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Team glyph has symbols of Skink, Spawning, Prophecy and Oval shaped comet

SSZ is stepping aside from CIBBL but they hope to return some day in future. GM dorfeus surely will.

Hall of Legends

Summer was turning to Autumn in Year One of CIBBL when Skink Priest Itzahimov of Zlatlan spotted an oval shaped comet on southern sky. And he knew the meaning of it. Prophecy written to a ancient plaque was coming to true.

He rushed to Spawning pools below the city only to see that pools had already spawned. Then from some where above he heard drumming, and noise from horns that skinks call Vuvuzelas.

Huge crowd was gathered to market place next to main temple. Even Saurus Temple Guard had descended to observe the game that was played between Skinks, Kroxigors and titchy Chameleon skinks with Turquoise and red scales on the center of Market where stone's laid down thousands of years ago formed a field of 26 Squares in length and 15 Squares wide.

It was a Sacred host of where all spawning's had been touched by a new god Nuffle, marked with unseen signs and blessings and with the knowledge of new Sport.

CIBBL Skinkonomics

This post is about Economic planning on team building when Running Stunty team in league with the big boys.

In the start of the season I had 20k in bank and team of 8 skinks(60k), 1 Chamelion (70k) and 2 Kroxigors (140k) and 3RR (50k). In the first three games I got Winnings of 140k, that I invest to 3rd Kroxigor. During these 3 games I’ve lost 2 skinks (-120k). So Now before 4th game (against quite scary team) I have 20k in bank.

According to my team building plan next purchases are:

  1. []Apo (50k)
    []4th Kroxigor (140k)
    []4th Reroll (100k), since at this point I should have 4 Bone head players without loner in my team!
    []Replacement chameleon or replacement Kroxigor etc.

So in the best case scenario where I’m not losing chamelions or Krox I have expenses of 270k (50k+140k+100k-20k=270k). To get there I need winnings from 5-7 games.

If Skink keep on dying at current rate there will be perhaps 4-5 skinks left in my roster (I assume that some or most of the death/injured skinks will be journey men!) when planned purchases are over.

But there is more: After early success in CIBBL Copper is almost sure that my Skink team Sport Spawning Slatlan will be playing with more advanced teams next season. Those teams have will have nasty skills like Block, Tackle and MB, unlike teams I’ve been facing this season!

So I think the best way to run competitive Skink team in League is not to EVER replace dead skink and run the team only with journeyman skinks.

If I have team with 4 krox, 1 chamelion +apo +4 rr + 10 skills + journey man Skinks fill the caps the team will have about TV 1400. At the moment I see no way getting Skink TV higher than that on average luck, but it’s normal since similar TV cap is true for all other Stunty teams out there.

There is many games and season to play, so let’s see how well I stick in my plan and how right my projections turn out to be!

Update: During opening seasons 5 games I lost 3 skinks (2 dead, 1 -ST) and 1 Kroxigor. Roster has now 8 players and only 2 Kroxigors.

Winter update: Two games played in total only 60k of Winning (we had +1 FAME in both games and record was 1-0-1, so it was not good). But no player losses!

Spring: Update. 1st round. We lost the first game, but got lot of cash (70k!). We are up to 3 Krox again, but I have only 7 players for next match due 2 miss next games.

Summer: Skink took a brake


August 15th 2017
Start of the Autumn Status: 3 Kroxigors, 9 players, 60k in bank. I should have 4th Krox in 3rd game. I've been quite unorthodox even using APO to BH skinks to win games. No more that kind of non-sence. It's for Krox only. If I need to rehire skilled players after this season I think I will not keep any of skinks with normal skills so WE might get up to 13 players and 4 Krox?

August 22th 2017
YEAH! Two games, two very close ties after big beating, but no permanent CAS, but did successfully APO dead Krox. We got massive 120k of combined Winnings. We have 4 Krox and 40k in bank for third game. First time EVER we will start a game with more players than opponent.

TV is now Bulking 149, but after two ties it seems very hard to do well in the tournament, since I have not yet played against top teams.

