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The Shrieking Bloodstorm - a testament to the agelessness of the great Slann-Mages. Years ago, Nelphine, a Skaven lightning-sorcerer, entered into a chess match with a Slann-Mage of unknown identity. Losing the match, Nelphine was forced to enter service with a band of northern Chaos marauders, where he was beaten and bruised on a regular basis by the Chaos warriors. However, as was seen long ago, the marauders were one day annihilated to a man - and only the Skaven Nelphine survived. Stealing all the treasure from the Chaos fortress, Nelphine found he had enough money to invest in a proper Blood Bowl team, as he had always dreamed. However, the only team that was desperate enough to accept him as a coach was a motley squad of Saurii led by the late Kroxigor Krronk. A few skinks tagged along, mostly to laugh at Nelphine.

Their 6th match saw their first victory!

19 Skinks have died; one Saurus got thrown into a viking crowd and eaten by a particularly happy yeti. One Saurus was eaten by a ravenous squad of halflings - the 'foul' wasn't even noticed by the ref! Krronk is learning new tricks, and so is happy with the Skaven coach - and so the Saurii stay to see the outcome of this foretold Blood Bowl squad. Kekksi, an emerging Skink Gutter Runner died in game 18, smashed to pieces by a blitzing blodging tackling wood elf. The skaven apothecary refused to look at Kekksi, claiming only a true rat could ever be a Gutter Runner, and let the Skink die right on his table. Shindahl, the Star passing Skink, narrowly escaped death in game #27, only being saved by the Apothecaries experimental lightning treatment! Game #43, and Shindahl, Super Star Skink, was skewered by the shin bone of a Dirty Player Zombie; in a previous life Sweatobot had been a Pestigor, and he wasn't above goring people. Again, the Apothecaries experimental lightning jolted Shindahl from the grave! Saurel, mighty Frenzied Blodger, was killed by a Chaos Warrior in Game #50; a Turn 16 block, the apothecary was busy tending to a Skink impaled upon the broken horn of a Beastman, and had no time for the Star Saurus. The same game saw another 630,000 TV of Saurus and Skinks seriously injured, dropping the team from it's peak of 2430 TV to 1650 TV in one fell swoop. Game #51 saw Tcaloc crushed beneath a C-PoMb Chaos Warrior on the first turn; luckily the apothecary was not hassled with the previously injured Saurus, as a late game foul saw Shindahl with a rather large rock sticking through his brain. What would surely have been fatal in any other being turned out to be nothing more than minor brain damage in the Super Star skink after the rat doctor removed the rock. Game #66 saw Zekssi, Agile Saurus Extraordinaire, trip and die will dodging; at first he only had a massive leg wound, restricting his speed for the rest of his life, but upon seeing what had happened the Apothecary wordlessly handed Zekssi his bonesaw, and the Saurus killed himself on the spot. Shreeft was also (FINALLY) seriously injured, restricting his agility, and the coach was forced to retire the ancient, useless, skink. Game #68 saw another Saurus retired, as in an extreme bloodbath Ssestal had his leg ripped wide open, preventing him from being mobile enough for the team; however, 3 amazons died as payment for the injury. Krronk got fouled to death in the team's first match against Slann, game #69.. in turn 1! Several other players were also injured in this game, and due to the Slann's infallible ability to dodge and leap, the game eventually was lost. In game #76, Sasklex was shattered, his skin becoming permeanently brittle from the trauma - AV 5 forced the wrestling skink to retire. Game #80 saw a warcancer smash his elfin helmet through Ssska's skull, instantly killing the Saurus on the opening turn of the game. Game #91, Shindahl is smashed down by a dwarf runner, his back permeanently injured.. and while Hind Sight showed this to be the right decision, the coach COMPLETELY forgot that Apo'ing the Niggle would have been a good idea. Glargh! Game #92, first Tallac was kicked so hard the apo was forced to use lightning treatments on him to prevent his death; and promptly after Zeezee too was crunched by a Wardancer, but with no apo to save him. Game #105, the last original Saurus was gutted by Helmet Wulf's chainsaw, but the Apo did save him; and so in the second half, a human blitzer jumped up and smashed Tellik's spleen, and killed the centennial Saurus. A super star witch elf with mighty blow and tackle killed Tialncal, the team's wrestle strip skink in game #120 by putting a fist through the little skinks chest as the elf retrieved the ball. Game #130, our second match against Excellence of Execution, saw Shindahl blasted into the dirt; but when the apo dug him out, he had not actually died, just had some more brains ripped out. The Legend is fine. Game #131, with a chainsaw to scare the Saurus, Zekstalk repeatedly blitzed the goblin menace down (3 times KOing him); but on the final attempt, a troll retaliated by ripping Zeerak's spleen out; while the apo saved him from death, the gaping wound will permeanently niggle the saurus. Another goblin then fouled Zekstalk as he lay on the ground, and the iron boot left yet another niggle on that Saurus too! We took massive casualties, including a dead Saurus, in games #143 and #144 against huge chaos teams in the Fumbbl CUP!

