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Madhead's Mountain Mob
P [L] Old World Alliance

*** Did you know...

Fummbl didn't allowing Sporting Giants then it allowed Fox Meadows.

*** Did you know...

Fox Meadow made a completion in his first game.

*** Did you know...

Once Madhead put Fox on the bench for the first half the Mob didn't pick the ball up the whole time.

Season 1 The Fox hunt Chapter 3 A fools errand

Valinor Football Club new to the league could this be it could this be when the stars aligned. Fox sat in his spa sipping his lime cordial. These High elves were certianily living the High life here.

Madhead demanded that the whole team watched the Cabal vision replays of the Valinor's previous game. Problem being the dwarf coach, being blind from a mining accident instead had been playing some bizarre footage of what looked like an amateur ballet performed by Snotling side Milking the Pigeon recorded or a squig orphanage. Any complaints where met with a curt shut up and pay attention.

"Harold what do you know about these rookies mate" Asked Fox leaning over to Harold's bath.

Well the Bugel had nice things to say about Drizzt Do'Urden and Legolas" said Harold in between bites of a family sized pork pie. "Yeh, they had nothing to say about you this week. Oh apart from the letter section, yeh that was good it said Fox Meadows can wash My Ball's. Sign Gregor Paulsen, ohh isn't that nice."

"Are you still reading that damn Rag Harold I told you bloody ignore that stuff." Fox exclaimed.


Pre match and this time Madhead was there on time with a large flipping parchment.

"Bloody got everything these elves I tell ya! Right everyone look his way." Said Magoo here is the plan.

Unfortunately the pages mostly had phallic symbols scrawled on them crudely and the way Jimmy Twicefried was rolling on the floor all bets were on the fact it was him who had done the scrawling.

"Lets go Fox" Harold said.

Could he do it could he finally put these nagging doubts behind him. The plan this time was to bash hit hard and early was Magoo's call.

The High elfs kicked and rapidly got around the Madheads, their bash approach not helping as these elfs looked up to the task. Harold was first to be stretchered off after being pounded into the ground.

Seeing his best friend stretchered off was the only excuse for dropping the ball that Fox could play out in his head. The elf's were all over the mob and they were out hitting the squad. Cornelius Veletfoot tried to even things up stomping on fallen elfs unfortunately the referee had a keen eye on him and removed the player.

The elfs quickly scored their first touchdown.

"What the Hell is going on!" Magoo screamed into the Ko box while the squad recouped.

"Get me the damn ball Fox!" said Enric with a snarl.

Resetting the drive Fox leapt o to the ball and the mob put up an effective screen in front of him. Enric and Travis flew forward with Briskett in close support. Right said Fox aiming to launch the ball towards Enric. The pefect Spiral jetted across the pitch Enric had his eyes firmly on the piece of leather but boom up leapt Legolas and plucked he ball out of the air.

"Oh Shit" Fox said to himself as the Valinor football squad Pushed forward up his flank.

Bravely standing in front of Fox the stream of Elves flooded forward battering him to the ground. There lay his lifeless body on the green. Things had got very real as the cleaning maidens dragged off his lifeless body.

Fox Sprinted and tried some covering defence to little avail. 2-0 at the half.

A stunned silence was at the halftime talk Fox staring deeply at the floor with no Harold to jolly him on he had never felt so lonely. The other humans gathered around Enric who was postulating and thumping his chest.

"Maybe they are right maybe I don't belong here." Fox thought to himself.


It seemed to be going from bad to worse for the mob and there defensive drive was just as poor as their malfunctioning offence.

Linda Leadbelly was he next casualty the High elfs showing no mercy as they pounded her lifless body into the ground.

Tears of rage streaming down his face the rest of the match turned into a blur. Fox hobbled into the sheds. 4-0 what an embarrassment.

Fox sat there for an intangibly long time just weeping and thinking of home. "They are right" he kept sobbing.

Stanley Firebrand walked in quietly and sat next to Fox.

"Get the self together lad we have a double wake to attend." said Firebrand.

Fox lifted his head and pulled his tired body off the pine bench.


Grifter Gibbletstorm leapt up on to the bar of the Fettered Calf and bellowed: "Right you lo we have experienced more loss than we have ever know."

"But we Moutain folk", he stared around at the squad that was there the only other human apart from Fox who had made the ceremony was Silus Rothorn, sitting on the front line with the dwarfs he had grown in his affinity with them.

"But we Mountain folk" Grifter repeated "Know out of Fire comes Steel! This is the very forge that sharpens our blades to strike deep". The squad started baying Briskett in particular hanging on all his master was saying let out a deep guttural roar.

"Now in common tongue so you humans can join in here is our traditional song to mourn the one an a alf that left us". With this Grifter started in a solemn deep tone into song:

It is time for you my son

It is time for you my daughter

To no longer have life

To no longer drink water

It is time for you to be dead

It is time for you to no longer be living

You're no longer with us

Everyone will mourn you for a time

Until they forget you

Until they forget you, which will be sooner than you think.

