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Tanuki Terrors
P [L] Halfling
Tanuki Terrors
Forced to flee their lush forest home after the developers moved in, the Tanukis travelled south by scrotum glide. After a long flight they found themselves in a barren wasteland. The trees here were not green, the grass was dry and riddled with snakes. The tribe pondered how they could feed themselves in such a land - for feasting is of great importance to a Tanuki Clan.

Two small bands used their magical powers to transform into giant helping hands. The rest practiced running and dodging. It takes big balls to play blood bowl when you're half the size of the opposition. The Tanuki Terrors are more than adequately served in this department.

Winners of Paintree Rainforest Season 1

Winners of Red Mountains Season 14

Having escaped the brutal slave trade blood bowl that is SSL, the band of Tanuki settled in the lush bush of the Deserted Isles. Life here was good. The old and the broken could see out their days in peace. However, a few of the Tanuki found this new life a tad dull. They yearned for the danger of the blood bowl field. And so they return, not by force but by choice. How will they fare against big teams? Big teams who know how to Tackle?

Shrine of Koomupashan
Most gods of the Tanuki homeland do not exist in the Southern Wastes. Of the old gods, only Majikku casts his eye over these barren lands. If the Tanuki are to thrive here, new gods must be found and their assistance procured.
The Tanuki are a proud race. Being retired from the team would mean such loss of face that it would bring shame upon a player and his family forever. And so firing players is not an option.

However, a team of cripples meant a new God was desperately needed. The Shrine of Koomupashan has brought a solution to this problem. The Sisters of Koomupashan work tirelessly in the art of healing. Head Priestess, Maashii Kiringu, now accompanies the Terrors to all of their games. If she is unable to bring a damaged player back from the Darkness of permanent injury, she may instead guide them to the salvation of the Bright White Light.

Shown the Light
Game 9: Saido Suteppu was in agony. A damaged back would mean a career of pain. In her first outing as part of the team, head priestess Maashii Kiringu guided Saido Suteppu to the bright white light.

Game 21: Fauru suffered a damaged back (niggle) and was in immense pain. Maashii Kiringu showed him the path to heaven, but he rejected it! And will play on.

Saved from the Darkness
Game 15: It takes a lot of Tanuki to build a Helping Hand. So when Sutando Faamu was killed it's akin to a massacre. Fortunately Koomupashan was successfully called upon to avert this tragedy.

Game 17: Poor Shuru Fiito, one of the few originals remaining took a nasty hit which resulted in a smashed collarbone (-ST). Head Priestess, Maashii Kiringu called upon Koomupashan who blessed the brave Tanuki.

Game 25: It is rare indeed that two Gods will battle over a single Tanuki. Supaikuto Booru chose the special Fauru (-av), but Koomupashan stepped in and healed him

Game 27: Fauru seems to be a favourite of Koomupashan. The agile Tanuki was merely badly hurt, but still the Goddess intervened

Game 33: Fauru again found favour with Koomupashan. A fractured skull (-av) transformed with a simple poke in the eye (mng)

Game 40: Kuikku Sunappu dead! No, not this time. Koomupashan intervenes.

Game 42: Teiku Ruuto a mighty helping hand cannot be allowed to see the light, he is needed here. Koomupashan understands.

Game 44: Kuikku Sunappu dead again! Koomupashan loves this one, and saves oonce more.

Game 45: Jagaa Nooto another helping hand in trouble. Only badly hurt, but badly needed on the field. Koomupashan provides.

Game 48: Fauru hasn't been forgotten. He really is a favoured one. Another armour hit healed.
Shrine of Supaikuto Booru
Most gods of the Tanuki homeland do not exist in the Southern Wastes. Of the old gods, only Majikku casts his eye over these barren lands. If the Tanuki are to thrive here, new gods must be found and their assistance procured.
Without exception, everyone believes in the powerful new god Supaikuto Booru. Every day, all members of the tribe dedicate a solemn few hours at the shrine praying to the great god. Head priest, Fanbarudo Pikkappu, is a wise and respected Tanuki. Through his teachings, the Tanuki know not to fear Supaikuto Booru, but to welcome him into their hearts.