Nelphine has trained 6 guinea pigs, collectively known as Nirvana. They run around a hamster wheel at top speed, which powers a lightning generator. Now, each game, the generator forms the words 'BLOODSTORM!' at key moments, cheering in all weather. So far, no skinks have been harmed in the making of the lightning output, although the Apothecary blames Krronk's slur on an overpowered bolt. Interestingly, the first game after Nirvana arrived also marked the teams first win. The skinks retired in the 53rd game decided to stick around, forming a secondary cheering squad.

The 6th game saw Bloodstorms first retired player. Tlaloc, a dedicated Saurus, has actually stayed on with the team, now acting as the secondary defensive coach. Due to his injury at the start of his career, he has intimate knowledge for the other Saurii on how to avoid getting beat up. After the 13th game, the team Apothecary (a fellow Skaven lightning-apprentice) attempted to perform 'surgery', applying lightning to Kronk's back. The results.. well.. Kronk is happy with them, and that is what matters. Although he now slurs a lot, and he likes the shape of the letter 'r'. The 53rd game saw Nelphine trying to trim TV; with a few new Saurus, his team simply wasn't strong enough for 7 non Shindahl skinks to be wasting the bench; Lezzat was the first to go, but Villaxee was also on the list. Game #63 saw Skexix let go for similar reasons; the team is simply too bloated for it's own good, and several team re-rolls were also dropped along with the skink.

Tlaloc has commented on the number of Journeymen who travel with the team; Nelphine's response is that when the team starts winning matches, and therefore gaining money, he'll hire some more of those Skinks and actually keep them around. Until then, a mouthy giggling Skink just has no place on the payroll. Although the mouthy Skinks keep getting touchdowns, MVP's, and casualties, just dying to make a place with the fantastic Shrieking Bloodstorm! Nelphine finally relented after the 9th match, hiring Kekksi as the first Journeyman Skink to make the team (after Kekksi made a quick turnover touchdown against Nelphine's beloved Skaven, Nelphine realized that the Skink was made of true speed dodgy material.) Tlaloc has commented again, as the team is winning matches. Nelphine's response is that there simply isn't enough cash. Lizardmen fans apparently like to sneak into the stadiums, rather than pay the gate; 10k-30k from a game simply isn't enough to hire Skinks who have yet to prove their worth!

The Bloodstorms 10th match was against halflings. These pitiful creatures are terrifying! Not only did they eat a Saurus right on the pitch, the biggest Tree Nelphine has ever see crippled Krronk before he could even move. Saurus were falling left and right, while halflings flew (and landed upright) all over the field! The Shrieking in this match was most certainly reptilian, and there were only 5 of the team left standing at the end.

Match 15 was against a Chaos Dwarf; they caused almost as much mayhem as the halflings, but in the second half (6 Shriekers vs 12 Chaos Dwarves), the Bloodstorm (kicking) not only held their own, they also managed to steal the ball for an equalizing touch down. Dwarves clearly aren't as dangerous as those horrifying halflings!

Shindahl is becoming quite the celebrated Skink, with 3 #1 achievements (including all time highest passing lizardman in both Ranked and Box, as well as all time top passing lizardman in both Ranked and Box), and 6 other top 20 achievements.

