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Never Date Before First Bite
Roster [R] Vampire

History, facts and development

Legacy and new start
Once there was a Stunty team called Never Bite On The First Date. They were the best team in Stunty, so some jealous coaches hired an evil sorcerer to make them disappear into another dimension. They spent two centuries confined in that far and hostile world, until Doctor Fangs found out the way to bring them back. During the trip something happened: they came back here not as Stunty crypt ghouls, but as Vampires, so they decided to play Ranked to revive their ancient glorious history. The starting roster also changed: no female thralls were found, so Bloody Mary had a lot of fun with guys while the two male vampires felt a bit uneasy. Doctor Fangs has promised to get this fixed soon.

After 30 games
After game #30 Doctor Fangs called a team meeting to focus on the current situation. One good thing was that more female Thralls had joined the team, but the winning rate was clearly too low, despite of the good development of the Vampires. "I will skin you all to the bones!" declared the Doctor "It is time to win some game, or I'll bring you back to the world of oblivion and we'll never play BB again!" The thralls and vampires were all scared about that threat, and promised to do their best to improve the winning rate.

After the Midnight Mayhem Tour
NDBFB played all FUMBBL races in a deadly tour of 24 games to prove their strength. This great journey earned them 3 legends, no serious permanent injuries on vampires and a lot of new fans. "We're ready for the next major!" announced Doctor Fangs in the final press conference "We'll take some rest now, then you will see us again!" The thralls weren't so happy. They're just thralls anyway, so nobody actually cared about their opinion.

The foul curse: game #100 and beyond
In the small time of five games things started to go crap for the team. A skeleton and a norseman fouled first Boris Graves, crippling him, and then The Baron, sending him to hell. In game number 100 Sweet Gina Deathbite was fouled by a human and got -MA. Once again the team is in trouble with small money and only four vampires, a new era must begin. "We all hope for the best" said Doctor Fangs at The Baron's funeral. "We've lost a friend and a great player, and Boris and Gina are still still shocked for their injury. What angers me most is that all this came from fouls, two legends like Boris and The Baron deserved a better fate. But we'll rise again, as we always do."

The six undefeated games
NDBFB's best undefeated strike was six games. The strike ended in the game againsy Les Poofy Girls, when a wizard and a serie of unfortunate events lead the team to a defeat. The amazons didn't got away for an easy price though, since two of their best players were sent dead to the morgue after the match.

Great guys, nice guys, dead guys

Bloody Mary's death and Mr. Handsome's retirement
A disastrous game against Ironwood Asylum resulted in a tremendous loss for the team. Bloody Mary was fouled to death while Mr. Handsome got a fractured skull and decided to retire. Mary's funeral was a big show: all the thralls carried her coffin to a pyre, then Doctor Fangs put it to the torch and gave her a bright departure.
"This is not the end of the team" declared Doctor Fangs "We'll get this sorted."
A bloody revenge has been promised against Ironwood Asylum.

Victor Lose's death
Victor Lose was killed during the Midnight Mayhem Tour. He was in the starting roster and he never did anything special, but the team mates were fond of him and all the vampires used to say he tasted really good. He has now a special grave in the team's cemetery, with these words carved in stone: "Ouch! That hurt!"

Tenacious Tim's death
Tenacious Tim was the last thrall from the original roster to die, and best one we ever had. He was killed in game #14 of the Midnight Mayhem Tour, apo just said "I'm not gonna waste my time for him!" and he was gone. He will always be remembered, but we were almost glad as he was a great boast of TV for us.

Ginger Creep's legendary party
Gorgeous Ginger Creep was the first vampire in the team to reach the legend status. The celebrations for this great occasion lasted one entire week and 150 thralls were sacrificed in a pool of blood and guts in her honor, legends from other teams attended the event along with kings, princess and great warriors. On that occasion Ginger was also declared #8 top active vampire blocker in Ranked, most beautiful vampire of all times ans sexiest blitzer among the undead players.

Doctor Fang's legendary marriage
Just one game after Ginger Creep became legend, Doctor Fangs, leader of the team, had his 6th skill rolled. For the occasion he married his longtime fiancee, a young and beautiful zombie named Corinna, and the two went to hell for the honeymoon, to visit Corinna's parents in the world of the afterlife.

