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-Los Cabos Marauders-
P [L] Los Cabos Marauders

Head Coach:

Sigmar Heldenhammer


Team Colours:
Gold, Sky Blue

Los Cabos Marauders
Los Cabos, Capital city of Badajoz. The southwestern edge of the Estalian peninsula is to be the new home of the Marauders. Moving into their newly built stadium, the 'Stade de Philippe', named after the teams new benefactor, and their reason for moving to Los Cabos.

Philippe IV de Los Cabos, the ruler of Badajoz, brought the Marauders to Los Cabos to satisfy the needs of his people. They wanted a local Bloodbowl team, and with the Marauders having changed owners again, Philippe saw an opportunity. He paid for the new stadium, and moved the team in.

He and his people hope that the new owner will be able to turn around the Marauders past failiures, and keep an owner for long enough to set up a DLE legacy for the people of Badajoz to be proud of!


Drafted Players

Brian NewtonBlitzer#44Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Thick SkullAt Club
Zaviar GoodenBlitzer#62+MA, Frenzy, Mighty BlowAt Club
Geno SmithThrower#75+MA, Block, DodgeTraded Out
Garrett GilkeyLineman#76GuardTraded Out
Ty PowellBlitzer#108Tackle, DodgeTraded Out
Tavarres KingCatcher#109Block, Side Step, Jump UpRetired
Larry GordonLineman#110BlockDead
Cobi HamiltonCatcher#131Block, FendRetired

Joe KrugerLineman#10+STAt Club
Jeff BacaLineman#40Block, Mighty BlowAt Club
Sean PorterBlitzer#81Mighty Blow, GuardAt Club
Terrence LongshotLineman#82Mighty BlowAt Club
Andreas ThorkildsenThrower#92Kick, Block, AccurateAt Club
Robert AlfordCatcher#110Block, Dirty Player, Pass Block, ShadowingAt Club
Sanders CommingsCatcher#112+AV, BlockAt Club
Luke WillsonBlitzer#120+MA, DodgeTraded Out
Matt BarkleyThrower#122Accurate,
Safe Throw, Leader, Dump-Off
Not Used
Sam BarringtonBlitzer#123Strip Ball, TackleNot Used

Trade #251
horekim gives 4th (bghandras)
chimp2010 gives Vince Wilfork
Trade #252
FRSHMN gives Danny Coale
chimp2010 gives gives 4th (Spelledaren), future 1st, Ty Powell
Trade #253
FRSHMN gives Anthony Fasano
chimp2010 gives 3rd (FRSHMN), future 2nd
Trade #256
bghandras gives Vinny Curry , 2nd, 4th (grunth)
chimp2010 gives Gene Upshaw
Trade #257
Sonrises gives 4th (chimp2010)
chimp2010 gives Garret 'Silk' Gilkey
Trade #268
Asteflix gives 3rd (horekim)
chimp2010 gives Geno Smith
Trade #269
FRSHMN gives Korey Toomer
chimp2010 gives 4th (bghandras)
Trade #275
FRSHMN gives 3rd (c9805222 comp), 3rd (chimp2010), 4th (bghandras), Trai Turner
chimp2010 gives 2nd (bghandras)
Trade #293
oly1987 gives Chandler Jones
chimp2010 gives 3rd (c9805222 comp)
Trade #294
meanandugl gives 1st, 1st (ttorvatn), future 4th Brad Sorensen
chimp2010 gives 3rd (horekim), Brad 'J-Man' Johnson
Trade #297
bigf gives 2nd, 2nd (Asteflix)
chimp2010 gives 1st (ttorvatn)
Trade #299
bghandras gives Sid Luckman
chimp2010 gives 2nd (Asteflix), Future 3rd, Rio Ferdinand
Trade #324
mistelonestar gives 3rd, 3rd (Laskas), 4th (kummo)
chimp2010 gives future 4th (meanandugl), Keanu Forde
Trade #325
oly1987 gives 4th (bigf)
chimp2010 gives Trai Turner
Trade #327
horekim gives future 3rd
chimp2010 gives Chandler Jones
Trade #328
Laskas gives future 4th
chimp2010 gives Luke Willson (draft5 pick#120) Blitzer,

