn
9Bradiac "sin freno"Zombie155Regenerated
8Brood SmackFlesh Golem620Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Dodgen
10SpikeZombie3625Regenerate, Dirty Player, Guardd
4Devoted ErwinWerewolf1025Catch, Frenzy, Claw, +AG, Blockm, -ag
12beat me upZombie40Regenerate 
2Royal FlushWerewolf941Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Mighty Blow, Block, Guardd
11Beer GuzzlerZombie237Regenerate, Blockm, n
13Karl the ClawZombie144Regeneratem, n
4Black KingWight42Block, Regenerated
3Anou DayeZombie3312Regenerate, Blockn
2Healthy AgainWerewolf35Catch, Frenzy, Clawd
3Ten Kay ShortWight36Block, Regenerate, Dodgen
6MinestroneZombie4936Regenerate, Guard, Block, Tackle-av, -ag, m, n
7BurnalotZombie6356Regenerate, Guard, Block, Mighty Blow, Tacklen
1Burn WitchbreakerFlesh Golem3976Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Block, Guard, Tackle, Break Tacklen
11Cowardly HellfishGhoul78Dodge, Blockm, -ag
8Scared as HellfishGhoul78Dodge, Blockm, n
1Spillers OffspringFlesh Golem60Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firmd
6Sleepy PaladinWight66Block, Regenerate, Tackle-av
14MaxZombie4316Regenerate, Dirty Playerd
16Hillary PorterZombie2724Regenerate, Guard, Blockd
5Dirty BonesWight4963Block, Regenerate, Guard, Tackle, Sure Hands, +STn, d
11BlorckerZombie78Regenerate, Blockm, -av
12KordalZombie276Regenerate, Blockm, n
4Brother TakisWerewolf1724Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, +AGm, -av
9Mug WaagFlesh Golem3552Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Block, Dodge, Guardn
14Nehrakgu RatslicerZombie96Regenerate, Blockd
7Mark DefordethZombie226Regenerate, Dirty Playerd
5Angry OwenZombie82Regenerated
7Compound FractureWerewolf10Catch, Frenzy, Clawd
15LocoweedZombie4521Regenerate, Dirty Player, +MA-av, m
3Insulting InjuryWerewolf2742Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodge, Tackled
13Traum InfuriatorZombie3617Regenerate, +AG, Sure Hands-ma
8Purple Chested WarriorWight2851Block, Regenerate, Dodge, Tackle, Sure Hands, Pass Blockn
7O'ReallyWerewolf73Catch, Frenzy, Clawd
12Emphasy is going to kill meZombie60Regenerated
12Empahsy is going to kill meZombie00Regenerate 
16SquatterZombie2526Regenerate, Block, Tackled
9TradkramarGhoul41Dodgem, n
9Foe Hammer BlowsGhoul21Dodged
6NefertiriZombie3532Regenerate, Block, Tackle, Pass Blockd
13dead aghainzZombie36Regenerate, Blockn
3Kaos LaStrangeWerewolf1429Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodge-av, m, n
3Alotta SmashaWerewolf10Catch, Frenzy, Clawm, n
6Jealousy of SynnGhoul78Dodge, Guardd
10FenrisZombie5741Regenerate, Block, +ST, Tackle-av, -ag
4Prime NumberWight3756Block, Regenerate, Tackle, Pass Block, Mighty Blow, +MA-ag, m, n
1556Zombie3116Regenerate, Block, +AGm, n
3RedemptionWerewolf822Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Mighty Blowm, n
8Dark HoldWight2519Block, Regenerate, +AG, Sure Handsm, n
11OrbZombie4435Regenerate, Dirty Player, +ST, Blockd
12JackZombie200Regeneratem, n
11Ruznik BadutskizZombie25Regenerated
4Death DarkieWight70Block, Regeneratem, n
3Emphasy on KillingWerewolf1553Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Mighty Blow, Block, Dodge, Tacklen
10Nature Warden the Lovely ZombieZombie215Regeneratem, n
10Naure Warden the Lovely ZombieZombie00Regenerate 
13SharZombie290Regeneratem, -av
8Bongo FuryWight189Block, Regenerate, Tackled
9New Baby DollGhoul3334Dodge, Block, Side Step, Sure Handsm, n
5Death FileFlesh Golem6459Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Block, Dodge, Guard, Mighty Blow-ag, d
1Spiller of BloodFlesh Golem82145Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Block, Guard, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Break Tackle, Dodge-ag, n
16Karl SchumacherZombie4613Regenerate, +AGm, n
5SupastaazFlesh Golem20Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firmd
8Bone CrackerWight1612Block, Regenerate, Mighty Blowd
7Salty DogWerewolf59141Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodge, Tackle, Side Step, Pass Block, +ST-av, m, n
6Cowardly PickerGhoul4555Dodge, Block, Sure Hands, Side Step, Guardn, d
4Body BagzWight3537Block, Regenerate, +MA, Tackle, Sure Handsd
6Concession ShameZombie10Regeneratem, n
12KattegatchZombie3935Regenerate, Block, Guard, Tacklen, d
4Epic DisasterGhoul36Dodged
1Nandorin 900Flesh Golem1518Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Block, Guardn
3Inka PredatorWerewolf3377Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodge, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Side Stepn, n
4Nurgles BraveryWight66Block, Regenerate, +AGm, n
14RumbleZombie8633Regenerate, Dirty Player, Block, Kickn
16Purple HeroineZombie157Regenerate, Guardd
5Morgu KaiFlesh Golem2132Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Block, Guardn
