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Grasparossa B.B.C
Roster [L] Human (CIBBL)
Hey Folks! I am quite honored to introduce you this AEmilian Human Team.
Grasparossa Blood Bowl Club's sponsored by local Tilean winehouses united to promote their DOC drink in The Empire, trying hard to break the long hegemony of beer.
Team's situated in Mutina, in the middle of Tilea and its logo is a trademark that reminds of ancient Dogs of War majesty and also the emblematic loyalty of the dog.
Whenever you will taste a bottle with that emblem on, you'll know it comes from our land!
The aim of local farmer Wilson Belaroba, President, is to travel The Empire with the team, visiting new lands, tasting local products and promote its true love: the Lambrusco Grasparossa.
Tino Pieno, on the other hand, is an expert ex-player who needed a rest from the infinite casualties suffered during a longlife bloody carreer, so he couldnt refuse Wilson's offer when asked to coach this team.
We brough each different land representatives as players just to be sure each of them know exactly how our wine is done (dunno really about the relevance in the game..but hey! not my business to ask questions.).
Their true name will be changed as they enter the team, taking on the one land they represent, adding a roman number after them in the case the original (or his successor/s) died or was retired for any injury.
Anyway.. was about to forgot, my name is Franco Damigiana and I am still not sure about my role in the team. I am a cook at home, and I am driving this weird convoy at the moment. Wilson love how i cook so probably its only that, but my dream is to play one day in the team, so the best option was to hop on and hope. Sure it will be fun!

We joined the CIBBL in the Spring of Year 2

Tino Pieno hired Ritter Von Baum in our first game ever vs "Blood-Ground Blackhorns", a beastmen team.
Unfortunatly the Star drank too much Grasparossa before the game and died on his first dodge.
Nice to have met you Ritter. RIP

On our fourth game Tino hired Ziggy. We are pleased to met him even if we couldnt see in person his pass block skills.

We unespectedly won The Empire - Year Two, Spring; so we end up playing the
CIBBL - Year Two, Summer - CabalVision Invit.

Tied our first game there, but the second was our first loss ever (losing 3-1)
Tino Pieno hired Ziggy again, this time testing his pass block skill (with any success), and he even hired a Wizard !!! but to no result, Nippon were more prepared.

Third game on CabalVision Invit. was a bloody match. Prignano sul Secchia Secondo left us just at the beginning, while Formigine died (even after the Apothecary tried his best) while the game was near the end.
We managed to win against those hard punching trees, probably just 'cause our fertilizer really did its job!

Fourth game on CabalVision Invit. was tense.
Tino hired Ziggy again, but he went to KO soon and hid in there the whole game.
Malignant Curators made a great use of dirty players and cash, even with bad luck on blocks (4 time double skulls) scoring in 8 turns. We tried "the shuffle" in second half, but some banana skin tripped Spilamberto at the right time, so the game went back in Malignant Curators' hand, let them scoring the 2-0 and giving us the second loss ever.

Fifth game on Cabalvision Invit. vs Norse Dwarf vas lost due to coach Tino misurderstuding on dwarf runs. Next time he should drink less Grasparossa, erm..
Our opponent was mighty and we suffered some bloody big loss, but we are now ready for new challenges !

CabalVision Invitational -Summer- 10th place
and Spilamberto was "Best SPP" (Awarded to Best Players of CabalVision Invitational summer tournament. Worth 1 Prestige Point to the team as long as that player is on the team)

CIBBL - Year Two, Autumn - Copper Division started with a loss vs Norse Dwarf (a rematch straight back to back), we are now preparing to face Spawn of Chaos in the second match, a race we never heard of, we are just starting to listen to these crazy rumors about ball and chain all over the field...

Rumors were true ! adding a couple of Blitz! against made our second loss into the Copper Division despite the presence of the great Star player Griff Oberwald and the less famous Star kicker Siggi 'The Boot' Schuster.

Third game this Autumn Copper Division went right for the team, less for our new friend Siggi 'The Boot' Schuster that died on a spectacular foul ! Having played last games with him was a pleasure and we never supposed we shall part so soon, but its Blood Bowl, we should have know..

Fourth game was vs the Sisters of Sigmar, we managed a win even if they hired a powerful wizard. The pressure was so tight that their coach used his power before time and then cant score for the tie.

Fifth vs Fimir was a tie. Luck went up and down for both, Nuffle sure enjoyed.