Cheers were raised laughter and jubilation. Harold danced a jig, but Fox sat in the corner feeling nothing.

Magoo sidled up to him led by his aides.

"Fox me lad I want you to meet someone" Said Magoo softly.
"This is Robert M. Nideffer, he is a doctor a er head doctor".

"A head Doctor?" exclaimed Fox. "I wasn't hit that hard!"

"No Fox I ain't that kind of doctor I am here to get the best you out of you." said Robert. "We will start early tomorrow."


P.S note to readers I have no idea where this is going very much just a wim and apologies for the flitting in and out of first to third person etc, I have little discipline as a writer and even less as a coach.

Season1 the Fox Hunt Chapter 4 Enter the Fox

"So tell me Fox, what is your earliest memory" asked Robert M. Nideffer as Fox lay back on the hard pine bench.
"I don't know...... I can remember running through a field, the wind rushing past my hair." Fox reminisced. “It...er.. I mean I just felt so free.”

“Hold that thought Fox, hold it you hear me hold it tight fox.”


“Harold how the hell are you fairing mate those elfs gave you a fair pasting” Fox enquired as Harold sauntered into the changing sheds. Fox hadn’t seen him for any of this week's training sessions, though training would be a liberal term for the squabbling that was a Magoo run session.

“Oh I tell ya it has been tough the local infirmary only feeds ya three times a day” Harold chirped up. “They tell me you had to get your head put straight as well Fox! Did one of them Elfy buggers snap the”.

“No mate I have just been talking its all good”. Fox said feeling a burden lifted.

“Today is the day as well mate I tell ya, the Blackwater Blitz are in town and Highstakes Lockwood is out. It is ours fir the taking I tell the.” Said Harold frothing at the mouth.

Suddenly he leapt up and charged out the sheds, following him fox saw him tackle an elderly pi vender who was doing the rounds. Perhaps he wasn’t thinking about the game at all.


Game day there was a feeling of expectation in the air as the mob started their individual pre match rituals. Grifter was feeding Briskett some live rats he had caught claiming it would give him the taste of blood the gentle giant seemed to have been missing this season. Enric was snarling in the corner exchanging words with Silus and Jimmy the Hammer, it seemed the talk was around possible shifts from this amateurish outfit, a regular favourite topic of the blitzers.

In walked Madhead Magoo himself uncharacteristically on time. “Listen up folks, here is our new player walking corpse apologies I mean Gogonfar Icehand. Make sure he is welcome.”

“Ieee will make a spot for him beside Gorrik an Golfir” Bellowed Enric. His entourage bursting into laughter.

The last two Icehands had short careers for the Madheads and their seemed to be a similar haunted look to Gogonfar. Fox had had enough.

“You bloody take that back Enric we are all one team here.” Fox said raising himself up off the bench.

“Oh the Fox ay, that shrink sorted you out have they you just pick up the damn ball mate and don’t worry about anything else.” Enric spat at Fox closing in on the quarterback.

Both men stared at each other neither wanting to back down. Luckily for Fox the standoff was broken by a semi digested rat hitting Enric in the side of the head. “Keep that damn beast under control” Enric barked at Grifter.

“Ok let's get out there and punch a few things that aint each other” said Madhead.


The Mob ran out on the field looking across at the menacing looking rat folk. They were set to kick and looked eager to get on with the match.

They took the frontline by surprise kicking and chasing hard. Luckily Fox was quick on the ball and picked it up with ease he then stated a running play the Blocking line seemingly ready for the task of hitting things and the Skaven line was slowly dissolving under the pressure. Fox kept running he shaped to pass but Enric seemed more interested in hitting things and Tavis Hotwing was more interested in hitting the floor. So he kept his head down and ran and ran. And then crossed into the End Zone. Touchdown Fox Touchdown! Magoo quickly ran over to what he thought was a player but hugged the referee instead which did not go down well as the ref was busy removing Cornelius Velvetfoot from the game after one boot too many.

The Mob shaped to kick and continued with their combative approach to the game holding the Skaven off scoreless till the half.

“Great work lads now let's try and hold on” Said Harold between mouthfuls of the halftime snacks he had found. Poor Harold had seemingly been taking the brunt of the Skaven attack, an increasingly popular target in the league.

This time the Mob kicked deep and though Scott Goes-first was quick to get onto the ball the Skaven attack was somewhat stumbling as they inched up the field. Stoolerbaker Sprinted deep into the Blitz’s half trying to put pressure on to little avail. Fox held the back line as they advanced with Travis who increasingly was tasting the dirt. Bellowed “Leave this to me circling back to get the ball carrier. Charging forth he tripped and fell awkwardly he lay in a lump on the floor. Stretchered off and to see the apothecary he gave a coy thumbs up to the crowd as he went off.

Fox tried to continue to put pressure on the ball with Harold also in the last line of defence unfortunately they couldn’t hold out.1-1 and full time but a result! A draw and much rejoicing.