5Ramtut IIIStar Player00Block, Mighty Blow, Regenerate, Break Tackle, Star 
6Smess YooUpWight1314Block, Regenerate, Tacklem, n
14Dolorious Edd TollettZombie40Regeneratem, n
4June EightWight1015Block, Regenerate, Tacklem, n
3Doc Vandenbrink WebbWerewolf1234Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodged
4Juggalo BallGhoul20Dodged
3Wok the DogWerewolf16Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Blockn
10AppallingZombie2116Regenerate, Block, Tacklen
8Animated LadyWerewolf2751Catch, Frenzy, Claw, +MA, +ST, Mighty Blow, Blockn
3Dead PresidentWight30Block, Regeneratem, n
1GertrudeFlesh Golem2618Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Frenzy, Blockd
13DibblyZombie5533Regenerate, Block, Tackle, +MAd
8Nasty BoyZombie50Regenerated
7Russian RollerZombie3220Regenerate, Guard, Blockm, n
4Brave FrankieWerewolf821Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodgem, -st
16Ornen PinkprideZombie55Regeneratem, n
2TribalZombie142126Regenerate, +ST, +AG, Dodge, Block, Tackle, Kickn
7ShamefulWight419Block, Regenerate, Mighty Blow, +STm, n
6Mother RussiaWight1618Block, Regenerate, Tackle, Sure Handsd
2Hott PoxxWerewolf617Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodged
15Masta YarZombie8456Regenerate, Block, Tackle, Pass Block, Kickm, -av
6Ball HandlerGhoul20Dodgem, n
1Pandion BiterWerewolf1451Catch, Frenzy, Claw, +ST, Block, Dodge, Mighty Blow-st, d
12FluteZombie306Regenerate, Blockd
5M'Orc DominanceFlesh Golem3322Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Blockd
11MorkZombie8268Regenerate, Dirty Player, Guard, Mighty Blow, Dodged
13UngwenthaundZombie155Regeneratem, -ma
2Big BonesWight107Block, Regenerate, Tacklem, n
5Saurus SlasherWerewolf64Catch, Frenzy, Clawd
15Rump Roast Jr.Zombie1413Regenerate, Blockm, n
4UngaZombie226Regenerate, Blockd
4Oak ScratcherWerewolf10Catch, Frenzy, Clawd
2TervaWight101Block, Regeneratem, n
16Lenny LaughZombie2614Regenerate, +STd
5Beserker MistakeGhoul60Dodged
13KnoxZombie60Regeneratem, -ma
3Norman the OmenFlesh Golem3836Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, +MA, Blockd
10Eternal StenchWerewolf2795Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Mighty Blow, Dodge, Side Step, Dauntless-ma, d
9GaiaZombie7166Regenerate, Block, Tackle, Pass Block, Guardd
7No Chance in HellWight2618Block, Regenerate, +ST, Dodged
6Revenge of QazFlesh Golem2632Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Block, Break Tacklen
14RuthZombie5832Regenerate, Guard, +MA, Blockm, n
8Beer WolfWerewolf1527Catch, Frenzy, Claw, +AG, +AGm, n
10Damien WolffeWerewolf1016Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodgem, n
9Risky BusinessWight110Block, Regeneratem, n
8Lucky Lady's RevengeWerewolf42Catch, Frenzy, Clawd
3Clint EastwoodFlesh Golem1817Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Blockn
12Full EffectGhoul4135Dodge, Block, Guard, Side Stepd
10Purple ConcessionWerewolf1029Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, +STm, n
16Ravager PokeZombie2925Regenerate, Guard, Mighty Blown
8Dokter FunkensteinWerewolf1035Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Mighty Blow, Dauntless, Blockm, n
2Thing TwoZombie3341Regenerate, +ST, +MA, Block-ma, d
1Thing OneZombie5231Regenerate, Dirty Player, Block, Kickn
5Slithering VenomWight3331Block, Regenerate, Sure Hands, Guard, Tackled
1FangoolWerewolf514Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Blockd
14Henry Kiss of Death IngerZombie180Regenerate 
7Fear of TrogFlesh Golem2932Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, +MA, Dodge, Blockd
4Smack FinaleZombie4333Regenerate, Guard, +AG, Blockd
1Fear of ChaosGhoul59Dodge, Blockm, -ma
4Slobbering IdiotGhoul10Dodged
13Goolish WayzGhoul4062Dodge, Block, Sure Hands, +ST, Side Stepd
10Bloody DroolerWerewolf86Catch, Frenzy, Claw, +STd
8Return of the WolfWerewolf1636Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodge, Tackled
3ZamundaFlesh Golem2841Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Guard, Blockm, n
13King of my CastleFlesh Golem20Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firmd
3Pavalakodi DeathchildWerewolf22Catch, Frenzy, Clawm, n
5Dark PatriotWight2229Block, Regenerate, Tackle, Sure Handsm, -av
14Come to Watch Them CryZombie190Regenerated
12Buckey DiapersFlesh Golem2011Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blowd
8Day of the Undying WolfWerewolf1026Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Mighty Blow, Blockd
15Talkative Spawn of UngoliantZombie7017Regenerate, Block, +STm, n
9Wight HorseWight4626Block, Regenerate, Tackle, Sure Handsm, -av
13Angry DancerWerewolf1026Catch, Frenzy, Claw, +AG, Dodged
8Need 4 SpeedGhoul43Dodged
6FamineZombie5819Regenerate, Dirty Player, Blockd