To be Visited by this god is a stunning experience. To be Touched by him is dazzling. To be Chosen by him will render a Tanuki incapacitated and perhaps scarred for life. And a lucky few will have the greatest honour possible bestowed upon them – they will become Saints of Supaikuto Booru.

Sadly this god is seen very rarely outside of the Southern Wastes. Now that the Tanuki are safe on the Isles it seems unlikely they'll ever attain sainthood.

Blessings of Supaikuto Booru
Game 3: In the same move as Hando Oofu's maiden flight he assisted a blitz on a ball carrying Werewolf. The Wolf was knocked down, the blitzer knocked out, then the Great Supaikuto Booru Touched the gallant Hando Oofu (Badly hurt)

Game 4: On the kick off Janpu Appu failed the pick up - he was Visited by Supaikuto Booru (Stunned)

Game 6 (Semi Final): Saido Suteppu stood bravely under the incoming Kick off. Supaikuto Booru descended from the sky and Visited the gallant tanuki (Stunned)

Game 8: Hando Oofu called for the catch from the first turn kick off, and was Touched by the great God (Badly hurt)

Game 8: After a beautiful flight into the opposition backfield Daibingu Kachi scurried back to collect the ball. He became the first Tanuki to be Chosen by Supaikuto Booru - a great honour indeed (Serious Injury -MA)

Game 9: Goo Foo Itto was so distracted by the greatness of Supaikuto Booru that he failed the pick up. Well impressed by his devotion the great God Visited young Itto (Stunned)

Game 10: Supaikuto Booru took a great interest in this game. Not only did he Touch both Daibingu Kachi (failed pick up , Badly Hurt) and Fauru (failed kick off catch, KO), he also shared his love with the opposition foiling a pass which would have ended with a Touch Down.

Game 11: Supaikuto Booru likes Fauru. Touched him (failed pick up), for the second game in a row. After being blessed Fauru went on to score.

Game 13: Two Tanuki were blessed by Supaikuto Booru this game. Kajawarutii was Touched (bounced from a blitzed neighbour, KO) and Handu Oofu was Visited (failed catch, stunned).

Game 24: For so long Supaikuto Booru has forsaken the Tanuki. The God is back! Two failed pickups: Kajawarutii Touched (KO), Suniikii Gitto Visited (stunned).

Game 25: Supaikuto Booru again bestowed two blessings upon the Tanuki. A failed catch of a bouncing ball Shuru Fiito Visited (stunned), the wonderful Ag4 Fauru was Chosen! (-av) but Koomupashan interfered with this great honour.

Game 27: After many months away near the end of their first game back it seemed Supaikuto Booru had abandoned the Tanuki once more. Not so, a high punt from the kick off saw the god swoop down and Chose Chiringu Fanzu
in a special way (groin strain, mng)

Game 30: Getto Za Refu was rewarded for scoring a touchdown, with a Visitation when failing to pick up.

Game 34: Getto Za Refu was again rewarded for scoring a touchdown, this time Touched (KO) when failing the pick up.

Game 36: Kajawarutii was visited by a bouncer (stunned)

Game 41: A most holy event was witnessed today. An opposition player, Slann blitzer Pakeka was annointed as a Saint of Supaikuto Booru (killed). Are the Tanuki not worthy of such an honour?

Game 47: Chiringu Fanzu, Visited and annointed as a Saint in the same match. Glorious! However, Koomupashan meddled in this highest honour, and pulled him back from the light. And so, the Tanuki still have no Saints of Supaikuto Booru
Shrine to Riirooru
Most gods of the Tanuki homeland do not exist in the Southern Wastes. Of the old gods, only Majikku casts his eye over these barren lands. If the Tanuki are to thrive here, new gods must be found and their assistance procured.
Although most Tanuki are yet to believe in the God Riirooru, his shrine is a very popular place to visit. This is because, head priest, Fain Dainingu, is a master chef and is a prolific producer of the greatest cuisine ever seen in the Southern Wastes.