Season 1 The Fox Hunt- Chapter 5 Mystery meat

Fox Meadows takes to the tunnel. “Lets go get them” Harold Crumpetarse says, running to the Orc's famous Beef cake stall.

“Harold focus on the game mate this could be ours”, Fox snorted. It was too late though Harold was busy stuffing the famous beef cakes in his mouth while the squad was setting up on attack. The whole week had been an interesting one without Enric there was a quiet harmony in the squad Travis Hotwing had almost said two words to Fox and Silus Rothorn had maybe smiled.

The Brutal Beef cakes had been having a middling season with a few too many players ending up in the morgue. They had certainly looked competitive and their own star quarterback Montana had gone on the record saying he would rip Fox’s head off himself “an send it back to the Shrinker”. The story about the sports psychologist had rumbled on through the Blackwater bugle them claiming it was against the league rules and the Commissioner Ramchop was said to be looking into it.

The Beefcakes kicked off and Fox was quick to pounce on the ball he sprinted deep into the back field patiently hoping his team would make a gap. To his surprise the squad were doing just that. Lucky the troll wa one of the first to go down taking a swift boot to the hip from Cornileus Velvetfoot leaving the poor brute maimed. Grifter hammered Big Tony into the ground and other orcs seemed to be being carted off. Fox sprinted up the side line and launched a perfect spiral to Travis Hotwing and he fended off the hit to score.

The squad went crazy. Fox grabbed Harold to hug his wee pal. Getting close to Harold though was difficult and the Halfling was slobbering intensely with blood round his mouth and a wild look in his eye. “Harold?” Fox queried, it was too late though Mad head screamed at the canteen staff t get into line, somehow the dwarf ending up in the catering sack rather than the dugout. This actually seemingly worked out well Madhead seemingly placing a hot dog in the refs hand just at the time he was marching Velvetfoot to the dungeon changing the officials mind.

The Mob lined up and Fox pushed hard but true to form Montana pounced on him and darkness came over Fox.


Coming to Fox heard they were 2-0 up and Silus Rothorn had crossed the chalk. Lucius Lichenfeet was telling Fox how Harold had seemingly thrown the ball at Silus in some kind of anger fit.

Back on the defensive line the Madheads saw out the half. Fox went again to talk to Harold but he was just rocking in the corner of the changing room. “Whats wrong with him Lucius?” Fox inquired. “Buggered if I know lad Meat sweats? Lets get out there and win this!”
The halfling was right the game needed to be finished.


With depleted personnel the Beefcakes again lined up aggressively and looked to pound the Mountain mob. Fox was quietly impressed by Jimmy the Hammer and Stanley Firebrand’s defence much as they hit the ground they continued to get up. This allowed the likes of Briskett when he wasn’t sniffing his own arse to move in on the ball carrier. Grifter worked in tandem with his adopted son to spill the ball from the Orcs. Again Fox found Hotwing in the open and knew he couldn't miss. 3-0.

It was Just looking too good and Madhead was happily hugging the vendors in the shack presumably thinking they were his assistants and players.

“One last big defensive drive” Rothorn said turning to Fox, “If I free the ball you can get it to Hotwing?” he asked.

“Count on it” Fox said, feeling confident.

The Orcs came out firing but luckily they got penned into the side of the pitch with all the usual big hitters tied up. Fox took matters into his own hand and sprinted up to smash Montana. He then went to get the ball but missed. Play moved round Fox and a real tight space saw Harold sprinting up with a crazed look in his eyes. He leapt into what only could be described as a flying spinning Head butt. Straight into the chin of Soprano the Blitzer with only 8 games to his name slumped to the floor lifeless.

Watching Fox now with the ball in his hand suddenly dropped it as the final whistle blew. “Harold” he screamed “What the Hell was in that beef cake.”

Harold seemed to be coming out of his frenzy the knock to his own head “Buggered if I know mate!”

Season 1 The Fox Hunt Chapter 6- Hello Darkness my old Freind

Indeed the day had just begun Fox thought to himself maybe the year maybe the season.... Who Knows? "What do reckon Harold?" Asked Fox.
"I'm Hungry" said Harold


The Mad Heads Mob had been relegated to playing in the boot already not what had been expected by this squad of fine folk. Enric had pulled through this week's training fine but did not have the same cocky swagger that Fox had learnt to both hate and admire. He had certainly lost something? Though he seemed just as pacy his dexterity was somewhat impeded several times he dropped what seemed like an easy ball and slipped over on his feet. Grifter and the dwarves talked about his days being numbered they reckoned a decent dwarf could carry a neck injury but why was the blind fool Madhead hanging on to this filler? Fox almost felt sorry for him.

“Hey Fox I know we won last time but imagine the score now I am back!” Spat Enric during the morning stretch out. To think I almost felt sorry for him Fox internalised.

The Itsy Bitsy Locals were an interesting side also new to the league but certainly at the business end of the league and challenging for the Tickling play offs where Fox aspired to be whether the rest of the Mob wanted that who knows.