4PestilenceZombie2621Regenerate, Block, Guardm, n
2PlagueZombie3822Regenerate, Block, Tackled
5Fist of FuryFlesh Golem210Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blown
8Ziggy the ZombieZombie45Regenerated
4ChucklesWight51Block, Regeneratem, n
16MindfistZombie4330Regenerate, Dirty Player, Mighty Blowm, n
4Dirk the DestroyerWight12Block, Regenerated
3Quake RumblestrikeFlesh Golem2222Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Blockm, n
9Speed Monster !Zombie1413Regenerate, Blockd
9Krazy JaberwockiWerewolf37Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Blockd
1Glenn MillerZombie4227Regenerate, Block, Tacklem, n
12Geki IIIZombie2025Regenerate, Block, Tackled
9AardvarkGhoul37Dodge, +MAn
14GatheringZombie107Regenerate, Blockn
5Lover BoyFlesh Golem1816Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Blockm, n
2Barque FleshbiterWerewolf2078Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodge, Tackle, Side Step, Pass Blockn
15BalsaZombie1818Regenerate, Block, Tacklem, n
1Annou DayeWerewolf917Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Blockd
9Dead Man WalkingGhoul73Dodgem, n
16HragthawuZombie2616Regenerate, Block, Guardn, m, n
10Splattered BrainsZombie5651Regenerate, Block, +AG, Dodge, Sure Handsn
1Cujo FleshripperWerewolf76Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Blockm, n
9JumbalayaZombie50Regeneratem, n
7Bubby RiveraZombie6433Regenerate, Block, Tackle, Kickm, -st
1Redd FoxxZombie25Regenerated
9Bee BopZombie10Regeneratem
7saMmyGhoul21Dodgem, n
6Mad HatterGhoul3888Dodge, +AG, Block, +AG, Sure Hands, Leap-av, m, -ag
2Midnight HowlerWerewolf1847Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodge, Tackled
12Injury timeZombie116Regenerate, Blockm, -ag
5Baby BoyFlesh Golem2853Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Block, Guard, Tacklen
8Kwek DaddyWight4652Block, Regenerate, Tackle, Sure Hands, Pass Block, Dirty Playerm, n
13Kecsk VezerZombie4624Regenerate, Block, Tacklem, -av
5Anudder GoolGhoul76Dodge, Blockd
4Frog StompWight4968Block, Regenerate, Sure Hands, Tackle, Pass Block, Kickd
1Root CanalWerewolf1852Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodge, Tackle, Mighty Blowm, n
11Bourbon RibsZombie12769Regenerate, Guard, Block, Tackle, Mighty Blow-ma, n
7Big MeatZombie1810Regenerated
16Cow King IIIZombie1911Regenerate, Blockd
4Smack AddictGhoul31Dodged
2Heavy's HoundWerewolf2231Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodge, Dirty Playern
9Asia CarreraZombie2617Regenerate, Block, Tacklem, -av
15SinadqwZombie2710Regenerate, Blockd
10Feather-Light GeorgeZombie2718Regenerate, Block, Kickn
6Green BulldogFlesh Golem2042Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Block, Guardd
1Moon DogWerewolf1442Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Mighty Blow, +MA, Blockm, n
11KittenZombie1113Regenerate, Blockm, n
13Nina MyersZombie202Regeneratem, n
3Louie the LakerFlesh Golem66119Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Block, Guard, +MA, Tackled
1XFL LoserZombie20Regenerate 
8Final FleshZombie1612Regenerate, Blockd
3Gnarles BarkleyWerewolf29Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Blockd
3Dead WrongWerewolf10Catch, Frenzy, Clawd
12DerlinZombie2912Regenerate, Dirty Player 
9Creeping DeathWight2040Block, Regenerate, Mighty Blow, +AG, Sure Handsn
6Mezir BlessedWerewolf419Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Mighty Blow, Dauntlessm, -st
7RasputinFlesh Golem1932Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Block, Guardm, n
6Short StackZombie60Regenerated
3King of ClubsFlesh Golem109Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, +STm, n
9Moonlight DriveWerewolf930Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodged
3Faster Kill PussycatWight56Block, Regenerate, Tacklem, n
14GrOnkZombie6346Regenerate, Block, Tackle, Dirty Playerd
8Dice SpankingZombie1816Regenerate, Block, Tacklen
7Another Close LossZombie95Regenerated
1Just Keep LosingZombie2318Regenerate, +MA, Blockd
6MalthorZombie87Regenerate, Blockd
4Vito CorneliusWerewolf3293Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodge, +ST, Tackle, Side Stepd
16Me FozaZombie3941Regenerate, Block, Tackle, +AGd
4On the ProwlWerewolf46Catch, Frenzy, Clawd
2Losing GroundZombie4326Regenerate, Block, Guardd
3Teddy MitchellWerewolf1419Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, +MAm, n
15Norman BasiroZombie4017Regenerate, Block, Tackled
1DisasembledGhoul1128Dodge, Block, +AGd
1Girls All PawsWerewolf26Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Mighty Blowm, n
3Scratch MarksWerewolf10Catch, Frenzy, Clawd
3Honest JohnWerewolf10Catch, Frenzy, Clawd
9PernillaZombie198Regenerate, Blockd
