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"Quicquid ut venit nos nos superesse" -The 300

"He who establishes a tyranny and does not kill Brutus, and he who establishes a democratic regime and does not kill the sons of Brutus, will not last long." - Niccolo Machiavelli

Fans of other franchises will tell you that supporting the SoB's is like watching your sons die. The fans of the SoB's certainly agree. Nobody said the Premiership was going to be easy. Luckily, Brutus had a lot of sons.

EightThe Sons complete their first Human League Premiership Sprint
NineThe Sons continue to compete in the HLP
TenImproved performance sees the Sons finish fourth
ElevenSlight decline in form
TwelveFinsihed outside the top ten in the premiership.
ThirteenSobbing. Finsihed 11th in the conference with a record of 8/1/7. Finished the season poised to return to the premiership.
FourteenA personal best score, finished off with a first ever Black Box Brawl win.
FifteenIn a tough season for established teams the Sons of Brutus grind it out to take the Premiership Title.
SixteenIn a tightly contested season the SoBs match their personal best record with a 50 point haul. This proves insufficient for a top three placing.
SeventeenA tough season for all, with the SoB grabbing their first ever top basher award.
EighteenThe Sons take home their second Premiership title with the sprint 1 point short of matching the all time record. Several solid performances playing up 500k, including a win over 2nd place Alfreds Team
NineteenThe Sons take second place in both the Premiership and the Conference.
TwentyThe Sons take home their third Premiership title, the first team to do so. Collecting a Bashed award in the process the Sons leave it all on the pitch and steal a couple of unlikely wins vs the old foe.
Twenty OneThe Sons take home their Fourth Premiership title, and 1st Conference Title. They are the first team to win both titles in the same season, completing the double. Are inducted into the Human League Hall of Fame.
Twenty TwoThe Sons are given a season off after winning the double. They elect not to compete at either Premiership or Conference Level.
Twenty ThreeThe Sons return still drunk on their past victories, and rusty from their holiday.
Twenty FourA hotly contested season with 12 sprints completed see the Sons finish middle of the pack.
Twenty FiveThe Sons take home their fifth Premiership title on a tie break with the mighty Vault Tec Squad, and in the process deny a double.
Twenty SixFor the third time since season eight the Sons of Brutus do not sprint.
Twenty SevenThe Sons take second place in the Premiership while also taking home their second Conference Title, along with a Top Basher award.


Game 50, and to celebrate the last original Son, Hamma Phist was killed.

Game 70, Knot Theface becomes the first legend for the Sons.

Game 111, and the Sons completed their first ever Human League Premiership Sprint.

Game 170, the Sons complete their first Black Box Sprint, finishing 12th with a record of 10/1/5.

Game 183, Blitzer Anvil Hammason becomes the second legend for the Sons.

Game 185, Hans Stikkyfingers plays his 100th game for the Sons.

Game 193, Thrower Hans Stikkyfingers becomes the third legend for the Sons.

Game 200, after 200 games the Sons have a record of 88/34/78: Record for first 100 games 40/18/42, vs second 100 games 48/16/36.

Game 247, Catcher Snatch Engo becomes the fourth legend for the Sons.

Game 251, Blitzer Giva Derufstuf becomes the fifth legend for the Sons.

Game 262, the SoBs are sent home from the Wheel of Chaos, following the death of Giva Derufstuf. In hindsight this defeat marked the beginning of the time now know as the Sobbing. The Sons would play at premiership level 3 times in the next 30 games.

Game 284, Thrower Chuck Downfield becomes the sixth legend for the Sons, while in the same game Blitzer Brayk Urboans sets a franchise record by scoring 5 touchdowns in a single game.

Game 292, the Sons are defeated by the Vault Tec Squad in their last appearance in the Human League Premiership, before resuming their Sobbing. It will be another 22 games before the Sons hit rock bottom.

Game 298, Blitzer Brayk Urboans becomes the seventh legend for the Sons.

Game 300, Record after 300 games 134/57/109. 46/23/31 for the 201-300 series.

Game 314, the Sons hit the darkest days of the Sobbing, fielding a team with 4 journeymen, at 1100TV with Fan Factor 5 (up from a low of 4 a few games before).

Game 323, the Sons are defeated by fellow human's UGK in a hard fought match. A return to premiership competition seems to be within their grasp.

Game 333, Blitzer Orr Ganmonger becomes the eight legend for the Sons.

Game 336, the end of the Sobbing as the Sons play at premiership level for the first time in 44 games.

Game 361, the Sons win Black Box Brawl LXXXXI, the sixth Human team to do so.

