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Woodies Reunion Tour Conference XXXX - Finished 5th (2-2-2 & Ft)

A brand new start for SWL in FFB (LRB6) kicks off and all teams involved are starting afresh on TV100. Intoxicated began the season pretty well and lead the table at the half way point with 2 wins and 2 draws. However no points from our last 3 games meant Intoxicated finished in 5th position. 2 wins, 2 draws, 2 loses, 1 forfeit no points each.

Angry Asgardians Conference XLI- Bottom (1-2-4)

An awful season for Intoxicated as they were literally drunk in all their matches with their comical handling and fumbling of the ball and tripping over their feet at every GFI opportunity meant they were soundly beaten in a most of their matches. Deservedly finished bottom of the league. 1 wins (by forfeit), 2 draws, 4 loses.

Colorado Avalanche Conference XLII - 4th (2-3-2)

A poor start to the season with 2 defeats and a draw carried on the poor run of form from last season as the same hapless errors continued. A surprising win over BBQers Rise Again finally broke a 13 games streak without a win. This gave Intoxicated the confidence to remain unbeaten in their final 2 games. 2 wins, 3 draws, 2 loses.

Vanguards Ark Conference XLIII - 3rd (4-0-2 & axe)

A first victory over elves in 6 attempts to kickoff the season, but was brought crashing down to earth next game as they were outplayed against eventual league champs Brethren of the Horned Rat. Two 2-0 wins against We are Ninjah and the destructive Mort Volente meant respective progress for the green skins this season. 4 wins (1 by forfeit), 0 draws, 2 loses, -1 point for axe.

Sinister Duskriders Conference XLIV - 5th (2-2-3)

Another struggling season, still having problems gelling as a team despite the good stats. Making too many mistakes and constantly failing rolls. Had 2 wins, 2 draws and 3 defeats. Still struggling playing against the more agile teams, elves losing 2 out of the 3 games.

Woodies Double Revenge Conference XLV - 5th (3-1-3)

This season was against some strong teams with Mort Volente, Bedouin Falcons,
High Street Dandies all from the prem before and despite the strength of Intoxicated team on paper with 5 blodgers they still making too many mistakes and unable to find any consistency, finished the season with a record 3-1-3 with 1 forfeit win and loss a piece. Only plus note was that only suffer 1 cas all season and no perms.

Black Crowes Conference XLVI - 2nd (5-1-1)

Intoxicated lost a closely fought game with the Dandies and after the game having been regularly giving so much inducements away with their high TV rating decided to retire Balgrot the agile troll. It proved to be a good decision as Intoxicated went unbeaten and finished with their highest points total of 27 points to gain a wild card promotion to the premier league. It was aided by 2 forfeit wins and the only set back was a perm niggle to Magbad Bombay Sapphire the blodger thrower.

SWL Premier League XLVII - 7th (1-2-4)

The premiership has been a hard lesson for the Mayhem team, as they found jump in divison tough with back to back defeats in their first 2 games where they have been outplayed by their opponents BBQers Rise Again and Ankle Grab Utd being 2-0 down by half time. They regain some respectability with hard fought win against the Dandies and a surprising draw against current champions Large Head-on Colliders where in the 2nd half Mayhem was left with only 4 players on the pitch in the end. However further defeats against the Woodies and Quods Grunt confirmed relegation after one season in the prem. During the season Intoxicated loss the services of Zodog Macallan and Kaarg Tanqueray who were both killed and Grotty Skyy Vodka who was retired.

Blue Mountain Dragons Conference XLVIII - 3rd (5-0-2)

Narrowly lost out on promotion straight back to the Premership with Mayhem losing their final game to Psyh Lab 2-3 when they only needed a draw. Sloppy mistakes having battered the rats with a 9-0 Cas during the game. Mayhem recorded 5 wins with victories over Bayshore Brawlers (2-0), Fur Train(forfeit), Switchblades (4-0), Horrors (2-0) and Cirque du Zuvassin (2-0)and surprisingly 25 points was not enough for promomtion as pipped by the Labs for 2nd place by 1 point. It was a rather painful season with permanent injuries for all three Ag4 orcs in the team. Mayhem was destroyed by Mort Volente 2-0 where we got clawpomb by OB. As a coach I experienced no players on the field for 1st time, while 232 spp talent RIP with Rotskab Moët & Chandon (ag4 blodger thrower) and Duffkop Grey Goose (st4, ag4 blodger blitzer 19pts away from being my 1st Legend player). While Skumsnaga Dewars (MA6, Ag4 lineman) received a permanent niggle from an unecessary failed GFI against Cirque. Mayhem top scorers were Gobslag Glenmorangie 4 and Skumsnaga Dewars 3. While top hitters were Erigor Chabot 5, Uzthug Chivas Regal 4 and Dreggut Remy Martin 4.

