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Past Players of Italo Disco Kings RL
Team Page
3Patrick Cowley IVBlitzer10Blockd
7Mauro Maurani XILineman60d
11Scotch XVLineman10d
16Jock Hattle XOgre10Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Bone-head, Loner, Throw Team-Mated
11Scotch XIVLineman66Blockd
16Jock IXOgre86Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Bone-head, Loner, Throw Team-Mate, Guard-ma
7Mauro Maurani XLineman188Kickn
10Tom Hooker IXCatcher2421Catch, Dodge, Guard, Grabm, d
7Mauro Maurani IXLineman111d
4Peter Jacques VIIIBlitzer2440Block, Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Diving Tackle-st
16Jock Hattle VIIIOgre2245Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Bone-head, Loner, Throw Team-Mate, Guard, Stand Firm, Grab-ma
7Mauro Maurani VIIILineman138Guard-st
11Scotch XIIILineman3219Kick, +MAm, d
10Flemming Dalum XVLineman110d
11Scotch XIILineman22-ag
15Ken Laszlo XILineman5218Block, Guardm, m, m, m, n
10Scotch XILineman10d
7Mauro Maurani VIILineman70d
5Kano IXThrower68Sure Hands, Pass, Strong Armd
1Peter Jacques VIIBlitzer4039Block, Guard, Stand Firm, Grabm, m, m, -av
9Flemming Dalum XIVLineman60d
12Brian Ice XIICatcher1623Catch, Dodge, Guard, +MAd
15Ken Laszlo XIVLineman86Fend-ma
14Paul Parker IIICatcher3618Catch, Dodge, Sneaky Git, Dirty Playerm, m, -ma
11Tom Hooker VIIILineman120d
10Scotch XLineman106Fendm, -ma
14Paul Parker IICatcher20Catch, Dodge-ma
15Ken Laszlo XIIILineman50-ag, m
2Antenello Difino VIIBlitzer2738Block, Diving Tackle, Mighty Blow, Tacklem, m, -ma
14Paul ParkerCatcher65Catch, Dodged
4Peter Jacques VIIIBlitzer3389Block, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Juggernaut, Frenzy, +AGn
15Ken Laszlo XIILineman910Fendd
4Peter Jacques VIIBlitzer36Block, Mighty Blow-st
11Tom Hooker VIILineman156Fendd
15Ken Laszlo XILineman60-ma, d
11Tom Hooker VILineman60n
1Peter Jacques VIBlitzer3339Block, Guard, Stand Firm, Shadowingm, -av
12Brian Ice XICatcher278Catch, Dodge, Sneaky Gitd
9Flemming Dalum XIILineman277Fendm, m, m, d
10Scotch XLineman2523Fend, Wrestlen
5Kano VIIIThrower3765Sure Hands, Pass, Block, Tackle, Guard, +AG-av
9Flemming Dalum XILineman30-ag
10Scotch IXLineman40-st
9Flemming Dalum XLineman45d
15Ken Laszlo XLineman1510+MAm, -av
6Joe Yellow XIIIThrower1226Sure Hands, Pass, Block, +STm, d
9Flemming Dalum IXLineman83-av
14Brian Ice XCatcher3319Catch, Dodge, Sneaky Git, Dirty Playerm, m, d
13Bobby Orlando XIICatcher63119Catch, Dodge, Sneaky Git, +MA, +AG, Sprint, Sure Feetm, m, m, m, d
15Ken Laszlo IXLineman85m, -st
12Brian Ice IXCatcher2333Catch, Dodge, Sneaky Git, Dirty Player, Guard-av
11Tom Hooker VILineman2718Guard, Blockd
5Kano VIIThrower2236Sure Hands, Pass, Block, Frenzy, Tacklem, m, n
6Joe Yellow XIIThrower1312Sure Hands, Pass, Blockm, -st
4Peter Jacques VBlitzer3568Block, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Diving Tackle, Dodgem, -ma, m, d