Game 365, Blitzer Axel the Butcher becomes the ninth legend for the Sons.

Game 388, Blitzer Phisten Urphace becomes the tenth legend for the Sons.

Game 400, Record after 400 games 174/70/156. 40/13/47 for the 301-400 series.

Game 423, the Sons win Black Box Brawl CI, their second brawl title.

Game 424, the Sons play their last game as contenders, as they are awarded the Season Fifteen Premiership. All future games will be played as champions.

Game 434, the Sons become the most played human's in the Box.

Game 452, Blitzer Rok Hedsmasha becomes the eleventh legend for the Sons.

Game 457, Lineman Ulric Truewing becomes the twelfth legend for the Sons.

Game 469, The Sons enter the top ten most played teams in the box, at a fitting 940TV. Rok Hedsmasha and Kilsen Mayums will return.

Game 471, Blitzer Kilsen Mayums becomes the thirteenth legend for the Sons.

Game 500, Record after 500 games 222/89/189. 48/19/33 for the 401-500 series. First human team to play 500 games in the Blackbox.

Game 530, Ogre Gitya Bawls is recruited, and the era that will grow to be known as "Da Fun with Da Suns", begins.

Game 558, Blitzer Rok Hedsmasha becomes the first Human to exceed 500SPP in the Box.

Game 586, Ogre Gitya Bawls becomes the fourteenth legend for the Sons, and the first ever legendary Ogre on a Human Blackbox team.

Game 593, Blitzer Rok Hedsmasha breaks through 600SPP in his 218th game.

Game 594, Ogre Gitya Bawls retires following a smashed ankle. "Da Fun with Da Suns" ends.

Game 600, Record after 600 games 262/109/229. 40/20/40 for the 501-600 series.

Game 619, Blitzer Rok Hedsmasha takes the record for most SPP by a Human player with 684 SPP from 242 games.

Game 630, Rok Hedsmasha retires with a staggering 701 SPP, and 252 games.

Game 643, The Sons of Brutus are ridden like ponies in their first ever defeat to a stunty team.

Game 674, The Sons of Brutus record their 300th win in typical SoB fashion - with only 2 guys left on the pitch at the end of the game!

Game 678, The Sons of Brutus field a 16 man team at 2180TV - their highest ever team value.

Game 700, Record after 700 games 313/129/258. 51/20/29 for the 601-700 series.

Game 713, Blitzer Leav Yableeden becomes the fifteenth legend for the Sons.

Game 776, The Sons of Brutus are awarded the first ever Double and are inducted into the Human League Hall of Fame.

Game 800, Record after 800 games 368/148/284. 55/19/26 for the 701-800 series.

Game 804, Blitzer Gott Grudges becomes the sixteenth legend for the Sons.

Game 808, The Sons march their way into the Wheel of Chaos VI main event after being declared the Champions of Tzeentch.

Game 816, The Sons commence their Second Sobbing, dropping from 2120 to 1210 with 2 deaths, 3 perms, and 2 MNG's.

Game 839, Superstar fouler Richard Hotstone dies on the pitch, the apothecary drinks himself into stupor, while the team and coach crumble beneath nuffle's boot.

Game 846, Blitzer Won Moarkil completes the first ever franchise Larson.

Game 875, Catcher Gott Staleget becomes the seventeenth legend for the Sons.

Game 900, Record after 900 games 416/168/316. 48/20/32 for the 801-900 series.

Game 915, The Sons channel the spirit of Hotstone, and enter a new phase in the franchise's history with four dirty players on the playing roster.