1Eight BelowWerewolf613Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Guardd
7Keith MorrellZombie1916Regenerate, Guard, Block-av, m
4MayhemWerewolf33Catch, Frenzy, Clawd
3SkinnerWerewolf611Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Blockm, n
12YuziZombie4232Regenerate, Block, Guard, +MAn
4TimberlandWerewolf10Catch, Frenzy, Clawd
2Big Jim SladeFlesh Golem2751Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Block, Guard, Tacklen
9JoneseyZombie136Regenerate, Blockm, n
7ExecutionerWight911Block, Regenerate, Tackled
10HoraceZombie4219Regenerate, Block, Tackled
5Heavy MetalWight83141Block, Regenerate, +AG, Sure Hands, Tackle, Pass Block, +ST, Pro-av, -av
14LolZombie4220Regenerate, Block, Tacklem, n
1GersplattenGhoul1714Dodge, Blockd
3Creeping CrudGhoul1727Dodge, Block, Sure Handsm, -av
12Nongan-caeg IIZombie1413Regenerate, Guardm, -st
1Screaming Below the SkinZombie31Regenerated
11Harrod the PlayfulZombie5745Regenerate, Guard, Block, +AG-ma, m, -st
6Bad Mamma JammaFlesh Golem5053Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Block, Guard, Tackle-av, m, n
9Lucky NutterGhoul21Dodged
6Texan's Big Fat WomanFlesh Golem46Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blowm, -ma
1TemperatureWight127Block, Regenerate, +AGd
6Mister 600Ghoul21Dodged
9Dead TiredWight53Block, Regeneratem, n
11Badluck ForlewdGhoul1216Dodge, Block, Side Stepn
11John PlayersZombie10Regenerate 
7SplatterhouseFlesh Golem3220Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Blockm, n
2Malthor's DogWerewolf35102Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodge, Side Step, +MA, Tackle-av, d
16Zara the SlayerZombie6762Regenerate, Guard, Block, +AG, Dodgem, n
3Ludicrous SpeedWight2753Block, Regenerate, Mighty Blow, Dodge, +AG, Sure Hands-st
3Red OnionZombie20Regenerate 
6Useless BodypartsGhoul1616Dodge, Guard, +MAd
3Fleshy YoungbloodFlesh Golem36Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Blockm, n
7JuventusWight1627Block, Regenerate, Mighty Blow, Tackled
4Hackin SlashWerewolf53117Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodge, Tackle, Side Step, Shadowingm, n
3Undead BlobFlesh Golem99Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Blockm, n
2Lion WarriorWerewolf2147Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodge, Mighty Blow-ma, d
8Leo SkillerZombie9894Regenerate, Block, +AG, Sure Hands, Kick, Tacklem, -ma
1Billy BobFlesh Golem3521Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Dodge, +STd
1Iminluv WittastripperWerewolf10Catch, Frenzy, Clawd
3Underpants Underpants underpants Underpants OctopusZombie10Regenerate 
1PudgeFlesh Golem30Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firmm, n
14FungZombie5321Regenerate, Guard, Blockd
16VortorZombie2815Regenerate, Blockd
11Ajax AmsterdamWight2942Block, Regenerate, Mighty Blow, +ST, Tacklem, n
16Core de su' MadreZombie10Regeneratem, n
11Cracklin JimmyGhoul10Dodged
8SpikeWerewolf1051Catch, Frenzy, Claw, +MA, Block, +MA, Dodgem, n, -ag
5Here Goes NothingZombie6025Regenerate, Block, Tackled
2Cherry LipsWerewolf1131Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodge, Tacklem, n
2White LinesWerewolf21Catch, Frenzy, Clawd
13GuyZombie11264Regenerate, Guard, Block, Tackle, Pron
2Lunar KiddWerewolf20Catch, Frenzy, Clawm, -ag
14Drazzgul BolthrowerZombie1111Regenerate, +MAm, -ma
6Hungry HowieZombie4232Regenerate, Block, Tackle, +AGm, n
5Jebadiah SpringerZombie20Regeneratem, n
3Bobby JonesZombie2019Regenerate, Block-ma, d
2Crunchy JenkinsGhoul310Dodge, Block-ma, m, -st
12ClogmuhZombie8066Regenerate, Block, Tackle, Pro, Pass Blockm, n
8ZangorZombie10Regeneratem, n
11Civil WarGhoul2052Dodge, Block, Sure Hands, Side Stepd
9BrainiacZombie6433Regenerate, Block, Tackle, Prom, n
3Bone FetcherWerewolf416Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Blockd
8Kiss MeWight87Block, Regenerate, Tackled
3Ace of SpadesWerewolf517Catch, Frenzy, Claw, +AG, Blockn
2HarrahWerewolf1434Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodge, Tackle-ag, m, n
10SlotyZombie8552Regenerate, Block, Tackle, Kick, Pass Block-av
11Fuzzy CupidZombie30Regeneratem, n
4GoldfrappFlesh Golem5079Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Block, Dodge, Guard, Tacklen
15Kurt CobainZombie12891Regenerate, Guard, Block, +ST, Tackle, Mighty Blown, d
6Iniya DayGhoul1825Dodge, Guard, Mighty Blow-ma, m, n
2AlcazarWerewolf716Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Mighty Blowd
1BrainhammerFlesh Golem4953Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Dodge, Block, Mighty Blow, Guardn
16Bang UpZombie3834Regenerate, Block, Tackle, Kickd
8Twice ShyWerewolf10Catch, Frenzy, Clawd
7Paris Saint GermaineWight6792Block, Regenerate, +MA, Tackle, +ST, Pro, Sure Hands-ma, -av, m, n
2SammyZombie72Regeneratem, n
