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Dandelion Eaters
P [R] Wood Elf
Nothing as tasty as freshly ripped dandelion on a summer morning.

<table style='border: solid 1px black; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;' border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="5"><!--
--><tr valign="top" style='text-align: center; background: #000000; color: white;'><!--
--><th>Best achievments thus far</th><th>What we are gunning for</th><!--
--><tr class="even"><td>Winning the Grotty Little Tournament</td><td>Making 100 games</td></tr><!--
--><tr class="odd"><td>Gaining a Super-Star-Player</td><td>Winning a second major tournament</td></tr><!--
--><tr class="even"><td>Making 50 games</td><td>Gaining a Mega-Star-Player</td></tr><!--
--><tr class="odd"><td>-</td><td>Getting some doubles, AG or ST stat increases</td></tr><!--

<b><u>Major Ranked Tournaments entered:</u></b>

--> <span><!--
--> <input type="button" value="Ulthuan Invitational 2008" style='width:250px;font-size:12px;margin:0px;padding:0px;' onclick="if (this.value == 'Ulthuan Invitational 2008') { this.parentNode.parentNode.getElementsByTagName('span')[1].getElementsByTagName('span')[0].style.display = ''; this.value = 'Hide UI 2008'; } else { this.parentNode.parentNode.getElementsByTagName('span')[1].getElementsByTagName('span')[0].style.display = 'none'; this.value = 'Ulthuan Invitational 2008';}"><!--
--><div class="alt2" style='margin: 0px; width:400px; border: 0px solid;'><!--
--><span style='display: none;'>
<div align="center"><H4><u>Light Qualifier IV - Jade Lantern</u></H4></div>
<a href="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=match&id=2132545">Round 1 - Win vs. Avien's Earcandy</a>

A nice and close woodelf match. Dice weren't particularily stunning for either of us. The casualty on the only Tackle player from Earcandy made it difficult to get a good blocking games vs the blodge hordes. The game went to OT with 3-3 and offense for Earcandy. Their thrower set up a bit too short and was consequently blitzed by 2 Lineman. He rcovered the ball but the struggle for it was soon decided in favor of the Eaters on the back of more removed players and an annoying Blodge, SS pest.

<a href="about:blank">Round 2 - Loss vs KenThis's Sleekit Radgers</a>

Due to some RL issues I wasn't able to play that game unfortunately :(

</div><br /></span><div><!--
--> <span><!--
--> <input type="button" value="Grotty Little Tournament 2008" style='width:250px;font-size:12px;margin:0px;padding:0px;' onclick="if (this.value == 'Grotty Little Tournament 2008') { this.parentNode.parentNode.getElementsByTagName('span')[1].getElementsByTagName('span')[0].style.display = ''; this.value = 'Hide GLT 2008'; } else { this.parentNode.parentNode.getElementsByTagName('span')[1].getElementsByTagName('span')[0].style.display = 'none'; this.value = 'Grotty Little Tournament 2008';}"><!--
--><div class="alt2" style='margin: 0px; width:400px; border: 0px solid;'><!--
--><span style='display: none;'>
<div align="center"><H4><u>Qualifier III</u></H4></div>
<a href="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=match&op=view&id=2221806">Round 1 - Win vs. Apojar's Ogres Inc</a>

A fun game and Apojar's first majors game as well. The Blodge proved too much for the Ogres and the wizard from the elves made the undisputed 2:0 possible. Too bad Ultharion received it's second niggling early in the game. The apo neglected him duefully because of the early game state prompting his retirement.

<a href="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=match&op=view&id=2225485">Round 2 - Win vs Halivaraith's Keep Out Of Direct Sunlight 2</a>

Below Average dice for the Elves sufficed against the vampires bad one's. On top a nice 3 player Morleys put the elves even into advantage early on. The fouls of the thralls didn't do damage and the vamps just couldn't break those Blodge lines.

