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Har Ganeth Headrippers
P [L] Dark Elf

Team logo by Kalminael as a result of this thread.
Names from seventhsanctum.com
Team bio (in part) shamelessly stolen from gjopie
WIL seals here

Team history and trivia
While not a founding member, one of only four teams in WIL to have played more than 300 games, over 49 seasons (12-60). After their first promotion to the Conferences, they played 38 seasons in a row in the Premiership or the Conferences. It took 20 seasons before they ever won their Conference, a feat they've accomplished six times now, as well as making the Play-offs 7 times along the way, though only promoted to Premier division once that way. It took 34 seasons before they were Champions. One Regional title as well.

Rival teams:
Rickson By Armbar (4/6/8)
Our arch-enemies. We 'ate 'em! Stronger than us, packing tackle like dorfs and almost as agile as us .. and being the only team with more games in the League than us!

Dead Isle Ghosts (6/3/5)
Our other arch-enemies.

White and Purple Smoke 4/1/4
Seven Pillars 0/3/3 Perhaps not a rival, but definately in our book of grudges

Famous Rippers:
Darkeye Fiendsbane 101 games, 103 SPP, who ever said getting DP as first skill was a career-ending choice?

Rorariti Farfall Only legend in the team, he was the Most Valuable player of the league with 16 MVP at the time of his untimely death.

Oloay Coldice 28 games, 389 yards rushed, he was speed and strength in one neat package. Unfortunately he also seemed to attract lightning, that ultimately killed him.

Irkor Nightmark He made me put him here - somehow he doesn't respond to the word 'no'. Did become a legend in time, manging just short of 100 casualties in his 151 games.

Atolir Cavemark Died just short of legendhood, especially his early years will be remembered, where he ruled the air with ag5, leap and tackle packed with mighty blow.

Did you know that 150+ players have been killed or had to retire due to their injuries in the 300ish games the Headrippers have played? That is a retirement every second game!
Headrippers also at some point fielded the two Most Valuable Players of the League, accounting for 29 MVPs between them!
Headrippers took 240 games (98/45/97) to get to a winning record.
They took 196 games to get back to 50/50, at 81/34/81 (and then they started losing again...) After game 237 (96/45/96) they were back at a break even record..and since they haven't looked back (for 3 games).

Trophies (mouse-over for season)

