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Past Players of Cartoon Network
Team Page
14CowChaos Warrior1931Block, Guard, Mighty Blown, -ma
4EdBeastman10Hornsm, n
5EddBeastman69Horns, Blockd
5EddBeastman13Hornsm, n
16Johnny BravoChaos Warrior1732Tentacles, +AG, Blockn
14Professor UtoniumChaos Warrior2541Block, Guard, Tackled
7BubblesBeastman1327Horns, Block, Guardd
16Johnny BravoChaos Warrior1418Block, Guardd
5EddBeastman817Horns, +AG, Blockd
8ButtercupBeastman2248Horns, Block, Dodge, Guardm, n
9BlossomBeastman2489Horns, Block, +MA, Dodge, Mighty Blow, +MA-ma, d
8BlossomBeastman48Horns, Blockd
6EddyBeastman49Horns, Block-st, m, n
14CowChaos Warrior2043Block, +ST, Guardm, n
4EdBeastman61124Horns, Block, Mighty Blow, Guard, Tackle, Prom
5EddBeastman2234Horns, Block, Guard, Mighty Blowd
4EdBeastman96Horns, Blockd
9ButtercupBeastman4257Horns, Block, Guard, +ST, Mighty Blowd
11BlossomBeastman3899Horns, Block, Tackle, +AG, Mighty Blow, Dodged
10BubblesBeastman61119Horns, Sure Hands, +MA, +AG, Block, +AGd
15SuzieChaos Warrior4677Block, Guard, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Tentaclesn
14Professor UtoniumChaos Warrior2726Block, Guardm, n
1DexterOgre2119Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Bone Head, Throw Team Mate, Big Guy, Guard, Break Tacklem, n
4CowBeastman717Horns, Blockd
7EddyBeastman2151Horns, Block, Tackle, Guard, Mighty Blow-ag, d
11BlossomBeastman2128Horns, Block, Guardn
10BubblesBeastman722Horns, Foul Appearance, Blockn, n
12ChickenBeastman6779Horns, Block, Guard, Claw, Tackle, Razor Sharp Claws-st, m, n
14Professor UtoniumChaos Warrior616Block, Guardn
2Dee DeeBeastman64113Horns, Block, Claw, Guard, Razor Sharp Claws, Frenzym, n
10BubblesBeastman1014Horns, Blockn
11Buttercup IIBeastman1516Horns, Block, Guardn, d
13Mojo JojoChaos Warrior8896+ST, Block, Tentacles, Stand Firm, +STn
9EddBeastman4273Horns, Block, Big Hand, Tackle, Mighty Blow-av, -ma, -av, d
12ChickenBeastman1931Horns, Block, Guard, Mighty Blowd
1DexterOgre36Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Bone Head, Throw Team Mate, Big Guy, Guardn
13Mojo JojoChaos Warrior25m, -st
14Professor Utonium JrChaos Warrior1118Block, +AGm, n
15SuzieChaos Warrior2956+ST, Block, Claw, Mighty Blow-ag, -av, -ma, m, n, n
8EddyBeastman3857Horns, Claw, Block, Guard, Tacklen, m, -ma
7BlossomBeastman3852Horns, Block, Frenzy, Guard, +MAd
4Bubbles IVBeastman2623Horns, Dirty Player, Blockm, n
11CowBeastman2636Horns, Block, Claw, Guardn, m
12HimBeastman614Horns, Dirty Player-av, d
13Mojo JojoChaos Warrior1726Block, Guardn
10Scooby IIBeastman11Hornsd
10Bubbles IIIBeastman27Hornsd
8EddyBeastman1716Horns, Block, Dirty Playerd
7CowChaos Warrior62m, n
15SuzieChaos Warrior179Block-ag, m, n
13StimpyChaos Warrior10m, n
12Professor UtoniumBeastman103Hornsm, n
7SupercowBeastman98Horns, Mighty Blowm, n
3Bubbles IIChaos Warrior611Clawd
5Dee Dee IIIBeastman4649Horns, Mighty Blow, Block, Guard-ag, m, n
9Edd IIBeastman56127Horns, Block, Razor Sharp Claws, +MA, Tackle, Mighty Blow, Guard-av, n
7Dee Dee IIBeastman48Horns, Blockd
11Shaggy IIBeastman4239Horns, Dirty Player, Block, Guardn
4BlossomBeastman53102Horns, Block, +MA, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Guardm, n
13Mojo JojoChaos Warrior2261Block, Razor Sharp Claws, Guard, Tacklen, d
14Professor UtoniumChaos Warrior70166Block, Claw, +AG, Razor Sharp Claws, Guard, Side Stepn, -ma
15SuzieChaos Warrior3351+AG, +AG, Block, Strip Balln, -av, n
10DaphneBeastman3421Horns, Block, Dirty Playern
9ShaggyBeastman1211Horns, Blockd
8EddyBeastman3427Horns, Block, Guardd
7EddBeastman715Horns, Blockm, n
6EdBeastman115146Horns, +AG, Block, Guard, Strip Ball, Mighty Blow, Kick-ma, d
16Johnny BravoChaos Warrior194282+ST, Block, Guard, Mighty Blow, +AG, Tentacles, Tacklen
5Dee DeeBeastman30Hornsm
4BlossomBeastman1115Horns, Blockd
3BubblesBeastman2025Horns, +MA, Blockd
2ButtercupBeastman93194Horns, Sure Hands, Pass, Block, Accurate, Tackle, Mighty Blow, Kickn
1DexterOgre7867Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Bone Head, Throw Team Mate, Big Guy, +ST, Block, Guard, Multiple Blockd