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Past Players of Wanderers of the Forest
Team Page
9jon l'espoirLineman20d
3Gilles BouleauTreeman1117Mighty Blow, Stand Firm, Strong Arm, Thick Skull, Loner, Take Root, Throw Team-Mate, Guard, Grabd
11Pow WowThrower1217Pass, +MA, Sure Handsd
10King WoodLineman85n
15Mighty BobLineman20m, d
12Tino LegoLineman2321Dodge, Block-ma
14lawofthewest dedicaceLineman2418Dodge, Block-ma
14Asteroid XCV15Lineman71d
14Major TomLineman10d
11Rick DangerousLineman110m, d
10Didier SuperLineman136Kickd
8Pas correctLineman2613Dodge-ma, m, m, d
10Rocky IIILineman60d
2allez la bordelWardancer31104Block, Dodge, Leap, +AG, Tackle, +AG, Strip Ball, Side Stepm, m, m, n, -ag
2Hal JordanWardancer310Block, Dodge, Leap, Tackled
7Jean NeigeLineman4457Mighty Blow, Block, Tackle, Dodgem, -ma, -av
15pipo passThrower2734Pass, Dump-Off, Nerves Of Steel, Accurate-ag
5Woody TelescopeCatcher3956Catch, Dodge, Sprint, Block, +AG, Guard, Leapm, m, m, -ma, d
14Itchi OuchLineman1811Dodged
5Catchy dodgyCatcher931Catch, Dodge, Sprint, +AG, Block, Diving Tacklem, d
13Hans KruberLineman4992Dodge, Block, Mighty Blow, Tackle, +AGm, m, -ag, n, -ma
12Armand OxygenusLineman377Dodgem, -ma, m, -av
5Tony BrownCatcher311Catch, Dodge, Sprint, Blockd
17William GrottysnakeLineman10d
6Johnny Billy BobLineman497Dodgem, m, -av, m
17Graham StrongrockLineman10d
10LinoproLineman2016Block, Dodgem, -ag, -ag, d
6Speedy Lineman10d
17Duane PalehawkLineman10d
5Il se bagarre !Catcher619Catch, Dodge, Sprint, Guard, Blockn
1Pentium XIIWardancer3371Block, Dodge, Leap, Tackle, +AG, Strip Ball, Side Stepm, -ma, -av
3Tronc binoscopeTreeman6340Mighty Blow, Stand Firm, Strong Arm, Thick Skull, Loner, Take Root, Throw Team-Mate, Guard, Grab, +MAm, m, m, d
11Ion IonLineman4216Dodge, Guardm, d
6Bob BeckThrower67Pass, Dump-Off-av, d
17Aaron StronglightningLineman10d
1Pentium XWardancer1136Block, Dodge, Leap, +AG, Strip Ball, Tacklem, n
2PipomoloWardancer4176Block, Dodge, Leap, Tackle, Strip Ball, Side Step, Wrestle, +MAm, m, d
2Pentium VWardancer39Block, Dodge, Leap, +AG-av
19Julius DirtyorcLineman10d
8Olala !Lineman4661Mighty Blow, Block, Tackle, Jump Upm, m, -ma, n, -av
1Tripod IIIWardancer1152Block, Dodge, Leap, +AG, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Juggernautn
1Gary HightowerWardancer39Block, Dodge, Leap, Tackled
7Ken YokaLineman5462Mighty Blow, Block, Juggernaut, Jump Up-ag, m, d
1Sharukh KhanWardancer412Block, Dodge, Leap, Mighty Blowd
3O Boulot !Treeman2938Mighty Blow, Stand Firm, Strong Arm, Thick Skull, Loner, Take Root, Throw Team-Mate, Block, Guard, Grab-ag, d
1Captain TouchdownWardancer26Block, Dodge, Leap, Tackled
18Xavier HardorcLineman10d
12Captain PassThrower1127Pass, Accurate, +MAm, -av, -av, d