Game #28 marked a historic event - first, the game against Hollywood Squares was a win, and so ended a long losing streak, but second, one of the audience members in the VIP Lounge was none other than the coach of Raine's Task Force, who came down after the match to personally talk to Nelphine and comment on the Skaven's blessings from Nuffle. Perhaps Nuffle is sending a foreshadowing of days to come!

Game #38 saw a new record - the team reached 510,000 gold coins in the treasury, and Nelphine gave in and hired a swarm of new Skinks to round out the team. Perhaps now they can have a shot at the Ulthuan Invitational?

Game #47 saw Shrieking Bloodstorm become the highest Team Value Ranked Lizardman team, with 2,430,000 Team Value! It also marked an overtime win for round 1 of the Ulthuan Amethyst Lantern Qualifier vs Varuna Dentata, a strong Norse team.

Shrieking Bloodstorm has entered the Ulthuan Invitational! They are entered into the Amethyst Lantern for the Light qualifiers, and their first match was a win against Veruna Dentata; this is the first team they have played against three times! Their second match was a loss vs Khazak Raiders.

Game #56 saw Shreeft manage his first ever one turn touchdown! Shindahl was knocked out and Sasklex had to pick up the ball, double go for it, hand over the ball into a tackle zone (The Saurus couldn't get the human down after they pushed Shreeft into position), and then Shreeft had to dodge away for a triple sprint touchdown!

Game #58 was Shrieking Bloodstorms debut into the Grotty Little Tournament; they were matched against Coldblooded Offensive, a lizardman team with 3 kroxigors (well.. 2 Str 5 Saurrii) and 2 Str 3 Skinks; the game was lost 2-1 in overtime due to Shindahl tripping on his own feet with a failed sure feet attempt. Good luck to Jasfmpgh in the tourney!

Game #66 was against Turteltauben, a goblin team! The game was cursed by Nuffle on every side, with more failed dodges, double skulls, double downs on players without block, and triple skulls than anything else. But Shindahl managed to pass to Sasklex for a touchdown in the first half (before every last skink was badly hurt in the second half), and somehow a Saurus managed to fluke into the ball at the end of the second half to skill up, giving Shrieking Bloodstorm a 2-0 win!

Krrronk has returned for his third reincarnation in game #71.

Game #76 saw Shrieking Bloodstorm fending off the ravening undead hordes of Show the Rope. Krrronk made a magnificent blitz in the first half to allow Shindahl to steal the ball, and along with some crazy sideline antics in the second half, win 2-1. Shindahl was named MVP, although Krrronk definitely was a contender, and Shindahl became LEGENDARY!

Game #80 - vs Wood Elves. First turn, a wardancer flies across the pitch and smashes his helmet straight into the niggling skull injury of Ssska, instantly killing the super star Saurus. From there, the woodies completely dominate the ball and outsmash Shrieking Bloodstorm to boot - although a rookie skink gets down and chomps the collar bone of the blitzing wardancer - while the apothecary saves the elf, he is niggled for life and promptly retired.

Game #82 - Shrieking Bloodstorm vs they WIL live, an Undead team. This game saw 10 completions, 1 interception, and 5 more failed passes. It saw Shrieking Bloodstorm get their first ever +S player, Sceral the Saurus. It saw random mayhem and wackiness, and it was awesome!

Game #83 - Shrieking Bloodstorm vs Bath Salts and Friends, a Nurgle team. The second half was an absolutely ridiculous affair, with each team gaining control of the ball almost every single turn, skinks dodging out of BoN's tentacles, and Shindahl getting his first ever KILL! against a rotter, on a Jump Up block right after the Rotter stole the ball from Shindahl!

Game #86 - Shrieking Bloodstorm vs W00T Elves, a Wood Elf team. Nuffle was clearly favouring the lizardman, and Shindahl passed 6 completions for 12 yards to pass correcorre as highest passing lizardman ever in any division.

Game #89 - Shrieking Bloodstorm vs Rogue Nightmares, a Pro Vampire team. Wrestle Strip Ball Skink MANIA! Shindahl also pulled off a one turn touchdown.

