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Bhubaneswar Rampage
P [L] Kingdoms of Ind (CIBBL)

Dantidurga II

Head Coach:
Old Lemonhead

Kingdoms of Ind

Team Colours:
Red and Grey

Bhubaneswar Rampage

Journal of Old Lemonhead, former head coach of the Kärsämäki Critters in the NSL.
Monday, the 7th:
It felt good to finally be able to relax. It had been some pretty hard season up in Norsca. I could never had any success with that team of crawling, diry Nurgle-infected dimwits. I almost got infected myself, but luckily, I've managed to escape right before that. Will they were all celebrating a lucky win against a team of halflings. I went South as was as I could and didn't stop for several months. I don't think they'll find me here. And I don't think anyone is going to bother me to coach a Blood Bowl team here. I'm pretty sure they've never heard of Blood Bowl in the Kingdom of Ind. It is weird to be sure, that a region so big would ignore the most popular game of the world, old and new, but it's not stranger than halflings actually playing Blood Bowls, against teams of Ogres, or Beastmen. Actually following the common rules of the game.

Thursday, the 10th:
I've found a nice house down by the Veda River. It's not much but people are very nice. But I've heard a few weird noises at night, coming from the jungle. I try not to linger when it gets dark.

Monday, the 14th:
I've got a visit from the chief of the village, Dantidurga the Second. He came with a huge retinue, I didn't know there was such a powerful leader here. It made quite an impression on me. We didn't talk much but he knew me by reputation. It got me a little worried, maybe they do know Blood Bowl here, or maybe even worse, he's got ties with the Norsca chieftain. Well, I need to relax, that's not very likely. Impossible.

Wednesday, the 16th:
Well, it turns out, they have heard of Blood Bowl. How foolish of me to believe otherwise. It was just the off-season here, it's too hot. Dantidurga came back to see me, he wants me to have a look at the team he's got here. I told him he got the wrong guy, that I didn't know what he was talking about.

Sunday, the 20th:
I'm done for, it went all so fast but I can't escape it now. I've had a look at the team. Not that I wanted too. Dantidurga came back yesterday, and I told him no again. But during the night, two huge beasts, so sort of cat-like monsters, only half-humans broke down my front door and dragged me to the field. There were other monsters on the field, so with several arms, another one, so some sort of huge reptile, in the middle of very weak-looking humans with some parts of uniforms. It doesn't look like they've got a lot of money, but Dantidurga was adamant that it was one of the best teams in all of Ind. They won the championship a few times and want now to play on the continental stage. Apparently there is some sort of World league starting and he wants to take part of it. And he wants me to coach his team. Why does it keep happening? I'm not sure I have the strength to escape again.

Saturday, the 26th:
Woah, the last week past so quickly. I've been coaching the team since Monday. I don't know what to make of it. It's a very weird mix. We've got our first game next week, we'll see how they do. Dantidurga told me that if we didn't win the regional division, I would be done for. I'm sure it was a joke.


Season 3

Autunm 03

Bronze Division

Bhubaneswar Rampage 0 - 1 Nurgle Plaguebearers
Bhubaneswar Rampage 0 - 2 Coven of the Mirrored Hall
Bhubaneswar Rampage 1 - 1 Way of the Dragon
Bhubaneswar Rampage 1 - 1 Malignant Curators
Bhubaneswar Rampage 1 - 1 Lords of the Silent Death
Bhubaneswar Rampage 0 - 2 Bigwood Tree Shmashaz
Bhubaneswar Rampage 0 - 2 Ali's Anarchists

0/3/4, 7/7 of the Divison, Touchdowns: 3/10 , Casualties: 17/27, Score: 3

Killed a great unclean one! Niggled a Changling! We don't like daemons around here! Or maybe it's just Chhatrapati Shivaji that has a thing against them.
As is often the case, the Autumn season is bad for us. One of the worst, especially in cas against and permanent injuries!

Summer 03

Greater Dragon Grapple

Bhubaneswar Rampage 2 - 1 Stone Prince's Men
Grasparossa B.B.C 2 - 1 Bhubaneswar Rampage
Bhubaneswar Rampage 0 - 1 Ninja Warriors
Trantio Dragon Hawks 0 - 2 Bhubaneswar Rampage
Bhubaneswar Rampage 1 - 0 Nejaz Djinn

3/0/2, 3/8 of the Divison, Touchdowns: 5/4, Casualties: 25/15, Score: 6

First game, 8 casualties inflicted, 5 for Raja Raja, keen on breaking some records and trying to make me forget I ever had a different tiger breaking records
Match vs the Ninja Warriors finished with 5 players on the field (both sides combined)
Decimated the Dragon Hawks in match 4, giving -AV to Nisendei!

