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Past Players of Ain't no flies on us
Team Page
15IakritRotter80Decay, Nurgle's Rotd
13Media whoreRotter1314Decay, Nurgle's Rot, Dirty Playerd
4One point fiverBloater70Disturbing Presence, Foul Appearance, Nurgle's Rot, Regeneration-ma
16Lt. SudokuRotter50Decay, Nurgle's Rotd
13Lord LovermakerRotter30Decay, Nurgle's Rotd
6Morehouse's MacDaddy IIRotter10Decay, Nurgle's Rot 
11Snotty Gunk the reformedPestigor920Horns, Nurgle's Rot, Regeneration, Block, Frenzy-av
7Aaron DarkfireRotter30Decay, Nurgle's Rotd
9Asteflix's Quebec AccentRotter150Decay, Nurgle's Rot-ma
15Ben_AwesomeRotter155Decay, Nurgle's Rotd
16Sarnain GraycleaverRotter92Decay, Nurgle's Rot-av
14Gaidekid LightseekerRotter120Decay, Nurgle's Rotm, m, n
6Morehouse's McDaddyRotter95Decay, Nurgle's Rotm, m, -ag
14Morehouse's MacDaddyRotter40Decay, Nurgle's Rotd
15EnzoRotter80Decay, Nurgle's Rotd
11Amanda HoldenRotter80Decay, Nurgle's Rotn, m
9Chum BucketRotter127Decay, Nurgle's Rot, Dirty Playerd
7Cheryl ColePestigor151Horns, Nurgle's Rot, Regenerationd
7 Yorick SilentbrookRotter20Decay, Nurgle's Rotd
14ChorliRotter120Decay, Nurgle's Rotm, d
11Katie Hopkin's Love ChildPestigor35Horns, Nurgle's Rot, Regenerationd
11Katie HopkinsPestigor48Horns, Nurgle's Rot, Regeneration, Block-ag
16Madame CholetRotter130Decay, Nurgle's Rotm, m, d
15Skank QueenRotter80Decay, Nurgle's Rotm
14Gutter scumRotter30Decay, Nurgle's Rotd
9Second hand needleRotter188Decay, Nurgle's Rot, Dirty Playerd
13Snotty GunkRotter3013Decay, Nurgle's Rot, Blockn, -av
9Second hand syringeRotter10Decay, Nurgle's Rotd
12Old bin bagPestigor4564Horns, Nurgle's Rot, Regeneration, Block, Sure Hands, Tackle, +MAm, d
8Bono IIBloater5462Disturbing Presence, Foul Appearance, Nurgle's Rot, Regeneration, Block, Mighty Blow, Guard, Tacklem, m, d
11Sink wasteRotter92Decay, Nurgle's Rot-ag, n
10Toe nail fluffRotter20Decay, Nurgle's Rotd
9PuddleRotter78Decay, Nurgle's Rot, Kickd
8BonoRotter20Decay, Nurgle's Rotd
7Piers MorganRotter1710Decay, Nurgle's Rot, Dirty Player-st, m
6Dum DumRotter317Decay, Nurgle's Rot, Dirty Playerm, n, d
5Horny BPestigor1834Horns, Nurgle's Rot, Regeneration, Sure Hands, Dodge, Block-ma
4Pish stoolBloater5091Disturbing Presence, Foul Appearance, Nurgle's Rot, Regeneration, Block, Mighty Blow, Claw, Guard, Stand Firmd
3White crusty stoolBloater5050Disturbing Presence, Foul Appearance, Nurgle's Rot, Regeneration, Block, Mighty Blow, Claw-ag, d
1Big Stinky BRotspawn5857Mighty Blow, Disturbing Presence, Foul Appearance, Tentacles, Loner, Nurgle's Rot, Really Stupid, Regeneration, Stand Firm, Block, Guard, Break Tackle-ma, d