Sixth game was very interesting and quite lucky for the team.
Humans under-estimated the power of wood elf stall and faced a crucial ko.
Down 1-0 and having a single turn wasnt enough to score and tie but our fans helped us and Riot was on, a couple of turns and a great Spilamberto performance saved the half: 1-1.
Second half was again lucky when a failed leap grant us the way to stall and win. No big blood as expected but unespected win is great satisfaction.

CIBBL - Year Three, Spring - The Empire started very badly for the team:
players are so attonished and deluded that cant really think about next game.
the will remember this game as "The Great Scandal", no wonder why, being ve clerics. Rip all those friends.
Revenge will be served cold

Second match went quite better, having to face Schattenwald Drinking Horns wasnt easy, but Zug helped us and we managed a win with no perm.

Won the third match too, surely not an expected win.
We witness the death of another legendary starplayer: Gregor Miessen.
Was an honour playing with you, that last turn boot ended your life too soon!

CIBBL - Year Three, Summer - started nice with a 5-1 vs Araby, making two Stage Clear in a game (t6h2, t8h2)

Second match was bloody and tense. A tie was espected, until we managed to escape the all present Extra-armed weird race known as "Kalite" and stall for the winning score.

Third match went wrong. We almost stopped their drive, but they scored.
One turn TD (with perfect defence) went wrong on last gfi.
After the tie we were kicking. Blitzed the ball down, his dp catched in tz.
Two more dice on the ball resulted in double skull.
We lost our first testimonial from Castelnuovo Rangone, a great, even if mangled blitzer.
Next game will sure go better (cant imagine a worse)

Fourth match was a mess.
Wizard came out and koed the ball carrier and a line.
After a turn, we had the score in our hands again but Tino Pieno didnt realized the team wasnt that prepared (no RR) so a double skulls stopped our td, preparing their;
One die blitz stomped the ball carrier and another double skulls (from my opponent this time) made the drive 0-0.
We were fouled a lot during that drive, so we decided we would at least revenge that blood... and next drive worked.
we managed an effective defence, then offending on the heavy foot for win.

Fifth game was a rape,
but we were on the lucky side.
Our opponent were strong and well prepared, but Nuffle showed up and the scoring gfi was failed, grantin' us the win.
Winning this game meant even winning the CIBBL - Y3, Summer - Greater Dragon Grapple

Castelvetro II and Modena Voted Best Players (Casualties and Scoring Thrower)

CIBBL - Y3, Autumn - Silver Division
Our 1st game was vs an historic opponent: Congregation of Holy Touchdown.
The match started with a heavy first drive where 24 vs 24 blocks resulted in 3 cas and 3 kos against us.
A couple of apot after, fearing the worse, Grasparossa played to save some life and try to tie at least.
Even with no luck we managed to tie it. sounded like a win =)

In Second match Tino must have drunk too much Lambrusco and failed to create an operative offence, so from a perspective of stalling to score late...we lost 2-1
(next time we'll need some chips or corns...)

The Three Tree Thing was a very bloody game.
We managed a win after a triple skull when rr was gone. before that was blood.

Game four was a rape since turn one. a great human derby that cant be played.
lost 2-1

Game 5 we lost vs Bretonnians. stopped their attack drive at last turn, but been stopped and they scored in our drive.

Game 6 we met Nuffle again.

Game 7 we faced some Prehensile tail team that confused us a lot. we lost it.

a long jourey took Grasparossa away from the pitch for a while,
Captain iena feels sorry but seems he's more concerned dealing with Tino and the team lately

Y4, Spring - Empire

those half elves made me trip. literally. a snake on a dodge solved the game in their favour.
Tino should have known better and was probably distracted yelling at iena

managed a win vs Centigor team even in a bad start situation.
they underestimated our movement, we got lucky and scored last turn.

the halfling match was onesided in our favor.
four perfect defence, a blitz! and a pitch invasion helped our 6-0
(we owe the little guys a decent rematch)

Congregation of Holy Touchdown beated us again ( 2-1 and no Hope)

CIBBL - Y4, Summer - SCRIBBL Climax Qualifier V

Norse trip was icy-cold. lost 2-1

Sartosa Black Flag was a tense game. their lack of proper apparel(AV) probably had some part,too

The Araby trip was scareful and intense. won but felt the paun.

