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Past Players of Contagious Plague
Team Page
15Xavier HotstoneRotter10Decay, Nurgle's Rot 
16GrimnarRotter30Decay, Nurgle's Rot 
15RagRotter10Decay, Nurgle's Rot-av
16RileRotter00Decay, Nurgle's Rot 
15RagRotter15Decay, Nurgle's Rotd
12RagRotter10Decay, Nurgle's Rot-ag
16BunterRotter30Decay, Nurgle's Rot-ag
15OldRotter10Decay, Nurgle's Rot 
13PeterRotter70Decay, Nurgle's Rotd
12Jack StrongspikeRotter30Decay, Nurgle's Rot 
15VileRotter30Decay, Nurgle's Rotn
14StoneRotter1510Decay, Nurgle's Rot, Dirty Playerd
15ZitRotter20Decay, Nurgle's Rot 
14RapeyRotter20Decay, Nurgle's Rotd
14BoogerRotter10Decay, Nurgle's Rotn, m
13MolestRotter92Decay, Nurgle's Rotd
15KarsiRotter42Decay, Nurgle's Rot-av
14RagRotter20Decay, Nurgle's Rotd
12RileRotter60Decay, Nurgle's Rotm, -av
13MolestRotter20Decay, Nurgle's Rotn
12RileRotter20Decay, Nurgle's Rotd
11Julius ClearsnakeRotter80Decay, Nurgle's Rotm
12RileRotter20Decay, Nurgle's Rotd
10RotRotter2321Decay, Nurgle's Rot, Dirty Player, Fendn, m
9GobiRotter35Decay, Nurgle's Rotn
14RotRotter45Decay, Nurgle's Rotm, d
13MolestRotter30Decay, Nurgle's Rot-ag
10RileRotter96Decay, Nurgle's Rot, Kick-ag, -av
11GoreRotter1410Decay, Nurgle's Rot, Kickd
12MolestRotter112Decay, Nurgle's Rotm, d
10RileRotter30Decay, Nurgle's Rotd
13RotRotter55Decay, Nurgle's Rotd
10MolestRotter20Decay, Nurgle's Rot-ag
10Evan EasterwoodRotter10Decay, Nurgle's Rot 
12RileRotter62Decay, Nurgle's Rotn, -ma
7ChpokerRotter10Decay, Nurgle's Rot 
7Rita DoveRotter10Decay, Nurgle's Rot 
15MolestRotter60Decay, Nurgle's Rotd
11Kryken RotRotter111Decay, Nurgle's Rotd
10DirtyfistRotter40Decay, Nurgle's Rot-ma
15GoreRotter20Decay, Nurgle's Rot-ag
9BlasphemePestigor2263Horns, Nurgle's Rot, Regeneration, Sure Hands, Block, Two Heads, Dodged
15MolestRotter25Decay, Nurgle's Rotd
12RotRotter109Decay, Nurgle's Rot, Leaderm, d
9BlasphemePestigor10Horns, Nurgle's Rot, Regenerationd
10ChristopherRotter20Decay, Nurgle's Rotn
13RileRotter126Decay, Nurgle's Rot, Kickn, d
9PresenceRotter40Decay, Nurgle's Rot 
12RotRotter40Decay, Nurgle's Rotd
13RagRotter32Decay, Nurgle's Rotd
14SpoiledRotter1910Decay, Nurgle's Rot, Blockm, m, n
16RotRotter10Decay, Nurgle's Rotd
16RagRotter10Decay, Nurgle's Rotd
15RileRotter35Decay, Nurgle's Rot-st
14RotRotter32Decay, Nurgle's Rotd
9 QaysRotter20Decay, Nurgle's Rotd
13RileRotter30Decay, Nurgle's Rot-st
12RotRotter20Decay, Nurgle's Rot-ag, m
10MolestRotter22Decay, Nurgle's Rotm, n
16MolestRotter20Decay, Nurgle's Rotd
8Demonic JenniferRotter10Decay, Nurgle's Rot 
8Death On The Nile IIIRotter10Decay, Nurgle's Rot 
1EpidemicRotspawn1911Mighty Blow, Disturbing Presence, Foul Appearance, Tentacles, Loner, Nurgle's Rot, Really Stupid, Regeneration, Guard-ma
10RagRotter1210Decay, Nurgle's Rot, Block-av, m
12MolestRotter65Decay, Nurgle's Rotn
7PoxPestigor3032Horns, Nurgle's Rot, Regeneration, Block, Sure Hands, Two Headsm, d
7GarmonRotter10Decay, Nurgle's Rot 
7PoxPestigor15Horns, Nurgle's Rot, Regenerationd
8ShinobiRotter20Decay, Nurgle's Rot 
14RatchetRotter20Decay, Nurgle's Rotm, d
11GloomRotter3118Decay, Nurgle's Rot, Block, Clawn, m, n, m, m
9InfectionPestigor1939Horns, Nurgle's Rot, Regeneration, Dodge, Block, Tackled
11Umbral UltimatumRotter10Decay, Nurgle's Rot 
9InfectionPestigor34Horns, Nurgle's Rot, Regenerationn
10AmyRotter166Decay, Nurgle's Rot, Blockd
9RajRotter30Decay, Nurgle's Rot 
8BlasphemePestigor916Horns, Nurgle's Rot, Regeneration, Block, Dodged
4PneumonicBloater5845Disturbing Presence, Foul Appearance, Nurgle's Rot, Regeneration, Block, Guard, Stand Firm-av, -ma, -ma
7PoxPestigor1520Horns, Nurgle's Rot, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, Claw-ma, m
1EpidemicRotspawn2227Mighty Blow, Disturbing Presence, Foul Appearance, Tentacles, Loner, Nurgle's Rot, Really Stupid, Regeneration, Stand Firm, Guardn, d
11GloomRotter30Decay, Nurgle's Rotd
12MolestRotter2214Decay, Nurgle's Rot, Dirty Playerm, d
13RileRotter3125Decay, Nurgle's Rot, Kick, Blockm, m, m, m, n, n, -ma
14RagRotter1214Decay, Nurgle's Rot, Kickm, n, d
15SwarmRotter42Decay, Nurgle's Rotd
16CloudRotter60Decay, Nurgle's Rotd
6Pestilence Pestigor3473Horns, Nurgle's Rot, Regeneration, Dodge, Block, Sure Hands, Side Stepn, d
5SepticemicBloater5043Disturbing Presence, Foul Appearance, Nurgle's Rot, Regeneration, Block, Guard, Stand Firmm, -ma, d
4PneumonicBloater44Disturbing Presence, Foul Appearance, Nurgle's Rot, Regenerationd