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* * * Did you know? The player with the strongest arm is Cherrystone Hotpack with 5758 yards passed.
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Past Players of Drakensberg Raiders
Team Page
3Killing ThingsWerewolf920Frenzy, Claw, Regeneration, +MA, Blockm, -av
6Nr XYGhoul Runner1311Dodge, Blockd
9Saw Chain the SwiftZombie10Regeneration 
8Wo ReplacementZombie30Regeneration 
16Gregor CleganeZombie20Regeneration 
10Nr 15Zombie2610Regeneration, Dirty Playerm, d
5Sub ZombieZombie1720Regeneration, Dirty Player, Guardd
4Trey HideoussnakeZombie10Regeneration 
16King LurZombie10Regenerationd
10Lars LepraZombie60Regeneration 
9Jebras No FutureZombie1215Regeneration, Dirty Playerd
9Jeff OuchZombie10Regeneration-st
5Captain Dirty TrickZombie60Regenerationm
10Mr XflZombie40Regenerationd
4Another TryWight Blitzer2025Block, Regeneration, Dodge, Guardd
4The Next oneWight Blitzer22Block, Regenerationd
14Chief Judge McGruderZombie10Regeneration 
12RatsplasherWight Blitzer53117Block, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, Guard, Juggernaut, Tackle, Prom, -st
5The XFL VIII LinemanZombie1910Regeneration, Guardd
12Osmond LonestarZombie10Regeneration 
12Extra LimbsZombie10Regeneration 
15HowarasZombie6121Regeneration, Dirty Player, Wrestlem, m, -ma, d
8Dotke NightcatZombie4525Regeneration, Dirty Player, Wrestlen, m, -ma
6Replacement KillerGhoul Runner6371Dodge, Block, Side Step, Fend, +STm, m, -av, n
12Fc LossZombie205Regeneration-av
14NosebreakerZombie3025Regeneration, Dirty Player, Wrestle 
4NightwalkerWight Blitzer3443Block, Regeneration, Guard, Mighty Blow, Juggernaut-st
14Coma -Coma-CommaToesZombie10Regeneration 
10Vermouth DulceZombie5329Regeneration, Dirty Player, Wrestle-ag
14Mao Tse-TungZombie10Regeneration 
8SkullsGhoul Runner2322Dodge, Block, Side Stepd
4The GumpWight Blitzer136Block, Regeneration, Guardd
9Not againZombie577Regeneration, Wrestlem, d
15Peio IIZombie176Regeneration, Kickd
4Dr. DeadlockWight Blitzer713Block, Regeneration, Guardm, d
8Run as you canGhoul Runner1013Dodge, Blockd
6Jeff GoldGhoul Runner3340Dodge, Block, Side Step, Fendm, d
4RocksteadyWight Blitzer817Block, Regeneration, Dodge, Mighty Blowd
11Tripping 2Zombie7641Regeneration, Dirty Player, Wrestle, Tacklem, m
12Hit meZombie427Regeneration, Wrestlem, d
9Rickon StarkZombie2012Regeneration, Dirty Playerm, -av
14Crazy BeastWerewolf30107Frenzy, Claw, Regeneration, Block, Dodge, Sure Hands, Mighty Blow, Tackled
10Foul HimZombie3412Regeneration, Kickm, d
9Hit meZombie410Regenerationd
8Pile upon meZombie2010Regeneration, Dirty Player-ma, d
7Give me your ClawZombie3115Regeneration, Dirty Playerd
6Go for GoldGhoul Runner1711Dodge, +MAd
5ShinyWight Blitzer75144Block, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, Tackle, +AG, Juggernaut, Guardm, d
4Hui-BuiWight Blitzer1429Block, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, Tackled
3Death MachineWerewolf117324Frenzy, Claw, Regeneration, Block, Dodge, Tackle, Side Step, Mighty Blow, Fendm, -ag, d
2The Quiet OneFlesh Golem110143Stand Firm, Thick Skull, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, Block, Dodge, Guard, Tacklem, m, m, m, -ag, -av, m, -av, d
1The Bold OneFlesh Golem128178Stand Firm, Thick Skull, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, Block, Guard, Tackle, Frenzym, d