Ecclesiarchs of Unsanity Conference XLIX - 2nd (4-2-1)

It was a barnstorming end to the season with the last game remaining and still any 6 teams could gain promotion to the Prem. Mayhem started the season well with 3 straight wins against Harlequins of Despair (2-1), Cirque du Zuvassin (2-0), Tribute to Alan Parsons (3-0), but were undone again by Rats losing to Fur Train (2-3), extremely lucky victory over Bayshore Brawlers (1-0) where half the Mayhem players spend the game in the KO box as i failed every KO roll. This was followed by a resounding defeat on a bad nuffle diced day to Redgum's Ruffians (1-3). A last gasp T16 equalizer was enough to secure draw against Large Head On Colliders and leave Mayhem finishing on 22 points with 3 teams Redgum (1st),Harlequins (3rd)and finishing 2nd due to head 2 head. However all 3 teams qualified to the Prem due to so many teams redrafting from the other conference. Top scorers for the season was Skumsnaga Dewars with 5 and Hokulk Hennessy 3. While top hitters were Dreggut Remy Martin 8, Erigor Chabot 7, Uzthug Chivas Regal 5 cas.

SWL Premier League L - 6th (3-1-3)

Started the season by revenging last season defeat to champs Redgum's Ruffians with a 2-1 win. The game was played in blizzard climate all game which made things very difficult for two slowish teams, but the power of the Orc team was eventually able to grind out a victory. Lost a close fought but brutal game 1-2 to Public Service Announcement the eventual champion where there was 8 cas in the game. A 1-1 daw against the Harlequins of Despair where Mayhem intercepted twice was followed by 4-1 win against the Wonga Wonga Whalekillers as Mayhem dominated with 6 cas inflicted. But a 2-1 defeat against the Slumbering Skinks put an end to any challenge for the league and after a forfeit win against bottom of the table Mort Volente, a draw would have retained Mayhem top flight status. However the game against Black Swan was a shocker as was outclassed by a better coach and made some horrenous decision and was throughly beaten 3-1 and relegated again after 1 season at the Prem. Top scorers were Hokulk Hennessy, Gobslag Glenmorangie,Skumsnaga Dewars with 2 TD each. With top hitters Dreggut Remy Martin 5 and Erigor Chabot, Uzthug Chivas Regal 4 CAS each.

Angry Asgardians Conference LI - 1st (5-1-1)

Mayhem rode their luck a few times against a vailant Fraud Squad to grind a 2-0 opening game win however it was marred by a permanent injury to Uzthug Chivas Regal when the apoth was unable to heal his broken neck (-ag). The last minute withdrawl of Quod's Grunt from the conference gave Mayhem a forfeited win and probably left them favourites to gain promotion. Crookwell Green Devils were dispatched 2-0 thanks again to strong hitting, however the orcs were undone by a fleet footed agile skeleton in the 1st half and a flurry of double skulls and 1's in the 2nd half to lose 2-0 to Crypt-O-Night as nuffle finally caught up to a Mayhem team who themselves have been getting their fair share in the first 2 games. Powerful hitting gave Mayhem two back to back victories against Switchblade 2-1 they cause an incredible 10 Cas and 33 Chin Chen St 3-0 another 5 Cas. However Mayhem failed to capitalise on their numerical advantage against the Mexican Standoff in the pouring rain and only managed a 1-1 draw. With only 3 players on the pitch near the end of the 2nd half a series of amazing dodges from a agility 3 wrestle elf managed to blitz the ball carier 1 square from the TD line on a -2 dice and bring him down. With the ball at the end zone greedly did not use the ag4 player to score and wanted to skill the the blitzer and he failed to pick up and the ball was tossed all the way back towards the half way line where only the BO were able to pick up the ball and they failed with the resulting throw LOL. Top scorers were Gobslag Glenmorangie,Borgan Bollinger, Dreggut Remy Martin and Erigor Chabot on 2TD each. Top Hitters were Vrong Glenfiddich 10 Cas, Erigor Chabot and Dreggut Remy Martin with 5 each.

SWL Premier League LII - 2nd (5-1-1)

A 3rd return to the premier league for Mayhem and they were pipped to the title by Large Head-on Colliders due to the head 2 head defeat by 1-0 on their Rd 5 game. The season started off with 1-1 drew with Norse, Wonga Wonga Whalekillers. The orcs took the lead with Skumsnaga Dewars but a poor defensive set up allowed a 2 turn score by star player Wilhelm Chaney at the end of the first half. Both sides had chances to win it in the 2nd half but a draw seemed a fair result. Mayhem picked up their first ever win aginst the Black Swans 3-1, with a bit of luck and strong defences as the Swans found it hard to get the ball back from the Orc ball carrier. Mayhem lucky streak continued against the Chaos of Public Service Announcement, from the kickoff a rock was thrown on the pitch and killed St6 troll, however he was able to regen but despite the loss to cover Morg 'n' Thorg, the orcs managed to grab the decisive TD late in the first half. The match took a heavy toll on the orcs losing both Vark Skyy Vodka (Smashed Collar Bone (-ST)and Magbad Bombay Sapphire (Smashed Ankle (-MA) and retirement for both players. Public Service Annoucement fought back strongly in the 2nd half and twice had chance to score with Night Patrol (St4 Ag4) within touch distance of TD line with Blitz and BH while worse still Karate Chop failed a GFI to score the equaliser and was KOed. This result left Mayhem top of the table after 3 games. Wins against Crypt-O-Night, Whirling Deadvishes Return and Rd 7 2-1 win against the Slumbering Skink left Mayhem leading the table with LHC needing to win both his game to take the title and 2-1 wins in both games gave another title to LHC who threatened to retire his team if they had not won the title. Top scorers was Skumsnaga Dewars with 3TD and Magbad Bombay Sapphire and Erigor Chabot with 2 each. Top cas Grotog Bacardi with 5 and Erigor Chabot and Hokulk Hennessy with 4 each.