1Pleasures of the FleshFlesh Golem815Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Dodged
16taurenZombie77Regenerate, Blockd
3Hillside StranglerWight2651Block, Regenerate, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Pro, Kick-ma, n
2Harry LoverWerewolf516Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Mighty Blow, Blockm, n
12Oliver StracheyZombie3221Regenerate, Block, Tackled
8ZoddGhoul934Dodge, +MA, +MA, Sprintd
2NarcotixWerewolf35Catch, Frenzy, Clawm, -ma
13I'll Holla At Ya Sexy MammaZombie357Regenerate, Blockd
6Korean FoodWerewolf1738Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodge, Tackled
3Tee HelperGhoul89Dodge, Blockm, n
3Man ParrishGhoul42Dodgem, -st
14Arogus BlackbootZombie4658Regenerate, +AG, Pass, Sure Hands, Blockm, n
4Mister MurderFlesh Golem3434Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Block, Guardm, n
2Mad HitterWerewolf1120Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodge-ma, d
2Tor'i ZunduffZombie10Regenerate 
9GooliaGhoul1517Dodge, Block, +AGd
16BregoZombie2216Regenerate, Block, Dirty Playern
6Midnight TrainWight1311Block, Regenerate, Tackled
8Digger BloodclawWerewolf1748Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Mighty Blow, Block, Dodged
11ScantiumZombie4631Regenerate, Block, Tackle, Pron
12BiffZombie2712Regenerate, Blockd
3FumbelruskiGhoul1816Dodge, Block, Sure Handsd
13HoganZombie2321Regenerate, Block, Tackled
10Maggott FistZombie216Regenerate, Blockm, -av
3Girl SchoolGhoul21Dodged
10Linger Ficken GoodGhoul36Dodge, Blockd
11BrooksZombie40Regeneratem, n
7Cut KillerWight3723Block, Regenerate, +MA, +STn
2Sleeping HowlerWerewolf1937Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodge, Side Stepm, -ma
1SluggoFlesh Golem4177Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Dodge, Block, Mighty Blow, Guard, Tacklen
8Gnarley WolfWerewolf1721Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodged
16ArknobZombie1616Regenerate, +AG, +AGn
9KolobosWight2431Block, Regenerate, +MA, +ST, Tackled
6CrutchesGhoul2313Dodge, Blockd
5BubZombie8750Regenerate, Block, Tackle, Prom, n
3SnoopyZombie167Regenerate, Blockm, -ma
4Dark PatchesFlesh Golem3547Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Dodge, Blockd
9GeezerGhoul621Dodge, +AG, Blockd
13TornadoZombie70Regeneratem, -ma
7RomeoWerewolf1759Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodge, Side Step, Guard 
7Golden BoyWerewolf20Catch, Frenzy, Clawd
15San FranciscoZombie7577Regenerate, +MA, Block, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Kickn
8Rippin KittinWerewolf1654Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodge, Side Step, Tackled
7Dead TiredWight57Block, Regenerate, Sure Handsd
16Sven StorkZombie126Regenerate, Blockd
6Body DoubleZombie186Regenerate, Blockm, n
2Sleepy JeanGhoul2746Dodge, Block, Guard, Mighty Blowd
5DecayZombie1816Regenerate, Block, Tacklem, n
5Barque SkyflowerWerewolf10Catch, Frenzy, Clawd
1Flesh GordonFlesh Golem3044Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Block, Guardd
14Mr. WallaceZombie5916Regenerate, Guard, Blockm, -av
6Redrum HowlerWerewolf415Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Guardm, n
1Fear the FleshFlesh Golem30Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firmm, n
6Dark ShepardWight33Block, Regenerated
9BasheepZombie222Regeneratem, -av
4Fear the DarkFlesh Golem3036Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Block, Guardn
10Bench SmurfZombie187Regenerate, Blockm, n
2Wild JokerWight1936Block, Regenerate, Tackle, +AG, +AGd
8Tyrone BiggumsWerewolf1010Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Blockd
11AmosZombie3751Regenerate, Block, Tackle, Kickd
5Logan LupisWerewolf2146Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Guard, Block, Dodged
6VladinatorWight1312Block, Regenerate, Tacklem, -ag
5KibblesWerewolf47Catch, Frenzy, Clawd
1KolobosFlesh Golem1824Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Dodgem, -av
9SorrowGhoul1727Dodge, Block, Guardd
10MardukZombie35Regeneratem, n
2ScytheWight1832Block, Regenerate, Tackle, Kick, Pass Blockn
13SatanZombie2216Regenerate, Block, +AGd
6UziWight1414Block, Regenerate, +AGd
15RaggakZombie4052Regenerate, Block, +AG, Sure Hands, Tacklen
2WyattWight36Block, Regenerated
16PythonZombie3726Regenerate, +AG, Sure Handsm, n
6SpriteGhoul10Dodgem, n
4PedroFlesh Golem2851Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Block, Guard, Tacklen
5Main VeinWerewolf1851Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodge, Side Step, Tacklen
13JamiroquaiWight511Block, Regenerate, +AGd
12SmashZombie8547Regenerate, Block, +MA, Tackled
9AxeZombie1311Regenerate, +AGm, n
5Filler JuniorZombie77Regenerate, Blockm, -st
1Heavy MetalFlesh Golem2654Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Block, Dodge, Frenzyn