Trade #???
coach ??? gives
coach ??? gives
Players Traded Out
text goes here

Game 1, Wolfenburg Wolfskins 1-4 - The Marauders started off the season with the biggest loss under the new managements so far! Everything they tried just failed spectacularly! Brain Stork, traded from the Erengrad Vikings in the off-season, played his first and only game for the Marauders, dying on his debut.

Game 2, Grenzburg Greenskins 1-2 - Second Game, second loss! Season 4 is off to a disastrous start. A very close game in which the Greenskins only just came out on top. Nemanja Vidic, the rookie Lineman hired to take the deceased Brian Storks place on the roster dies in his debut too! Is the #10 jersey cursed!?!? The Marauders need to step up their game!

Game 3, Kislev White Wolves 1-2 - Third Game, third loss! This season could NOT be going any worse! Another close game that the Marauders have come out on the wrong end of. Pick #108 Larry Gordon bites the dust this time! Lineman are dropping like flies! Coach chimp doesn't know how to turn this around. Hopefully he'll come up with something soon!

Game 4, Skar Bay Sharks 4-0 - Not just a win, but the MArauders biggest win yet! Coach chimp must have gotten into the Sharks heads as they spent most of the game running away from the Marauders! Marauders Franchise Ogre Brian Schwenke makes it to 76 Spp and learns how to assist his teammates by taking Guard. Hopefully this is the result to turn around the Marauders season!

Game 5, Barboza Bruisers 1-0 - Another win! A tremendously close fought game that all came down to what coach chimp called "The play of the season". Geno Smith, fresh from the draft, makes some crazy dodges to pick up a loose ball in the last seconds of the game, and lobs it over the Bruisers defensive line to a waiting Tavarres King, also a draftee, who runs it into the endzone with a second to spare! A lucky win but one that coach chimp will not forget! The Marauders paid the price for their luck in the game, with pick #108 Ty Powell taking a nasty hit and being stretchered off the pitch with a Smashe Hip (-MA)

Game 6, Irrana Avalanche 2-0 - Third win on the trot! A game the Marauders we're tipped to lose badly, the Avalanche were coming into this game on the back of 3 straight wins over some tough opposition. Coach chimp was heard in the locker room before the game telling the players to keep safe and just see the game out, take any opportunities that presented themselves and try and keep the game to a draw. They obviously only half listened! Star catcher Vince Wilfork paid the price for Brian Schwenkes mistake late in the first half with a Smashed Collar Bone (-ST), coach chimp fears that this could be the end of his short but bright career. Another catcher, Ryan Broyles, a player that has stuck with the Marauders through multiple regime changes, also picked up a niggle. Again, coach chimp doesn't know what to do with him now!

Game 7, Monte Castello Wreckers 0-3 - Coach chimps luck seems to have abandoned him! His team could do nothing right this game. Every time the Marauders start player Brian Schwenke was asked to do anything, he just stared at his hands in confusion. A game to forget to be sure!

Game 8, Kemperbad Knights 1-2 - A loss, but what a game! The Marauders came into this game thinking that it was going to be a foregone conclusion, the Knights may have had a string of injuries coming up to the game, but they still had all of that STRENGTH! Coach chimp couldn't think of a way to get past it. Turned out it wasn't a problem, the Marauders brought their A game, took risks that were rewarded, and almost came out of the game with a win. Unfortunately Marauders season 4 Draftee Thrower Geno Smith couldn't make the long bomb pass to secure the victory and the Knights stole it in the dying seconds! Another Draftee, 'Silky' Garrett Gilkey took a big hit this game and coach chimp hurriedly brokered a trade with the Praag Grizzlies, who wanted his services despite his injury!