8du solide !Treeman20Mighty Blow, Stand Firm, Strong Arm, Thick Skull, Loner, Take Root, Throw Team-Mated
7Mais non c'est pas lui !Lineman711Dodged
10Tony MoloLineman4337Dodge, Block, Kickm, n, d
10Go go goLineman10d
6La vitesse !!!Lineman248Dodgem, m, d
11Recabo !!Lineman3611Blockm, m, m, m, m, d
3Poignée dans l'angle Lineman160-ma, m, m, m, n
3Ils n'ont aucune chance de nous rattraperLineman10d
7BolilolLineman148Dodgem, d
2The dudeWardancer3776Block, Dodge, Leap, Tackle, Mighty Blow, Strip Ball, +MAm, -ma, d
11allez allez allez.......ohLineman118Mighty Blowm, -ag, -st
10l'homme cléLineman1723Mighty Blow, Blockd
3L'homme de ligneLineman62d
17Zachary VilebrookLineman10d
9Aspic DestructorLineman122177+ST, Block, +ST, Dodge, +MA, Sure Handsm, m, m, m, m, m, d
10Chelou quand même !Lineman40d
9Non non non !!Lineman20-ma, -st
6Ronald PognonLineman201-ma, -av, -ma
8Olala ! Mais qui est ce joueur !Lineman3164Mighty Blow, Block, Jump Up, Tackled
7Patte de lapin espérons le !Lineman1212Wrestlen
15Woody the XFL IX Prize!Lineman31m, d
9Barito le conseil Lineman10 
3Polo conseil & auditLineman116Dodgem, d
14Kiwi 2000Thrower37103Pass, Dump-Off, Accurate, +MA, Nerves Of Steel, Dodgem, d
13Ils n'ont aucune chance de nous rattraperCatcher931Catch, Dodge, Sprint, Block, Diving Tackle, +STm, n
12L'homme de pailleLineman142n
10Pourquoi lui ?Lineman115m, -ag
9Tibo L'anguilleLineman31-ma, -ma
17Brian ClumsyshieldLineman10d
17William HardbrookLineman10d
5Il va très vite !!Catcher76132Catch, Dodge, Sprint, Block, Side Step, +MA, Sure Feet, Diving Tacklem, m, m, m, m, -av, m, m, m, d
16L'as de trefleTreeman4335Mighty Blow, Stand Firm, Strong Arm, Thick Skull, Loner, Take Root, Throw Team-Mate, Grab, +MA, Guardd
17Paul SilentfistLineman10d
13L'homme de pailleLineman15n
1Penitum 4Wardancer49157Block, Dodge, Leap, Mighty Blow, +MA, +MA, Tackle, Strip Ballm, m, m, d
12Franck MarshallCatcher716Catch, Dodge, Sprint, Block, Side Stepm, n
10Brown CudmoreLineman914Dodged
7Osmond ColdbrookLineman2626Wrestle, Tackle-av, m
11Martin ColdstreamCatcher3389Catch, Dodge, Sprint, Block, Side Step, Diving Tackle, +MA, Sure Feetm, -ma, m, -av
10Duane WhitebrookLineman50-ag
9Fredrick ClearorcLineman2118Dodge, Block-st
8Paul GoldsnakeLineman2922Dodge, Leaderm, m, m, m, m, -av
7Julius HotorcLineman62-st
6Xavier GoldtreeLineman3416Kickm, m, m, d
5Trey WeakfieldLineman176Kickm, m, m, -av, -av
4David QuickspikeLineman3435Dodge, +AG, Blockm, -ma, n
3Yorick GoldboneLineman2823Dodge, Blockm, m, m, d
2Robert GoldeagleWardancer41121Block, Dodge, Leap, +ST, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Guard, Strip Ballm, m, m, -ma, m, d
1Evander DeepbrookWardancer1432Block, Dodge, Leap, Strip Ball, +MA, Mighty Blowm, m, n