Baron Von Bloodlustowski's legendary radio show
Most evil player in the team, Baron Von Bloodlustowski was the last vampire to join NDBFB, but he did great from the start and reached the legend status one game after Doctor Fangs. For this great occasion he was invited to speak on Radio Bash in a special episode called "The Baron theachs how to kill." The broadcasting was followed by 250.000 people and the Baron was permanently hired by the radio station. He has now his own broadcasting on Friday night, called "The Baron Bloody Words".

Boris Graves's legendary leadership
In his game #78 Boris Graves became the fourth legend in the team. To celebrate his unbelievable agility, his passing skills and his undeniable ability in getting good skills Doctor Fangs appointed him new leader of the team. "Time for the team to have a younger captain" declared the Doctor. "Boris did good from the start and came out of countless battles without a scar. He is the right vampire for this role, and I know he won't disappoint me." After the ceremony Boris had a night out with all the girls in the team. At the moment they are still missing, probably having some drinks somewhere in Vamp Vegas.

Baron Von Bloodlustowski's death
The baron died by a foul. The radio show was cancelled and the radio station lost several thousands of gold coins, this was a pity as he had a 15-years contract that would have granted the team a good income. His funeral was a sad thing: nobody except the team mates attended, as he was feared and loathed by all the FUMBBL community because of his violence on the pit.

Sweet Gina Deathbite's legendary running shoes
In NDBFB #100 Sweet Gina Deathbite was fouled very hard and she got -MA, going back from MA7 to MA6. After that she spent long and hard hours in the gym doing her therapy, hoping that one day she might be able to run fast again. In the meantime she played games, destroyed opponents and got Spps. Anyone who met her on the pitch can say that after the injury she became more angry and cruel, she felt the unfairness of being crippled with a foul and she wanted revenge. Then in a great game she was rewarded with 12 Spps and became legend, and Doctor Fangs give her the most precious of gifts, a very special item secretly hidden in the dungeons of Castle Bite. "Magic Running Shoes for you, Gina" the Doctor said, "You deserved them, they will help you running fast like back in the days". Gina is now MA7 again, looking for elves to crush.

Sweet Gina Deathbite's death
Despite of her running shoes Sweet Gina died in the very next game after she became legend. Another foul, this time by a zombie, send her to hell, apo was already been used on Doctor Fangs and she didn't regenerate. "Good Riddance, my lovely friend" said the Doctor as her coffin was set to flames and put on a wooden boat on the river, "We'll miss you."
Team going to rebuild once again.

Doctor Fangs's retirement
Doctor Fangs was permanently crippled in a game agains Ruette. He decided to summon a press conference in which he announced his retirement, he couldn't stand to be a burden for the team. He is now living with his wife and rumors are saying the couple is waiting for their first child.

Boris Graves's retirement
Boris Graves retired when it was clear that his high TV was a burden for the team rebuild. He was crippled and not so fast anymore, his high agility and kick-off return skill wasn't enough to grant decent performances. He will start a career as model for the undead stylist Grombo Zombie.

Count O'Driscolls's legendary regret
Although Count O'Driscoll was one of the most amazing players in the history of the team there were no celebrations for him when he became legend, as this coincided with the great disappointment of the Grotty Little Tournament XI. Despite scoring the first touch down in the debut game Count O'Driscoll felt responsible for the failed pickup that gave way to opposing winning in the overtime, and he declared that he did not want any kind of celebration.

Margaret Von Morgue's legendary movie
Just after she became legend, Margaret Von Morgue was contacted by the producers of NightBite Cinema Incorporated and signed a contract for a movie about her career in NDBFB. The movie was called "Beauty and Blood - The True Story of Margaret Von Morgue" and featured the famous vampire actress Olga Coldveins impersonating Margaret. The movie hit the box office with the good result of 850.000 tickets sold in the first week and received positive reviews from critics. Dorhon Ghoulson of the "Strigoyan Gazette" acclaimed it as "a honest, violent yet moving depiction of a common woman who died centuries ago and turned into a vampire to became a Blood Bowl Legend".