“Right” said Madhead, “Bloody Simple int it. Smash em all in the damn mouth hit em hard and then Cornelious.” He paused to stare at the eager waif “hit em again, got me….”

“Iee” the team bellowed in unison.

“Out we go then” Said Madhead “oh not you Harold not you lets save you mate.”

A plan so Devilishly simple that Fox had nothing really to do with it. Perfect. The Locals kicked and Fox pounced on the ball sauntered forward and watched his line battering at the Dark elfs. Grifter especially eager to pound their faces into the ground sending one straight into the apocrathy bay. Velvetfoot did his job as well sneakily sticking his boot into the jaw of a felled dark elf.

“Did I say watch for the Blitzers and witch” Screamed Madhead gaining Fox’s attention

What he thought only to turn to have two dark elves bearing down on him to beat him to the ground and run in the score. 1-0.

They set up again and this time the Mob slowly worked it’s way up the pitch Fox thought he would hang a little deeper. Then Hotwing cut lose and the play was on. Fox tore down the field alluding the witch elf with his sheer pace. He shaped to throw then thought again. Maybe this is my score again. Again a crunch and…………………………..

Fox awoke in an empty stadium the day light the autograph hunters (steady on-ed) all gone what the hell had happened. Harold was lying in a heap next to him.

“Oh well on to the boot my friend on to the boot” I guess he said to himself.

Season 1 The Fox Hunt- Chapter 7 Hardy Sole! Yeh Right!

"Madhead are you sure this is the premier Competition in the Deserted Isles we seem o be surrounded by Snotling teams" Queried Fox.

"Listen ya bloody upstart it says right here the Hardy Sole is an illustrious prize teams rarely get to play for" Spat Mad head Magoo.

"Ok we aint played against anything like this before though what tips you got Madhead."

"Stay off the floor boy stay of the floor son stay of the floor." With those word Madhead walk to his coaching stool and the boys ran out.

"Don't worry Fox" Harold "I've got ya back mate."

The Snotlings certianily did not cut intimidating figures as the shambled on to he pitch though the Hulking Trolls and two rickety pump wagons would need to be avoided.

Also the wicked Alexa Rue was in the deep field lobbing noxious shrooms around the pitch.

They kicked deep and Fox quickly pounced on the ball and shaped to break down the side of the field. He smirked watching Cornelius slowly booting his way up the pitch before arguing with the referee as he was escorted off. It was enough to put him off and Brian Ellywicket came hurtling into the side of him crunching his ribs. He crawled over to the reserve box. Wincing through the pain he could hardly concentrate on the game.

Enric "The Flea" Stoolabaker came ripping into the changing rooms kicking the bucket of water across the small room.

"Bloody Snotlings Madhead! Snotlings I aint hanging around in you circus any me you hear me pal" He bellowed pointing his stubby finger into the blind dwarfs face. "Im out!" with that he stormed out the door before the rest of the Mob could arrive.

Madhead sat on his coaching stool an started a chuckle.

The Mob gathered round their coach and fox dragged himself along the to get a better view of the happenings.

Stanley Firebrand was the first to speak "Is it true, is Enric out?"

"Iee Lad he is out!" said Magoo

"What are we going to do?" Asked Harold.

"Well lad everyone knows Estalia is the place to go fishing this time of year lets go see what we find"


Season 2- Out Foxed

Season 2 - Out Foxed


“Fox is there anything better than the off season? I love getting back into condition” Said Harold Crumpetarse while stuffing a custard pie into his over full mouth. Madhead had used the riches from the past season to tour the beaches of Estalia apparently trying to explore the variant of the game known as beach bowl. He only real action though the eam had seen was a bar brawl that spilled into the streets after Grifter Gibbletstrom took exception to the bar refusing to sevre his loyal beast Briskett after he had dedicated in the corner. “This forgien muck don’t agree with him Fox” explained Grifter post brawl. The Brawl had done nothing for Fox’s ribs he was meant to be resting and thinking about them again made him wince.

“It is a massive season Harold you’ll need to be twice as sharp! And we have no Blitzer yet I don’t know how we can take the Tickling play offs with out one”.

Douglas Puddingstone came tearing down the beach “Fox… Fox….” He was yelling between huffing and puffing.

“What now Douglas?” Asked Harold “can’t you see we are busy.” Harold spluttered inbetween what could have been a second or third Custard dessert possibly a fourth thought Fox.

“meeting … (huff).. Hotel…. We ….fund one….” Huffed Puddingstone.

Fox and Harold could here the commotion over before they stepped into the lobby.

“Mad head you blind fool” Spat Travis Hotwing. “The NAF clearly states we can’t have any more Dwarves on the team!”

“He aint a Dwarf I tell you I have seen his paperwork” Said Madhead firmly.

“Ha well we all know that crap” said Cornelius Velvetfoot.

Amongst the rest of the team was a stout and rugged dwarf with jet black curly hair and instead of a beard rough heavy stubble. He had dark Blue piercingly intense eyes and a cheeky grin come sneer. Though taller than Halfling Lucius Lichenfeet by about half a head or so he stood about the same height as the dwarfs and could only be described as portly.