Game #90 - Shrieking Bloodstorm vs Silver Frog Darts, a Slaan team. Nuffle wanted Frog Legs for breakfast - we caused 1 BH, 3 perms, 2 SI, 2 deaths, he caused another SI and another perm, and we won 4-0 with Saurus scoring 3 touchdowns.

Game #97 - Shrieking Bloodstorm vs Dirty Warriors, a Norse team. Nuffle wanted blood. BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD. In the end 3 Saurus and 2 Norse Linemen are standing, and somehow Shrieking Bloodstorm wins 1-0.

Game #101 - Shrieking Bloodstorm vs Maesbury Mauraders, a Goblin team. Gave out 1,240,000 gold in inducements, but due to extreme dedication to Saurus scoring (which didn't work), only pulled out a draw. But Sceral managed Shrieking Bloodstorms first Star Player KILL.. vs Ripper, S6 TROLL!

Game #103 - Shrieking Bloodstorm vs Necrozzi, a Necromantic team. Lesson: Do not score early, or foul teams will be able to foul for 2 halves, not just one. TURN MANAGEMENT.

Game #111 - Shrieking Bloodstorm vs Aint That a Kick in the Head, a goblin team. The goblins had some 700k in inducements.. and proceeded to destroy Shrieking Bloodstorm, 2-0, and in turn 16, succeeded at a PITCH CLEAR! No lizards on the stinking pitch!

Game #115 - Shrieking Bloodstorm vs Chaos Set - Tentacles + Guard on every freaking person on the opposing team makes for a crazy game! Nothing Shrieking Bloodstorm tried to do worked, and in the end, they lost 1-0.

Game #126 - Shrieking Bloodstorm vs News Team - a tense game vs Dark Elves (as high agi players + wizards + eldril always are) played in the pouring rain, but in the end a victory was secured.. and with this, the team has a positive victory ratio! Saurus everywhere.. well.. they just bash stuff.

Game #128 - Shrieking Bloodstorm enters the Lustrian Cup VI against Bust that Fuzz, an orc team - and wins! 1-0!

Game #129 - Shrieking Bloodstorm in the second round of Lustrian Cup VI, against Colourful Characters, winners of Lustrian Cup V.. and Shrieking Bloodstorm wins! 2-1!

Game #130 - Shrieking Bloodstorm loses 2-0 vs Excellence of Execution, a lucky, well coached, lucky, triple pow rolling freaking Chaos team.

Game #132 - Shrieking Bloodstorm plays Mente Meleta in the Ulthuan Invitational opening qualifier match; the first and second halves are reasonably even leading to a 2-2 overtime, with both teams having multiple re-rolls available. Shrieking Bloodstorm wins the coin toss! Loses the ball from a crazy agi 5 blitzer only to have S5 Sceral catch it; and then knock himself out on a GFI leading to a loss against the pro elves.

Game #136 - Shrieking Bloodstorm enter the Lustrian Cup again, matched against a 3 bribe, 5 dirty player, 2 mb/po Khemri madness! Unfortunately Krrrronk will miss the second match, but Shindahl steals 3 touchdowns for a 3-0 win!

Game #137 - Shrieking Bloodstorm play the Gravelords. This results in 2 dead Saurus, Zelstalk and Zeerak (244 SPP between them), Shindahl missing his next match, and another Skink missing a match. Shindahl's injury, while it appears regular, actually results in a 6 year coma during which the passing Skink is never seen again.

Game #138 - Shrieking Bloodstorm return after 6 years. Shindahl is still in a coma. Be Why You are a high elf team, some 400+ TV higher than the mangled Shrieking Bloodstorm roster, but they provide a match; the first half is entirely dominated by the Bloodstorm, resulting in a 1-0 lead. The second half sees some poor decisions but some good luck, and the Saurus manage to hold on to the lead despite Shindahl's absence. Notably, on the very last move of the entire game, Krrrrronk picks up the ball (in tackle zones), dodges away, and then *almost* successfully throws it to a skink for a second touchdown. Earlier in the match, Krrrrronk also *almost* intercepted a long bomb from a high elf thrower, but, safe throw said it was not to be.[/br][/div]

Games #143 and #144 - Shrieking Bloodstorm is in the Fumbbl CUP! Both games against massive developed chaos teams. Both games, -2d blocks allowed us to steal the ball, and in the first game, that was enough to win. In the second game we even did a -3d block to take down the ball, but it wasn't enough. Instead.. the second game saw us suffer 9 cas, the worst we've ever seen.

