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Past Players of The_Acolytes(A Toecutter Gang)
Team Page
17 Harold ClumsywingBeastman Runner10Hornsd
9StarbuckBeastman Runner810Horns, Dodged
4CundaliniChosen Blocker20n
18 Aaron DeepbrookBeastman Runner10Hornsd
5DiabandoBeastman Runner920Horns, +MA, Blockm, d
11ClunkBeastman Runner70Hornsd
7Johnny The BoyBeastman Runner50Hornsn
4CundaliniChosen Blocker621Block, Guard-av
4CundaliniChosen Blocker10d
14SilvertoungeBeastman Runner10Horns-ag
7ClunkBeastman Runner20Horns-st
9StarbuckBeastman Runner100Horns-ma
9StarbuckBeastman Runner20Hornsd
2Bubba ZanettiChosen Blocker1131Block, Mighty Blow, Claw-st
12Biker on BeachBeastman Runner40Horns-av
2Bubba ZanettiChosen Blocker36Blockm, d
14SilvertoungeBeastman Runner40Hornsd
9StarbuckBeastman Runner70Hornsm, d
7ClunkMinotaur1322Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Horns, Loner, Wild Animal, +AV, Claw 
11Johnny the BoyBeastman Runner192Horns-ag, -ma
2Bubba ZanettiChosen Blocker1112Blockd
13People's ObserverBeastman Runner2851Horns, +MA, Block, Dodge, Two Headsm, d
12Biker on BeachBeastman Runner110Horns-ag
11Johnny the BoyBeastman Runner35Hornsm, m, d
4CundaliniChosen Blocker2735Block, Mighty Blow, Clawn
6MudgutsBeastman Runner10Horns-st
11DonnieBeastman Runner10Horns-av
6MudgutsBeastman Runner20Hornsn
10Grease RatBeastman Runner30Horns-av
16Johnny The BoyBeastman Runner76Horns, Block-st
4CundaliniChosen Blocker612Mighty Blowd
16Johnny The BoyBeastman Runner10Hornsn
11People's ObserverBeastman Runner20Hornsm, -st
1ToecutterChosen Blocker4269Mighty Blow, Claw, Block, Guardm, m, m, m, d
12Johnny The BoyBeastman Runner40Hornsd
12Johnny The BoyBeastman Runner30Horns-ma
14SilvertoungeMinotaur821Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Horns, Loner, Wild Animal, Block, Claw-ma
13Biker On BeachBeastman Runner228Horns, Wrestlem, -av
7ClunkBeastman Runner3240Horns, +AG, Dodge, Blockm, d
10Grease RatBeastman Runner2717Horns, Diving Tackle, Prehensile Taild
8FloozieBeastman Runner6556Horns, Block, Mighty Blow, Claw, Guardm, m, m, d
2Bubba ZanettiChosen Blocker42101Block, Mighty Blow, Guard, Claw, Prehensile Tailm, n
5DiabandoBeastman Runner6989Horns, +AG, Block, Tackle, +AG, Strip Ballm, d
1ToecutterChosen Blocker2942Block, Mighty Blow, Tentacles-ag, m
11People's ObserverBeastman Runner318Horns, Dirty Playerm, -av
12Johnny the BoyBeastman Runner2440Horns, +AG, Block, Sure Handsm, m, m, d
8Lobotomy EyesBeastman Runner101Horns-ma, n
7ClunkBeastman Runner2214Horns, Blockm, m, n
13Biker on BeachBeastman Runner90Hornsd
13Biker on BeachBeastman Runner10Hornsn
12FloozieBeastman Runner815Horns, Blockd
7ClunkBeastman Runner60Hornsd
4CundaliniChosen Blocker4577Block, Claw, Mighty Blow, Tacklem, d
7ClunkBeastman Runner15Hornsd
5DiabandoBeastman Runner1739Horns, Mighty Blow, Block, Tacklem, d
6MudgutsBeastman Runner4870Horns, +MA, Extra Arms, Block, Two Headsm, m, m, n
5DiabandoBeastman Runner20Horns-av
5MudgutsBeastman Runner40Hornsd
9StarbuckBeastman Runner7210Horns, Dirty Playerm, m, m, -ag, d
5MudgutsBeastman Runner25Hornsd
5MudgutsBeastman Runner23Hornsd
8Johnny The BoyBeastman Runner1722Horns, Block, +MA-ag, -av
9StarbuckBeastman Runner86Horns, Juggernaut-st
9StarbuckBeastman Runner10Horns-av
7ClunkBeastman Runner162Horns-av
5MudgutsBeastman Runner60Horns-ag, d
1The ToecutterChosen Blocker2929Dodge, Blockm, m, d
11People's ObserverBeastman Runner2965Horns, +ST, +MA, Block, Extra Armsm, d
5MudgutsBeastman Runner30Horns-ma
5MudgutsBeastman Runner10Hornsd
10Grease RatBeastman Runner4729Horns, Dirty Player, Sneaky Gitm, d
7StarbuckBeastman Runner137Horns, Wrestled
12FloozieBeastman Runner3116Horns, Wrestle, Tacklem, n
11DonnieBeastman Runner1211Horns, Tackle-av
9ClunkBeastman Runner1516Horns, Block, Tacklem, n
3The NightriderChosen Blocker810d
7StarbuckBeastman Runner711Horns, Blockd
10PyroBeastman Runner91Horns-av
9ClunkBeastman Runner55Hornsn
8Johnny the BoyBeastman Runner2326Horns, Dirty Player, Blockm, m, m, d
2Bubba ZanettiChosen Blocker57101Block, Claw, Mighty Blow, Guard, Grabd
7StarbuckBeastman Runner122Horns-st
9ClunkMinotaur116Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Horns, Loner, Wild Animal, Juggernautm, -ma
7Johnny the BoyBeastman Runner25Hornsn
8Albert DeeporcBeastman Runner171Hornsd
11Duane ColdspikeBeastman Runner195Hornsm, -st
3The NightriderChosen Blocker1934Mighty Blow, Block, +STm, m, d
1The ToecutterChosen Blocker4068Mighty Blow, +ST, Dodge, Blockm, d
12Osmond HardhammerBeastman Runner2217Horns, Dirty Player, Foul Appearancen, -ag
8PyroBeastman Runner33Hornsd
11TweakBeastman Runner30Horns-ma
10AresenoBeastman Runner2217Horns, Sneaky Git, Blockm, m, m, d
9Johnny the BoyBeastman Runner115Hornsm, -ma
8ClunkBeastman Runner20Hornsd
7StarbuckBeastman Runner74Hornsd
6DiabandoBeastman Runner59107Horns, Block, Dodge, Extra Arms, Sure Hands, +STm, -st
5MudgutsBeastman Runner3626Horns, Tackle, Wrestlem, d
4CundaliniChosen Blocker62116Mighty Blow, Block, Claw, Tackle, +AG-ma, d
3NightriderChosen Blocker50n
2Bubba ZanettiChosen Blocker2458Block, Claw, Mighty Blow, Guard-ma
1ToecutterChosen Blocker45d