“Magoo who is this?” enquired Fox

“Ahh… Fox you are here this is. Barrilete Cósmico or "El Diez" as he is known in his village. He is our new Blitzer.” Said Madhead Magoo

Staring towards Cosmico “Hello I am Fox Meadows quarterback of the Madheadz”

El Diez stared back “ Qué”. He said
Oh boy thought Fox

Location: Dibbl Flux
Nickname: The Madhead's
Stadium: Moungatua ranges
Surface: Dust and Grass

Colors: Ebony and Ivory
Sponsor: Madheads Mountain Oysters
Rivals: Tablaheim Timelords

Fox Meadows steps into the tavern post try out. “Ale Guv”. He needed something to numb the humiliation again, the past 4 seasons he had been in the Crush for the Tabalhiem Timelords, to no avail. He knew he was better than Gerbher Paulsen if only he got a chance he would show them.
“You here to watch the Madheads game?” the bearded bar steward asked. “Always entertaining”.

“The Madheads”? Fox queried.

“Iee funniest things we have had to watch in the Mountains since lady what's her bits streaked at a Nurgle Rotters game.”

“I haven’t heard of the Madheads sorry” Fox said with curiosity .

“Well they are pretty fresh to scene I guess. Bunch of Miners managed by “Madhead” Magoo the blind dwarf of the mountains, blew his face off in a Mining accident. I think the folk were taking the mickey when they let him coach, see without a face though no racial prejudice”.

“Sorry what?” a puzzled Fox said placing down his tankard.

“Iee a mixed team Dwarf, halfling, human and a errrr Thing”.

“Sorry a thing”

“Yeh something kick off is in a quarter yard stick on the field by the mine go and have a look young lad”.

A hearty guzzle and a nod Fox headed towards the field.

A thin crowd stood huddled together in the makeshift stands. The mining folk from two towns over had come to inflict pain on the Madheads, the Dusty Creek Cavaliers were known to Fox, especially their star blitzer “Boots” MacTaggart. “Boots” was an older star who had done the circuit for a number of years, everyone knew he was playing below his status but preferred floating in the minors beating up on scraps and Newbies. He was leading the Cavaliers in a pregame ramp up. “Men, Dwarves and Halflings playing with each other on the same side it ain't right I tell ya it is wrong, let's put an end to this once and for all”.

The Madheads then shuffled onto the field they looked lost and certainly not a team though the snazzy black and white uniforms looked really good. At the back a wild bearded dwarf leading some Walking reptile beast. “What the hell is that!” said Fox fairly audibly. A young fan looked up. “That is Brisket. Grifter Gibbletstrom the slayer adopted the beast he was tasked with slaying its mum in the mine he hand reared the thing and it refuses to not join in the games.”

Brisket stood towering over the players around him but had a gentle kindness in his eyes and some kind of stick in his hand. The game was on the Madheads seemed disorganised from the get go at the back their thrower struggled to take control of the ball and was pounded by Mactagart. The rest of the team seemingly started bickering about who should be clearing it up while Brisket stared into the middle distance. This repeated adnousium and deep into the 1st half the Mountain men found themselves 3-0 down and the bickering on the field was louder than the crowd. Madhead Magoo was bellowing orders unfortunately he was facing the wrong way, his aides having given up on watching the game.

The next kick from the Cavaliers was well placed “Boots” MacTaggart had grown tired of picking on the hapless thrower and requested the ball closer to Grifter. Grifter happily pounced on the ball the young Thrower chasing him saying “Hey that is not in the playbook.” MacTaggart met Grifter with a blindside hit and he hit the ground hard.

Suddenly an earth shaking thunderous noise silenced the whole pitch and thundering on all fours came Frugal Head first he charged into “Boots” MacTaggart launching him through the air and out of the grounds. Before skidding and knocking the young thrower into the crowd beside me.

“Oh god I need a break” said the thrower
“So do I, so do I. ” Said Fox helping the youngster to the changing shed before taking his uniform.

After a hard loss against the Cripple Creek Cavaliers. The Madhead’s find themselves in a tavern in Tableheim.

“So you are happy to sign on the dotted line Fox!”- Magoo says eagerly shuffling a contract under a confused Brisket's nose.

“More than happy!” says Fox before grabbing the parchment before Brisket swallowed it.

Harold Crumpetarse came charging in excitedly.

“I have found it!” he exclaimed.

“What” asked Fox.

“The Timelord’s hot tub it is through the back here.”

Overly excited the team all rushed through to soak after the tough match. Little did they know this was the infamous transportation device that the Timelords had used numerous times before. And vooom……………………..

Into the flux. The party wandered out to the vast shimmering lands of the Deserted Isles.

Hastily, Magoo set about lining up friendly matches for them.

Before a spritely devious league commissioner took what little gold thay had and placed them in their first League event. Within the Blackwater Sting division.

Lets see how they fare.

