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Past Players of Jorvik Raiders
Team Page
9Tommen BaratheonWight Blitzer717Block, Regeneration, Guard, Dodged
7Senatlaan SunriderZombie50Regeneration 
15Laspso DomhnaillZombie20Regeneration 
13Zelda ZorseZombie10Regeneration 
12Daario NaharisZombie150Regeneration 
11Pkorjax the Stiletto-bootZombie210Regeneration 
4Real Deal Pearson VIZombie90Regenerationd
11Julius SilentfireZombie10Regeneration 
16Jeor MormontWight Blitzer2431Block, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, Guard, +MA-av
1Edric "Ned" DayneWerewolf2389Frenzy, Claw, Regeneration, Block, Dodge, +AG, Mighty Blow, +MAd
15Naughty VIZombie2611Regeneration, +AV-st
13Kfoged the season8 frostgiantZombie309Regeneration, Dirty Playerd
1Tormund GiantsbaneWerewolf2368Frenzy, Claw, Regeneration, Block, Dodge, Tackle, Side Stepd
10Elflaine BeakZombie130Regeneration 
3Catelyn StarkGhoul Runner2456Dodge, Pass, Sure Hands, Kick-Off Return, Diving Catch-st, m, d
3Someone who will die soonGhoul Runner20Dodged
3Someone you know will die soonGhoul Runner00Dodge 
5Hordor the re-risenFlesh Golem55Stand Firm, Thick Skull, Regenerationn
4Ty'nithwyn TorcadailllZombie337Regeneration, Dirty Playern
4Eliaf CavernstrikeZombie10Regeneration 
2Beric DondarrionWerewolf49145Frenzy, Claw, Regeneration, Block, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Guard, Dodged
1Mance RyderWerewolf1342Frenzy, Claw, Regeneration, Block, Dodge, +STd
7Roose BoltonWight Blitzer5877Block, Regeneration, Guard, Mighty Blow, +MA, Tackle, Grab-ag, d
9Gregor CleganeFlesh Golem5642Stand Firm, Thick Skull, Regeneration, Block, Guard, Diving Tackled
12DC CormierZombie181Regenerationn
10Hordor the risenFlesh Golem85Stand Firm, Thick Skull, Regeneration-av
3Uri MalmilianGhoul Runner1437Dodge, +MA, Block, Sure Hands-ag
15Prince JohnZombie202Regenerationm
9Bill the Ninja GolemFlesh Golem1119Stand Firm, Thick Skull, Regeneration, Guard, Blockn
8Please don't kill me.. i'm an elfWight Blitzer5165Block, Regeneration, Sure Hands, Dodge, Guard, Mighty Blowm, -ma, d
16Bjarke hin SpageFlesh Golem45Stand Firm, Thick Skull, Regenerationn
14Fredrick DeephammerZombie410Regenerationd
13Phil the illegal playerZombie427Regeneration, Dirty Player-st
9Awix of the Bad LandsWight Blitzer1016Block, Regeneration, +ST, Guardd
8Warrior Burkman IIZombie40Regeneration 
14Expensive Mistake i hate youGhoul Runner615Dodge, Sure Handsd
12El Dude the magnificentFlesh Golem3151Stand Firm, Thick Skull, Regeneration, Guard, Block, Jump Up, +STd
2"Mr. Fouler" to you, if I may!Zombie3315Regeneration, Dirty Playerm, d
8Fouling r0vbananZombie110Regenerationd
3Agile piece of woodGhoul Runner3680Dodge, Pass, Accurate, Sure Hands, Dump-Off, Blockd
14Michael BrownZombie20Regeneration 
16Richard ClearstreamZombie20Regeneration 
10KotohZombie4220Regeneration, Dirty Player, +AV-ma, -av
14Patience VIZombie30Regeneration 
14Andreas Philip HeideZombie20Regeneration 
12Will StillneedabenchZombie2319Regeneration, Guard, Block-ma, -st
7PalnatokeWight Blitzer6161Block, Regeneration, Guard, +AV, Mighty Blow, +AGm, d
