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A [B]litz Too Far
P [B] Human

First Campaign of the company (fought under LRB4):
They fought 23 battles and managed a 16/2/5 record

First campaign notes were lost so first 4 matches are not commented.

11.09.09 We succesfully landed on the expected Blackbox field. We faced some orc antiaircraft fire. Easy 2-0 win but we lost our heavy support (Ogre Dohum RIP), his glider crashed at the last moment on landing (double skull/pow block in T15). Lineman Frost got -1MA and will miss next game. We decide to send him back.

11.09.09 We are recounting our losses when we are ambushed by halfling partizans at TS90 . They outnumber us, have 2 treemans +star and drain all our rerolls. First block is a double skull so their treemans clear los and flings get ball. At T3 we are heavyly outnumberd, not much we can do to avoid losing. Outnumbered and surrounded we escape with no loses.

12.09.09 We establish contact with amazon recon units of the enemy. After the initial surprise (enemy leadin 0-1 1st half) we equalized in 2nd half only to see Vandeleur killed by a crowdsurf. Final result 1-1. We keep losing valuous officers.

12.09.09 We face a some resistance fom dwarven efectives. With only 3 blitzers we face a hard trial. Guys break through on 1st half scoring 1-0 in T8. Second half we perform an agressive defense. Dwarf runner has to try to run for the TD, but our guys stop them in the last second with a some good dodges that allow us to reposition. Our guard skills proven crucial. Final result 1-0. Good winnings allow to get the full complement of blitzers again.

29.09.09 We succeed in taking a rookie dwarven unit defended bunker with no casualties (1-0). Lathbury proved to be resourceful soldier (+1AG).

30.09.09 We face an enemy counteratack by an ogre tank platoon. After a hard fight we achieve an stalemate (0-0). Sosabowsky is killed by a stragling bullet. We receive an ogre and a catcher as reinforcements. Gavin reveals himself as a demolitions specialist (DP).

01.10.09 After the stalemante we achieved in our previous encounter we must fight again vs ogre. This time with the help of our fresh troops we manage to break their lines without casualties (2-0).

02.10.09 After breaking the enemy lines we stuck by surprise with zombie reserve company . With our better movility we managed a good victory (2-0). We are again with a full cadre of officers (blitzers).

After our past encounters We've been pulled away from the frontline for a month. News are comming from the HQ that we will ve engaging enemy soon.

12.11.09 We have been called to join the operation "Fast Forward". Our first mission is to clear the pro elf recon troops of the enemy. We slowly pushed them back with the help of our demolitions specialist (2-1 won). Fuller was killed during the first enemy attacks. We've got some important reinforcements, a sniper /Frost) and a fast reconaissance vehicle (Fuller II).

14.11.09 We dig positions and prepare to receive an enemy counteratack by an armor piercing claw armed armored division. We lost (1-2), but we survived thanks to our teamworking skills (guard) and the excellent performance of Dohum that killed 2 of the opposing enemies.

21.11.09 Intelligence reports inform of a dwarven offensive . Our unit is sent there to stop their advance. At the start we suffer heavy losses under the powerful enemy fire but we manage to recover and emerge victorious (2-1).

21.11.09 We were attacked by rat comandos and took the worse beating so far. First a blitz against then a rock killing Frost, a blitz killing Vandeleur II and a block nigling Lathbury. We could not avoid to take a heavy loss (1-4).

22.11.09 We rallied our troops after the commando attack in time to refuse the chaos offensive. Our men showed a great courage and with luck on our side we got a sound victory (4-0). Cook inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy. Fuller II got dauntless that will prove very useful in the near future.

28.11.09 The HQ sent us to a suicide mision to stop a ogre division much more powerful than us. We run out of medical suplies (apo fail) and took heavy casualties (2 RIP and 2 'n'). But with courage and Cook as spearhed we inflicted a sound defeat to our enemy (3-0).

29.11.09 We were so unlucky I don't have the spirit to write what happened.......

03.12.09 We face a chaos brigade. Thx to our great movility and ballhandling skills we managed a good victory (3-0). The battle was much more difficult than the final score suggest.

30.01.10 After almost 2 months of rest our unit was going back into action. This time we faced an undead horde. Easy win 2-0 for the guys.

