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Past Players of Painelf
Team Page
10LivranaiCatcher45Catch, Nerves Of Steeld
11rufoloLineman60m, -av
7Tjik TjikLineman120m, -av
12SantialilLineman1710Dirty Playern, -ma
12Hit SanLineman10d
11SanagianLineman40m, d
17 Edward QuickorcLineman10d
15MachJacob XFL XILineman40-av
13MarinoLineman136Dirty Playern
12Benny FilchLineman110m, -ma, d
11Sad LiliLineman30-av
18Albert GrottysnakeLineman10d
10TamarinaCatcher3378Catch, Nerves Of Steel, Dodge, Block, Side Step, Kick, Diving Tacklem, m, d
6LocolaLineman3619Dirty Player, Wrestlem, m, d
12SassmanLineman65-ag, n
6Garth "hit me" hardLineman10-ag
2DrixxtaBlitzer1341Block, Side Step, Dodge, Tackle, Leapd
18Cory BluefistLineman10d
9ElinoLineman3918Kick, Wrestle-av
4ElinumeroCatcher10Catch, Nerves Of Steel-ma
8FelineaLineman128Dirty Playerd
3EdrinariCatcher1869Catch, Nerves Of Steel, Dodge, Block, Side Step, Diving Tacklem, m, d
8ElindiraCatcher10Catch, Nerves Of Steeln
14PilotakiaLineman1811Wrestlem, -st
10FilodrimisCatcher2581Catch, Nerves Of Steel, Dodge, Side Step, Wrestle, Strip Ball, Tackled
14Uedder Xelf XFL XLineman23d
8NorfCatcher822Catch, Nerves Of Steel, Dodge, Blockd
5RedicoloThrower3277Pass, Sure Hands, +AG, Dodge, Accurate, Blockm, -ag
10UlidriLineman1211+STm, d
2HaniarBlitzer2330Block, Side Step, +AG, Dodge-ma, m, m, d
5ChawderCatcher109Catch, Nerves Of Steel, Dodgem, d
10DeliriuoCatcher813Catch, Nerves Of Steel, Dodged
2TjotiBlitzer1432Block, Side Step, Dodge, Frenzy, Fendn
17William SilentstoneLineman10d
2MustliveBlitzer23Block, Side Stepn
2TjiempoloBlitzer26Block, Side Step, Mighty Blowd
7DimmerlyLineman8594+AG, Dodge, Block, +MA, Guardm, m, m, m, d
2Trickster lookaBlitzer26Block, Side Step, Dodge-av
9TaberLineman2625Dodge, Wrestled
3DebrisThrower3349Pass, +ST, Block, Dodgem, m, d
13UniriaCatcher58124Catch, Nerves Of Steel, +ST, Wrestle, Dodge, Tackle, Frenzym, -av, m, n
12NabilCatcher4140Catch, Nerves Of Steel, Dodge, Guard, Block-ma, -ma, m, -ma, d
11FangoLineman5930Dodge, Fendm, m, m, m, -ag, m, -av
10DieseLineman86Dirty Player-av, d
9OterotLineman67Blockm, n
8LaminatLineman3228Fend, Dodge-av
6PirerlakLineman5122Dirty Player, Leaderm, -av, d
5DumpapLineman1916Kick, Dirty Playerm, -av, d
4IriigaLineman4137Block, Dodge, Side Stepm, m, -ma, m, m, m, m, m, -ma, n
3Fats DringoLineman50m, -av
2OngaBlitzer816Block, Side Step, Guard, Dodge-ag, -av