Ginger Creep's retirement
It was in the game against Tyhmän niminen joukkue that Ginger Creep was finally crippled for good. Oldest player in the team, the only one to be old enough to remember the great times of the Midnight Mayhem Tour, she fought until the end regardless of a niggle injury, but eventually the superior bashing power of the vampires that N.D.B.F.B. were facing resulted in her crippling and the apo did not help her. She decided to retire and become a Public Relation Manager for the team, she will always have a special place of honor in the team, having been one of the most awesome player in its history.

Ian Strigo's legendary school
Ball carrier Ian Strigo finally became legend after 87 games. To celebrate this achievement he decided to invest money in a Blood Bowl training school for young vampires, teaching them techniques to resist bloodlust and how to bite thralls without injury them. The first semester of the school hit a record of 253 entries, and soon Ian found himself in need of help to manage all the classes. Ginger Creep and Doctor Fangs gladly accepted to work as part-time teachers, and all the students were amazed about having such famous professors.

Margaret Von Morgue's Death
Margaret Von Morgue was killed in this game. She was the oldest active player in the team and she left Blood Bowl with a record of 99 casualties inflicted. Her body was burned and the ashes put into a golden box that was then buried under the roots of a cursed oak. It is said that the oak at night is bleeding green tears, as if Margaret's spirit is sucking its vital essence from the underground. She will be greatly missed.

Tristan of the Veins's legendary thrall wine
After 68 games played without the dodge skill Tristan of the Veins reached the legendary status. As reward for the important achievement he received a large amount of money, which he invested in a new business: a winery which produced a new wine made with 100% of thrall's blood and dedicated uniquely to vampires. The success of the wine was immediate among vampires, and Tristan had to expand the size of the winery and hire more workers to face the increasing demand. Of supplies, he is never short: every injured and retired thrall in the team becomes, by contract, a "voluntary" who contributes with his blood to the production of the only, unmistakable and now famous "Tristan's Thrall Wine".

Games, feuds and tournaments

Game VS Blood Sea Buccaneers
Game against Blood Sea Buccaneers was really tense, bloody and funny (well, except for the dead guy and the maimed one). Two times NDBFB went down on score, but in the end they managed to get the draw. For the first time they had a glimpse of their real strength, and realized that they can do well. Game was also important for team development, as three players got their skills. Doctor Fangs was really happy and brought cookies for everybody.

Game VS Zero to Hero
It was in game against Zero to Hero that things really changed. Focused on the tactic and not on the bashing, NDBFB showed the very best of themselves, managing to score in their defending half, then score again and again in attacking half. Thralls and vampires worked as one man to prevent the Elves from scoring, everyone did his part and in the end Zero to Hero were lost in confusion. "We will soon be one of the strongest Vampire teams in Ranked" declared Doctor Fangs in the press conference after the game. Will it be true?

Double fiasco against Hellbound Charioteers
After a first defeat against Hellbound Charioteers Never Date Before First Bite asked for a rematch, but the result was another defeat. NDBFB admitted that the Charioteers are stronger than them and moved on to look for other opponents.

Game VS Scarred not Scared
In game against Scarred not ScaredNDBFB showed all their cruelty, killing four players and leaving opposing team in misery. Sweet Gina Deathbite proved herself a mercyless blitzer killing two players herself, while Boris Graves became legend and was declared new leader of the team.

100th game VS Ranked Amateurs
Big celebrations were made for the team 100th game against Ranked Amateurs. The celebrations were not happy, anyway, as Sweet Gina Deathbite got a permanent injury due to a foul. The team is suffering a terrible series of bad luck and struggling to rebuild. Time will tell if they can rise up, but for now dark clouds are hanging over NDBFB.

Rematch VS Future Legend
First game against the Dark Elf team Future Legend ended with a loss for NDBFB, but they didn't gave up and challenge them again. The rematch was played under a terrible, apocalyptic rain, and luck was with the vampires. Sweet Gina Deathbite crushed the elves and scored, in the end she got the MVP and became legend. The other vampires did their job brilliantly as well and no thralls were injured, making the game a real success. A final game has been scheduled for a not far day. Both the team agree that this feud needs a champion.