Spring 03

Regional Division - Kingdoms of Ind, Lumbria & Khuresh

Oyxl Great Pyramid Heroes 1 - 0 Bhubaneswar Rampage
Library of Indra 0 - 2 Bhubaneswar Rampage
Bear Clutchers 0 - 1 Bhubaneswar Rampage

2/0/1 2nd of the Divison, Touchdowns: 3/1, Casualties: 6/4, Score: 6

Noteworthy deeds:
In our first game against the new Apes, both Tigers managed to score a touchdown, once defending and the other when only 6 of our players were left. Not many more casualties for them though. At this point, only 7 Casualties between them in 22 matches!

Season 2

Autumn 2 - Silver Division

Nejaz Djinn 2 - 2 Bhubaneswar Rampage
Lords of the Silent Death 1 - 0 Bhubaneswar Rampage
Malignant Curators 1 - 1 Bhubaneswar Rampage
Everlasting Vultures of Settra 1 - 1 Bhubaneswar Rampage
Grand Celestial Delegate 2 - 1 Bhubaneswar Rampage
Reik River Kicking Mules 0 - 2 Bhubaneswar Rampage

Results: 1/3/2, 6/7 of the division, Touchdowns 7/7, Casualties 18/13, Score:6

it was one hell of a season! the first and the last with a difference of 5 points, that's brilliant. crazy that everyone can say, "damn, with just a bit more success in one or two games, it was mine"
see you all in winter you beautiful bastards!

Summer 2 - Cabalvision Invitational

Nejaz Djinn 1 - 2 Bhubaneswar Rampage
Bhubaneswar Rampage 2 - 2 Montetriste Noblemen
Bhubaneswar Rampage 2 - 0 Ninja Warriors
Bhubaneswar Rampage 1 - 3 Tower of the Necromancer
Tor Anroc Anglers 1 - 1 Bhubaneswar Rampage

Results: 2/2/1, 5/12 of the division, Touchdowns 8/7, Casualties 18/8, Score: 6 (+8)

In what turned out to be a reconstruction season (after the death of both Tigers and some Kalites, including our best player Vasishthiputra) we started very well and entertained some ambitions but it turned out a bit too much in the end. Not a bad result overall, even though we finish 1 point from the podium.

Spring 2 - Regional Play - Ind, Lumbria & Khuresh

Dandaka Devas 0 - 3 Bhubaneswar Rampage
Flying Drop Bears 1 - 2 Bhubaneswar Rampage
Oyxl Great Pyramid Heroes 1 - 1 Bhubaneswar Rampage

Results: 2/1/0, 1st of the division, Touchdowns 6/2, Casualties 16/6, Score: 7
More CAS than Khorne!
And Champion of the Region again!
A good season despite the death of our star blitzer
Vasishthiputra Pulumavi
Winter 02

High TW Division - Friendlies

Season 1

Autumn 01
Gold Division

Bhubaneswar Rampage 2 - 3 Ninja Warriors
Bhubaneswar Rampage 0 - 2 Crimson Skull
Bhubaneswar Rampage 0 - 2 Trantio Dragon Hawks
Bhubaneswar Rampage 0 - 2 Grand Celestial Delegate
Bhubaneswar Rampage 3 - 1 Montetriste Noblemen
Bhubaneswar Rampage 1 - 2 Lords of the Silent Death

1/0/5, 7/7 of the Divsion, Touchdowns: 6/12, Casualties: 16/19
Prestige Points Earned: +3 (and +4 Achiev.)
The Gold Division was too much for us. But the team is developing nicely and we'll try to be back! Plus, we got many Player awards, so not too dramatic. Still in the Number One Spot in our Region.

Records of the Season:

Most blocks in a game by one player: 16
Vasishthiputra Pulumavi in the game Bhubaneswar Rampage vs Trantio Dragon Hawks
Most rushing without a TD by one team: 30
Bhubaneswar Rampage in the game Grand Celestial Delegate vs Bhubaneswar Rampage
Most offense without a TD by one team: 30
Bhubaneswar Rampage in the game Grand Celestial Delegate vs Bhubaneswar Rampage

Summer 01
Obsidian Chalice Challenge

Bhubaneswar Rampage 1 - 0 Crimson Skull
Seven Samples of Decay 1 - 2 Bhubaneswar Rampage
Ninja Warrios 1 - 2 Bhubaneswar Rampage
Bhubaneswar Rampage 0 - 2 Montetriste Noblemen
Bhubaneswar Rampage 1 - 0 Spartak Bolgograd

4/0/1, 2nd of the Division, Touchdowns: 6/4, Casualties: 6/9, Score: 8

Montetriste takes the title on vs record. A season a little bit in overdrive against more experienced teams, lead us to a complicated Autumn in the highest division.