<a href="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=match&id=2239102">Round 3 - Win vs. Lewdgrip's Boese Boese</a>

As Handicaps we got The Greatest, Doom & Gloom, Knuckledusters, +1ST and Virus (which did nothing). So that was mediocre. Boese Boese received but luckily the couldn't break anything on the first go. For a time it looked like the Wood Elves would remove more players from the pitch first half due to some pinpoint fouling, but at the end it evened out. Second half starts with elven offense with the elves still having their wizard. Suddenly the dice wen't black. There was a 1 constantly on any attempt picking up the ball. As a matter of fact it was not until turn 4 (after a wizard) that the elves could pick up the ball. Without team reroll left it was a thrilling one, but the lineman caught the 3+ pass for the TD leaving Boese Boese 3 rounds to score the equalizer. It all came down to turn 16. The ball on the ground near the elves endzone with 2 players beside it. The only player they couldn't bring down was the side stepping wardancer, so instead of rerolling the block he went for the 4+ pickup 3+ dodge. Which failed and a dramatic 1:0 victory for the Dandelion Eaters. A Catcher died and another got -AV but skilled a double...mhhh.
<div align="center"><u><H4>FINAL ROUND</H4></u></div>
The proud players entered the finals as the only team without any AG or ST stat ups. Let's hope that won't be the only thing noteworthy.

<a href="about:blank">Round 1 - Win by forfeit vs. Kromoson's Unlucky Heroes</a>

Unfortunately Kromoson got delayed on our scheduled time by a rainstorm and we just couldn't get together afterwards.

<a href="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=match&id=2254760">Round 2 - Win vs. PeteW's Your Mother's Orcs</a>

A strange game were Pete was unlucky half one except turn 8 which prevented the elven 1:0 lead. Then a lucky half 2 expect a lucker move turn 15 from me and him not using the wizard resulted in the OTS beginning of half 2 winning this game.

<a href="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=match&id=2269450">Round 3 - Win over eldritch's Bone Thugs and Tragedy</a>

The Eaters Fans got the ref 1st half enabling a late TD while KOing both mummies and doing 2 casualties. The Undead hit back hard though and almost made the 2 turn TD. Second half saw a brutal start for the Undead. But 6 fighting elves could get back the ball and hide it with only 1 turn left to make the tie. The undead couldn't make it but killed the treeman on the last turn.

<a href="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=match&id=2269625">Final - Win vs. MPC's Matez0rs</a>

11 elves + a goblin went into this game as the underdog. The dice of the dwarves didn't pack any punch though and half 1 they were outbashed as the elves made the 1:0. Second half went strong for the dwarves though and they made the 1:1 with only 2 elves on the pitch. Luckily the one-turner and another player regained consciousness and were able to bring down the smithening 2:1 for the win. A overtime would've meant a sure win for the dwarves so this was a clutch victory forever to be remembered. 2 more players died in the game reducing the roster to 9 players including a niggled one.

In the course of the tournament the Eaters suffered 4 Deaths, 3 niggling Injuries, 1 each -AV, -AG and -Ma to their players. They sacrificed their health for the greater good. May they be reborn as a shiny yellow dandelion flower.

</div><br /></span><div><!--
--> <span><!--
--> <input type="button" value="Ulthuan Invitational 2009" style='width:250px;font-size:12px;margin:0px;padding:0px;' onclick="if (this.value == 'Ulthuan Invitational 2009') { this.parentNode.parentNode.getElementsByTagName('span')[1].getElementsByTagName('span')[0].style.display = ''; this.value = 'Hide UI 2009'; } else { this.parentNode.parentNode.getElementsByTagName('span')[1].getElementsByTagName('span')[0].style.display = 'none'; this.value = 'Ulthuan Invitational 2009';}"><!--
--><div class="alt2" style='margin: 0px; width:400px; border: 0px solid;'><!--
--><span style='display: none;'>
<div align="center"><H4><u>UI V Light Qualifier: Golden Lantern</u></H4></div>
<a href="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=match&id=2591356">Round 1 - Win vs. MPC's Matez0rs</a>

The Eaters still remembered the GLT final in which they barely espaced OT thanks to their OT recovering from KO to score on turn 16 the winning T with just 4 guys left so we were expecting a brutal game and hired Jordell and an Wizard.

The Matez0rs already declared this a grudge match, so we pinned some nice dandelion flowers on their knuckles which softened their hits....A LOT.

All in all the dwarves made around 3 KO's and 1 BH in this game on not so key players so they had a rough time and when bad dice struck during half 2 the wizard used his fireball an in consequence a lost ball which the dwarves couln't recover.