31.01.10 We meet again the same undead horde. Bad mood again from his leader Jimjo. But we outskilled him again. Another Easy win 2-0 for the guys.

06.02.10 Advance! said the captain. We must take that hill!. We rushed forward pushing the green horde back. Another great victory for our guys (3-0).

07.03.10 Tournament Match (FUMBBL B Minor HW II-2): The guys started the game a bit clumsy and we lost the ball and almost the game 0-2 at halftime). At second half our play began to shine and we managed to force OT where we achieved a great victory 4-2. Sadly Cleminson and Sosabowsky II could not see the victory. We advance toward next match.

13.03.10 Tournament Match (FUMBBL B Minor HW II-2): Our men were hardly beaten today, many casualties and very soon. We lost and got eliminated.

17.03.10 We need a recovery match after our last one.A strange virus affected our guys and Cook was a bit clumsy, but we managed a a good victory 2-0 with 4 of our men skilling up.

19.03.10 The company started to dig positions in the face of a Necromantic assault. Careful positioning of our artillery along with a wise use of our demolition charges gave us the victory 2-0.

And here finishes the First Campaign (LRB4) of the Company. They are retired to winter quarters to enjoy a well deserved rest.

Second Campaign of the company (fought under LRB6):
They fought 77 battles and managed a 42/13/22 record

A new dawn

A courrier arrived from the HQ, the officers look nervous. It looks like we are going to see action again. Everybody talks about the new LRB6 tactical manual: we will face new enemies and the dreaded new ClawPOMB antipersonnel ammo. Gavin told us that DP-demolitions is less effective.
The new journeyman recruits look at the old veterans like Urquhart or Steele with respect. Anyway we are eager to see action again.

23.04.11 We succesfully landed on the expected Blackbox field. We faced some poorly trained orc troops. Our men suffered from the lack of action for so many time and we lost mainly due to the high number of KO suffered.

23.04.11 After the initial landing we gathered our forces and started recon duties. We clashed with elvish recon forces in the woods. At first we were surprised by an early blitz and some snakes, so the enemy led 1-2 at halftime. Our men rallied to manage a stalemate (2-2) with a last-minute bold action by Fuller III and Cook.

23.04.11 Our recon troops saw khemri tank division heading our way. We dug positions an prepare for the incoming fight. The battle was easier than expected and our higher mobility proved too much for the heavy khemris and we energed victorious 4-0.

23.04.11 Without time to celebrate our previous victory, we faced a dark elf counterattack. Luckily one of our informants (ref bribed) warned us, so Gavin could set demolition charges all around the place. We fought a slow and careful battle that finished with a good 2-1 victory. Steele, one of our most skilled veterans was promoted gaining powerful skills (dodge).

24.04.11 We've been assigned to clear a bunker zone held by lizard troops. We took too many early casualties that prevented us from accomplishing the mission, losing 2-1. We had a last shot for the draw but the enemy Kroxigor intercepted the pass. Unlucky match, but alas the casualties were not permanent.

24.04.11 We were still recovering after the previous assault when the dark elf troops we previously attacked once again. This time some of our men were taken down very soon so outnumbered and outmaneuvered we could not avoid our enemy leading 0-2. But Our troops never surrender, we attacked fast with Vandeleur III as our spearhead and opened a path for Fuller III to score fast, 1-2 and still 2 turns to finish. We settled a forward defense to put pressure, our enemy broke our line, but advanced with isolated forces. We moved some men forward, managed to recover the ball and score a las instant TD. A draw 2-2 that tasted as a Victory!.

25.04.11 We're in a bad streak. Again some dark elves attacked our rearguard. They've got a Blitz and many risky plays successful. We were forced to play for fast scoring and failed. We've need a battle council to review strategies.

25.04.11 We were attacked by night by vampire commandos. We attacked first scoring fast, but vampires equalized by halftime. Second half we moved forward but Fuller III failed to pick up the ball (snakes) for the wining TD at T16.

25.04.11 At last we crossed swords with the infamous nurgle rotters, and as it was expected was a boooooring battle. They pilled casualties fast and we managed to drop the ball from his ballcarrier twice, but soon we had not enough soldiers to maintain it. Fuller III failed the oneturn attempt in the last square. Second half we scored fast and they grinded our 1-2 defeat.