10Jessica StevensonGhoul2016Dodge, Block, Diving Tackled
14K. UdezeZombie5020Regenerate, Block, Tacklem, -av
8Edgar WrightWerewolf30104Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodge, Tackle, Side Step, Diving Tackled
7TyresZombie4825Regenerate, Block, Tacklem, n
2BrianZombie2211Regenerate, Blockm, -ag
5Simon PeggWerewolf926Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, +STd
1Nick FrostFlesh Golem1216Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Blockn
15KainZombie154Regeneratem, n
13Jason ChatharmZombie1921Regenerate, Block, +MAd
7Hak Troll-GutterWerewolf32Catch, Frenzy, Clawd
14Foo-foo GoldenbeardZombie95Regenerated
4Praying MantisWight3351Block, Regenerate, Sure Hands, Tackle, +MA, Shadowingm, n
3DawgZombie94126Regenerate, +AG, Sure Hands, +AG, Block, Dodge, Pron, -st
11EnemyZombie5327Regenerate, Block, Tackled
10JunkyardZombie1710Regenerate, Blockd
9The GamblerWight2836Block, Regenerate, Sure Hands, Tackle, Kickd
7Light WolfWerewolf109Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Mighty Blowm, -st
8The ImpalerWight1111Block, Regenerate, Prod
15Modern Technology Destroying the Social FabricZombie1620Regenerate, Guard, Blockn
6Toe JammFlesh Golem4576Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Block, Dodge, Guard, Tacklen
3RubenZZombie120Regeneratem, n
2Black SteelWerewolf2978Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodge, Side Step, Tackle, Pron
2Bury the EvidenceWerewolf10Catch, Frenzy, Clawm, -av
11Dim SungGhoul1517Dodge, Block, Side Stepm, n
7Dark WolfWerewolf1331Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodge, Pron
1Big EarlFlesh Golem3232Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, +MA, Blockn
7Fur is MurderWerewolf35Catch, Frenzy, Clawm, -av
15JorangeZombie810Regenerate, Block-ag
10Red SnapperZombie2111Regenerate, Blockm, n
10NanookWerewolf11Catch, Frenzy, Clawd
9Smokey JenkinsWight2416Block, Regenerate, Tackle, Prod
8Flirting AgainFlesh Golem1614Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blowm, -av
13CrunchyZombie2816Regenerate, Block, +MAn
15Brad ReedZombie52Regeneratem, n
6Rem DreamsWight1716Block, Regenerate, Mighty Blow, Tacklen
6Magic HelmetZombie20Regenerated
6Bounty HunterWight10Block, Regeneratem, n
2Silver BulletWerewolf2052Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Nerves Of Steel, Dodge, Side Stepn
1Violently HappyFlesh Golem1519Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Blockm, n
16Snorre SturlassonZombie6346Regenerate, Block, +MA, Tackled
9Lex PainZombie85Regeneratem, n
1Boney SamWight44Block, Regeneratem, n
6Bloody KillerZombie60Regeneratem, -ag
3Sharptooth SamZombie3023Regenerate, +MA, Guard-ma
11GhouliaGhoul40Dodgem, n
10Iron ChefZombie1911Regenerate, Blockm, n
6Jazzy FreshWerewolf412Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Blockd
3Fear the FleshFlesh Golem70Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firmd
14GorditaZombie4815Regenerate, Blockd
12Ten Dollar DoggieWerewolf1117Catch, Frenzy, Claw, +ST, Blockd
11Splatter BonesGhoul51Dodged
16Jack "Juniper " JohnsonZombie90Regeneratem
10IrunmanWerewolf817Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, +MAn
9Zombie LoveZombie2013Regenerate, +MAm, n
2Black FrogWight2426Block, Regenerate, Tackle, Mighty Blowd
8Fear the GraveFlesh Golem3134Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Block, Guardn
7Woozy GhoulyGhoul3888Dodge, +AG, Block, Nerves Of Steel, Sure Hands, Pass Blockd
6Billy BobZombie1410Regenerate, +MAm, -ma
5Crazy EyesZombie7529Regenerate, Block, Tacklem, n
2Harry SharptoothWerewolf414Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Mighty Blowd
2AequiduckZombie30Regeneratem, n
4DeadclawZombie7195Regenerate, +MA, Block, +MA, +AG, Sure Handsn, -av, d
16HeimdallZombie95Regeneratem, n
4Scooby DreadWerewolf17Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Blockn
3Fear the JuggernautFlesh Golem2023Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Dodge, Mighty Blowd
7Karl KokaneeZombie55Regeneratem, n
1Red FrogWight3255Block, Regenerate, +AG, Sure Hands, +MA, Pass Blockn
11Ner\ Zuahn Li'tthiilmunZombie80Regenerate 
3Fear the PowerFlesh Golem50Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firmm, n
14Vitor BelfortZombie2121Regenerate, Block, Dirty Playern
1RemmyWight711Block, Regenerate, Tackled
1Ajax HammerWight36Block, Regenerate, Dirty Playern
14Eyes stitched shutZombie40Regenerate 
4BeowulfWerewolf1741Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodge, Side Stepm, n
7Jinx SnaggletoothGhoul1426Dodge, +AG, Passd
6Fleshin BonesFlesh Golem1213Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blowd
9Comatose KolobosGhoul3257Dodge, Block, Sure Hands, Diving Tackle, Side Stepm, n