<a href="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=match&id=2605212">Round 2 - Win vs. Jokaero's Stammtisch Zurich</a>

Another match vs dwarfs and another dwarf team that seemingly put un fluffy gloves. First half the dwarves were slow rolling but couldn't get elves out and after a fatal double skull lost the ball this however made it probably easy for them to score since the scatters were bad for the elves and they suddenly left the field. Time for the one-turner just as the ref noticed that he did something wrong with the clock and gave us back a turn. so it was 1:1 at halftime with the elven in offense. started brilliantly with a MNG and apo fail and a BH on a foul. the dwarves couldn't reduce the numbers of the elves greatly and subsequently the elves could cage it through to turn 8 with a bit of sweat during a turn which began with a double skull. The dwarves couldn't make the one-turner and the Eaters are onto the qualifier final.

<a href="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=match&id=2611428">Round 3 - Loss vs. Hollaender's Woodies at Tryout</a>

Hollaenders woodies were a bit more compact. Some mistakes and a forgotten wizard made this a narrow 2:3 loss.

</div><br /></span><div><!--
--> <span><!--
--> <input type="button" value="Lustrian Challenge 2009" style='width:250px;font-size:12px;margin:0px;padding:0px;' onclick="if (this.value == 'Lustrian Challenge 2009') { this.parentNode.parentNode.getElementsByTagName('span')[1].getElementsByTagName('span')[0].style.display = ''; this.value = 'Hide LC 2009'; } else { this.parentNode.parentNode.getElementsByTagName('span')[1].getElementsByTagName('span')[0].style.display = 'none'; this.value = 'Lustrian Challenge 2009';}"><!--
--><div class="alt2" style='margin: 0px; width:400px; border: 0px solid;'><!--
--><span style='display: none;'>
<div align="center"><H4><u>Lustrian Challenge III Qualifier XII</u></H4></div>
<a href="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=match&id=2793467">Round 1 - Win vs. Brainsaw's Red Rock Reavers</a>

Pure Lucky win. The reavers didn't get any game going and failed twice on a gfi for the TD (double 1 turn 16...). Too bad the wardancer got niggled.
<a href="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=match&id=2799070">Round 2 - Loss vs. Kharnete's FC Altdorf</a>

A sad day and embarassing loss against humans.

</div><br /></span>
<HR><div><span><input type="button" value="Past Star Players of the Eaters" style='width:250px;font-size:12px;margin:0px;padding:0px;' onclick="if (this.value == 'Past Star Players of the Eaters') { this.parentNode.parentNode.getElementsByTagName('span')[1].getElementsByTagName('span')[0].style.display = ''; this.value = 'Hide Star Players'; } else { this.parentNode.parentNode.getElementsByTagName('span')[1].getElementsByTagName('span')[0].style.display = 'none'; this.value = 'Past Star Players of the Eaters';}"></span><span><div class="alt2" style='margin: 0px; width:400px; border: 0px solid;'><span style='display: none;'>

<b>--- Super Star Players ---</b>

<a href="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=player&op=view&player_id=3067193">Parisol</a>; was a key player in many victories for the eaters. Her speed was only matched by her stunning beauty. Parisol went into retirement to let her younger sister Adherel into the team who is seemingly a mirror image of Parisol.

<HR><b>--- Star Players ---</b>

<a href="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=player&op=view&player_id=3497720">Ultharion </a> was the second Star Player of the team and an invaluable asset.

<a href="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=player&op=view&player_id=3067188">Opara </a> was the first player of the Eaters to gain a doubles skill (on the 25th skill roll). He was a key player in the GLT qualifier win against Boese Boese and the Final win against Matez0rs.

<a href="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=player&player_id=3067197">Yseult</a>; was one of the founding players of the Eaters and is now in retirement after old age started to niggle her. Her skills made her an invaluable annoyance for opposing teams which often just tried to maim here instead of focusing on the ball.

