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Past Players of Khorne Khaters
Team Page
13Gabrielle GrashnakBeastman Runner70Hornsd
15Tikhus Beastman Runner60Hornsm, d
3Khunt KaheBeastman Runner110Horns-av
1Khendez KherrinChosen Blocker30n
1GarntiChosen Blocker10d
9AldortsBeastman Runner1736Horns, Sure Hands, Block, Two Heads-av
9KharkhinsonBeastman Runner40Hornsd
8FusthierBeastman Runner3118Horns, Block, Guard-ag, m, m, -st
15LisrudBeastman Runner2352Horns, Block, Tackle, Mighty Blow, Clawd
6ObytchnoBeastman Runner2224Horns, Block, Guard-ag, m, n
8NarizavalemBeastman Runner47Horns, Blockn
5Miguer MuzyjkiBeastman Runner56Horns, Blockd
16LimandrelsBeastman Runner230Hornsm, m, -av
6OtkhoBeastman Runner40Hornsn
11Menkhezh FerrnnBeastman Runner3116Horns, Side Step, Blockm, d
11Terry "Hired" StrongwingBeastman Runner30Hornsd
13Lou "Hired" StrongbrookBeastman Runner3325Horns, Block, Guard-ma, -ag, -av
16KhastelaoBeastman Runner65Horns-av
7LichiesBeastman Runner4734Horns, Block, Guard, Dodgem, d
11HaisjBeastman Runner30Horns-ma, d
12HuyBeastman Runner10Hornsd
10IanusaidBeastman Runner20Hornsd
10LosereBeastman Runner10Hornsd
8LalinBeastman Runner1920Horns, Block, Guardd
10KjesoerBeastman Runner40Hornsd
13KjasinBeastman Runner132Hornsd
15KjousBeastman Runner240Hornsm, n
16JhisesBeastman Runner100Hornsm, -ma, m, d
8KhlasshonBeastman Runner50Hornsm, d
9KhsoleBeastman Runner3249Horns, Diving Tackle, Block, +MAd
10XesteirBeastman Runner70Hornsd
15XeisandBeastman Runner1018Horns, Block, Guardd
16MireeatsBeastman Runner80Horns-av
8ChuskitoBeastman Runner100Horns-av
12KjuinsBeastman Runner2429Horns, Block, Dodged
11ChaspinsBeastman Runner2516Horns, Block, Guard-av
10KhastinBeastman Runner100Hornsd
7KjiaoseBeastman Runner130Horns-ma, m, n
9NmdreBeastman Runner72Hornsd
15"Just4Fun" MinostanMinotaur1446Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Horns, Loner, Wild Animal, Claw, Block, Tentaclesd
11IurhfBeastman Runner1019Horns, Block, Guardd
3LiunachicChosen Blocker3746Block, Mighty Blow, Clawm, m, -ma
6KiuskiBeastman Runner2720Horns, Block, Guardm, d
8LkisdBeastman Runner167Horns, Wrestlem, -ma, d
11GluisBeastman Runner30Horns-av
11PentamaBeastman Runner10Horns-ag
14YhonsinBeastman Runner3116Horns, Block, Guardm, m, d
16LiumpuiBeastman Runner60Hornsd
4Disko KChosen Blocker3483Dodge, Block, Mighty Blow, Claw, Diving Tacklem, d
5KjiurBeastman Runner3136Horns, Block, Dodge, Mighty Blowm, -ma, n
4Khonsen KhosiasChosen Blocker314Dodged
15LiungaurdBeastman Runner1310Horns, Blockd
5Khonias KhansderzonChosen Blocker35-ma
9ShistintonBeastman Runner2115Horns, Wrestle-av
9YipoBeastman Runner10Hornsd
8JustguBeastman Runner1619Horns, Block, Guard-ma, d
7AndrisBeastman Runner284Horns-ma, m, d
4YjasinChosen Blocker87+AGm, m, d
11CistorBeastman Runner90Horns-av
13JonasBeastman Runner59112Horns, Block, +AG, Big Hand, Two Heads, Prehensile Tailm, m, m, -av
14JhnotaBeastman Runner80Hornsd
13LoiksBeastman Runner20Hornsd
14DàndreBeastman Runner40Horns-av
15JuryBeastman Runner1318Horns, Block, Guardm, d
2JheryaChosen Blocker6475Block, Guard, Mighty Blow, Dodgem, m, d
14PliunBeastman Runner40Horns-ma
1IunasChosen Blocker80129Dodge, Block, Mighty Blow, Claw, Tacklem, m, m, -ma
9LanderbBeastman Runner1428Horns, Wrestle, +MAd
11DondalionBeastman Runner75Horns-ma, d
15LindulfasBeastman Runner100Horns-ma
9LuciusBeastman Runner62Hornsd
6Kh'onasonChosen Blocker4237Block, Dodge, Guardm, d
6EuripritesChosen Blocker10d
5LugluiuluBeastman Runner3121Horns, Block, Guardm, m, m, m, m, m, -st
9ShashdkBeastman Runner20Hornsd
6ShuiteBeastman Runner10Hornsd
14SolueirBeastman Runner10Hornsd
11AlalaiBeastman Runner40Hornsm, -st
8IobsBeastman Runner167Horns, Wrestlem, d
9UrghsonBeastman Runner90Horns-av
1JoostenChosen Blocker1419Dodge, Block-av, m, -av
4GLoriusChosen Blocker2937+AG, Block, +AG-ma
6GluciusBeastman Runner1510Horns, Wrestled