26.04.11 Another undeserved defeat. Again we failed to score the TD due to snakes in a dodge by Fuller III. This is starting to become something habitual, 3 times in the last 4 games. Being 1/36 odds....

We are guessing what will happen when we get our luck back.... because it had to be a very very long streak.

28.04.11 EPIC WIN . Our company ha faced an evil min-maxed chaos team. We took heavy casualties but Steele and Fuller III showed us how to perform hit and run tactics. Vandeleur III was killed beyond our medic abilities. Fuller III got a well deserved MVP and +1MA that will prove very useful in future matches.

30.04.11 Unfortunate encounter. 4 KO's and 4 cas in 1st half left us without any chance. A crowd invasion stunned all 3 LOS players preventing any oneturn try and a perfect defense in 2nd half completed the day. Rude opponent general that will be treated a accordingly next time we met. Sosabowsky III killed and Gavin retired due to 'n' injury.

02.05.11 Sad day for the company . Today we lost 2 of our best soldiers Urquhart and Cook. In a close fight with a High Elf company Cook was mortally wounded, our medic could save him but with the reduced armor it's time to retire. Urquhart was hi without the possibility to be saved. Heavily undermanned we had been forced to play hit an run tactics. Fuller III scored 3 times allowing us to win a victory in honor of the fallen.

04.05.11 Boring......

After some bad encounters our company had lost all veteran officers. So now our strength is down to 144 TV and our 4 officers are green (rookie Blitzers).

05.05.11 We were sent to face a Human company. Our enemy had firepower superiority but with the help of our mobile troops we managed a victory 3-1. Fuller III was almost killed but our medic managed to stabilize him.

06.05.11 The enemy launched a green frog airborne brigade near our position. We moved fast to face them. Many were injured in the jump so we managed an easy 3-0 victory, skilling 4 players.

06.05.11 We faced pure oneturn rats backed by an AG6 imposible to stop.

06.05.11 Bloody fight. Some nurgle panzer division overrunned our position. 2 RIP, 2 Serious injuries and many casulties. Fuller III lead the team again to a pyrrihc victory.

07.05.11 Defeat due to a snakes invasion. Browning, one of our veterans was killed.

08.05.11 Bloody saturday , our company has been deployed to cover the strategical retreat of our forces. We had to stop a ClawPOMB division. We took 3/3/2 casualties but managed to get an incredible draw.

09.05.11 What can go after a blood saturday?. Exactly!. A bloody sunday. We took 5 casualties and were losing 0-1 at halftime. Fuller III was out so we had to rally around Cook II and Steele that lead us to a 2-1 victory against all odds!!.

Our files are full of green recruits, with 5 loners we will have to face the following encounters. We need the best of the company's Battle spirit

09.05.11 After a very bad streak (when talking about casualties), at last our men decided to fight hard. We attacked with fierce determination dealing pain and destruction to our enemies.

13.05.11 Orcs surrounded us, a pyrrhic victory. We won 3-1. But lost the great Sosabowsky IV and Fuller III was mangled (-1MA).

13.05.11 Solid 2-1 grind Victory against high elves. Without Fuller III we slowly advanced carefully protecting our ballcarrier.

13.05.11 play and forget

14.05.11 Another nonsense game. Frost II failed 3 times to pick up the ball !!!!!!. Fuller III mangled again.... 6 casualties agains at halftime.... please Nufle give me some air man !. Just let me play.....

19.05.11 Nufle heard our prayers and after some really bad match ups sent us some halfling gang for us. Easy 2-1 victory and lot of killed halflings.


20.05.11 1st encounter of the new season. We faced some mighty chaos dwarf. We played a good battle but casualties took it's toll. We only managed a draw.

24.05.11 Sub170TV. Faced some undead foulers. Referee sleeping all game, did not spotted the 1st 8 fouls. We had a shot for the win but failed the dodge that led to it.

25.05.11 We rallied our men to face a Dwarf armored division packed with secret weapons. Without Frost II recovering from an injury, Steele took the lead of the team dealing 2 casualties and opening the path for Vandeler VII to score 2 TD. Easy 2-0 victory. We are now again above 170TV.