SWL Premier League LIII - 4th (3-1-3)

After the highs of last season Mayhem struggled and only managed to secure their premier league status by wining their last game against Mexican Standoff 2-0. The season started with back to back against the eventual champions Wonga Wonga Whalekillers (won all 7 games) and Crookwell Green Devils, but back to back win against Tribute to Alan Parsons and Crypt-O-Night and a draw against the Blackwater Sting but the run was stopped by a defeat against LHC again where Mayhem have not beaten in 5 attempts so far. Top scorer was Guol Grand Marnier 5 TDs, Skumsnaga Dewars and Dreggut Remy Martin with 2 each. Top hitters were Dreggut Remy Martin 6, Erigor Chabot and Vrong Glenfiddich with 4 each.

SWL Premier League LIV 4th (3-1-2)

Started the season with back to back wins against Crypt-O-Night (3-0), Left Coast Style (1-0) but the claws of Public Service Announcement (0-2) destroyed the Mayhem as they racked up an impressive 6 cas including the RIP of star player Grotog Bacardi played 85 games and 21 casualities. A 2-0 victory over Sphinxes from Mars and 1-1 draw against Wonga Wonga Whalekillers gave Mayhem a shot at top spot coming in to Rd 6 game against the Darkstar Corsairs in a throughly enteraining game which ended in a 2-1 defeat.
P7 W3 D1 L3 TD+8 TD-6 CAS+26 CAS-11 PTS 17

SWL Premier League LV 5th
P7 W2 D3 L2 TD+9 TD-9 CAS+35 CAS-7 PTS 16

Froster's Conference LVI Champion
P7 W6 D0 L1 TD+11 TD-3 CAS+17 CAS-7 PTS 30

SWL Premier League LVII - 6th
P7 W1 D3 L3 TD+9 TD-11 CAS+27 CAS-18 PTS 11

Ecclesiarchs Unsanity Conference LVIII - Champions
P7 W6 D0 L1 TD+11 TD-4 CAS+33 CAS-8 PTS 30

SWL Premier League LIX - 4th
P7 W3 D1 L3 TD+7 TD-6 CAS+23 CAS-14 PTS 17

SWL Premier League LX - 4th
P7 W3 D1 L3 TD+10 TD-10 CAS+28 CAS-8 20 PTS 17

Seussville Slammers Conference LXI - Champion

P6 W4 D2 L0 TD+10 TD-2 CAS+22 CAS-11 PTS 24

SWL Premier League LXII

New Team Page Beta
Player Ma St Ag Av Skills Inj G Cp Td It Cs Mvp SPP Cost  
5 3 4 8
Pass, Sure Hands
Dodge, Block, Strong Arm, +AG, Accurate, Leader
  92 91 26 1 3 6 Legend
Black Orc Blocker
4 4 2 9   5 0 0 0 0 1 5/6 80k
Black Orc Blocker
4 4 1 9
Mighty Blow, Dodge, Block, Guard, Piling On, Tackle
-ag 143 0 0 1 79 15 Legend
Black Orc Blocker
5 5 2 9
Block, Mighty Blow, Piling On, +ST, +MA, Guard
  107 0 0 0 72 11 Legend
Black Orc Blocker
3 4 2 9
Block, Mighty Blow
-ma 56 0 0 0 8 2 26/31 120k
6 4 3 9
+MA, +ST, Block, Tackle, Frenzy
n 97 3 23 1 15 7 139/176 190k
6 4 3 9
Mighty Blow, +ST, Tackle, Guard, Frenzy
n 41 1 11 0 16 4 86/176 210k
6 3 3 9
  2 0 0 0 2 0 4/6 80k
6 3 3 9
Tackle, Guard, Mighty Blow, Stand Firm, Dauntless
  94 3 17 2 33 5 149/176 180k
6 3 3 9
Dodge, Tackle, Side Step, Guard, Mighty Blow, Sure Hands
  141 5 33 0 29 11 Legend
5 3 3 9
Dirty Player
  24 1 0 0 0 2 11/16 70k
5 3 3 9
Dirty Player
  12 0 0 0 0 2 10/16 70k
12 players  
Coach: Erickan Re-Rolls (120k): 3  
Race: Orc Fan Factor: 9  
Current Team Value: 2220k Assistant Coaches: 0  
Treasury: 0k Cheerleaders: 0  
Team Value: 2220k Apothecary: Yes  

Games Played:148 (66/31/51) |TD Diff:46 (213 - 167) |Cas Diff:301 (291/159/62 - 139/60/12)
Last Opponent: Wäŋa Warriors