“Mad heads Mountain Mob: Season 1 The Fox Hunt

Chapter 1 Day of the Jackal

"This is it"- bellows an over excited Harold Crumpetarse while tucking in to a grease ridden veal pie it's pungent aroma filling the changing sheds.

"What, the best pie you have had yet?" Asks Fox Harold has seemingly been on a quest ever since transporting across the Dibbl flux to these strange lands claiming the pastry here much better than that of the old world.

"No the best pie is always the next one. This is your big day Fox your first outing in the league".

It was true the local rags had been full of nonsense doubting Fox's pedigree. One unscrupulous paper even suggested his broken ribs from tripping in the bath were just a ploy to escape the clutches of the league big killers the Deserted Isle Buccaneers in the first round. Though nerves had been getting the better of him today he was excited to go out there.

Madhead Magoo came storming into the room seemingly in a bit of a panic as it was apparently seconds to kick off. The Blind dwarf coach had seemingly run a rousing team speech for the last 40 minutes. Unfortunately he was in the mop cupboard and just presumed the players were hanging on every word. His aides sheepishly followed him having yet again neglected there job.

"Right this is it men!" You hear me!" He waited for a response there was a faint murmur of Gibbletstorm saying "Well were did you put your shoes to Briskett" and the slurping sound of Harold sucking all the fat juice off his pastry.

"They are a tough outfit but story is simple hit them hard and fast and repeatedly you hear me!"

A quick Hurrah and out they charge.

The Mountain heads kicked off and as they set up they saw some hulking presences out there. Rock Johnson Ulfweaner of ill repute kept pointing at Fox and barking orders at Kick-Ass Taylor-Johnson and Jackal Chance. Something around the lines of "His skin is mine".

The break Fox kicked it soundly and hid behind Briskett. Roman Gibson gathered the ball and the line of scrimmage crumbled. Silus Rothorn foud himself off for an early bath and Jackal Chance burst through and quickly pounded poor Briskett into the ground to stand towering over fox. Luckily the clumsy thing fell softly on top of Fox. Ever the gent Cornelius Velvetfoot came over to boot the beast off of Fox. The Referee was quick to get Velvetfoot and eject him from the game taking Magoo with him for obscene gestures toward the goal posts.

Fox gathered himself and sprinted towards the cage with Brikett and Stanley Firebrand in hot pursuit. Enric 'the Flea' Stoolerbaker was able to get threaten the ball carrier but he managed to get a way.

Fox found himself on the ground again and with the ref seemingly embroiled in an argument about what an Obscene gesture looks like, a flurry of kicks landed on the peoples champion.

Intent on toying with their victims the Norse sat on the line threatening to score and show boating to the crowd. Briskett tried to charge at them but he to found himself in a bloody heap. Allegedly the next piece of action occurred when Magoo was firmly in the dungeon and he couldn't of possibly paid anyone for such a trick.

A great Fireball ripped from the sky and downed both Roman Gibson and Jackal Chance. This seemingly gave some hope to the Madheads. Alas it couldn't stop the inevitable score from Rock Johnson. Who spent the final minutes of the half signing autographs in the stands.

With a down left on the clock. It was up to Fox to pull something out the hat. He went to pick up the ball but greasy with the blood of Gibson he dropped it.

1-0 at the half and the eat playing havoc with the Norsemen's constitution. Fox had a whiff of Glory.

Right "Old Glory 21 Old Glory 21" he barked chasing the ball that was kicked deep hard.

Hot Wing, Enric, Gibbletstorm and Crumpet, somehow finding himself at the business end of the action all ripped up the pitch. Looking for space.

Unfortunately what they found is set of Norse full backs intent on removing all the Madheads Hot wing quickly leaving the field in a dazed heap. Enric though broke free and from deep Fox sprinted past Angry Max the OMG's captain to throw a perfect spiral to him. Or thats what he imagined happened after coming to in the dugout.

"What was the score?" he said to Harold Crumpetarse who seemed to of made an early start on the after match snacks.

"2-0 mate 2-0"

"How was I." he asked?

"well lets just say you had a foot in the game son."
Season 1 The Fox hunt

Chapter 2 Shock Horror

Fox meadows stares across the paddock what pedigree does he have was the Blackwater Bugle headline. Harold piped up. "Hater gonna hate Fox Haters gonna hate"

The article went on to say all mouth no Trousers.

"I will show them Harold I will show them all I tell you! Glory will be mine"

"Surely you mean ours Fox" Enric Stoolerbaker said piping up. "You know this is a team game personally I have no idea why you get all this press what have you ever even done. Everyone know this team is all about me and Hotwing. You go and stick with the Halflings and Dwarves where you belong."

The bad tempered Blitzer hated nearlyeveryone on the team and Fox's press was not helping.

"Oh and Fox" Enric said "Remember to pick up the damn ball."

Enric trotted off to practice is throwing hoping Magoo would let him take on the quarterback role.

"Don't worry bout them" said Harold, "lets get some food on board".

The Hauaki's tea rooms were deadly quiet with mostly lumbering Zombies looking for Brains to chomp on and skeletons staring at their soup bowls.

