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Pro Elf and I Vote!
Roster [R] Elven Union
Fighting for the Cause Since 2005.

Opponent Team Categories

A (Plug & Play): Orcs, Dwarf, Chaos Dwarf
B (Better with Age): Chaos, Nurgle, Pact
C (Bones & Moans): Necro, Undead, Khemri, Vamps
D (Agile): Dark Elves, Skaven, Slann, High Elves, Wood, Pro
E (Humans & Stunties): Norse (L), Human, Lizzies, Zons, Ogre, Underworld, Halflings, Goblin

Founded during E.L.F. Season IV.
An 8th place finish in E.L.F. Season V.
A 7th place finish in E.L.F. Season VI.
A 4th place finish in E.L.F. Season VII.
An 8th place finish in E.L.F. Season VIII - completed the cycle.
A 5th place finish in E.L.F. Season IX - completed the cycle (all victories) and became a member of the 'Pro' Hall of Fame.
A 15th place finish in E.L.F. Season X - completed the cycle.
A 20th place finish in E.L.F. Season XI - completed the cycle.
A 9th place finish in E.L.F. Season XII - completed the cycle (all victories).
A 12th place finish in E.L.F. Season XIII - completed the cycle and became a member of the 'Pro' Hall of fame.
An 18th place finish in E.L.F. Season XIV - completed the cycle.
A 22nd place finish in E.L.F. Season XV - completed the cycle.
A 79th place finish in E.L.F Season XVI.
Inactive during E.L.F. Season XVII.
Inactive during E.L.F. Season XVIII.
Inactive during E.L.F. Season XIX.
Inactive during E.L.F. Season XX.
A tie for 10th place finish in E.L.F. Season XXI - completed the cycle.
A 5th place finish in E.L.F. Season XXII - completed the cycle.
A 34th place finish in E.L.F. Season XXIII.
A 29th place finish in E.L.F. Season XXIV.
A 19th place finish in E.L.F. Season XXV.
A 53rd place finish in E.L.F Season XXVI.
A 68th place finish in E.L.F. Season XXVII.
A 57th place finish in E.L.F. Season XXVIII.
Inactive during E.L.F. Season XXIX.
Inactive during E.L.F. Season XXX.
An 18th place finish in E.L.F. Season XXXI - completed the cycle.
A 15th place finish in E.L.F. Season XXXII - completed the cycle.
A 28th place finish in E.L.F. Season XXXIII.
A 4th place finish in E.L.F. Season XXXIV - completed the cycle (all victories).
A 10th place finish in E.L.F Season XXXV.
Inactive during E.L.F. Season XXXVI.
A 4th place finish in E.L.F. Season XXXVII - completed the cycle (all victories).
A 19th place finish in E.L.F. Season XXXVIII.
Inactive during E.L.F. Season XXXIX.
Inactive during E.L.F. Season XL.
Inactive during E.L.F. Season XLI.
A 71st place finish in E.L.F. Season XLII.
A 76th place finish in E.L.F. Season XLIII.
Inactive during E.L.F Season XLIV.
A 46th place finish in E.L.F. Season XLV.
Inactive during E.L.F Season XLVI.
Inactive during E.L.F Season XLVII.
A 75th place finish in E.L.F. Season XLVIII.
Inactive during E.L.F Season XLIX.
Inactive during E.L.F Season L.
Inactive during E.L.F. Season LI
Inactive during E.L.F. Season LII
Inactive during E.L.F. Season LIII
Inactive during E.L.F. Season LIV
Inactive during E.L.F. Season LV
Currently playing in E.L.F. Season LVI

XFL I Pro Elf participant.
GLT III Qualifier #4 participant.
XFL II Elf participant.
XFL III Elf participant.
GLT IV Qualifier #6 semi-finalist.
XFL IV Elf quarter finalist.
UI VI Qualifier: Amber Lantern semi-finalist.
XFL V ELF semi-finalist.
FUMBBL Minors 225TR III-2 participant.
Lustrian Challenge IV Qualifier XV participant.
Warpstone Open VI Qualifier II quarter-finalist.
GLT VII: Forlorn Races Qualifiers 4 participant.
XFL VII ELF participant.
Warpstone Open VIII Qualifier IV finalist.
GLT IX: Old Teams Qualifiers 1 participant.
XLF VIII Elf participant.
Lustrian Challenge VII Qualifier XII participant.
Warpstone Open IX Qualifier XII semi-finalist.
FUMBBL SMACK Sched VET CXLIX participant.
FUMBBL SMACK Sched LEG CXXXIX participant.
GLT X: Old Teams Qualifiers 3 finalist.
Warpstone Open X Qualifier XI participant.
XFL IX Elf participant.
LustrianChallenge IX Qualifier VIII finalist.
Warpstone Open XI Qualifier X participant.

