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Past Players of Cokenhagen Lizzzzrds
Team Page
7Kamma ChameleonChameleon Skink30Pass Block, Shadowing, Dodge, Stunty-ma
15Preston SeanSkink Runner20Dodge, Stuntym
8EddyChameleon Skink45Pass Block, Shadowing, Dodge, Stuntym, n
8CasssChameleon Skink10Pass Block, Shadowing, Dodge, Stuntym
7HedddChameleon Skink73Pass Block, Shadowing, Dodge, Stuntyd
9BoomerSkink Runner130Dodge, Stuntyd
14SkankSkink Runner20Dodge, Stuntyd
9FlæskeSkink Runner23Dodge, Stuntyd
6BloxxxSaurus Blocker55-av
8CsssChameleon Skink1018Pass Block, Shadowing, Dodge, Stunty, Side Step, Diving Tackle-st
7BexxxaChameleon Skink1217Pass Block, Shadowing, Dodge, Stunty, Side Step, Jump Upd
11ChryxxxSkink Runner186Dodge, Stunty, Diving Tackled
8CaxxxlChameleon Skink50Pass Block, Shadowing, Dodge, Stuntyd
7BexxxlChameleon Skink33Pass Block, Shadowing, Dodge, Stunty-av
9DeeDeeSkink Runner120Dodge, Stuntyd
8BexxxChameleon Skink71Pass Block, Shadowing, Dodge, Stunty-ma
12ChrysSkink Runner1215Dodge, Stunty, Diving Tackle-av
11AlexSkink Runner1116Dodge, Stunty, Diving Tackle, Side Stepd
7CassChameleon Skink115Pass Block, Shadowing, Dodge, Stunty-ma
7CassChameleon Skink40Pass Block, Shadowing, Dodge, Stunty-ag
12KlixSkink Runner60Dodge, Stunty-ag
10BexxxtlSkink Runner30Dodge, Stuntyd
9CamiChameleon Skink811Pass Block, Shadowing, Dodge, Stunty, Diving Tacklem, n
7CassChameleon Skink20Pass Block, Shadowing, Dodge, Stunty-ma
13BexxxtlSkink Runner20Dodge, Stunty-ag
6KruxxxlSaurus Blocker2837Block, Dodge, Guard-ma, -av
14FluxChameleon Skink70Pass Block, Shadowing, Dodge, Stuntyd
15SplonxSkink Runner2030Dodge, Stunty, +ST, +MAm, d
9BulldogSkink Runner10Dodge, Stunty 
13BexxxtlSkink Runner2210Dodge, Stunty, Diving Tackled
12FlaxChameleon Skink2414Pass Block, Shadowing, Dodge, Stunty, Diving Tacklem, n
7FlixChameleon Skink167Pass Block, Shadowing, Dodge, Stunty, Blockn, d
14GhluchSkink Runner10Dodge, Stunty 
13ZhixtSkink Runner40Dodge, Stunty 
12ZwigySkink Runner20Dodge, Stunty 
7TwichtlSkink Runner103Dodge, Stuntyd
15QwaxlSkink Runner209Dodge, Stunty, +STm, -ma, -av
14XhaozSkink Runner100Dodge, Stuntym, m, n
13QlixtSkink Runner113Dodge, Stuntym, n, m
7ChaoxSkink Runner911Dodge, Stunty, Side Stepd
12QraxlSkink Runner150Dodge, Stuntym, -ag
11QugiSkink Runner5122Dodge, Stunty, Wrestle, Catch-ma
10ZoxlSkink Runner44100Dodge, Stunty, +ST, Side Step, +AG, +AG, Leap-st
8JokxizizkSkink Runner5024Dodge, Stunty, Side Step, Sneaky Gitm, m, -ma, m
17 Ulric PaletreeSkink Runner10Dodge, Stuntyd
10PoqenichiSkink Runner10Dodge, Stuntyd
9ZwupSkink Runner269Dodge, Stunty, Diving Tacklem, m, n, m, m, -ag
8XlotcSkink Runner30Dodge, Stuntyd
7OxyotlSkink Runner821Dodge, Stunty, Side Step, +MAd
6NakaiSaurus Blocker4453Block, Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Tacklem, m, m, -st
5ChakaxSaurus Blocker1013Blockd
4Gor-RokSaurus Blocker1416Block, Dodgem, d