The shot at the XFL
While the team was still in the middle of a long and painful rebuild they joined the Xenophobes Federated League. They played against Dracula's Eleven in a pretty unlucky game: while the two opposing basher thralls kept removing their players from pitch, Ginger and Margaret were unable to hit hard, and they were eventually knocked out of the field. A early wizard could have resulted in a victorious blitz on ball carrier in 1st half, but even here Ginger was a disappointment. Down on players NDBFB tried a desperate pass-run game when the Count O'Driscoll, in a blaze of fury, blitzed one of the evil bashing thralls and MNG him, then Ian Strigo succeeded in a long pass. The Count ran, but was easily caught by a strip baller vampire, so the game was over.

Game VS Hurush Pentacle
After the long and painful rebuild the team looked ready to do well again, despite the fiasco in the XFL. Game against Hurush Pentacle proved brilliant defensive skills and bashing power, the opposing ball carrier not daring to cross middlefield while Ginger and Margaret removing his team mates from pitch turn after turn. Second half was a mere formality and the Count O'Driscoll scored one of his easiest touch downs. In the end Margaret came out of pitch with 4 casualties inflicted and an opposing werewolf went to hospital with a niggling injury.

Game VS Born To Live Forever
Unanimously considered their best game ever, the match against Born To Live Forever was a total success. NDBFB managed to kill two key opposing players and score four touch downs (their record so far), also no permanent injuries were reported for the team after the final turn. This game confirmed the good form of the team and earned Count O'Driscoll his 5th skill.

Game VS Necroboyz
Necromantic have always been a pain for NDBFB. But in game against Necroboyz the team managed an unbelievable victory. Down on players, with Count O'Driscoll seriously injured and Hack'n'Slash chainsawing thralls, the vampires took advantage of a chainsaw failure and recovered the ball. Margaret Von Morgue was the real star of the game: first she pushed the ball carrying werewolf into the crowd, then she recovered the ball, and lastly she had an amazing coast-to-coast run to score in last turn. All the violence and the evilness of Necroboyz didn't stop NDBFB to win the game

The great Grotty's Disappointment
NDBFB had their debut in a major in Gotty Little Tournament XI. The played against a bloated Undead team and they did their best in one of the most epic games they ever played. The stadium was full of opposing fans that threw stones at them for the entire game (this happened four times), but despite of this they managed to badly hurt a mummy, kill a kicker/dirty player zombie and finish the regular time on 2-2. In the overtime they still had 11 players on pitch and they were receiving, but a blitz event resulted into a disaster. They still could have managed to run for touch down if Count O'Driscoll would not have failed a simple pickup while he was bloodlusted, his sendoff was the end. They left the pitch feeling robbed by Nuffle, but at the same time they were satisfied as they played at the best of their possibilities. Doctor Fangs, who watched the game from the stadium steps, declared that he was proud of them.

Game VS Stercore Vibraverint
The Norse team Stercore Vibraverint had never been defeated since they started to play Blood Bowl. They had an impressive strike of 15 victories until they were defeated by N.D.B.F.D in this game

Game Vs Miss-a-toenail Vikings
The team decided to keep roaming the chilly stadiums of the nordic lands, and after Stercore Vibraverint they played a game against Miss-a-toenail Vikings. Despite some bad luck in the start and the usual amount of pain suffered by the thralls N.D.B.F.B. came out of the pitch with another great victory, and Count O'Driscoll scored three touch downs.

Game VS Squish Bags
The team was still trying to get over Ginger Creep's retirement when they played a game against Squish Bags. The opposing team seemed more focused on fouling and bashing than on scoring, and the ref sent 3 of their players out. They apoed a badly hurt blitzer and that resulted into a mistake, as later in the game Margaret Von Morgue managed to cripple one of their super stars. The game ended with an amazing 4-0 result in favor of NDBFB.

Game #200
Game #200 was a defeat against Thorwulf and the Time Bandits.. Never Date Before First Date decided to buy a sixth vampire, but Little Edna did not do much in their first appearance. The team looked tired and not focused, just like in the latest games, they made silly error after silly error and the result was another loss. "A well known team like us cannot do such mistakes and made such a poor show of itself!" roared Crook in the dressing room after the game. "It is time we go back on what we were, or... or... well guys, please, go back to what we were..."