7JustormorfunMinotaur3447Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Horns, Loner, Wild Animal, Block, +AV, Clawm, n
5KhinesChosen Blocker1918Block, Mighty Blowd
4KhanoChosen Blocker30n
1KhustavChosen Blocker85m, m, d
5ErniBeastman Runner816Horns, Block, Diving Tacklen
16KhurtikhumBeastman Runner7636Horns, Wrestle, Dodge, Guardm, m, -av
15LuschuryBeastman Runner140Horns-ma, m, d
11D.D. GonchBeastman Runner2322Horns, Wrestle, Guardm, m, -ma, d
13All KurrierBeastman Runner4935Horns, Guard, Block, Dodgem, d
2EritreusChosen Blocker5364Block, Guard, Dodge, Diving Tacklem, m, m, d
10LiipardBeastman Runner105129Horns, Block, Guard, +ST, Mighty Blow, Clawm, m, -av, -av
12AntruniBeastman Runner67130Horns, Dodge, Block, Side Step, Sure Feet, Sure Handsm, m, m, -ma
11Botle BargansonBeastman Runner31Hornsd
14KhuniarBeastman Runner3213Horns, Dodgem, m, m, m, d
9L'KhundimentChosen Blocker2936Block, Guard, Mighty Blow-ma
3KondimentievoBeastman Runner93192Horns, Block, Mighty Blow, Dodge, Claw, Tackle, Prom, m, m, m, m, m, d
2Khlas KhillienssenChosen Blocker1433Block, +AG, Mighty Blowm, d
13KhouKhousBeastman Runner151Hornsm, d
15Khor KhaessexBeastman Runner199Horns, Dodge-ma, m, -st
16Magister KnocKssenBeastman Runner138Horns, Blockm, -ma, m, -ag, d
8Khrumen KhrapotBeastman Runner519Horns, Block-ma, m, -ma, d
11Bargan BottlesonBeastman Runner1112Horns, Blockm, m, n
5AgkholithonsenBeastman Runner2410Horns, Block-ma, d
6CunninglamBeastman Runner3820Horns, Block, Guardm, m, -av, d
11AgkholitoBeastman Runner50Horns-ag, d
16Lionhurtintong IIBeastman Runner1238Horns, Big Hand, Block, Two Headsd
6Khantor ConjunctubisBeastman Runner60Hornsd
11LionhurtintongBeastman Runner60Hornsd
13KhatorBeastman Runner180Horns-ma, -ma, n
13Khrunner IIBeastman Runner10Hornsd
8Bargan BottleBeastman Runner2116Horns, Block, Guard-ag, m, d
2Khlas KhillChosen Blocker2967+ST, +AG, Block, Mighty Blowm, d
17 Ulric ClumsybrookBeastman Runner10Hornsd
16Anatholius Locke VBeastman Runner1716Horns, Block, Guard-ag, d
7Buller BrightMinotaur67112Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Horns, Loner, Wild Animal, Claw, Guard, Block, +AV, Tentaclesm, m, m, m, d
16Anatholius Locke IVBeastman Runner40Hornsn
9Alabaster McWillBeastman Runner4118Horns, Block, Guardm, m, m, d
12Magister KnocKBeastman Runner3518Horns, Block, Guardm, m, m, d
16Anatholius Locke IIIBeastman Runner40Horns-av
10Ariska Khon SonBeastman Runner379Horns, Blockm, -av, d
9GoethierBeastman Runner30Horns-av
16Anatholius Locke IIBeastman Runner60Horns-ma
16Anatholius LockeBeastman Runner10Hornsd
13KhrunnerBeastman Runner2223Horns, Block, Guardm, d
11AleikuinBeastman Runner2616Horns, Block, Guard-ma, m, d
2Lord KhurnChosen Blocker2033Block, Guard, Mighty Blow-ma, n
8M'BouKhanMinotaur1960Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Horns, Loner, Wild Animal, Claw, Block, Guard, Tentaclesm, n
15NçD'reBeastman Runner5766Horns, Block, +AG, Mighty Blow, Clawn, d
16MbaMbaBeastman Runner110Hornsm, d
9Baba M'KhairBeastman Runner197Horns, Blockd
10Arisca KhonBeastman Runner2710Horns, Blockm, m, -av
15Maia KhiumeBeastman Runner102Hornsm, n
11Kh'B'MaBeastman Runner2111Horns, +MAd
15Mia KhuirBeastman Runner40Hornsn
7B'M' BatumBeastman Runner2327Horns, Block, +AG-av, -av
4Pater PistionChosen Blocker108181Block, Mighty Blow, Dodge, Claw, Tackle, Hornsm, m, m, -ma
3AngugelisChosen Blocker7294Block, Mighty Blow, Dodge, Claw, Jump Upm, m, m, -av, -ag, d
2Glaurius AnkeriusChosen Blocker2254Block, Mighty Blow, Claw, Guardm, d
1Andreia ArticusChosen Blocker108132Block, +AG, Dodge, +AV, Mighty Blowm, m, m, n
11M'Khorne WeaBeastman Runner20Hornsd
12M'Ba'B'EstBeastman Runner356Horns, Blockm, d
13M'B Bo K'KhunBeastman Runner238Horns, Blockm, -ma
14M'Ba KhornBeastman Runner7790Horns, +MA, Dodge, Block, +MA, Two Headsm, n, m, -ag
15M'Bora KhorneBeastman Runner20Horns-ag
16M'B'Ba KhurnBeastman Runner413Horns, Block-ma, n