<HR><b>--- Other notable Players ---</b>

none til now.
</div><br /></span><div><span><input type="button" value="Show Statistics" style='width:250px;font-size:12px;margin:0px;padding:0px;' onclick="if (this.value == 'Show Statistics') { this.parentNode.parentNode.getElementsByTagName('span')[1].getElementsByTagName('span')[0].style.display = ''; this.value = 'Hide Statistics'; } else { this.parentNode.parentNode.getElementsByTagName('span')[1].getElementsByTagName('span')[0].style.display = 'none'; this.value = 'Show Statistics';}"></span><span><div class="alt2" style='margin: 0px; width:400px; border: 0px solid;'><span style='display: none;'><table style='border: solid 1px black; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;' border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="5"><tr valign="top" style='text-align: center; background: #000000; color: white;'><th>Statistic</th><th>Value</th><tr class="even"><td>Nr. of Skill Rolls</td><td>86</td></tr>
<tr class="odd"><td>Nr. of Normal Skill Rolls</td><td>69</td></tr><tr class="even"><td>Nr. of Doubles on skill rolls</td><td>11</td></tr><tr class="odd"><td>Nr. of MA skill rolls</td><td>5</td></tr><tr class="even"><td>Nr. of AG skill rolls</td><td>1</td></tr><tr class="odd"><td>Nr. of ST skill rolls</td><td>0</td></tr><tr class="even"><td>Highest Win Margin</td><td>6 : 1</td></tr><tr class="odd"><td>Highest Loss margin</td><td>0 : 4</td></tr><tr class="even"><td>Most casualties inflicted</td><td><a href="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=match&id=1993506">6</a></td></tr><tr class="odd"><td>Most casualties suffered</td><td><a href="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=match&op=view&id=2086830">7</a></td></tr><tr class="even"><td>Most Brutal player</td><td><a href="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=player&player_id=3067190">12 casualties</a></td></tr><tr class="odd"><td>Top Scorer</td><td><a href="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=player&player_id=3067193">23 Touchdowns</a></td></tr><tr class="even"><td>Best Passer</td><td><a href="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=player&player_id=4289531">32 Completions</a></td></tr></tbody></table></div></Span>
<HR><h3>Proud Winner of the Grotty Little Tournament IV</h3>
<img src="http://fumbbl.com/files/GLN/logos/tGLT.gif"; size="50%">

This team was created pre-conversion to LRB5/6 and the new client.

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Progression: Standard
# Name Position Ma St Ag Av Skills Inj G Cp Td It Cs vp Sp Cost  
1 Varathis The VanquisherWardancer8347Block, Dodge, Leap, Mighty Blow, Tackle 61600019120k (120+50k) 
2 SyranaLineman8347Block, Dodge, +MA 26530344070k (70+70k) 
3 SerennaLineman7347Dirty Player 302000670k (70+20k) 
4 MerowanLineman6346Block, Dodge, Side Step, Tackle, Diving Tackle-ma, -av, m632701578870k (0k) 
5Theoris The HunterWardancer8347Block, Dodge, Leap 0000000120k (120+0k) 
6 AdherelCatcher8257Catch, Dodge, Sprint, Block, +AG 10730001690k (90+60k) 
7 CeoranLineman7347Block 802010870k (70+20k) 
8 EvarisLineman7347Guard, Block 28520022170k (70+50k) 
9 ValerenCatcher8247Catch, Dodge, Sprint, Block 331000690k (90+20k) 
10 SylaraCatcher8247Catch, Dodge, Sprint, Block, Side Stepn13360002190k (90+40k) 
11 ThelosCatcher9237Catch, Dodge, Sprint, +MA, Block, Side Step-ag25961124190k (90+70k) 
13 ThiarisThrower7347Pass, Guard, Block, Dodge 232320013490k (90+70k) 
16 Altharis StrongbranchTreeman26110Mighty Blow, Stand Firm, Strong Arm, Thick Skull, Loner, Take Root, Throw Team-Mate, Guard, Break Tackle, Block 290007749120k (120+70k) 
12 players (+1 player missing next game)  
Coach:xcver Re-Rolls (100k):4  
Race:Wood Elf Fan Factor:16  
Team Value:2040k Assistant Coaches:0  
Treasury:30000 Cheerleaders:0  
Tournament Weight:2210k Apothecary:Yes  

Games Played:69 (42/5/22) |TD Diff:49 (161 - 112) |Cas Diff:-44 (68/43/17 - 81/62/29)
Last Opponent: OLYMPiCS2012