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Past Players of Uxel Darkies on tour
Team Page
11Dande IVLineman22-st
7Najdar IXBlitzer10Block-av
4Besar VILineman32-av
3Nahou XIILineman1314Guardm, d
7Najdar VIIIBlitzer1032Block, Dodge, Side Step, Frenzy 
3Nahou XILineman55d
8Sande VIIILineman2116Guard, Dodged
3Nahou XLineman813Dodged
2Indecáno XLineman97Dodgem, -ma
9Anseth IXBlitzer1932Block, Dodge, Side Step, Catchm
9Anseth VIIIBlitzer10Block-av
5Kovahas XILineman2831Dodge, Block, Pass Block 
10Royotuer IXLineman1111Dodgem, d
5Kovahas X Lineman20-st
3Nahou IXLineman911Dodgen
2Indecáno IXLineman71m, d
8Sande VIILineman1714Block-ag
10Royotuer IIXLineman79Dodged
7Najdar VIIBlitzer2431Block, Dodge, Strip Ball, Dauntlessm
2Indecáno VIIILineman50d
17Martin DirtystoneLineman10d
9Anseth VIIBlitzer1519Block, Dodged
10Royotuer VIIILineman45m, d
3Nahou VIIILineman113d
6Nildurn VIIILineman144-ma, n
5Kovahas IXLineman1315Block-st
4Besar VLineman3236Dodge, Block, Frenzym, m
5Kovahas VIIILineman612Wrestle 
5Kovahas VIILineman34n
2Indecáno VIILineman196Dodged
5Kovahas VILineman62n
2Indecáno VILineman30d
7Najdar VIBlitzer2431Block, Dodge, Frenzy, +AG 
9Anseth VIBlitzer2031Block, Dodge, Side Step, Fend 
5Kovahas VLineman46Block-av
6Nildurn VIILineman206Wrestle 
7Najdar VAssassin36Shadowing, Stab, Jump Up-ma
12Dande IIILineman6053Guard, Block, Dodge, +MAm, m
6Nildurn VILineman10d
3Nahou VIILineman2434Dodge, Block, Side Step 
2Indecáno VLineman99Dodge-ma
2Indecáno IVLineman10n
3Nahou VILineman40-av
2Indecáno IIILineman21-st
8Sande VILineman3732Dodge, Guard, +AVm
4Besar IVBlitzer3158Block, +ST, Dodge, Side Step, +STd
3Nahou VLineman52d
8Sande VLineman61-st
11Royotuer VIILineman3731Wrestle, Dauntless, Fendm, m
11Royotuer VILineman10n
6Nildurn VLineman1521Dodge, Wrestlem, m, -av
5Anseth VBlitzer2023Block, Dodge, Diving Tackled
9Najdar IVBlitzer2029Block, Dodge, Diving Tackle 
4Besar IIIBlitzer1324Block, Guard, Dodge-av
8Sande IVLineman106Dodgen
8Sande IIILineman10d
11Royotuer VLineman129Blockd
16Sande IILineman410Wrestled
5Anseth IVBlitzer1322Block, Dodge, Side Stepd
6Nildurn IVLineman1521Dodge, Wrestlem, -av
11Royotuer IVLineman50m
6Nildurn IIILineman31-ma
7Dande IILineman3635Dodge, Wrestle, Dauntlessm
9Najdar IIIBlitzer1819Block, Dodge, Side Stepd
6Nildurn IILineman20d
10Kovahas IVLineman4327Guard, Dodgem, m, -av
3Nahou IVLineman3328Dodge, Wrestled
3Nahou IIILineman20-ma
16Royotuer IIILineman1621Dodge, +AG 
6Kovahas IIILineman71-av
9Najdar IIBlitzer1520Block, Dodge, Strip Ball 
16Royotuer IILineman68Dodge-ma
6Kovahas IILineman60n
5Anseth IIIBlitzer2629Block, Dodge, Side Step 
4Besar IIBlitzer3447Block, +ST, Dodge, +AG-av
12Anseth IILineman30-av
15Kaho IIILineman25-ma
3Nahou IILineman1520Dodge, Wrestled
2Indecáno IILineman5550Dodge, Wrestle, Dauntlessd
15Kaho IILineman26Dirty Player-ma
15Fodder 1Lineman00 
9Royotuer IILineman98Dodge-av
13BesarAssassin77Shadowing, Stab, Guard 
10NahouBlitzer1238Block, Strip Ball, Leap, Dodge 
14NildurnLineman3829Block, Leaderm, d
12AnsethBlitzer1338Block, Tackle, Guard, Dodgem, m
11NajdarLineman2935Guard, Block, Dodged
8SandeLineman5342Guard, Block, Dodged
7DandeLineman4440Wrestle, Dauntless, Dodgem, d
6KovahasLineman1716Dodge, Wrestle-av, m
5TazilenLineman1821Dodge, Wrestled
4EsalanRunner2465Dump-Off, Leader, +AG, Dodge, Strong Arm 
3Mablung Runner1836Dump-Off, Nerves Of Steel, Safe Throw, Accuratem
2IndecánoBlitzer1530Block, Dodge, Side Stepd