Game #145, Lizardman XFL - Doofr almost pitch cleared us! But we still fought to bring it to overtime, only to lose 2-1 mere moments before the end of the second half. Shindahl was removed with extreme prejudice and missed the next game.

Game #147-151, Ulthuan Invitational! Won the qualifier convincingly, but royally screwed up the quarter finals. No comments on that game.

Game #153, starting the Crown of Sand!

Game #155, starting the FUMBBL Cup!

Game #161, starting the Ulthuan Invitational! Won the first match, and the high elf hosts blessed Zerkat with my first ever +STR +STR player!

Game #163, knocked out of the Ulthuan Invitational by Humies.. and retired Tallac, legend Saurus (-MA, -AV, 153 games played, 186 spp)
Skill Distributions:
Total Rolls: 121
+Str (1/36) : 4 (1 above expected)
+Agi (2/36) : 5 (2 below expected)
Doubles (5/36) : 13 (4 below expected)
+Mv (2/36) : 5 +Av: 1 (1 below expected)
Singles : 93 (6 above expected)

Dead SPP's:
855 (5.34 per game)

Retired SPP's:
521 (2.09 per game)

Current SPP's:
749 (All legends count as 176, 1060 with legend SPP) (4.37 per game)

Highest SPPs: 979/1225 ----
Peak TV: 2620 (going into FUMBBL Cup VXIII round 4)

All-Time Top Blockers:
Sceral (Active Legend Saurus) 178 SPP, 74 CAS, 110 games played
Tleloc (Active Saurus) 101 SPP, 23 CAS, 109 games played
Telleek (Active Saurus) 100 SPP, 20 CAS, 56 games played
Tallac (Retired Legend Saurus) 186 SPP, 74 CAS, 153 games played
Zekstalk (Dead Saurus) 159 SPP, 58 CAS, 65 games played
Tellik (Dead Saurus) 148 SPP, 49 CAS, 103 games played
Ssska (Dead Saurus) 86 SPP, 27 CAS, 65 games played
Saurel (Dead Saurus) 70 SPP, 21 CAS, 47 games played

Surviving Original Squad:
Shindahl (Active Legend Skink) 153 games played, original member, missed 12 games
Tlaloc (Retired Saurus, now Defensive Assistant Coach) 4 games played, original member

Centennial Players
Shindahl (Active Legend Skink) 153 games played, original member, missed 12 games
Sceral (Active Legend Saurus), 110 games played, missed 4 games
Tleloc (Active Saurus), 109 games played, missed 4 games
Tallac (Retired Legend Saurus) 153 games played, missed 5 games
Tellik (Dead Saurus) 103 games played, original member, missed 2 games

Most Valuable Players:
Shindahl (Active Legend Skink), 153 games played, 12 MVP's
Shreeft (Retired Skink), 59 games played (-AV, for 30+ games, -Agi forced retirement), 11 MVP's, 1 completion, 8 touchdowns (including 1 one turner)
Tellik (Dead Saurus), 103 games played, 10 MVP's

Interceptions: 8 + 1 prevented by Safe Throw

Zekssi (Dead Saurus), 62 SPP +agi Saurus who believed the Saurus was the perfect Blood Bowl player; 97 rushing yards, 410 blocks, 1 completion for 2 passing yards, 6 touchdowns, 2 interceptions, 12 casualties, 3 MVPs
Zeezee (Dead Skink), 33 SPP +agi Skink who did everything to support Shindahl, catching, carrying, distracting, everything; 110 rushing yards, 7 blocks, 3 completions for 5 passing yards, 7 touchdowns, 1 interception, 1 casualty, 1 MVP
Shindahl (Active Legend Skink)

Best Game: 4-0 vs: Beast and Co. (Nurgle), Veruna Dentata (Norse), Rude Rat Riot (Skaven), Silver Dart Frogs (Slaan), Inmates and Convicts United (Human)