8Crawdaddy ClawhandsWerewolf2568Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, +MA, Dodge, Side Stepd
7Silly DiceGhoul412Dodge, Blockd
2Fear the ReaperFlesh Golem3257Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Dodge, Mighty Blow, Blockd
4Chocolate DawgWerewolf1417Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Guardm, n
5Weird Al YankkovichZombie4328Regenerate, Guard, Blockd
11Thor LongbeardZombie3124Regenerate, +MA, Blockm, -ag
9Kronen BurgWerewolf918Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodgem, -av
12GonzZombie5744Regenerate, Block, Tackle, +AGd
7Viva LaRoiGhoul1218Dodge, Block, Diving Tackled
15RyzhakovZombie7644Regenerate, Block, +ST, Tackle-ag, n, m
10James BrownZombie197Regenerate, Blockm, n
9Justina JeffersonWerewolf56Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Blockd
13VorglukZombie6834Regenerate, Block, Kick, Tacklen
5Zee ZombieZombie90Regenerated
12Inga HoofheartedZombie20Regenerated
8La ChienneWerewolf2251Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodge, Mighty Blow, Prod
13Pete "spidey"Zombie55Regeneratem, -ma
4Luc ZemortGhoul2141Dodge, Block, Diving Tackle, Side Stepd
3Duc d'AquitaineWight4646Block, Regenerate, Tackle, Pass Block, Pro 
14Francis CharbonneauZombie396Regenerate, Blockm, n
6Bruno MarteauFlesh Golem3654Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Guard, Block, Tacklen
9Louis LaflecheGhoul34Dodged
14ForestZombie20Regeneratem, -st
7Jean Paul RottenfleshGhoul1831Dodge, Pass, Sure Hands, Accuraten
15Foulcraze The Berserk IIZombie1820Regenerate, Blockd
1Thierry FontaineWight4852Block, Regenerate, Tackle, Kick, Sure Hands, Pro 
9Quay LudeZombie20Regeneratem, -ma
5Wide AwakeZombie179Regenerate, Blockd
7Pierre LapointeGhoul54Dodged
4Claude LaFleurWerewolf1132Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Mighty Blow, Block, +STd
4RepeelsWerewolf211Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Mighty Blowm, n
10StubsZombie86Regenerate, Blockn
9InsomniaticGhoul106Dodge, Guardm, n
8NarcissusWerewolf2060Catch, Frenzy, Claw, +AG, Dodge, Block, Side Step-ag
11Digging the grave, I got it madeZombie225Regenerated
12Johnny RutledgeZombie2418Regenerate, Block, Kickn
10Gettin SleepyWerewolf916Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Blockd
9Rusty GloveGhoul1231Dodge, Block, Diving Tackle, Side Stepn
4Puppy ChowWerewolf1831Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodge, Diving Tackle-ag
15FarroqZombie247Regenerate, Blockm, n
10Moon WalkerWerewolf520Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Blockd
1PolisWight3229Block, Regenerate, Tackle, +AGd
9Red Riding HoodWerewolf1161Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Guard, Dodge, Tackled
6Death BedFlesh Golem3968Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Block, Guard, Tackled
5BlanketZombie3422Regenerate, Guard, Blockd
4PillowZombie125Regeneratem, n
3MetroWight4551Block, Regenerate, Tackle, Strip Ball, Sure Hands, Guardn
3Dark KnightWight10Block, Regenerated
1Scarlet NightmareWerewolf932Catch, Frenzy, Claw, +ST, Guard, Blockn, d
14Leo HartmannZombie3931Regenerate, Block, Kick, Tackle 
16Ulther FjorkinZombie10940Regenerate, Block, Tackle, Prom, n
10Forty WinksZombie82Regeneratem, -av
9Bed BugGhoul813Dodge, +STd
3Bloody PillowsWerewolf69Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Blockm, n
16Mies JepsZombie40Regeneratem
9Sleepless NightsGhoul30Dodged
8Opium SleeperZombie4028Regenerate, Block, Tacklem, n
4Wicked DreamsWight916Block, Regenerate, Tackled
3Doogie HowlerWerewolf622Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodgen
9RoineZombie50Regeneratem, n
10Helge the SmellyZombie65Regenerated
7Midnight RunnerGhoul5480Dodge, Block, Sure Hands, Side Step, Diving Tackled
6Nocturnal by NatureWerewolf1773Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodge, Tackle, Side Stepm, n
5Sleep WalkerFlesh Golem2455Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Dodge, Block, Mighty Blow, Guardd
3Human Victory CigarWerewolf710Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Blockm, n
13DivanZombie6638Regenerate, Block, Tackle, Dirty Player 
15FlexZombie329Regenerate, +MAm, -st
3Mike JamesGhoul511Dodge, Blockd
2Fear the FroFlesh Golem108154Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Block, Guard, +ST, Tackle, +MAn, d
9HunterGhoul1519Dodge, Block, Guardn
6TayshaunWerewolf1132Catch, Frenzy, Claw, +AG, Block, Jump Upd
8IsiahWerewolf1866Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, +MA, Dodge, +AGm, -st
14GitzbangZombie2922Regenerate, Block, Tacklem, n
6PrinceGhoul37Dodge, Blockm, n
7Ra SheedFlesh Golem2040Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Block, Mighty Blow, Guardm, n
4HamiltonWight3013Block, Regenerate, Tacklem, -st
