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Past Players of Jakesonville Jortles
Team Page
16Jakewuane SmootLineman26+AGd
15Jakesiah ScottLineman1618Guard, +AGm, d
13Jakerod WilsonLineman58Frenzyd
9Alexander Teich IV [NAVY]Blitzer1412Block, Tackle 
2Dennis "Flash" Gordon [SMU]Catcher1397Catch, Leap, +MA, Sprint, Sure Feet, Side Step-ma
1Gaelinta Vorkshar [Fla St]Catcher753Catch, Wrestle, Tackle, Strip Ball, Side Stepd
9Dajake SmootLineman20d
3Jake In Limbo VIILineman76Guardd
16Jakerod WilsonCatcher611Catch, Wrestle 
4Dude Westbrook IICatcher2140Catch, Dodge, Mighty Blow, +AGm, n
12Dennis "Flash" Gordon [SMU]Lineman100 
10Dee Jake CharkCatcher2468Catch, +AG, +MA, Dodge, Wrestled
1Big Nick Swoles IIThrower56Pass, Safe Throw, Sure Handsn
7Chris 'Can't Miss' Gonely IILineman166Dirty Playerm, d
7Chris 'Can't Miss' GonelyLineman26Side Stepn
4Jakewaan Taylor IIILineman66Side Step-ma
9Malik Harrison [BRO]Catcher659Catch, +MA, Mighty Blow, Wrestle, Tacklen
2Jake Hance IIILineman1516Side Step, Fendm, m, -ma
3Jake R Reed IIILineman128Side Stepm, d
3Jake R Reed IILineman10d
15Aaron "The Puller" FullerCatcher1653Catch, Wrestle, Leap, Strip Ball, +MAm, -ma
3Jake R ReedLineman10d
2Jake Hance IILineman42d
14Jake RyanLineman2720Fend, Side Stepm, m, -ag
2Jake HanceLineman818Fend, Side Stepd
10Jim Otis [Ohio]Lineman1965Frenzy, Tackle, Kick, +STm, d
7Colson Yankoff "Your Pants" [UDUB]Lineman1353Block, Dauntless, Frenzy, Dodgem, -ag, m, d
10Leon Jakobs VLineman10 
7Jake In Limbo VILineman90 
6Mishjake Jakener Lineman146Diving Tacklem, m, n
10Leon Jakobs IVLineman120m, d
14Cajake Campbell IVLineman1416Kick, Diving Tackle-st
6Jake In Limbo VLineman30m, d
11Jakequell ArmsteadCatcher3698Catch, +ST, Wrestle, +MA, Leap, Tacklem, m, m, d
11Jakequell ArmsteadLineman06 
7Jakesh AllenLineman76Blockm, d
4Jakewaan TaylorLineman2731Tackle, +ST, Blockm, -ma, n, -ag, d
16Froma Crypt [NV]Blitzer4081Block, Tackle, Guard, Dodge, Diving Tackle, Side Stepm, m, d
10Leon Jakobs IIILineman56Dodge-ag
11Dude WestbrookCatcher411Catch, Wrestlen
1Big Nick SwolesThrower4345Pass, Safe Throw, Juggernaut, Frenzy, Dauntlessm, -ma, d
14Jake In Limbo IVLineman116Dauntlessd
6Cajake Campbell IIILineman176Dodgem, d
15Mercurious Ishmaelson [PUR]Catcher4087Catch, Block, Wrestle, Strip Ball, Leap, Tacklem, m, m, d
6Cajake Campbell IILineman16Jump Upd
2Dr. Carlos JakeyllLineman3118Fend, Wrestlem, m, m, m, -av
5Michjake Bennett IILineman76Guardn
16A. Jake Bouye IVLineman1931Jump Up, Side Step, Dauntlessm, -av
10Leon Jakobs IILineman1913Guardd
14Jake in Limbo IIILineman1110Fendm, -st
16A. Jake Bouye IIILineman60d
14Jake In Limbo IILineman60m
7D. Jake Hayden IILineman2918Kick, Dodgem, -st
16A. Jake Bouye IILineman50n
5Michjake BennettLineman1719Side Step, Dodgem, -av
15Jakedon MickensLineman2011Side Stepm, m, d
14Jake In LimboLineman107Kick-av, d
3Jake Jakey Jakerson [BU]Lineman6284+MA, Wrestle, Pro, Strip Ball, Leapm, n, m, m, d
10 Leon JakobsLineman188Guardm, -ma, d
5J.R. Wheezy VIILineman101d
4Myles JakeBlitzer4561Block, Dodge, Side Step, Diving Tackle, Tacklem, -ma, d
7D. Jake HaydenLineman169Side Stepm, -av
3Bongberto Aguayo VLineman90d
15Kandude Tokewith IVLineman90m, d
14Gerald Smokecoy IIILineman1216Fend, Guardd
10Jacquies Spliff IVLineman96Fend-av, -ma
6Cajake CampbellLineman3335+AG, Guard, Side Stepm, m, -ag, -av
3Cole Killer [ROL]Lineman416+ST, Dirty Playerd