1Rabies infested chihuahuaWerewolf62223Frenzy, Claw, Regeneration, Block, Tackle, Dodge, +AG, +MA, Side Step-ma, d
10Naked CroupieGhoul Runner1119Dodge, Sure Hands, Block-ma
2Mother-in-law from hellFlesh Golem307Stand Firm, Thick Skull, Regeneration, Guardd
9Edward PaleboneZombie3214Regeneration, Wrestle-st
14Jack PalespikeZombie50Regeneration 
8Voila!Zombie2623Regeneration, Wrestle, +AVn
10William Rufus (King William II)Zombie81Regenerationd
4StarWars KidZombie7421Regeneration, +AV, +AVm, n
2Brandur UlfgrimssonFlesh Golem1528Stand Firm, Thick Skull, Regeneration, Guard, Block-st
9Helgí SnorrisonZombie137Regeneration, Dirty Playerd
7Findabogar KristofsonWerewolf2163Frenzy, Claw, Regeneration, Block, Dodge, Tackle, Jump Upd
12Zachary QuickboneZombie239Regeneration, Frenzy-av
7Thorgrimm EgeskjoldZombie60Regenerationd
11Uffe hin SpageWight Blitzer63101Block, Regeneration, Guard, Tackle, Mighty Blow, Piling On, Prom, m, m, m
8Bjornulf Bridge BolværkGhoul Runner2434Dodge, Sure Hands, Block, Kick-Off Returnd
7Shame on MeZombie70Regeneration-ma
6useless thrall in wrong gearZombie3619Regeneration, Block, Dirty Player-av
4Thorsten ShieldbreakerZombie210Regenerationd
3Thorgrimson HeelflickerZombie5133Regeneration, Wrestle, Dirty Player, Fendm, m
13Catfight VZombie7221Regeneration, Dirty Player, Kickm, -ma
12Snorri SkumlebrædtGhoul Runner28Dodge, Sure Hands 
10Alexander FastboneZombie2710Regeneration, Guardn
12Fannar SkalgrimssonZombie30Regenerationd
3Walter BlumeZombie810Regeneration, Dirty Player 
7Frode HalgrimsonGhoul Runner1018Dodge, Sure Hands, Kick-Off Returnd
13Hey JudeZombie30Regeneration 
8Charlie bit my fingerZombie1820Regeneration, Dirty Player, Wrestle 
15Torbjørn HornkløveFlesh Golem102113Stand Firm, Thick Skull, Regeneration, Guard, Block, Mighty Blow, Break Tackle, Tacklem, m, -ag, m, d
14Sveín HalgrimssonGhoul Runner2149Dodge, Sure Hands, Block, Kick-Off Returnm, m, d
13Jake ChambersZombie120Regeneration 
12Håkon EinherjerZombie202Regeneration 
5Sanngriðr FárbautiWerewolf125330Frenzy, Claw, Regeneration, Block, Jump Up, Dodge, +AG, Tackle, Side Stepn
9Sigrdrífa the ValkyrieWerewolf44107Frenzy, Claw, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, Block, Tackle, Dodge, Jump Up-ma, d
12Ethelred II the UnreadyGhoul Runner36Dodged
9The Hairy ManZombie35Regenerationd
1Helgakviða HjörvarðssonarWight Blitzer71143Block, Regeneration, Tackle, Mighty Blow, +AG, Guard, +STm, d
11Sigrid KrakaWight Blitzer4256Block, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, Guard, Tackle, Diving Tacklem, m, d
10Sveni SkáldaspillirZombie3515Regeneration, Dirty Playern
9Ragnvald HirdsmandFlesh Golem37Stand Firm, Thick Skull, Regenerationd
8Geir FlokiZombie172Regenerationd
7Eyjolf FlokiZombie2919Regeneration, Wrestle, Dauntless-ma
6Arngrim FlokiZombie3712Regeneration, Blockm, m
5Harald FjolkyngisfolkWerewolf931Frenzy, Claw, Regeneration, Block, Dodged
4Svend pigtail GlenZombie3921Regeneration, Wrestle, Dirty Player 
3Björn CeltHerderZombie1712Regeneration, Sure Hands 
2Uffe hin SpageFlesh Golem5644Stand Firm, Thick Skull, Regeneration, Mighty Blow, Diving Tackle, Blockm, d
1Magnus AxespitterWerewolf26Frenzy, Claw, Regeneration, Blockd