25.05.11 Clawpomb...
25.05.11 Minmaxed Lizards...

25.05.11 After a victorious encounter with Undead troops at last we managed to get our forces to reasonable numbers. 12 players and 191TV.

28.05.11 Great victory vs Dwarves. Frost II and Fuller III led the team in a sound victory 4-1. Not heavy casualties taken so we can continue competing for the Human League Premiership.

28.05.11 Dwarves again!. We played with 2 wide receivers, Fuller III dancing around dwarves while Frost II kept the ball in the backfield for the decisive pass!. Great game and great victory!.

29.05.11 Necromantic nightmare. We were assaulted during night by necro troops, luckily Cook II removed their star with a sniper shot and cleared our way to an easy victory.

01.06.11 Our company keeps going on at high TV. This time Chaos skirmishers attacked us. 1st half we flanked our enemy to score 1-0, then managed to stop his attack. 2nd half we had numerical superiority and with delaying tactics we scored 2-0 at the end skilling 3 of our blitzers.

02.06.11 7th victory in a row. 5th above TV170 with this great performance we are now menacing the leadership of the Human League Premiership. Our stars keep leading the team!!.

05.06.11 typical super rats + meatshield we had our chances but Frost II failed a critical dodge for the play that should have allowed us to secure at least the draw. But was not a good day for the company.

05.06.11 Incredible as it seems we stepped upon some pro elf stragglers. Our men were blood frenzy and we managed a sound victory 3-0 plus many casualties. Frost II managed 3 completions and now is the all-time human passer of the box.

06.06.11 Fuller III's last charge.Everything went wrong since the start. Weather was bad, a damn blizzard. We were under heavy fire all the game. Our medics working here and there but unable to cope with all casualties. At the end of 2nd half and with only 4 player left on pitch Fuller III saw the ball and tried to run to it to pick up and score. Sadly he failed the 1st dodge tripped and died on the snow.

06.06.11 First game after Fuller III dead. Steele was also wounded in the previous encounter so for 1st time we don't have him on the pitch. We face a chaos pact team lead by Muramasa, a very kind general. Carlyle IV took Fuller III's role and scored twice to secure the victory.

07.06.11 We continue our recovery. This time we were confronted with another human company. Game was fought under heavy rain which made ball-handling very difficult. At the end we won 2-0. Carlyle IV got strip ball and now is a good ball recoverer.

08.06.11 We meet again Muramasa's men. our men were a bit drunk and we got an enormous amount of KO's against. At least we managed to minimize damage and got a draw.

08.06.11 The company retreated to refuse a flanking attack by wood elf light troops. Our enemy was commanded by freak_in_a_frock, a good general with whom we use to have a lot of fun. We started attacking, but when we were near the objective quadskulls artillery fire stopped us. 2nd half enemy counterattacked but hesitated (tried to stall) and that was his bane. Our men stroke with strength removing enemies one after the other. A failed pass by the elves and we got them. A hard fought victory!!

09.06.11 The dreaded Jesperius men surprised us just when we were celebrating the previous victory. We had to play delaying tactics and managed to score the 1st TD in T8 so securing the draw. In 2nd half we had our chances but we were too low on numbers.

09.06.11 This was planned as a recovery match. We rolled 7 one's in a row so you cannot expect great plays.... at least nobody got hurt.

10.06.11 No relief for the guys. The HQ has planned a general offense in all front. Our mission this time was removing the opposition in sector F, where the enemy has deployed massive claw+MB chaos troops. Our men charged with courage and even when the enemy was superior in numbers managed to recover and strike again. A sound victory 3-0. Very important for the Human League Premiership that we are leading at this moment. Hope we can maintain the results.

11.06.11 Bad days for the guys. Some necromantics assaulted our positions. They carried some kind of antipersonnel ammo, because our armors broke like paper. Hard fight but with so few players on the pitch we could not prevent the defeat. Sadly this can make us lose the Human League Premiership.

We welcome Dohum VI our new heavy weapons ogre. He skilled in 1st game and got block. Our 1st ogre ever with block. A promising recruit..