2Antenello Difino VIBlitzer4366Block, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Frenzy, Juggernautm, m, m, -ma, -ag
16Jock Hattle VIIOgre7463Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Bone-head, Loner, Throw Team-Mate, Guard, Stand Firm, Grab, Break Tacklem, m, d
11Tom Hooker VLineman27Kickd
3Patrick Cowley IIIBlitzer11188Block, Guard, Stand Firm, +ST, Grab, +MAm, m, m, m, m, m, m, m, m, m, d
1Peter Jacques VBlitzer3632Block, Guard, Stand Firm, Diving Tacklem, -ag
5Kano VIThrower1322Sure Hands, Pass, Block, +AGd
14Brian Ice VIIICatcher1622Catch, Dodge, Wrestle, Dauntless-av, m
10Scotch VIILineman3117Block, Fendm, m, m, m, d
7Mauro Maurani VILineman7579Block, Frenzy, +AG, Dauntless, Fendm, m, -ma
2Antenello Difino VBlitzer1341Block, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Diving Tacklem, m, d
7Mauro Maurani VLineman22d
14Brian Ice VIICatcher30Catch, Dodged
11Tom Hooker IVLineman169Kickd
16Jock Hattle VIOgre1319Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Bone-head, Loner, Throw Team-Mate, Guard, Stand Firmd
15Bobby Orlando XICatcher1417Catch, Dodge, +AG, Side Step-av
14Brian Ice VICatcher20Catch, Dodged
16Jock Hattle VOgre40Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Bone-head, Loner, Throw Team-Mate-ma
15Bobby Orlando XCatcher20Catch, Dodged
11Tom Hooker IIILineman80-av, -ma, m
10Scotch VILineman1617Fend, +MAm, d
8Angel IVCatcher10557Catch, Dodge, Sneaky Git, Dirty Player, Wrestle, Diving Tacklem, m, m, m, n
9Flemming Dalum VIIILineman4724Guard, Blockd
12Ken Laszlo VIIILineman227+STm, d
1Giorgio Moroder IVBlitzer2737Block, Frenzy, Juggernaut, Guardm, d
12Ken Laszlo VIILineman20n
7Mauro Maurani IVLineman2010Kick-ag, m, d
6Joe Yellow XIThrower3941Sure Hands, Pass, Leader, Kick-Off Return, +MAm, d
16Jock Hattle IVOgre47Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Bone-head, Loner, Throw Team-Mate, Guardd
18 Paul ClearfistLineman10d
6Joe Yellow IIIThrower32Sure Hands, Passd
3Patrick Cowley IIBlitzer3951Block, Dodge, +ST, +MAm, m, d
16Jock Hattle IVOgre10Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Bone-head, Loner, Throw Team-Maten
9Flemming Dalum VIILineman80-av
14Brian Ice VIICatcher1722Catch, Dodge, Wrestle, Dauntless-av
2Antenello Difino IVBlitzer3741Block, Guard, +ST, Stand Firmd
11Tom Hooker IIILineman205d
12Ken Laszlo VILineman100d
1Giorgio Moroder IIIBlitzer1933Block, Frenzy, Juggernaut, Guardd
9Flemming Dalum VILineman76Guard-av
9Flemming Dalum VLineman10-av
10Scotch VILineman147Fendm, m, -av
14Brian Ice VICatcher129Catch, Dodge, Dirty Playerd
10Scotch VLineman20d
11Tom Hooker IILineman110-ag
14Brian Ice VCatcher30Catch, Dodged
11Tom HookerLineman20-ma
7Mauro Maurani IIILineman289Fendm, -ma
12Ken Laszlo VLineman169Kickm, n
2Antenello Difino IIIBlitzer2136Block, +AG, Guard, Stand Firmn