In 5th place among ranked pro elf teams for games played.
One of 6 active teams to have played 300+ games.
A 117/50/109 LRB4 record.
The Revolution spawned a very bizarre "tribute" team: Voting is For Sissies... and another?: Revolution and i don't vote
The masses voted for a new team logo in Extreme Revolution Makeover, fumbbl edition.

‘Pro' Hall-of-Fame
Pro Elf teams completing the cycle.
Sole two-time inductee.

Red Badge of Courage

ELF team suffering the most casualties in a season.
45 casualties.

Current mission: Complete the Cycle in E.L.F Season LVI.

A revolutionary is a person who either advocates or actively engages in some kind of revolution. Since the term "revolution" may be used to refer to a sudden change in any field, one may speak of political revolutionaries, social revolutionaries, revolutionary scientists, inventors, artists, etc.

In a political context, the term "revolutionary" is often used in contrast to the term reformist. While a revolutionary is someone who supports quick and abrupt change, a reformist is someone who supports slow and gradual change.

Political revolutionaries may be classified in three ways:

1. According to the goals of the revolution they propose. Usually, these goals are part of a certain ideology. In theory, each ideology could generate its own brand of revolutionaries. In practice, most political revolutionaries have been either liberals, nationalists, socialists, communists or anarchists.
2. According to the methods they propose to use. This divides revolutionaries in two broad groups: Those who advocate a violent revolution, and those who are pacifists. Perhaps the best known examples of these two types of revolutionaries are Che Guevara and Mahatma Gandhi, respectively.
3. According to the other races they are willing to play. Members of the E.L.F. (Elves Leaving the Forest League) not only accept challenges from other races, but issue them! They might not gain their admiration, but at least by playing they can regain a measure of respect as proper members of the bloodbowl community.

A member of the E.L.F. - these elves will play any race!