Records of the Season:
Giant Slayer Award: 420
Bhubaneswar Rampage vs Seven Samples of Decay
Biggest difference in attendance: 12 000
Ninja Warriors vs Bhubaneswar Rampage

Spring 01
Regional Division - Kingdoms of Ind, Lumbria & Khuresh

Bhubaneswar Rampage 2 - 0 Flying Drop Bears
Bhubaneswar Rampage 1 - 1 Dandaka Devas

1/1/0 1st of the Divison, Touchdowns: 3/1, Casualties: 3/2, Score: 4

Winner of the First Regional Spring Championship


Vima Taktu
Completions (17)
Touchdowns (45)
Interceptions (0)
Casualties (66)
Raja Raja Chola
Most Valuable Player (33)
Star Player Points (449)
Passing (30)
Rushing (880)
Blocks (1305)
Fouls (134)
Vima Taktu
Scoring Thrower
Blocking Thrower
Amu Darya
Arun Jaitley
Blocking Scorer
Raja Raja Chola
Chhatrapati Shivaji
Arun Jaitley


Team Awards:

Winner of the Second Regional Spring Championship
Runner-up of the Obsidian Chalice Challenge, Year 1
Winner of the First Regional Spring Championship

Individual Awards:

Gold Excellence
Awarded to best players of Gold division tournament. Worth 1 Prestige Point to the team as long as that player is on the team.
-Vasishthiputra Pulumavi

Mean Scoring Machine
Awarded to player scoring 3+ touchdowns in one match. Worth 1 Prestige Point to the team as long as that player is on the team.

Triple X
Awarded to player hitting 3+ casualties in one match. Worth 1 Prestige Point to the team as long as that player is on the team.
-Vasishthiputra Pulumavi
-Raja Raja Chola (Summer 03)

Snake Charmer - Awarded to best players of the Ind, Lumbria and Khuresh Regionals. Worth 1 Prestige Point to the team as long as that player is on the team.
-Vima Taktu (Earned in Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3, for fouls)

Target Eliminated
Awarded when a player kills another player that has earned at least one Achievement worth at least 1 prestige point. Worth 1 Prestige Point to the team as long as that player is on the team.
Earned spring 2
killed Guru in match versus Dandaka Devas

Autumn 2:

Silver Excellence
Awarded to best players of Silver division tournament. Worth 1 Prestige Point to the team as long as that player is on the team.

Star Player
Awarded to any player reaching 51+ SPP. Player is recognized as one of the absolute stars of the league. Worth 1 Prestige Point to the team as long as that player is on the team.
-Raja Raja Chola (Summer 03)

Mark of the Dragon
Awarded to best players of either the Greater Dragon Grapple tournament or the Lesser Dragon Grapple tournament. Worth 1 Prestige Point to the team as long as that player is on the team.
-Raja Raja Chola (SPP, Summer 03)
-Vima Taktu (Fouls, Summer 03)

Miscellaneous Records:

Giant Slayer Award: 420TV
Bhubaneswar Rampage vs Seven Samples of Decay

Most Blocks in one Game: 16
Vasishthiputra Pulumavi
Raja Raja Chola (in year 3)

Most Casualties in one Game: 5
Raja Raja Chola

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Progression: Standard
1 Ghaggar-HakraBasilisk5529Claw, Prehensile Tail, Hypnotic Gaze, Loner, Really Stupid, Mighty Blow, Guard, Break Tackle, Multiple Block 4100015870150k (150+80k) 
2 Raja Raja CholaRakshaka5438Claw, Mighty Blow, Block, Tackle, Frenzy-ma2402017565120k (120+80k) 
3 Chhatrapati ShivajiRakshaka5438Claw, Mighty Blow, Block, Tackle-ma2102011343120k (120+60k) 
4LakshmiKalite7337Extra Arms, Wrestle, Dodge 15040212160k (60+40k) 
5DevarajaKalite7346Extra Arms, Dodge, +AG-av36460002260k (60+60k) 
6 CholaKalite7337Extra Arms, Dodge, Sure Hands, Block, Fend, Side Step 4110160148060k (60+100k) 
7 VaishnavaKalite6337Extra Arms, Dodge, Block-ma40160001960k (60+40k) 
8Kamal NathLineman6337Kickm1510001640k (0k) 
9Jagjivan RamLineman6337  1000010240k (40+0k) 
10Amu DaryaLineman6337Block, Tackle 40101612040k (40+40k) 
11 Vima TaktuLineman6327Dirty Player, Block-ag41040111940k (40+40k) 
12Arun JaitleyLineman5347Guard, +AG-ma, m31110132140k (0k) 
13Kailash Nath KatjuLineman6237Dirty Player-st9000021040k (40+20k) 
14Morarji DesaiLineman6336Guard-av, m910011840k (0k) 
15Shastri BhawanLineman6337Block 600011740k (40+20k) 
16Krishi PrasadLineman6337  100000040k (40+0k) 
13 players (+3 players missing next game)  
Coach:wallenstein Re-Rolls (140k):3  
Race:Kingdoms of Ind (CIBBL) Fan Factor:8  
Team Value:1810k Assistant Coaches:1  
Treasury:150000 Cheerleaders:1  
Tournament Weight:2050k Apothecary:Yes  

Games Played:42 (16/10/16) |TD Diff:0 (48 - 48) |Cas Diff:19 (69/38/15 - 60/30/13)
Last Opponent: Ali's Anarchists