16Jock Hattle IIIOgre2018Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Bone-head, Loner, Throw Team-Mate, Guard, Stand Firm-ag, m, m, d
13George Martin IIICatcher60105Catch, Dodge, +AG, Block, Side Step, Tackle, Dauntlessm, m, d
15Joe Yellow IIThrower2623Sure Hands, Pass, Wrestle, Tacklen
9Flemming Dalum IVLineman210-av
7Mauro Maurani IICatcher516Catch, Dodge, Wrestle, Dauntlessm, d
4Peter Jacques IVBlitzer74193Block, Mighty Blow, Tackle, +MA, +AG, Dodge, Guardm, m, m, d
14Brian Ice IVLineman158Fendm, -ag, d
10Scotch IVLineman200-av
6Bobby Orlando IICatcher3828Catch, Dodge, Wrestle, Dauntlessm, m, m, -av
1Giorgio Moroder IIBlitzer3285Block, Mighty Blow, Frenzy, Juggernaut, Stand Firm, Dodged
4Peter Jacques IIIBlitzer724Block, Mighty Blow, Frenzyd
16Jock Hattle IIOgre1626Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Bone-head, Loner, Throw Team-Mate, Guard, Stand Firm-ma
14Brian Ice IIILineman90d
14Brian Ice IILineman70d
8Angel IIICatcher60134Catch, Dodge, +AG, Block, Side Step, +AG, Sprintm, m, m, -st
9Flemming Dalum IVLineman137+MAd
10Scotch IIILineman150-av
9Flemming Dalum IIILineman20m
5Kano IVThrower94192Sure Hands, Pass, Accurate, +AG, Block, Tackle, Hail Mary Pass, +MAm, m, m, -av, n
10Scotch IILineman30d
12Ken Laszlo IVLineman4010Fendm, m, -ma, -av
11Bobby OrlandoLineman386Kickm, -av
13George Martin IICatcher2618Catch, Dodge, Sneaky Git, Dirty Playerm, m, -av
9Flemming Dalum IILineman130d
10Ken Laszlo IIILineman50-av
2Antenello Difino IIBlitzer4481Block, Mighty Blow, +MA, Tackle, Stand Firm, Shadowingm, m, m, m, d
10Ken Laszlo IILineman30-st
5Kano IIIThrower1618Sure Hands, Pass, Strong Arm, Accurate-ma
4Peter Jacques IIBlitzer3477Block, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Guard, Stand Firm, +MAm, d
20 Aaron HideousorcLineman10d
15Joe YellowThrower4860Sure Hands, Pass, Accurate, Wrestle, Guard, Tacklem, m, d
8Angel IICatcher3039Catch, Dodge, Block, Guard, Side Stepd
14Brian IceLineman3416Kick, +AGn
9Flemming DalumLineman150-ma, -ma
5Kano IIThrower818Sure Hands, Pass, Block, Leader-av
16Jock HattleOgre4354Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Bone-head, Loner, Throw Team-Mate, Guard, Block, Stand Firm, Grabn, -ag
12Joe YellowLineman66Kickd
15George MartinCatcher117Catch, Dodge, Blockd
10Ken LaszloLineman20d
8AngelCatcher75Catch, Dodge-av
7Mauro MauraniCatcher4986Catch, Dodge, +ST, Block, Tackle, +MA, Side Step-av
6Bobby OrlandoCatcher4944Catch, Dodge, Wrestle, Dauntless, Frenzym, n
5KanoThrower46Sure Hands, Pass, Blockd
4Peter JacquesBlitzer1352Block, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Dodge, +AG-av
3Patrick CowleyBlitzer9093Block, Dodge, Mighty Blow, Guard, Stand Firm, Shadowingm, m, m, m, d
2Antenello DifinoBlitzer1523Block, Mighty Blow, Tacklem, m, m, d
1Giorgio MoroderBlitzer5050Block, Frenzy, Juggernaut, Stand Firmm, m, m, d