So good is his cooking that the opposition find concentrating on the game near impossible when they can smell the aroma of his dedications to Riirooru. Of course the ultimate goal is to produce the perfect meal, and his dedication to the art has led to a much sought after 6-star review.

Game 4: A delicious first course was followed by a divine second dish.
Game 11: A divine main course was followed by a very tasty dessert.
Game 27: Top notch entrees, followed by a culinary masterpiece main course

Game 36: Absolute delight! Dedication to the fine art of cuisine has finally resulted in perfection.
Shrine of Majikku
Most gods of the Tanuki homeland do not exist in the Southern Wastes. Of the old gods, only Majikku casts his eye over these barren lands. If the Tanuki are to thrive here, new gods must be found and their assistance procured.
The Shrine of Majikku is generally given a wide berth by the Tanuki. It is not that they do not believe in Majikku – this god is a vital part of all aspects of Tanuki life. From transforming into human form and assembly of the Helping Hands, to their amazing feats of flight, Majikku is a greatly revered god.

However, chef Wizard of the Shrine, Raitoningu Booruto, is a fearsome beast of a Tanuki – and a complete nut job too. It is rare that one can leave the shrine without suffering a dance with electrocution or scarred with flame.

The wizard was an integral part of the team, and it was rare that the Terrors would take the field without his assistance. Majikku is indeed a powerful god, and Raitoningu Booruto claims to be a master of directing this power upon the hapless opposition.

When the SSL officers raided the escaped Tanuki tribe on the Deserted Isles, waving a contract in their faces "The only way out is Death!", they bundled the whole team into a shipping container and took them back west to the Wastes. All, but Raitoningu Booruto, who remains on the Isles studying Majikku and plotting his return.

However, instead it is the Tanuki who have returned to the Isles. They expect to call upon Majikku quite frequently in the Leeg.

Game 20: It took a very long time, but finally Raitoningu Booruto has tasted success. Killed Li Wie Leng a Dark Elf ball carrier with a well targeted bolt of lightning. Sadly the Dark Elf medic team rescued the elf from death.
Shrine to Furaito
Most gods of the Tanuki homeland do not exist in the Southern Wastes. Of the old gods, only Majikku casts his eye over these barren lands. If the Tanuki are to thrive here, new gods must be found and their assistance procured.
The Shrine to Furaito is still under construction. This is because the slightly cooky head priest, Naisu Randingu, insists it must be built in the sky to suitably honour this god. Achieving this lofty goal is proving somewhat difficult.

Flying is another aspect of life crucial to the success of the Tanuki. Not only, did the epic scrotum glide guide them to the sanctuary that is the Southern Wastes, but it also serves them well on the Blood Bowl pitch. Furaito can bless them with a quick touchdown. On special occasions he can also assist the Helping Hands to direct the Tanuki missile directly at the opposition ball carrier.

Blessings of Furaito
Game 2: After charging down the field with ball in hand Sutando Faamu took root. With time running out and surrounded by Elves, he handed the ball to Raito Sutafu, then hurled him towards the End Zone. Furaito blessed this short journey, safe landing, Touchdown!!

Game 4: Daibingu Kachi's maiden flight was a blessed one. After a safe landing, he ran to ball and scooped it up right next to a fearsome Chaos Warrior. He dodged, two GFIs and he was in.... Touchdown!

Game 6 (Semi Final): Another blessed flight for Daibingu Kachi. Hurled into the Wood Elf half he scurried over and picked up the ball. Survived a rerolled blitz, then dodge, dodge, dodge.... Touchdown!!

Game 8: On his previous flight with cargo Shuru Fiito fell short of glory. This time however the landing stuck, go for it! Go for it! Touchdown!!!

Game 11: Fauru's maiden flight came shortly after being Touched by Supaikuto Booru. Safe landing (with cargo), survived a blitz by a dark elf blitzer, then ... Touchdown!!!

Game 13: Intaa Sepputo's maiden flight. Successful landing, ran to the ball, pick-up, Scooooore!!!!