Click on seal to see season review

WIL Great Albion Regional XII
First Season in the WIL was a tough start for the Headrippers: Suffering 4 rips, they were able to field a full squad (11 players) again by game 7.
7th (1/1/5)
WIL Great Albion Regional XIII
Second season in the WIL was not quite what the coach hoped for: Entered at 122/122 and following an OK start, the more tough games started, and the Headrippers were not prepared. On the good side - managed to regain 1 point of FF and left the team trimmed and prepped optimally for the season to come (or so we thought!).
4th (2/1/3)
WIL Dragon Conference XIV
An unexpected promotion left the team in the conferences. Entering at only 149/151, beginnings were tough, and the elves took 6 cas to nil in their debut game. The loss to the later Conference champions proved to be the only defeat of the season, that included highlights as first drawing; vs former WIL PL champions Bear Necessities and then defeating Dominus Astrum.
3rd (1/3/1)
WIL Unicorn Conference XV
Entering at 179/159, the Headrippers were the conference light-weights from the first kick. Over the course of the season, the two times TR200 orcs and a crippling defeat to Prez's lizards proved too big a mouthfull for the Headrippers. Back to the Regionals we go.
6th (2/1/4)
[tr bg=darkblue]
WIL Morien Regional Division XVI
Triumphed yet again over Brit's Lizards in opening game. Following this it is been an embarrassing show of skill, as the pre-season trim, handicaps and nigglers have ensured that less than 11 players start up each game. Due to the the many Premier and Conference drop-outs, promotion to the conferences was secured anyway.Araer Bladedrum awarded Krunch Magazine Pansy Elf-ballers Award - Ended Season XVI as best quarterback with 8 completions.
4th (3/1/3)
WIL Lion Conference XVII
Starting out at 198/193, making the play-offs this time was the aim at the season start. However, after the first game, where a rookie blitzer was lost and another -STR injured, focus from then on was mainly to avoid relegation. Game 2 was a draw vs arch-nemesis clarkin, now fielding no less than two former Headripper players on his undead team. Third game, ogres awaited, and after a win hope for promotion ignited once again, however at the expense of aging niggles. Game 4 onwards ---censored by Management ---
8th (1/1/5)
WIL Albany Regional Division XVIII
Following the disaster season XVII, the Headrippers were in desperate need of rejuvenation of the team. Though kinda favorites for the regional title, a season starting out with 10 players or less and an un-healthy TR/TS ratio of 150/137, this proved to be a highly iregular season, with spetacular losses to rookie teams. A SI to a rookie witch and many perms meant that the plan of re-builiding the team failed miserably.
3rd (3/1/2)
WIL Lion Conference XIX
The goal of the season was be not to be relegated, while at the same time building strenght in order to compete for a shot a promotion next season. However, starting the season with a wounded team of 12 players, including 5 injured ones, with an unhealthy strenght of 191/156, the season proved to be the worst ever, with zero wins and a sure relegation as last in the conference.
8th (0/3/4)
WIL Great Albion Regional Division XX
Started the season trimmed to 10 players, sporting all sorts of injuries and an unhealthy 150/140. Being one of only two TR150 team in the regional, Team management has made clear that anything but promotion will be a disappointment. After a soft start against rookie rats and the expected win, the team went to loose against the other contenders for promotion, leaving the team in a very bad position. Game 4 and 5, were the elves went in a favorites, ended at draws, meaning that all came down to the last two games vs high elf teams. Being the stronger team, the Headrippers did not hesitate and secured the third place that will likely mean promotion by means of two 3-0 victories.
3rd (3/2/2)
WIL Dragon Conference XXI
First season with the new client, Headrippers Management have decided to keep the team, given the long history. Prolly should have re-started, as the season turned into a nightmare counting 3 rips and a stunning 25 cas against. Still, due to luck rather than skill, the team secures a playoff spot to fight for staying in the conference, and beating lemfs Rough rides and wins another season in the Conferences, at the cost of the fourth fatality of the season.
5th (2/1/4)
WIL Dragon Conference XXII
Starting out with a slim squad of only 11 players, the initial goal was to consolidate the position in the conferences. However, after the best season ever, even if counting the loss of star blitzer Rinarel Tearsling, leaving a big void in the team, with a stunning 19 casualities to his name, a place in the Premier Division, a long time goal, has been achieved by means of winning the Play-offs.
2nd (4/1/2)
WIL Premier Division XXIII
A long terms goal achieved, the Headrippers get pummeled in their first games. But once they get adapted to the faster pace in the best division, the Headrippers starts to do better, but too many draws seals the season for them.
8th (2/3/4)
WIL Gryphon Conference XXIV
Ugly season at the receiving end of 20 casualties, survival was the theme of the season. Remains in the Conferences by head-to-head result
5th (1/2/4)
WIL Dragon Conference XXV
Best season ever - yet only finished fourth. The only agile team in the conference, Headrippers shine and completes their best season ever with 5 wins, one from forfeit. Still, they only comes fourth.
4th (4/0/2)
WIL Dragon Conference XXVI
Orc payback.In a conference splattered with WIL oldtimers, it is time for the headrippers to show what they are about. Crazy season where the team beats all orcs in sight, but fails crippling the juicy av7 teams normally their favorites.
3rd (4/1/2)
WIL Gryphon Conference XXVII
The human season. In a conference crammed with human teams, it was time to show who's the superior race! However, quickly turned into a 5 straight loss nightmare season, crowned with being at the receiving end of 9 cas by the Conf. winners.
6th (2/0/5)
WIL Gryphon Conference XXVIII
Looking their best in a very long time, fielding no less than 2 strength 4 players, the rippers could go all the way to the Premier Division once again! That was, untill they totally collapse in the two last, all important games...
2nd (3/1/2)
Play-off semi
Out by coin toss
WIL Unicorn Conference XXIX
A new season starts - their ninth in a row in the Premier or Conferences - is this the time for promotion? A bit up and down, but making the play-offs by a lucky win over the closest rival in the final game.
2nd (4/1/2)
Play-off semi
WIL Unicorn Conference XXX
The Dark conference. No less than 3 dark elf teams stuggle to gain promotion to the Premier division. Will Headrippers come out on top? Their tenth season in a row in the Premier or Conferences went well, though a close loss to last seasons rivals for a play-off spot meant second place and a chance at the play-offs.
2nd (4/1/1)
WIL Unicorn Conference XXXI
Now is the time. Top TV team around, a big concern is the number of wizards the team will face. But so far smooth sailing, and following game five they were sure to be Conference champions for the first time ever..
Conf. winners
WIL Premier Division XXXII
Back in the Prem, finally - can they go the distance this time? Not really - While all games have been close, the numbers doesn't lie. Some serious turnaround in the last games are needed to have a remote chance of staying up.
WIL Unicorn Conference XXXIII
Back in the conferences. Brilliant season with little injury means the conference title is secured after game 6.
Conf. Winners
WIL Premier Division XXXIV
Back in the Premier. Can they play with the big boyz? Oh yes they can! Best Prem season ever already, if completely mediocre, they still go down due to TD difference.
WIL Gryphon Conference XXXV
Back in the Conferences. Rebuild and compete for promotion. The strategy of spamming MB didn't really work - got as ripped as every season.
WIL Lion Conference - Season XXXVI
The crazy season. Even after 3 games, it is clear that this is no ordinary season. Winning their first 3 games and fielding 3 +str players at the same time, Headrippers are at their best, only to loose it all in one game. Still, by some lucky order of opponents, they manage to overcome this and win the conference, though poorly prepared for the Prem (at least until a friendly where they couldn't set a foot wrong, unlike their opponents).
Conf. winners
WIL Premier Division - Season XXXVII
Back in the Prem. Can they perform this time?. Nah, in a trail of blood team get's hammered with 12 cas against and 2 rips in the first 4 games, all defeats. Even pansy high elves out-cas us! Only highlight is game 7, where we can cross out White Isle Lizards as a team to beat.