Worst Game: 0-4 vs: United Force (Elf), Noldokings (Dark Elf), Hey who moved my Cheese (Skaven), Hot 5tuff (Wood Elf), Squat the World (Orc)

Most Casualties Caused: 7/1/2 vs Reflection on Bloodbowl (Vampire), 1/5/2 vs Silver Dart Frogs (Slaan), 6/0/2 vs Women of Mass Destruction III (Amazon), 5/2/1 vs Blue Masochists (Wood Elf), 4/4/0 vs Sewer Scramble (Skaven)

Most Casualties Against: 4/3/2 vs Chaos Waste Crushers (Chaos), 4/3/0 vs No Guts No Glory (Necromantic), 2/4/1 vs Excellence of Execution (Chaos)

Most Blocks in a game:
78 vs Obelix GmbH u. Co KG (Necromantic)
Least Blocks in a game:
22 vs [V]irus (Nurgle)
Total Blocks by Shrieking Bloodstorm: 7735
Average Blocks per game: 46.9
Total Cas: 470
Average Cas per game: 2.9
Average blocks to cause Cas: 16.6

Most SPP's gained in single game:
35 (7 cas, 4 TDs, 4 completions) vs Silver Dart Frogs (Slaan)
35 (5 cas, 4 TDs, 6 completions, 1 interception) vs they WIL live (Undead)
34 (7 cas, 4 TDs, 3 completions) vs Varuna Dentata (Norse)
33 (8 cas, 3 TDs, 3 completions) vs Sewer Scramble (Skaven)
32 (9 cas, 2 TDs, 3 completions) vs Reflections on Bloodbowl (Vampire)
31 (7 cas, 3 TDs, 3 completions) vs Beware of the Full Moon (Necromantic)
31 (7 cas, 3 TDs, 3 completions) vs R Sneaky Snots (Snotling)
Player Ma St Ag Av Skills Inj G Cp Td It Cs Mvp SPP Cost  
6 5 1 9
Bone-head, Loner, Mighty Blow, Prehensile Tail, Thick Skull
  6 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 140k
Saurus Blocker
6 4 1 9
Block, Guard
  10 1 0 0 3 3 22/31 120k
Saurus Blocker
6 5 1 8
Mighty Blow, Block, +ST, Frenzy, Guard, Stand Firm
-av 110 0 1 1 74 5 Legend
Saurus Blocker
6 4 1 9
Block, Guard, Dodge, Break Tackle, Tackle
-ag, n 109 0 6 1 23 7 101/176 190k
Saurus Blocker
6 4 1 9
Block, Grab, Mighty Blow, Guard, Stand Firm
-ag 56 0 10 0 20 6 100/176 180k
Saurus Blocker
6 4 1 9
  2 0 1 0 0 1 8/16 100k
Saurus Blocker
6 6 1 9
Block, Mighty Blow, +ST, +ST
  21 0 1 1 7 8 59/76 220k
Skink Runner
8 2 3 7
Dodge, Stunty
Side Step
  5 0 2 0 0 0 6/16 80k
Skink Runner
8 2 3 7
Dodge, Stunty
  11 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 60k
Skink Runner
8 2 5 7
Dodge, Stunty
+AG, +AG, Side Step, Jump Up, Sure Feet, Sprint
  153 211 78 1 2 12 Legend
Skink Runner
8 2 3 7
Dodge, Stunty
  18 0 1 0 1 0 5/6 60k
Skink Runner
8 2 3 7
Dodge, Stunty
  1 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 60k
Skink Runner
10 3 3 7
Dodge, Stunty
+MA, +ST, +MA, Sprint, Sure Feet
  53 0 18 0 1 4 76/176 210k
Skink Runner
8 2 3 7
Dodge, Stunty
  35 0 0 0 0 1 5/6 60k
14 players  
Coach: Nelphine Re-Rolls (120k): 3  
Race: Lizardmen Fan Factor: 10  
Current Team Value: 2280k Assistant Coaches: 1  
Treasury: 230k Cheerleaders: 1  
Team Value: 2280k Apothecary: Yes  

Games Played:165 (77/22/66) |TD Diff:11 (237 - 226) |Cas Diff:58 (267/144/60 - 284/100/29)
Last Opponent: R Sneaky Snots