Bayernhoff BengalsAflo1-1 DrawAnother conference level contest vs former premiership champions.
Deathboxiena1-1 DrawAn arm wrestle with fellow humans stalking the 300.
Vault Tec SquadOenarLod1-1 DrawBoth teams arrive to the stadium brutalised from their respective campaigns.
Vault Tec SquadOenarLod1-1 DrawThe Sons meet the VTS squad at very low TV but are unable to take the win.
Old West RenegadesSteakhachez3-2 VictoryPlenty of TD's were seen as the Sons take victory.
Watford Hornetsdynamo3802-1 VictoryThe Sons leave their mark on a number of the Hornets.
{R}ippershighsiddy3-1 DefeatThe Sons fold as they continue their slump ahead of the Crown of Sand. The Rippers capitalise taking the win.
Worst Than FormerlyPacoSillas1-0 VictoryA hard fought contest with very little seperating the two teams. The SoB needed a cup of tea and a lie down after this thriller.
Sartosa Sea Wolvesulvardar2341-1 DrawAn exciting game to mark the SoB becoming the most played human team in the Box.
Wolf WitchersOenarLod1-0 DefeatA hard fought game against conference winning humans coached by the legendary OenarLod to celebrate game 400.
Miragliano Falconsulvardar2343-2 VictoryThe second meeting of these two teams saw the Sons balance the ledger and the death of the Falcons Captain.
Vault Tec SquadOenarLod1-0 VictoryA Win against the legendary Vault Tec Squad, balancing the ledger from their previous encounter.
Miragliano Falconsulvardar2342-1 DefeatA scrappy defeat sees the Sons rueing their chances.
Bayernhoff BengalsAflo1-1 DrawThe Sons take a draw in a hard fought match versus three time conference champions, and one of the most successful Human teams of all time.
Destined to die on the Sandsthe_cursed_one1-1 DrawThe Sons deliver some payback from the beating they took when these teams first met.
UGKhuff2-0 DefeatA tough match against Huff's Underground Kings, who take the victory, but not without cost.
Vault Tec SquadOenarLod2-1 DefeatThe Sons are taken to school by a legendary team and a legendary coach.
Best Imitation of MyselfGriffon312-1 VictoryThe Sons win the game in a season 12 conference level contest, but ultimately Griffon31's boys keep the Sons out of the premiership's top ten.
Super SleuthsCCSenor2-1 VictoryA second round murder of the Sleuths in the first Human Brawl.
Altdorf HammersPainstate2-1 VictoryA gift from Nuffle sees the Sons take first round victory in the first Human Brawl. A total of four dead humans across both teams is the price.
Kingston KrueltyThe_Murker2-0 VictoryA dicing of the first order allows the Sons take a win over one of the greatest Human teams to play in the box.
Queen Victoriakoadah2-1 DefeatAn overtime loss in the opening round of the Crown of Sand. The Sons learn to hate Grant.
Rough ToughsStarshade2-1 VictoryThe Sons finish 4th in season 10 of the Premiership, while the Rough Toughs come in 6th.
American Gladiatorlatulike2-1 VictoryThe Sons steal a victory against the Gladiators who finish one point higher than the Sons in Season 10.
Destined to die on the Sandsthe_cursed_one2-1 DefeatThe Sons are torn a new one with a cas count of eight, while only inflicting one

Player Ma St Ag Av Skills Inj G Cp Td It Cs Mvp SPP Cost  
7 3 3 8
Mighty Blow, Guard, Tackle, Dodge, Stand Firm
  61 0 1 0 37 7 112/176 200k
7 3 4 8
+AG, Mighty Blow
  14 2 4 0 1 0 16/31 150k
7 3 3 8
Dodge, Mighty Blow, Juggernaut, Guard, Dauntless
m 46 0 8 0 14 6 82/176 200k
7 3 3 8
Mighty Blow, Guard, Tackle, Stand Firm
  46 0 3 0 18 2 55/76 170k
7 3 4 8
Pass, Sure Hands
Block, +MA, Accurate, +AG, Dodge
  52 34 27 0 2 4 139/176 210k
8 2 3 7
Catch, Dodge
Side Step, Guard, Block, Diving Tackle, Tackle
n 31 5 17 1 3 4 84/176 170k
5 5 2 9
Bone-head, Loner, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Throw Team-Mate
Guard, Block, Stand Firm, Grab
  40 0 0 0 20 5 65/76 230k
8 2 5 7
Catch, Dodge
+AG, +AG
  13 1 9 0 0 0 28/31 140k
6 3 3 8
Dirty Player, Wrestle
  24 0 1 0 0 4 23/31 90k
6 3 3 8   3 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 50k
5 3 3 8
Kick, Guard
n, -ma, m 64 1 0 0 4 4 29/31 100k
6 3 3 8   10 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 50k
6 3 3 7 -av, m 3 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 50k
8 2 3 7
Catch, Dodge
  3 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 60k
6 3 3 8   9 0 0 0 0 1 5/6 50k
6 3 2 8 -ag 4 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 50k
13 players (+3 players missing next game)  
Coach: Dunenzed Re-Rolls (100k): 3  
Race: Human Fan Factor: 9  
Current Team Value: 1910k Assistant Coaches: 0  
Treasury: 750k Cheerleaders: 0  
Team Value: 2260k Apothecary: Yes  

Games Played:999 (470/187/342) |TD Diff:247 (1378 - 1131) |Cas Diff:-419 (1351/748/310 - 1538/901/389)
Last Opponent: Widow's Sons