5J.R. Wheezy VILineman79Fendd
5J.R. Wheezy VLineman10d
15Kandude Tokewith IIILineman811Jump Upd
15Kandude Tokewith IILineman10d
16A. Jake BouyeLineman2816Guard, Dodgen
5J.R. Wheezy IVLineman50d
16Demar Potson IIILineman27Jump Upd
16Demar Potson IILineman10d
16Demar PotsonLineman10-av
7Smoke Jay Howard IILineman199Kickd
4Smokewon Alexander IIIBlitzer1821Block, +ST, +MAm, m, n, -ma
6Kevin PuffphileLineman1812Dirty Playerd
2Tears In The Rain [RUT]Catcher47121Catch, Guard, Dodge, Block, +MA, Side Stepm, m, m, d
5J.R. Wheezy IIILineman116Jump Upm, d
10Jacquies Spliff IIILineman186Wrestlem, -ag, m
5J.R. Wheezy IILineman30-ag
3Bongberto Aguayo IVLineman2216Jump Up, Wrestlem, d
15Kandude TokewithLineman1816Kick, Wrestled
7Smoke Jay HowardLineman96Jump Upm, m, d
3Bongberto Aguayo IIILineman60d
5J.R. WheezyLineman80d
12T. Jake YeldonCatcher118127Catch, Block, Dodge, Guard, Side Step, Nerves Of Steelm, m, m, m, m, m, m, m, m, -av
11Jakelon RamseyCatcher8394Catch, Dodge, Block, Tackle, Juggernaut, Frenzyn, d
3Bongberto Aguayo IILineman66Kickm, d
9Rhys Llyod [MIN]Catcher120350Catch, +MA, Sure Feet, Side Step, Sprint, Dodge, Blockd
14Gerald Smokecoy IILineman3416Dirty Player, Diving Tacklem, m, -av
5Clinton McSnackAttack IIILineman68Mighty Blowd
7Candy Lasagna IVLineman1320Jump Up, Wrestle-ma, d
14Jacquies Spliff IILineman20-av
4Smokewon Alexander IIBlitzer2536Block, Dodge, Side Step, Shadowingm, m, -ag
7Candy Lasagna IIILineman42n
9Bongberto AguayoLineman89+AGm, -av
3Brenton HashnerLineman1041Block, Guard, Tackled
10Jacquies Spliff IILineman3132Dirty Player, Sneaky Git, Blockm, d
8Spike Glennon IIThrower4677Pass, Safe Throw, Sure Hands, Accurate, +AG, Kick-Off Return, Strong Arm-st, m, m, m, d
6Donovan SpliffLineman3522Block, Guardd
5Clinton McSnackAttack IILineman1618+AG, Wrestled
3Brenton HashnerLineman10d
15KeyokeLineman2827Block, Guardm, n
1Dante Fouler Jr.Thrower96108Pass, Safe Throw, +ST, Block, Tackle, Dodge, Frenzym, m, m, m, d
11VeeJax IICatcher1715Catch, Wrestlem, d
5Clinton McSnackAttack IVLineman10d
4Major High IIBlitzer1916Block, Dodge, Frenzym, d
2Doug Sparkin IICatcher4160Catch, Dodge, Wrestle, Guard, Side Stepm, -ag, n, d
9Andrew Debowla IILineman186Kickd
16Dabby Melton IILineman5436Wrestle, Dodge, Jump Upm, m, d
5Clinton McSnackAttack IIILineman96Guard-av, m
7Candy Lasagna IILineman258Guardm, m, d
5Clinton McSnackAttack IILineman30-av
11Vee JaxCatcher1811Catch, Block-av
3Tokin MankinsLineman1715Blockn
16Dabby MeltonLineman107Blockm, m, d
15Jacquies SpliffLineman2111Guardm, d
10Evan SpliffLineman2023Wrestle, Dodge-ag, -st
8Spike GlennonThrower2250Pass, Safe Throw, Sure Hands, Strong Arm, Accurate-ma
12Alterraun BurnerCatcher3341Catch, Block, Dodge, Side Stepm, m, d
9Andrew DeBowlaLineman1511+AGm, m, m, -st
7Candy LasagnaLineman1112+STd
6Gerald SmokecoyLineman258Wrestlem, -ma, -st
5Clinton McSnackAttackLineman911Wrestled
4Major HighBlitzer18130Block, +AG, +AG, Piling On, Tackle, Mighty Blowm, d
13J Rob MorganBlitzer168209Block, Dodge, Tackle, Mighty Blow, Guard, Side Step, Jump Upm, -ma, -ma, m, m, m, m, m, m, -ma, -ma, -ma, m, -av, m
3Tokin Mankins Lineman54d
2Doug SparkinCatcher1727Catch, +ST, Blockm, m, d
14Spike EvansCatcher33105Catch, +AG, Wrestle, Strip Ball, Dodge, Leapm, m, d
11Vee JaxCatcher521Catch, Block, Dodge 
1"Crab Legs" WinstonThrower2381Pass, Safe Throw, +MA, Dodge, Sure Hands, Side Step, Block-ma