"Over here Fox this tea room is legendary" the eager halfling darted towards the deserted end of the hall with a hatch that said soul food.

A lumbering Ghoul was tending to a large bubbling caldron and the smell was actually rather tempting.

Harold grabbed three plates the first one didn't even make it to the table before he wolfed it down.

"What the hell are you eating?" asked Fox staring at the two full steaming bowls.

"It is the famous Ghoulash, a mix of Possum and wombat shipped in from the Southern Waste Lands. The best you will get this side of the new world".

Fox couldn't remember the last time he ate all this press had been putting him off his food perhaps it might settle his Stomach.

He quickly grabbed a bowl before Harold could get through the first one.


Gathering in the sheds the talk had all circulated around Hulking Hauraki and how best to avoid the Mummy. The squad were eagerly awaiting Madhead Magoo's pre match thunder talk.

Suddenly his aides burst in the room again looking sheepish. Under there watchful eyes Madhead had apparently went into the wrong locker room and spent the last half hour explaining he short fallings of his own squad including a 35minute rant on reasons not to pick Gorrick Icehand. Luckily he had seemingly got all his negativity out and was back on task.

"Right lads, simple int it, just steer clear let them do the hits we look after ball."

With that the squad ran out on to the field.

It seemed the local fans were on the Madheads side all this negative press seemingly bringing out some of the fans to see what the fuss was all about.

The Horrors cut a formidable defensive line and certianily looked intimidating as they kicked off and quickly followed up.

Fox sprnted towards the kicked ball and went to pick it up. Reaching down with it almost in his mit suddenly a crippling stomach pain rattled through his body and he dropped the ball.

"What the hell" Fox thought to himself.

Though the line of Scrimmage was holding slowly the Ghouls were creeping into the Madheads half. This though was balanced with the Enric and Hotwing ripping deep into the Horrors half.

Fox attempted to pick it up again and his time it was successful he cruised past the oncoming traffic to shape to throw the perfect pass as the early score was on. Just as he looked to release the ball bang another deep pain in the stomach and the ball fell out his paw.

Grifter Gibletstrom shouted at him "What the hell is going on lad." As slowly the Horrors crept down the flank. They gathered the ball and formed a tight cage around it. n an ominous death march they shuffled up the pitch. Suddenly ahuge orange light came from the sky and a fire ball opened up this cage.

"What the hell was that." asked Harold.

Harold was having a notably strong game for everything that Fox had done wrong some how the halfling had done right including opportunistic fouls and an incredible diving tackle.

This though the arcane intervention and a scrambling defence could not hold back the horrors crossing for the opening touch down.

"Right Fox you are on" Screamed Magoo somehow unaware that he was in the starting line up as the Mountain heads lined up.

Travis Hotwing and Enric trotted past Fox and in unison said "One Job Fox! One Job!!"

Harold ran back on to the pitch saying to Fox "I tell you I feel amazing it is the Ghoulash mate".

That's it Fox tough the Ghoulash surely it couldn't be? Could it?

The Horros kicked deep and again the fleet Fox was quick to get to the ball, this time he Picked it up with ease.

"No cant be the Ghoulash" -Fox Thought to himself but let us just try something. He ripped forward and instead of the long spiral he shaped to make a small toss of the ball. Bang before it let his hand crippling stomach pain, he tried to regather the throw but to no avail. The ball landed on the ground.

The two teams went back into the sheds.

"Harold that Ghoulash it was poisoned or cursed mate I tell ya hey have done something to me."

Before Harold could say anything in stormed Enric and Hotwing. They were visibly upset.

"Out the way Harold" Enric said as he ran toward Fox and gut punched him between the armor plates.

"Stop making me look like a fool!" Enric said curtly.

"Is that all you got" Fox taunted.

Enric Swung again an as he did Fox lifted his arms exposing more of his midriff in a strange move. Enric's fist flew deep into Fox's stomach and a surge of vomit came out of Foxes mouth. On to Enric's shoes. At this point Briskett and Grifter came in Enric knew batter than to keep up the fight.

"Just do your damn job Fox Meadows." said Enric as he charged out the shed followed by his lacky Travis.

"Right I think that has sorted it." Said Fox smiling at the stunned room.

The rest of the match clicked along and though the Madheads couldn't quite get a handle on the game Fox was feeling better.

At 3-0 down there seemed little hope for the rabble but another huge kick and a chase from Fox saw him gather the ball and charge down the Field he lined up the pass and perfection thats what the crowd were here to see.

Unfortunately the whistle went and that was the end of the game.

Proud holder of the Lambhurley shield.


Fox meadows 10 games 10 completions.

Duddley Puddingstone holds the record for the quickest death in the squad. The Dwarf runner was seemingly doomed when Madhead insisted he took to the line of scrimmage. One dwarf looks the same as another the old fella said at the wake.

