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Past Players of Blood and Booze
Team Page
5Karl YheteesonCatcher20Block, Dauntless-ma
3Erik YheteesonBerserker55Block, Frenzy, Jump Upm, -st
6Dave TrollsonLineman35Block-st
5Karl YheteesonCatcher118Block, Dauntless, Dodged
11Stan TrollsonLineman1615Block, Tackled
9Sam ButchersonLineman108Block, Dirty Playerd
9Sam ButchersonLineman15Blockd
10Heinz GrumfsonLineman2211Block, Tackled
9Ulrich GnomesonLineman10Blockd
6Konall PalsonLineman1110Block, Guardd
13Stan TrollsonLineman53Block-st
11Konall PalsonLineman18Block, Dauntless-av
9Stan TrollsonLineman20Block-av
8Grrr ThorCatcher3170Block, Dauntless, +MA, Dodge, +ST, Sure Handsm, d
10Heinz GrumfsonLineman719Block, Tackle, Fend-av
9Fern TrollsonThrower30Block, Passd
8Grrr ThorLineman30Blockm, d
12UlrichLineman1312Block, Tackle-st
7Bjarkmar FyrasonLineman259Block, Guardm, -ma, d
4Bjorg DrunkensornBerserker2750Block, Frenzy, Jump Up, Mighty Blow, Juggernaut, Guardm, n
7Bjarkmar FyrasonLineman310Block, Tacklen
5Vebrandr SkjoldsonCatcher2438Block, Dauntless, Dodge, +MA, Sure Handsm, m, d
4Stigandi AsgeirsonBerserker10Block, Frenzy, Jump Upd
11Sulki SigarsonLineman20Block-st
7Kollr KormakrsonLineman22Blockd
9Bolverkr ThormodrsonThrower1315Block, Pass, Leader-st
12Hlodvir LokasonThrower10Block, Pass-av
11Ellidagrimr JokulsonLineman1010Block, Kickd
8Skumr AgdasonLineman138Block, Guardm, d
7Klaus ThorsteinsonThrower814Block, Pass, Leadern, m, -ag
1Grundi TorbjornsonUlfwerenar1635Frenzy, Block, Mighty Blow, Guardn, d
11Reginbrand HeggrsonLineman80Blockd
10Skolmr ThorhaddrsonLineman2122Block, Tackle, Guardd
9Skeggi HjortsonLineman1311Block, Tacklem, m, -ma
8Hroald HelgasonLineman70Blockm, d
7Vadi ThorsteinsonLineman70Block-av
6Konall PalsonLineman3526Block, Strip Ball, Fendm, d
5Brand SolmundsonCatcher1975Block, Dauntless, Dodge, Side Step, +ST, Sure Hands-av, r
4Asmolfr OsvaldrsonBerserker2033Block, Frenzy, Jump Up, Mighty Blow, Juggernaut, Dodged
3Hals SkatasonBerserker4754Block, Frenzy, Jump Up, Dodge, Guard, Mighty Blow, Side Stepm, -ma, -av
2Kjarten EilafsonUlfwerenar2027Frenzy, Dodge, Blockd
1Bjarkmar KiotvasonUlfwerenar52Frenzyd