Game 9, Brionne Buccaneers 2-0 - The Marauders close out the half-season with a 2-0 win over the Buccaneers. The Buccs fall from glory continues as coach Meanandugl just didn't seem to know what he could do to get through to his players, they would not perform. Coach chimp took a small amount of pity on the Buccs and tried not to cause any lasting damage to the team whilst cruising to a 2-0 victory.

Game 10, Kislev White Wolves 1-2 - New tradee Marauders Danny Coale and Vinny Curry had very different experiences on their joint debuts.Vinny curry takes a hit that means he will miss the next game after assisting his new teammates in a scrum of a match, whereas Coale gets on the scoreboard and makes a completion in his debut game! He must have been hitting the gym hard during the mid-season in the hopes of impressing his new boss, as he looks a lot stronger after that game! All in all it was a 1-2 loss for the Marauders against their divisional rivals, but a positive match in all!

Game 11, Kemperbad Knights 2-1 - It seems the Marauders had something to prove after their recent loss to the Knights! They pounded their opposition into the pitch as an act of revenge for the previous game. The Knights will remember this game begrudgingly, as it means they go to their next game missing 5, yes 5, key players. Two of which will never be as good as they were before!

Game 12, Skar Bay Sharks 4-0 - The Marauders welcomed yet another Sharks head coach with their traditional whooping! It seemed that coach muaddib68 was more intent on causing pain to the Marauders, throwing 7 fouls. It seemed to be the entire teams plan too, as all 7 fouls were made by 7 different players! Coach chimp ignored the Sharks blatant attempts to cause harm to his beloved Marauders, and kept walking the ball into the end zone. Two divisional wins on the bounce!

Game 13, Hargendorf Unicorns 1-1 - A closely fought draw here!
Coaches chimp and Murker both stated in post match interviews that the game could have gone either way and that a draw was the fair result for this one. Marauders new star player Danny Coale scored his fifth touchdown in his fourh game in a Marauders jersey today, he is fast becoming a fan favourite in Los Cabos, reaching the same levels of hype as the illustrious Brian Schwenke and Brad Johnson!

Game 14, Emsk Red Cardinals 3-1 - A bloody game overall, but another win for the Marauders! Poor line rookie Harry Jericho lasted 8 games in the blue and yellow before taking a hit that had coach chimp setting up the insurance payment to be mad to Jerichos family. Dion Sanders, a Blitzer that came to the Marauders with coach chimp also took a hit that has sapped him of his agility! The Marauders hit back by stripping strong Catcher Jonathan Meeks of some of his armour! The Marauders wildcard chances have improved now, they are still very slight chances, but the fans are hoping that the stars will align!

Game 15, Marienburg Foxes 2-2 - Another close game that could have gone either way. Both teams fought tooth and nail, with a death on both sides of the dugout! Korey Toomer, the first player to leave the Marauders and then return to them, died right on the half time whistle! The hit was in retaliation to Schwenkes big hit on promising lineman Jeff Allen of the Foxes, bringing his promising career to an abrupt halt! The playoff dream is still alive!

Game 16, Flashfurt Universe 1-3 - Arguably the Marauders hardest game of the season comes as their last of the season! They faced off against the 2 time Superbowl winners Flashfurt Universe, knowing that a draw could be enough to clinch a wildcard spot in the playoffs (along with other results going in their favour) coach chimp threw everything at the DLEs current premier team. It was not enough though, as the arauders fell short in a 1-3 loss, closing out their season in the process.

In the Marauders post season interview, coach chimp had this to say about the season and season to come:

"Well this has been my first full season in the DLE in charge of my Marauders. When I took over the team was in dire straits, all we had was Schwenke, and building a team around an Ogre is a difficult and risky task [chimp turns to Schwenke as he lumbers past and pats him on the back] sorry buddy.

Early on in the season J-Man (Brad Johnson) showed some true promise and backed Schwenke up, then during the midseason we made a trade that it seemed threw the entire league into turmoil when we traded Upshaw to the Pats, but we got Vinny Curry and a good few draft picks that we've put to good use in that trade so I wasn't too bothered with what the rest of the league thought.