[Note: Little Edna retired few games later]

Feud against Born To Live Forever
For some reason there is bad blood between NDBFB and the Wood Elf team Born To Live Forever. The two teams have met for five times and the record so far is 2/1/2.

Game VS Global Deejays
Stalling against NDBFB is always a bad idea. The dark elf team Global Deejays knew better after this game. They tried to stall instead of scoring, calling a rain of blitzes on them. In the end, Count O'Driscoll managed to steal the ball and ran far, the dark elve's attemps to recover were futile. The game ended with a good victory for NDBFB.

The slaughter of Fondly Regard Creation
The dark elf team Fondly Regard Creation was slaughtered by Tristan of The Veins in this game. Tristan crippled and killed 3 of their best players, paving the way for a prestigious draw.

24 games against 24 different races
Comando Basura (Nurgle) - Win
Ungeziefer (Skaven) - Loss
Fight Gone Bad (Norse) - Loss
Hillbilly Wraslin' (Human) - Loss
Orchid Floaters (Wood Elf) - Loss
Tyhmän niminen joukkue (Vampire) - Loss
Eldritch Council (Chaos Pact) - Win
Kickstarter (Dark Elf) - Draw
Green is new purple (Lizardman) - Win
Pink Chutzpah (Underworld) - Win
Bloody Stumble (Chaos) - Loss
Akes Amazonen (Amazon) - Draw
C-BOMB's Away (Chaos Dwarf) - Win
Beer Soaked Beards (Dwarf) - Draw
Crazy Scums II (Necromantic) - Loss
Do no touch. Breakable (Elf) - Win
Unacceptable Behavior (Undead) - Win
Chrace Cavaliers (High Elf) - Loss
Karhukopla (Orc) - Loss
All About Killing You (Khemri) - Draw
Der Green Tide (Goblin) - Win
knvb (Ogre) - Draw
Threeplus Frogs (Slann) - Win
Flying Sammiches (Halfling) - Draw

Player Ma St Ag Av Skills Inj G Cp Td It Cs Mvp SPP Cost  
6 3 3 7
  13 1 0 0 2 2 15/16 60k
6 3 2 7
Dirty Player, Wrestle, Dodge
-ag 36 0 1 0 3 5 34/51 110k
6 3 3 7   2 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 40k
6 3 3 7
Wrestle, Kick
  28 0 0 0 0 5 25/31 80k
5 3 2 7
-ag, -ma 37 0 0 0 3 1 11/16 60k
6 3 3 7
Wrestle, Dirty Player, Fend
n 53 1 0 0 6 6 43/51 100k
8 4 4 8
Blood Lust, Hypnotic Gaze, Regeneration
Block, +MA, +MA, Dodge, Strip Ball, Side Step
  165 11 82 0 30 6 Legend
6 3 3 7   4 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 40k
6 3 3 7
Dirty Player, Wrestle
n, m 78 0 0 0 2 3 19/31 80k
6 3 3 7
Wrestle, Dirty Player, Tackle
  48 1 0 0 2 6 35/51 100k
7 4 5 7
Blood Lust, Hypnotic Gaze, Regeneration
Block, Mighty Blow, Tackle, +MA, +AG, Dodge
-av 81 0 11 0 78 6 Legend
6 3 3 7
  21 1 0 0 1 2 13/16 60k
7 4 4 8
Blood Lust, Hypnotic Gaze, Regeneration
Dodge, Block, Sure Hands, Pro, +MA, Guard
m 134 40 54 0 7 7 Legend
6 4 4 8
Blood Lust, Hypnotic Gaze, Regeneration
Block, Mighty Blow, Dodge
n 19 1 0 0 7 4 35/51 170k
12 players (+2 players missing next game)  
Coach: Crook666 Re-Rolls (140k): 5  
Race: Vampire Fan Factor: 6  
Current Team Value: 1790k Assistant Coaches: 0  
Treasury: 249k Cheerleaders: 0  
Team Value: 2110k Apothecary: Yes  

Games Played:263 (81/51/131) |TD Diff:-104 (306 - 410) |Cas Diff:100 (482/226/83 - 370/222/99)
Last Opponent: Chaos Waste Marauders