1ChauncyWight4136Block, Regenerate, Tackle, +MA, Sure Handsm, -ma, -av, d, d
14Hay FeverZombie40Regeneratem, -ag
5EldenZombie137Regenerate, Blockm, n
3MehmetZombie107Regenerate, Guardm, -ma
4RipWight46Block, Regenerate, Sure Handsm, -ag
2Big BenFlesh Golem1635Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Block, Mighty Blow, Guardd
12Snopp DoggZombie67132Regenerate, +AG, Sure Hands, Block, +AG, +MA, Pass Blockn, n
5Silver BulletWerewolf521Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Guard, Blockn
11Gurt KerrunchZombie4721Regenerate, Block, Tackle-ag
12Itchy N'SketchyZombie75Regeneratem, n
16Rakp MaktZombie5134Regenerate, Block, Tackle, Kickd
8Ghoul LosheGhoul2231Dodge, Pass, Sure Handsd
8Vengad of VerdangundungZombie20Regenerated
5Six Teenth WolfWerewolf1850Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodge, Tacklem, -av
9ReaperZombie190Regeneratem, n
4Century WolfWerewolf2446Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodge, Side Stepm, n
1Buddy LeeFlesh Golem3235Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Block, Guard, Mighty Blowm, -ma
2General LeeFlesh Golem2817Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Block, Guardm, n
7Morning GloryWight3346Block, Regenerate, Tackle, Mighty Blow, +MAd
2Wild WillyGhoul31Dodged
6TornadoGhoul3738Dodge, Block, Sure Hands, Side Step-ma
2Murphy LeeFlesh Golem37Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Mighty Blowd
4Ice DogWerewolf1229Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodgem, n
14Jubbie PasanuecesZombie4037Regenerate, Mighty Blow, Block, Guardd
5Venus InfursWerewolf1727Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodgem, n
6Dirty VegasWight710Block, Regenerate, Tackled
4Sven VathWerewolf419Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dirty Playern
10Big Dumb Wight GuyWight5053Block, Regenerate, Tackle, Mighty Blow, Strip Ball, Pass Block-ma
7PhleaWerewolf419Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodge-ma, -ag
9KamikazeGhoul2041Dodge, Block, +ST, +ST-ma, d
12OdinZombie155Regeneratem, n
8InsanityGhoul1520Dodge, Block, Side Stepd
6BritZombie117Regenerate, Blockm, -ma
7Mansbest FriendWerewolf56Catch, Frenzy, Clawd
13BoournsZombie7651Regenerate, Block, Tackle, Guard, Pass Blockn
5Deo DoubleWerewolf1631Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodge, Kick-st
4Wight Guy Can't JumpWight1526Block, Regenerate, Tackle, Sure Handsm, n
15CrushZombie7768Regenerate, Block, +MA, Guard, Kick-ma, n
10FragileGhoul1136Dodge, Block, Sure Hands, Side Stepm, n
6Wing DogWerewolf20Catch, Frenzy, Clawm, n
3WordZombie7433Regenerate, Dirty Player, Kick, Blockn
8KillroyWight1318Block, Regenerate, Tackle, Kick-ag, d
15Leiðólfr IronaxeZombie60Regenerated
3El CidWerewolf36Catch, Frenzy, Clawd
15WargoatZombie22Regeneratem, n
7InsignificantGhoul1536Dodge, +ST, Block, +STn, n, m, n
11Pandoras BoxWerewolf914Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Blockm, -av
16PsychochildZombie6148Regenerate, Guard, Block, Tacklem, n
7RemixGhoul614Dodge, Blockd
12The SleeperWerewolf816Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dauntless-ma, d
3PaintingWight1310Block, Regenerate, Tacklem, n
10VirtualityGhoul2156Dodge, Block, Sure Hands, Side Step, +ST-av, m
8WindmillsWight1816Block, Regenerate, Tackle, Shadowingn
7The HealingGhoul731Dodge, Block, Sure Hands, Catchn
6ZagsZombie259Regenerate, Blockd
5FillerZombie3248Regenerate, Block, Tackle, Dirty Playerm, -ma
3Black Eyed SusanWerewolf32Catch, Frenzy, Clawd
4FlexZombie3214Regenerate, Blockd
3Black TulipWerewolf318Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, Dodgem, n
16SalZombie2010Regenerate, Blockd
8RazorWight60Block, Regeneratem
3SlickGhoul415Dodge, Blockm, n
13OuchZombie3722Regenerate, Block, Tackled
12YuckZombie1118Regenerate, Block, Tacklem, n
11JingleZombie2712Regenerate, Blockd
14StabZombie60Regeneratem, n
8NinjaGhoul107Dodge, Blockm, -ag
8KatanaGhoul28Dodge, Guardd
8DaggerGhoul31Dodgem, n
7CloakGhoul2240Dodge, Block, Side Step, +AGm, n
16RagnaZombie150Regeneratem, n
12MinogueZombie82Regeneratem, n
10HarveyZombie2713Regenerate, Blockd
9PJZombie6237Regenerate, Block, Kick, Tacklen, m
6Bad SeedWight1620Block, Regenerate, Tackle, Strip Balld
5Nick CaveWight2423Block, Regenerate, Tackle, Dirty Playerd
4Wild RoseWerewolf2682Catch, Frenzy, Claw, +AG, Block, Dodge, Pass Block, Dauntlessm, n
2Stagger LeeFlesh Golem86142Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Block, Guard, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Break Tackle, Multiple Block-av, m, -av
1Henry LeeFlesh Golem97126Regenerate, Thick Skull, Stand Firm, Block, Guard, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Break Tackle, Multiple Blockn, n
3Red Right HandWerewolf1731Catch, Frenzy, Claw, Block, +AG, Dodgen, m, n