Gone but Never Forgotten

Those who have become martyrs to the cause:
5Abbie HoffmanLineman12Jean-Paul MaratBlitzer13Nelson MandelaCatcher
12Mao ZedongBlitzer10Maximilien RobespierreLineman7Emma GoldmanLineman
2Mahatma GandhiCatcher1Che GuevaraBlitzer8Vasil LevskiLineman
7Ahmed Ben Bella #Catcher12Carlos Fonseca AmadorLineman8Avram IancuLineman
4Kwame NkrumahThrower8Qiú JinLineman7Andrés BelloLineman
11Errico MalatestaLineman4Antonio José de SucreLineman11Karl LiebknechtLineman
10Thomas SankaraLineman1TecumsehBlitzer6Toussaint L'Ouverture*Lineman
9José MartíThrower11William Lyon MackenzieLineman10Sitting BullLineman
8Kemal AtatürkLineman10Stokely CarmichaelLineman12Hua GuofengLineman
10Nicolae BalcescuLineman11Éamon de ValeraLineman16Frantz FanonCatcher
10Seán Mac StíofáinLineman16James ConnollyCatcher9Alexander BerkmanLineman
9François MackandalLineman6Vo Nguyen GiapThrower4Francisco de MirandaLineman
10Matija GubecLineman13T. E. LawrenceCatcher8Black HawkLineman
3Susan B. AnthonyLineman3Chief JosephThrower16Benjamin FranklinCatcher
4Oliver TamboLineman14Cathal GouldingCatcher8Lajos KossuthLineman
5Rudolf RockerLineman11Francisco de Paula SantanderThrower15Gamal Abdel NasserCatcher
8Dragging CanoeLineman10Lucretia MottThrower3Carlos MarighellaLineman
4Jomo KenyattaLineman13Josip Broz TitoCatcher10Grigory ZinovievLineman
1Bhagat Singh ##***Blitzer8WovokaLineman16Subcomandante Marcos #Catcher
5Alexandre PétionLineman4TenskwatawaLineman5Alexander KerenskyLineman
3ManuelitoLineman4Sir Robert BellLineman16Frances WrightCatcher
5Stepan ZorianLineman14Jerry RubinCatcher7Alexander HamiltonLineman
9AyenwathaLineman11Ethan AllenLineman15Tom HaydenCatcher
8Mahbubeh AbbasgholizadehThrower3Fanny KaplanThrower9Eftimie MurguLineman
5Louis Auguste BlanquiLineman4Robert the BruceLineman7ThayendanegeaLineman
3Zail SinghThrower9Cezar BolliacLineman10Julius MartovThrower
7Nat TurnerLineman9Eugene V. DebsLineman14José Carlos MariáteguiCatcher
16Sun Yat-senCatcher5Honoré Gabriel Riqueti, comte de MirabeauLineman14Victor L. BergerLineman
2Augusto César SandinoBlitzer14Fulgencio BatistaCatcher10Lu Hao-tungLineman
3Carrie Chapman CattThrower3Emmanuel-Joseph SieyèsThrower12Edward Wilmot BlydenLineman
5José María MoncadaLineman2Marcus GarveyBlitzer6Vissarion BelinskyLineman
3Simion BarnutiuThrower11Ralph David Abernathy, Sr.Lineman5Juan Bautista SacasaLineman
8Mehdi BazarganLineman8Hilda GadeaLineman2Julius WaylandBlitzer
6Jacques Pierre BrissotLineman3Comandante RamonaThrower7Julio Antonio MellaLineman
13Daniel De LeonCatcher12Andrei SakharovLineman10Emily HobhouseLineman
7Christophe GbenyeLineman4Jaime SinThrower6William WilberforceLineman
11Chamlong SrimuangLineman9John DickinsonLineman5 Saad ZaghloulLineman
9A. Philip RandolphLineman1Mohamed BouaziziBlitzer##10Gregorio HonasanLineman
10Razan ZaitounehLineman10W. E. B. Du BoisLineman6Huey P. NewtonLineman
10Pridi BanomyongLineman11Nur MisuariLineman6Bernard CoardLineman
9Paul RevereLineman6Giuditta Bellerio SidoliLineman6Louis DelgrèsLineman
2"Big Bill" HaywoodBlitzer8Tran DanLineman11Gabriel DumontLineman
13Norman MorrisonCatcher3Laurent-Désiré Kabila #Thrower
#-Star, ##-Super-Star, ###-Mega-Star, ####-Legend
*=longest surviving original player.
***=finished career tied for 6th place for MVP's among pro elf blitzers.
Those now living in exile because of their beliefs:
8Simón BolívarLineman5Malcolm XLineman11Ho Chi MinhLineman
3Ruhollah KhomeiniThrower4Leon Trotsky #Lineman7Béla KunLineman
9Michael CollinsLineman4Abimael GuzmánLineman13Emiliano Zapata ###Catcher
8Mikhail BakuninLineman5Aung San #Thrower2Túpac Amaru ##Blitzer
7Thomas PaineLineman11André RigaudLineman6Guy FawkesThrower
4Mahathir bin MohamadLineman12Carlos LacerdaLineman1Subhash Chandra Bose #Blitzer
3The Unknown RebelLineman14Giuseppe Garibaldi ###**Catcher13Peter KropotkinCatcher
11Gheorghe MagheruLineman16Sékou TouréCatcher7John AdamsLineman
5Yasser Arafat ##Thrower15Pancho Villa ##**Catcher7Jean-Jacques DessalinesLineman
8Elizabeth Cady StantonThrower11José de San MartínThrower7Maurice BishopLineman
7Adolph JoffeLineman2Emilio Aguinaldo ###****Blitzer14Thomas Jefferson ##Catcher
6David Dellinger #Lineman12Li Dazhao #Lineman9Georges Sorel #Lineman
15Henri GrégoireCatcher11Leila KhaledThrower8Patrice LumumbaLineman
14Ahmadu BelloCatcher13Francisco I. Madero #Lineman16Ernestine RoseCatcher
6José María SisonLineman2Jean Pierre BoyerBlitzer1Simón Rodríguez #Blitzer
14Cyril RamaphosaCatcher12Zhu DeLineman6Kate SheppardLineman
9Christian TellLineman13George OdlumLineman7OconostotaLineman
5Antoine BarnaveLineman12John Langalibalele DubeLineman10Fidel CastroThrower
15Rennie DavisCatcher1Gregorio del Pilar #Blitzer3Surendranath BanerjeaThrower
8Shadi SadrCatcher1Frederick DouglassBlitzer15Crazy HorseCatcher
8José RizalLineman9Ion GhicaLineman14John FroinesLineman
4Gilbert du Motier, marquis de LafayetteThrower16Rolando MasferrerCatcher3Sarojini NaiduThrower
16Andrés BonifacioCatcher3Wendell PhillipsThrower7Georgi PlekhanovLineman
8Pantazi GhicaLineman10Ye TingCatcher6Millicent Fawcett#*****Lineman
11Patrick Henry##******Lineman7Christabel PankhurstLineman1Frederic Faries "Fred" HeathBlitzer
1Makandal DaagaBlitzer13Spartacus#Lineman 12Fred ShuttlesworthLineman
3Stephen BikoThrower4Francesc Sabaté LlopartThrower9Noushin Ahmadi KhorasaniLineman
7Gregoria de JesúsLineman3Prince HallThrower11Bayard RustinLineman
1Camilo Cienfuegos Gorriarán #Blitzer4Lee WeinerThrower7Liu XiaoboLineman
16Sequoyah #Catcher4Pierre MuleleThrower15Louis TikasCatcher
14Virendranath Chattopadhyaya ##Catcher12Jacques HébertLineman3Hong XiuquanThrower
9George William GordonLineman16Louis Riel##Catcher2Giuseppe Mazzini##Blitzer
8Jan TyssowskiLineman10Hamma HammamiLineman4José Bustamante y RiveroThrower
7Georgy GaponLineman
#-Star, ##-Super-Star, ###-Mega-Star, ####-Legend
**=finished their careers tied in 7th place for Top Blockers among Pro Elf catchers.
****=longest lived player with 94 matches, retired in 1st place for MVP's among active Pro Elves, finished in 4th place all-time for MVP's among Pro Elves, and 2nd place all-time for Pro Elf Blitzers.
*****=finished career as #1 active Pro Elf fouler.
******=finished career as #2 active Pro Elf fouler and oldest active Pro Elf.
Those recruited to join the fight:
Benjamín ZeledónCentral AmericanNative AmericanYoweri MuseveniAfrican*
Ciro MenottiRevolutions of 1848*Mariano AlvarezPhilippine*Caribbean
Ed BoyceAmerican SocialistCivil RightsAbolition*
José Antonio EcheverríaCubanThích Quảng ĐứcVietnam Era*Bal Gangadhar TilakIndian
Madame de StaëlFrenchEl GénéralArab Spring*Zhang BinglinChinese
East AsianAmerican RevolutionAhmet AnzavurMiddle Eastern
Mateo PumacahuaSouth American*SuffrageAlexander HerzenRussian/Bolshevik*