11.06.11 Steele died.

13.06.11 Again our troops confront Freak_in_Frock's Khemri's. Our first game without Steele. Our ammo got wet and we were unable to hurt a single skeleton. Freak played solid and we were defeated.

13.06.11 Khemri's again!. We started bad but managed to score. 2nd half was better and the Khemri Thro-ra being unable to catch the ball allowed us to win 2-0.

HUMAN LEAGUE PREMIERSHIP SEASON I FINISHED: Our record was 9/3/4 and we got 5th position


A new season begins and the guys took the field again with renewed vigor. Let's see what this new season reserve us..

11.08.11 A tough start! and a great demonstration!. Just to remember us where we are, we are paired against the typical Clawpomb-only-chaos-team. 3 full Clawpombs and an assortment of MB, Claw, PO. We got early cas but soon we were leading 1-0 in a defense TD. Then a control second half for a final win 3-1 in a great demonstration of human skills.

11.08.11 Elfballing. Hard to believe but we met some elves. Battle was hard fought and Frost II as usual lead our company with strong hand to victory.

14.08.11 Winter is coming. The company had to stop a raid by some norse warriors. Bloody battle that we managed to win 2-1. Completing the 3rd win in a row and a good start for the league.

15.08.11 The smell of rotting flesh. We were ordered to conduct a night attack on some Nurgle Rotter defenses. We inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy and emerged victorious 1-0. This is the 4th victory in a row since the start of the league.

19.08.11 Contained damage. We managed to contain damage against some fouly dwarves. 10 fouls and only one guy banned. No ref, no armor, no dice... at the end a hard fought draw.

19.08.11 Pardon ladies. We faced an amazon team our tackle boys and Dohum took good care of them taking us to victory 2-0.

24.08.11 A good day to fight. Our company was thrown against a chaos dwarf regiment. Everything went great since the start and we piled one cas over the other. Even a wizard could not stop us form getting the victory and the best start that we remember in the Human League 6/1/0.

24.08.11 Typical chaos lammer team. Not much to say... we tried.

24.08.11 Crap dice, crap game, crap rules, too much crap....

25.08.11 More chaos, more clawpomb, more crap,... this sucks.

12.09.11 Rara avis. After almost a month break in hostilities we faced a wood elf team. A true rara avis. We won 2-0.

13.09.11 Another Chaos brigade attacked us. The guys played a nice offensive game and we got a close win 3-2. This is the 50th victory of the company.

14.09.11 blitz against and 1 quadskulls was too much for the guys...

15.09.11 Close battle against guard full dark elves. Hard fought victory.

15.09.11 A strange undead force with a mighty skeleton approached our positions. At first we put them under heavy fire and they took many casualties, but their counterattack almost did it. At the end a good victory for the guys. Cook III got his +1ST.

20.09.11 As our last battle for the season #2 of the Human League; the guys were pitched against some Orc Tanks. Our aggressive defense in 1st half allowed us to score 2 TD that proved vital in 2nd half when our opponent removed our men from the pitch one after the other. A nice victory at the end with no permanents.

HUMAN LEAGUE PREMIERSHIP SEASON II FINISHED: Our record was 11/3/2 and we are leading the league when writing this notes

29.10.11 1st Battle of the new campaign. We fought against some Undead demolitioners. Guys managed an easy victory recovering all the injured. Now we are at our TV peak 2350.

02.10.11 Heavy cas on a hard fought battle agains a chaos team full of steroids. We could not manage more than a draw.

Team going on mothball waiting for a real challenge.


03.07.12 1st Round. Jump over a Pro Elf defended area. Good fight, Vandeleur VI leading the offense surgically removing opposition while Frost II carried the ball as usual. Victory 2-1.

10.08.12 Absolutely bad luck for the company. Every hit from our opponents was a casualty, at the end we only had 3 guys left. We did our best and even had a shot at the victory, but no luck again.

some lost records...

12.10.12 100th game for the company Frost II reached legend-hood in hard fought victory 2-1 vs some mighty high TV chaos.

GAME #100: Frost II reaches Legend status

Third Campaign of the company over 100th game and beyond!

