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Past Players of Die Harder!
Team Page
18Fredrick ClumsyshieldLineman10d
12Lonny VIII.Lineman67Wrestled
12Lonny VII.Lineman10n
10Lance X.Lineman60-av
7Leroy VII.Lineman1510Block-ma, d
10Lance IX.Lineman20d
4Gernot V.Gutter Runner30Dodge, Weeping Daggerd
17David ClumsyrockLineman10d
4Gernot IV.Gutter Runner23Dodge, Weeping Daggerd
10Lance VIII.Lineman75d
13Lobo VI.Lineman182m, d
3Lancaster VIII.Lineman2214Dirty Playerm, m, d
4Gernot III.Gutter Runner49Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Blockn
12Lonny VI.Lineman106Wrestled
13Lobo V.Lineman90d
7Leroy VI.Lineman1722Block, Kick-av
7Leroy V.Lineman20d
8Lionel VI.Lineman2930Wrestle, Dirty Player-ag, m, m, -st
13Lobo IV.Lineman77d
7Leroy IV.Lineman125-ag, n
2Ben II,Blitzer5559Block, Mighty Blow, Guard, Tackle, Juggernautm, -ma, m, m, m, d
10Lance VII.Lineman3026Block, Tacklem, m, n, m
13Lobo III.Lineman2332Block, Tackle, Fendd
12Leroy III.Lineman30d
7Lonny V.Lineman123d
8Lionel V.Lineman2625Kick, Blockm, m, -ma, d
10Lance VI.Lineman127Block-ag, d
10Lance V.Lineman20d
3Lancaster VII.Lineman4743Block, Dirty Player, Kickm, m, n, m, -ma, -av
6Gerwin II.Gutter Runner45108Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Wrestle, +AG, Strip Ball, Dauntless, Tackle-av, d
11LeonardLineman2410Guardm, m, d
11Leonard IV.Lineman45-st, d
9Gunther VI.Gutter Runner2977Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Horns, Guard, Block, Side Stepm, m, m, -ma, d
9Leonard III.Lineman10d
13Lance IV.Lineman150-ag, m, -st
13Lance III.Lineman10n
9Leonard II.Lineman45d
12Lobo II.Lineman2612Kickm, m, d
11Gunther V.Gutter Runner816Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Wrestle, Horns-ma, d
3Lancaster VI.Lineman237Wrestlem, -ag, d
7Thore V.Thrower2962Sure Hands, Pass, Block, +AG, +AG, Leaderm, m, -av, -ag
7Lancaster V.Lineman30n
10Lonny IV.Lineman2812Kickm, -av
12Lonny IIILineman30-av
8Lionel IVLineman3838Guard, Block, Fendm, m, d
7Thore IVThrower89Sure Hands, Passd
17William HardwingLineman10d
3Gunther IVGutter Runner1534Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Wrestle, Strip Ball, Dauntlessd
4Gernot IIGutter Runner87155Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Block, Side Step, Nerves Of Steel, Diving Tackle, Tacklem, m, m, m, m, -ma, -st
3Gunther IIIGutter Runner26Dodge, Weeping Dagger, +MA-st
8Lionel IILineman58Wrestled
7Thore IIIThrower10Sure Hands, Passd
15RalphRat Ogre88192Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Prehensile Tail, Loner, Wild Animal, Guard, Block, Pro, Stand Firm, Claw, Break Tacklem, m, -ag, m, m, d
7Thore IIThrower20Sure Hands, Passd
13Lance IILineman110n, d
11Lancelot IVLineman2610Wrestlem, m, m, -av
10Lancaster IVLineman1716Wrestle, Fendn, m, m, -ma, d
3Gunther IIGutter Runner1025Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Block, +AGm, d
8Lionel IILineman106Blockm, d
14LeonardLineman3926Wrestle, +AGm, d
12Lonny IILineman107Blockm, m, d
11Lancelot IIILineman40-av
12Lancelot IILineman60d
10Lancaster IILineman147d
9Leroy IILineman4530Kick, Blockm, -av, -ma, d
11LancasterLineman80m, d
7ThoreThrower2130Sure Hands, Pass, Block, Leaderd
6GerwinGutter Runner64183Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Wrestle, Horns, +MA, Two Heads, Strip Ball, Side Stepm, m, m, m, d
5GiselherGutter Runner84Dodge, Weeping Daggerd
4GernotGutter Runner2232Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Block, Side Step, Diving Tackle-ag, m, d
3GuntherGutter Runner1537Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Block, Side Step, Diving Tackled
2BenBlitzer85195Block, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Juggernaut, Guard, Grab, Fendm, -av, -ma, m, -ag