WIL Lion Conference - Season XXXVIII
Back in the Conferences. The hope was that the season to come could restore some confidence in the team after that awful season 37 in the prem. But after 4 games and no wins, it looked like it was relegation to Regionals after 17 seasons in Confs and Prem....and then again, with an end of season fever sprint, they are un-beaten in the final 3 games and secure another conference season

WIL Unicorn Conference - Season XXXIX
Onwards to glory! Despite a relatively experienced squad, some stupid draws and the expected losses makes it a season not making the play-offs. On the positive side - positive TD and cas score.

WIL Lion Conference - Season XXXX
Third time the charm? Fear of getting stuck in the Conferences are creeping into the Management floor. A swift return to the Prem is demanded. While an overall decent performance with only one loss, the many draws means playoffs are missed once again.

WIL Lion Conference - Season XLI
If not now then when? Strongest team in the conference, and fit - now is the time to return to Prem...well not when taking an average of more than 3 cas per game. But more wins than losses, and wins the elf title of the confs.
(3/2/2) 4th

WIL Unicorn Conference - Season XLII
Perfect start - and then a big defeat by game 4.
2nd, play-offs
Lost 1. game

WIL Gryphon Conference - Season XLIII
Season of wasted chances. Despite a generally poor performance, Headrippers still had it in their hands in the last game to make the playoffs. But alas, even a green Nurgle teams was too much to beat.

WIL Unicorn Conference - Season XLII
Perfect start - and then a big defeat by game 4.
2nd, play-offs
Lost 1. game

WIL Unicorn Conference - Season XLIV
Conference stagnation?. First game is a repeat of last season's last: Struggling to beat an inferior Nurgle team. Then again, two convincing wins over orcs ignites the hopes once more, and the rest is a dreamride of 6 straight wins.
Conference winners

WIL Premier Division - Season XLV
Prem winners. Season 34 is the magic one. On the waves of an unbelievable 15/5/0 run, the Headrippers are undefeated all season, only allowing 2 TDs against.

WIL Premier Division - Season XLVI
First season after the sensation - can they repeat?. With an intact squad they should be prepped, but now they are THE team to beat. First game is a blood bath, the 'rippers receiving 7 cas. Overall terrible season that also sees the first Urn game for the team.
URN loss

WIL Unicorn Conference - Season XLVII
Back where they belong?. It would seem so. While only losing the first game of the season, far too many draws makes the dreams of promotion dissapear in the dust.