During the same midseason window we brought in Danny Coale from Averheim, he's proven to be a real hit with the fans and an absolute goal machine! 9 touchdowns in 7 games in a team that is below par in relation to most of the league [he turns and apologises to Jaap Stam as he walks past this time]no offence mate! Prove me wrong in training!

Where was I? Oh yeah! I think we have the makings of a team that can make a push for playoffs in season 5, we've performed above expectations this season and the fans are roaring for us every game. We will have a very tough division again next season with the White Wolves and Knights to deal with as per usual, but I would call us almost on par with both teams now and we will show them what we're made of and that we can achieve our ambitions for the season!

Game 1, Norden Legion 2-3 - A hard fought season opener that ended in disaster for the Marauders! Late in the game, the score sitting at 2-2, young prospect Jaap Stam took a big hit that dropped his strength. The coaching staff threw the apothecary onto the pitch to try and deal with the crippling injury and he was successful! Mere seconds later, after coach chimp had paid the apothecary for his stellar service and he'd left the 'Stade de Philippe', Marauders mega star and Franchise Player, Ogre Brian Schwenke took a hit that ended his life instantly! The season just got a lot harder for the Marauders!


Retirement Home

Draft Rights
Draft 6
  • 3rd (Nuln Gunners)
  • 3rd (Wolfenburg Wolfskins)
  • 4th (Own)

    Draft 7
    • 1st (Own)
    • 2nd (Own)
    • 3rd (Own)
    • 4th (Own)

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Progression: Standard
1Barry Grayson1Ogre5529Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Bone-head, Loner, Throw Team-Mate 40000150k (0+0k) 
2 Danny Coale1Catcher8247Block, Sure Hands, Catch, Dodge, Sure Feet 1551900167150k (150+0k) 
3 Andreas Thorkildsen1Thrower6338Block, Kick, Sure Hands, Accurate, Pass 811000460k (60+0k) 
4 Brian Newton2Blitzer7338Block, Frenzy, Tackle, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull 240201614380k (80+0k) 
5 Robert Alford3Catcher8237Block, Dirty Player, Pass Block, Shadowing, Catch, Dodge 800000080k (80+0k) 
6 Vinny Curry1Lineman6338Block, Guard, Mighty Blow 1400030680k (80+0k) 
7 Jaap Stam4Lineman6338Block, Guard, Mighty Blow 24030143180k (80+0k) 
8 Sanders Commings2Catcher8238Block, Catch, Dodge 800000050k (50+0k) 
9 Sean Porter1Blitzer7338Block, Guard, Mighty Blow 801020740k (40+0k) 
10 Sid Luckman2Lineman6337Block, Guard-av, m800010290k (0k) 
11Nathan Hordwaler3Lineman6338  20000000k (0+0k) 
12 Konstantinos 'Laskas' Laska...2Thrower6338Sure Hands, Dodge, Pass 310001630k (30+0k) 
13 Jeff Baca7Lineman6338Block, Mighty Blow 800020450k (50+0k) 
14 Zaviar Gooden3Blitzer8338Block, Frenzy, Mighty Blow 23030623180k (80+0k) 
15 Joe 'Freddie' Kruger5Lineman6428 -ag7110111150k (50+0k) 
16 Dion Sanders4Blitzer7328Block, Guard, Mighty Blow-ag, m3000040840k (0k) 
14 players (+2 players missing next game)  
Coach:chimp2010 Re-Rolls (100k):3  
Race:Los Cabos Marauders Fan Factor:7  
Team Value:1100k Assistant Coaches:0  
Treasury:9290000 Cheerleaders:0  
Tournament Weight:1230k Apothecary:Yes  

Games Played:34 (14/7/13) |TD Diff:7 (58 - 51) |Cas Diff:-10 (52/27/6 - 50/31/14)
Last Opponent: -Erengrad Vikings-