October 13th

Tournament did not go well I think record was 1/4/2, and we landed just in the middle fourth. But economically teams situation is very good. We have 80k in bank, 4 kroxi, 2 chamelions and 4 skinks. So we just might be able to get 12th player after next match if we are lucky and no lizards get's killed or injured... Or should we go for 4rd reroll as planned?

November 23th
Winter season was quite bad game wise (1-4 and 0-3 loseses), but we did not loose any players. In the first spring game all cas went to Loners so we were able to pump team to 12 players. 4 krox, 3 chamelions and 5 skinks. there is 30k cash and only one permanent injury (krox with -ma). Economically things are better than ever. We did not go for addition RR as planned. bench felt more important.

Jump to 2018 August 17th. Skinks stood out for summer season, but something very, very odd has happened. Team has TV1900 and 13 players! Skinkonomic theory is falling apart. Some serious academic study is needed.

November 13th 2018 Upgrade - Autumn of 3 year three in CIBBL.
TV 2130k and 160k in bank. We have positive issue with cash, high TV and possible player replacements. The problem with injured players is that they are very important players for the team:
Kroxigors that can Tackle and Block, and MA9 strip ball chamelion skink. I'm considering replacement... But who to replace.


After contemplating on this I think line Skinks should be MA7 and 50k. In BB2017 Skinks in Lizardmen team are called Skink Runners, so it might be justified. Goblins have cheap Bribes, Halflings have Chef, Skinks have Loner*.

*Just now in August this claim is not true

I will write something about skill choises and how those worked in practise here.

I might also write down some game comments. For me winning or losing with this team is about control of the game. - I there is couple of exeption to this rule... but we will start with skill choses and player development.

Sneaky Git



Player Ma St Ag Pa Av Skills Inj G Cp Td It Cs Mvp SPP Cost  
6 5 1+ - 8+
Bone-head, Mighty Blow, Prehensile Tail, Thick Skull
Break Tackle, Block, Guard, Stand Firm, Grab
-av 50 0 0 0 29 4 78/126 250k
6 5 1+ - 9+
Bone-head, Mighty Blow, Prehensile Tail, Thick Skull
  3 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 140k
7 5 1+ - 9+
Bone-head, Mighty Blow, Prehensile Tail, Thick Skull
+MA, Break Tackle, Guard, Juggernaut
  24 0 0 0 16 7 67/76 230k
8 2 3+ - 7+
Dodge, Stunty
Dirty Player
  6 0 1 0 0 1 8/16 90k
Old Chameleon Skink
8 1 3+ - 6+
Dodge, Shadowing, Stunty, Titchy, Wrestle
Side Step
-st 6 0 1 0 0 1 8/16 90k
Old Chameleon Skink
8 1 4+ - 6+
Dodge, Shadowing, Stunty, Titchy, Wrestle
+AG, Side Step, Sure Feet, Sprint
  21 0 14 0 1 3 59/76 170k
8 2 3+ - 7+
Dodge, Stunty
Sneaky Git, Side Step
  47 1 3 0 0 2 20/31 100k
8 2 3+ - 7+
Dodge, Stunty
Side Step
  8 0 1 0 1 1 10/16 80k
8 2 3+ - 7+
Dodge, Stunty
  11 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 60k
8 2 3+ - 7+
Dodge, Stunty
  11 0 0 0 1 0 2/6 60k
8 2 3+ - 7+
Dodge, Stunty
Side Step
  16 1 1 0 0 1 9/16 80k
11 players
Coach: dorfeus Re-Rolls (100k): 4  
Race: Skink (CIBBL) Dedicated Fans: 9  
Current Team Value: 1700k Assistant Coaches: 1  
Treasury: 100k Cheerleaders: 0  
Team Value: 1700k Apothecary: Yes  

Games Played:52 (19/13/20) |TD Diff:4 (65 - 61) |Cas Diff:-52 (81/33/12 - 126/38/14)
Last Opponent: Seekers of Transcendence