WIL Lion Conference - Season XLVIII
Tough group. However, with a surprise loss by PeteW, drawing against the two biggest opponents, Pete and Bill, is enough to secure another conference win and promotion to prem.

WIL Premier Division - Season XLIX
Back in the Prem - will they become a regular this season?. Judging from their first 3 games, the answer is a clear YES. Then game 4 and 5, both losses, makes critics wonder if they belong here. But after game 8 they are tied leaders, still with a shot at the title. Final scores are 4 teams with 30 points each, though we come last

WIL Premier Division - Season L
The big 5 0 season. A bit of a struggle but ending up top mid, and getting another season in the Prem

WIL Premier Division - Season LI
Got the looks of a tough one. The rippers start out vs last season's champs, and pull home a draw in a weird game.

WIL Premier Division - Season LII
Fourth season in a row in Prem - that's new.

WIL Premier Division - Season LIII
Fifth season in a row in Prem - and the last one it looked for a long time. But then the wins came, and another season is a reality.

WIL Premiership Division - Season LIV
Sixth season in a row in Prem - competing until last game for the title, despite 4 losses over the season.

WIL Premiership Division - Season LV
Seventh season in a row in Prem - seems we're sticky. Season of Draws and a few wins are likely to ensure another season in Prem, but far from the fun positions.

WIL Premiership Division - Season LVI
Eights season in a row in Prem - who would have thought that as we struggled in the regionals for five seasons when we joined?.

WIL Unicorn Conference Division - Season LVII
Back in the Conferences. In a group crammed with more former champions and rookish teams, the headrippers draws the new teams first, enabling a great start. Then a wave of cas kicks in, and team starts to disintegrate before the coach' eyes, ending at 1410 TW.
7th, relegated

WIL Great Albion Regional Division - Season LVIII
Back where it all began in the Regionals. Leaner than ever, after receiving 28 cas against in 9 games last season. Might beat that, as we're 7 against in 2 games already.

WIL Unicorn Conference Division - Season LIX
First game of the season ends in a sneaky draw, and with promises to what an elf underdog with a wizard can do
(4/2/1) with forfeits

WIL Unicorn Conference Division - Season LX
Last 2016 season? Off to a good start. Great, if it wasn't for some fat, ugly orcs!
Conference winners

Player Ma St Ag Av Skills Inj G Cp Td It Cs Mvp SPP Cost  
7 3 4 8
Dodge, Side Step, Diving Tackle
  52 3 4 0 5 4 45/51 160k
7 3 4 8
Dodge, Side Step, Tackle
  26 2 5 0 4 2 35/51 160k
7 3 4 8
  2 0 1 0 0 0 3/6 100k
6 3 4 8
Block, Dodge
  29 0 1 0 2 3 22/31 110k
5 3 4 8
-ma 13 0 0 0 0 3 15/16 100k
7 3 4 8
  6 1 2 0 0 1 12/16 120k
7 3 5 7
Dodge, Block, +AG
  26 12 6 0 1 1 37/51 160k
6 3 3 8
-ag 8 0 0 0 0 2 10/16 90k
6 3 4 8   6 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 70k
5 3 2 8
Dodge, Guard, Block
-ag, -ma, -ag 61 1 3 0 3 4 36/51 140k
6 3 5 7
Shadowing, Stab
+AG, Dodge, Block
  22 4 3 0 0 4 33/51 170k
6 3 4 8
Wrestle, Dodge, Side Step
n 106 1 2 0 6 6 49/51 130k
Witch Elf
7 3 4 7
Dodge, Frenzy, Jump Up
  3 1 1 0 0 1 9/16 130k
Witch Elf
7 3 4 7
Dodge, Frenzy, Jump Up
Block, Tackle, Side Step
  47 1 4 0 3 4 39/51 170k
14 players  
Coach: DaCoach Re-Rolls (100k): 3  
Race: Dark Elf Fan Factor: 5  
Current Team Value: 2060k Assistant Coaches: 0  
Treasury: 150k Cheerleaders: 0  
Team Value: 2060k Apothecary: Yes  

Games Played:391 (159/89/143) |TD Diff:44 (493 - 449) |Cas Diff:-340 (392/185/80 - 568/308/121)
Last Opponent: Rot Ramblers