Game 16: Suniikii Gitto was hurled at towards the ball carrier. HIT the target! Sadly Nuffle was being a complete bastard and deemed the a ball bouncing on the prone Tanuki constituted a turnover, so he was unable to stand up and try to retrieve the ball.

Game 20: A hat-trick of flights for Daibingu Kachi saw an incident of friendly fire (double stun), a second missed missile, and a visit to the crowd ending in a broken neck (-Ag). Not the most successful day's work.

Game 23: Puggy Baconbreath! What a star! Flight, safe landing, pick up, GFI, GFI. Touchdown!!!. Next turn, Dead! He'll be back.

Game 24: A pair of flights (with cargo), nearly leads to an upset againts Vampires. Well done to Getto Za Refu and Suniikii Gitto Touchdowns!!!

Game 27: After months away in paradise, the Tanuki were forced to return to the Wastes. One may have thought they could have grown fat and lazy while away. Not so. In this epic game no less than 8 flights were counted. Five with ball in hand, three of which resulted in Touchdowns!!!. Also two missiles hit targets, one Badly Hurting the hapless elf below.

Game 28: Burittsu was hiffed at the ball carrier, and HIT the Target!!. Sadly the rats simply collected the ball and ran off. The next missile went into the crowd.

Game 29: Another two flights for star of the team Fauru. First with ball in hand Touchdown, second within range of a pick up and score, failed the dodge.

Game 30: Many flights, two (with cargo) resulting in Scoooores, a missed missile, and a flight into the crowd to greet the fans.

Leading Pilot

Twenty two flights. Eighteen successful landings, eleven resulting in touchdowns. The undisputed master of Furaito

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# Name Position Ma St Ag Av Skills Inj G Cp Td It Cs vp Sp Cost  
1NaisuHalfling Hopeful5236Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty 100000030k (30+0k) 
2 Kuikku SunappuHalfling Hopeful5346Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty, +AG, Side Step, +ST, Diving Tacklen, n, m24090155430k (0k) 
3Sueattaringu HiitoHalfling Hopeful5236Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty 900000030k (30+0k) 
4BurokkuHalfling Hopeful5236Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty 400000030k (30+0k) 
5RaiottoHalfling Hopeful5226Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty-ag700000030k (30+0k) 
6HopufuruHalfling Hopeful5236Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty 300000030k (30+0k) 
7 Pichu InbeijanHalfling Hopeful5336Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty, Side Step, +ST, Diving Tacklem41020643830k (0k) 
8Beri SanniHalfling Hopeful5236Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty 300000030k (30+0k) 
11 FauruHalfling Hopeful6246Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty, +AG, Side Step, Block, Sure Feet, +MAn, n4413205111230k (30+140k) 
12 Cheinjingu WezaaHalfling Hopeful5236Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty, Side Step, Diving Tackle 41120021730k (30+40k) 
13 Chiringu FanzuHalfling Hopeful5246Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty, Dirty Player, +AG, Side Step, Block 38060175530k (30+120k) 
15 Teiku Ruuto Treeman26110Mighty Blow, Stand Firm, Strong Arm, Take Root, Thick Skull, Throw Team-Mate, Timmm-ber!, Grab, Multiple Block, Guard, Break Tackle, Block 5600028581120k (120+110k) 
16Jagaa NootoTreeman27110Mighty Blow, Stand Firm, Strong Arm, Take Root, Thick Skull, Throw Team-Mate, Timmm-ber!, +ST, Multiple Block, Block, Break Tackle 260009963120k (120+120k) 
11 players (+2 players missing next game)  
Coach: ramchop Re-Rolls (120k): 3  
Race: Halfling Fan Factor: 8  
Team Value: 1350k Assistant Coaches: 0  
Treasury: 290000 Cheerleaders: 0  
Tournament Weight: 1630k Apothecary: Yes  

Games Played:58 (22/7/29) |TD Diff:-15 (73 - 88) |Cas Diff:-127 (74/28/24 - 173/57/23)
Last Opponent: Pink 'n Scabby