The third campaign started with team above 2000TV, we had been able to stand there for more than 10 games but at the end the expected massacre meet us and we fell down to 1600TV. Even worse, our blitzers were obliterated so we had to start a very long recovery while training a new cadre of blitzers.
In this games the team had to rely on the 3 musketeers: Frost II, Fuller IV and Carlyle IV.

Team suffered strong bashes so at the end we finished with a rookie team and Frost II.

Current Players
Past Players

Season 1: Result 4/4/8.
6th position.

Season 2: Result 9/3/4.
5th position.

Season 3: 1st place with 11/3/2.
Sprint completed uninterrupted. 16 matches in a row above 1700 TV.

GamesFrost II
Completions (171)Frost II
Touchdowns (207)Fuller III
Interceptions (3)Urquhart
Fuller III
Fuller IV
Casualties (287)Vandeleur VI
Most Valuable Player (139)Frost II
Star Player Points (2067)Frost II
Passing (497)Frost II
Rushing (3709)Frost II
Blocks (5081)Cook II
Fouls (177)Gavin
Scoring ThrowerFrost II
Blocking ThrowerFrost II
Blocking ScorerSteele
TripleFrost II
All-rounderFuller III

Battle Hardened Soldiers
Frost IIA true legend. Leader of the team and founder of the three musketeers. Great ballcarrier and the best human passer box has ever seen.Active service
Fuller IVSticky defender. Second member of the three musketeers.KIA
Carlyle IVGreat sacker and prolific scorer. 3rd member of the three musketeers.KIA
SteeleHard soldier always ready to support this teammatesKIA
Fuller IIIFast runner and prolific scorer. Reached #1 active and all time human blackbox scorer.KIA
Cook IITeam hitterKIA
McKenzieExemplary soldier. Always close to the action had to be retired due to his many injuriesRetired
Vandeleur VITeam best hitterRetired
Dohum VISkilled ogre always fighting at the frontRetired

The Three Musketeers
The Three Musketeers was the name of the group formed by Frost II, Fuller IV and Carlyle IV. This group lead the team for more than 50 matches. His unusual combination of skills made them an unstoppable trio in offense being able to score TD's when heavily outnumbered. In defense they pull incredible plays recovering many balls and scoring. There was no safe place in the pitch from them.

Best winning streak: 7

Proud members of:

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Progression: Standard
# Name Position Ma St Ag Av Skills Inj G Cp Td It Cs vp Sp Cost  
1Sosabowsky XBlitzer8348Block, Mighty Blow, +AG, +MA, Tackle 283501225290k (90+110k) 
2Urquhart XIIBlitzer7338Block 100000090k (90+0k) 
3Vandeleur IXBlitzer7338Block 000000090k (90+0k) 
4Cook VBlitzer7338Block, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Juggernaut, Jump Up, Frenzyn300302927790k (90+110k) 
5Cleminson VLineman6338Guard, Block 34020232550k (50+50k) 
7Gavin VIILineman6338  1400001550k (50+0k) 
8Horrocks VIILineman6338 n1300000050k (50+0k) 
9Steele VLineman6338Block, Dauntless 18020032150k (50+40k) 
10Lathbury VLineman5338 -ma500001550k (50+0k) 
11MacKenzieLineman6338Dirty Playerm14000031550k (0k) 
12Carlyle VICatcher8247Catch, Dodge, +AG 1301001860k (60+40k) 
14 Frost IIThrower6336Sure Hands, Pass, Accurate, Dump-Off, Dodge, Block, Nerves Of Steel, Safe Throw-av, -av13514014091728570k (70+130k) 
15Fuller VCatcher8247Catch, Dodge, Guard, +AG, Block 250120014160k (60+90k) 
12 players (+1 player missing next game)  
Coach: anisdrin Re-Rolls (100k): 3  
Race: Human Fan Factor: 9  
Team Value: 1680k Assistant Coaches: 0  
Treasury: 170000 Cheerleaders: 0  
Tournament Weight: 1750k Apothecary: Yes  

Games Played:155 (81/25/49) |TD Diff:61 (227 - 166) |Cas Diff:-74 (204/119/56 - 251/143/59)
Last Opponent: Hardcore CRP Exploiters