Player Ma St Ag Av Skills Inj G Cp Td It Cs Mvp SPP Cost  
5 6 2 9
Bone-head, Loner, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Throw Team-Mate
Block, +ST, Stand Firm
  23 0 0 0 9 5 43/51 240k
Dwarf Troll Slayer
5 3 2 8
Block, Dauntless, Frenzy, Loner, Thick Skull
Mighty Blow
  31 0 0 0 4 1 13/16 110k
Human Blitzer
8 4 3 8
Animosity, Block
Dodge, +MA, +ST, Tackle
  32 1 2 0 11 8 69/76 220k
Human Thrower
8 3 3 8
Animosity, Pass, Sure Hands
Kick-Off Return, +MA, +MA, Dump-Off, Nerves Of Steel
n, n 46 44 7 1 3 13 138/176 190k
Dwarf Blocker
4 3 2 9
Block, Loner, Tackle, Thick Skull
  3 0 0 0 1 0 2/6 70k
Dwarf Blocker
4 3 2 9
Block, Loner, Tackle, Thick Skull
Mighty Blow, Guard, Grab, Stand Firm
  50 0 0 1 23 1 53/76 150k
Dwarf Blitzer
5 3 3 9
Block, Loner, Thick Skull
  17 0 0 0 2 0 4/6 80k
Human Lineman
6 3 3 8
  9 0 1 0 0 0 3/6 50k
Human Lineman
6 2 3 8
Dirty Player, Kick
-st 48 1 0 0 4 2 19/31 90k
Human Lineman
6 3 3 8
  6 0 0 0 1 0 2/6 50k
Human Lineman
6 3 3 8
  12 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 50k
Halfling Hopeful
5 2 3 6
Dodge, Loner, Right Stuff, Stunty
  18 0 1 0 1 0 5/6 30k
Human Catcher
8 2 3 7
Animosity, Catch, Dodge
Block, Side Step, Fend, Sure Feet, Sprint
  48 0 31 0 2 4 117/176 160k
Dwarf Runner
6 3 3 8
Loner, Sure Hands, Thick Skull
  10 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 80k
Halfling Hopeful
5 2 3 6
Dodge, Loner, Right Stuff, Stunty
  8 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 30k
15 players  
Coach: Trickey Re-Rolls (140k): 3  
Race: Old World Alliance Fan Factor: 7  
Current Team Value: 1930k Assistant Coaches: 0  
Treasury: 140k Cheerleaders: 0  
Team Value: 1930k Apothecary: Yes  

Games Played:51 (7/12/32) |TD Diff:-41 (50 - 91) |Cas Diff:-10 (75/39/13 - 91/34/12)
Last Opponent: Hauraki Horrors
 W/D/LAvgAvgAvg diff
Chaos Chosen20/1/11.5-2.00.0   0.0   0.0-1.0   1.0   0.0-265k
Chaos Dwarf10/1/02.0-2.00.0   0.0   1.0-1.0   1.0   0.0120k
Chaos Renegade20/2/01.5-1.51.0   1.0   0.5-1.0   0.5   0.0165k
Dark Elf10/0/10.0-2.03.0   0.0   0.0-0.0   0.0   0.010k
Dwarf10/0/11.0-2.00.0   0.0   0.0-3.0   1.0   1.0220k
Goblin11/0/03.0-1.05.0   2.0   1.0-1.0   0.0   0.0700k
Halfling51/1/30.8-1.22.4   1.2   0.2-1.2   0.6   0.2408k
High Elf30/1/20.7-2.70.7   0.0   0.0-3.3   0.0   1.050k
Human20/0/21.0-2.52.0   1.0   0.0-2.0   0.0   0.0-55k
Norse31/0/21.3-1.31.0   0.3   0.0-3.0   1.0   0.0-283k
Nurgle41/1/20.8-1.81.3   1.0   0.0-3.0   1.0   0.5-400k
Ogre10/0/10.0-1.05.0   2.0   0.0-3.0   2.0   0.0-180k
Old World Alliance10/0/11.0-2.00.0   1.0   0.0-3.0   0.0   0.060k
Orc41/1/21.5-2.02.0   0.5   0.3-1.3   0.8   0.3-355k
Shambling Undead70/2/50.6-2.01.1   0.6   0.1-1.9   0.7   0.323k
Skaven40/2/21.0-1.50.8   1.3   0.3-1.3   0.8   0.3-25k
Slann10/0/11.0-3.03.0   0.0   0.0-0.0   0.0   0.040k
Snotling21/0/11.0-1.03.5   0.5   0.5-0.5   0.5   0.0725k
Tomb Kings20/0/20.0-1.50.5   0.5   1.5-3.0   2.0   0.590k
Underworld Denizens10/0/11.0-2.01.0   3.0   0.0-0.0   0.0   0.0230k
Vampire21/0/11.5-1.51.5   1.0   1.0-2.0   0.5   0.0485k
Wood Elf10/0/11.0-3.00.0   1.0   0.0-1.0   0.0   0.0-310k
Total517/12/321.0-1.81.5   0.8   0.3-1.8   0.7   0.231k