May their many sacrifices not be in vain!

Arial Bold 16 pt.

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# Name Position Ma St Ag Av Skills Inj G Cp Td It Cs vp Sp Cost  
1 Yeung Ku-wanBlitzer7448Block, Side Step, +ST, Dodge, Mighty Blow, Tacklem3529013370110k (0k) 
2 Enver PashaBlitzer7348Block, Side Step 2010105110k (110+0k) 
3 Ella BakerThrower6347Pass 000000070k (70+0k) 
4 Olympe de GougesThrower6347Pass 000000070k (70+0k) 
5 Jean Sylvain BaillyLineman6347Kick, Block 37211222160k (60+40k) 
6 Louis DelgrèsLineman6337 -ag300000060k (60+0k) 
7 Ambroise-Dydime LépineLineman6347  000000060k (60+0k) 
8 Eric GairyLineman6347  000000060k (60+0k) 
9 Marinus WilletLineman6347 m600000060k (0k) 
11 Phan KhôiLineman6347  100000060k (60+0k) 
12 Bhupendranath DattaLineman6347Block 35300121560k (60+20k) 
13 Belisario DomínguezCatcher8347Catch, Nerves Of Steel 1000000100k (100+0k) 
14 Fabio GrobartCatcher8557Catch, Nerves Of Steel, +AG, Dodge, +ST, +ST, Block 2272105185100k (100+180k) 
11 players (+2 players missing next game)  
Coach: pizzamogul Re-Rolls (100k): 3  
Race: Elven Union Fan Factor: 7  
Team Value: 1320k Assistant Coaches: 0  
Treasury: 30000 Cheerleaders: 0  
Tournament Weight: 1610k Apothecary: Yes  

Games Played:385 (186/62/137) |TD Diff:133 (678 - 545) |Cas Diff:-703 (302/183/91 - 665/419/195)
Last Opponent: Atrapados en el Tiempo