Lost in the Forest.. in Dryad game Tino Pieno came tired and probably with too much Grasparossa in his belly and the result was forgettin to pick up the ball in turn one and going for a pointless push series that ended in a deserved both down. the rest of the game was the Forest taking the pain out of us

Nurgle experience went better than supposed. opponent failed the td gfi for a early score and we managed to pick up and score instead. 2nd half our mb and the ref helped the result.

We got Second Place at "Y4, Summer – SCRIBBL Climax Qualifier V"

Prestige Points Earned: +15 (and +4 Achiev.) (and -3 due to retirement Castelvetro II)

SCRIBBL’s Outstanding Performance Achievement:
- Modena (Grasparossa B.B.C) (Completions)
- Castelnuovo Rangone II (Grasparossa B.B.C) (Blocking Scorer)
Star Player:
- Castelnuovo Rangone II (Grasparossa B.B.C)

Y4, Autumn - Bronze Division

first game was Clan Mors, Nuffle had it and we lost.
second vs Araby, lost with even 4 skullz
third, Malal, maligne and well coached: we managed at least not to die
fourth, Giant crushed us, pixies fouled us and Nuffle laughted at us
fifth, our first tie this season. high cash (570K) and a lucky drive
sixth, one more loss, this time vs Daemons of Slaanesh. Demon scored!
seventh, we were winning, but they tied. great game vs Witchelves

last team of the season, not enough Lambrusco ?
infra season training is needed (along with a new forniture from our land!)

Y5, Spring - The Empire

1. tense and close game vs kicking half elves, won 3-2
2. halflings with a nice wood but a young coach (or just one unwillingly to let them fly). won 2-0
3. sisters are always though. Castelnuovo Rangone II had four skulls to death (apo saved to mng). lost 2-1
4. centigor, heavier than supposed. then a failed dodge (1,1) almost killed Castelfranco Emilia II (apo saved to -1av). won 3-1
5. beastmen had Nuffle by their side. Grasparossa had skullz and 1s. lost 2-0

CIBBL - Y5, Summer - Mammoth Gate

1. Trees are tough! Nuffle helped us manage a win here.
2. Half-Elf were though too! but we managed to be more elven and get a 3-1
3. Dark elf teamed up with Nuffle to get this game.
4. Kingdoms of Ind was a bloodbath for our team, lost 3-1 and lost Castelnuovo Rangone II, once a SCRIBBL’s Outstanding Performance Achievement:Blocking Scorer and Star Player

hm, not sure i can type all this anymore.
Grasparossa will spread wine cultune and keep up the blood pressure !

CIBBL – Y5, Summer – Mammoth Gate 5th place

CabalVision Silver Partner

CIBBL – Y5, Autumn – Tin Division 6th place

CIBBL – Y6, Winter – Friendlies (Mid-High) 2nd place

CabalVision Gold Partner

CIBBL - Y6, Spring - The Empire 2rd place
Prestige Points Earned: 140 (and +20 Achiev.)

CIBBL - Y6, Summer- Praag Invasion Tourney 2nd place

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# Name Position Ma St Ag Av Skills Inj G Cp Td It Cs vp Sp Cost  
1Castelvetro VIBlitzer7338Block 000000090k (90+0k) 
2Castelnuovo Rangone IVBlitzer8338Block, Mighty Blow, Tackle, +MA 14001553790k (90+70k) 
3Castelfranco Emilia IIBlitzer7346Block, +AG, Tackle, Dodge, Mighty Blow-av, -av56090835890k (90+110k) 
4Formigine IIIBlitzer8338Block, +MA, Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Stand Firm 560301788390k (90+110k) 
5Maranello VIILineman6338  400000050k (50+0k) 
7Marano sul Panaro VIIILineman6338Block 700011750k (50+20k) 
8Prignano sulla Secchia VIILineman5338 -ma, m500000050k (0k) 
10 ModenaThrower7348Sure Hands, Pass, +AG, Accurate, +MA, Dump-Off, Nerves Of Steel, Safe Throw 70691403413770k (70+150k) 
12Savignano sul Panaro IIICatcher8237Catch, Dodge, Block, Guard, Nerves Of Steel 45260133760k (60+80k) 
13Vignola IIICatcher8237Catch, Dodge 200001560k (60+0k) 
14 SpilambertoCatcher8247Catch, Dodge, +AG, +MA, Block, Side Step, Sure Feet, Sprint-ma, n6844000313960k (60+150k) 
17 Cory HotorcJourneyman Lineman6338Loner 000000050k (50+0k) 
10 players (+1 player missing next game)  
Coach: iena Re-Rolls (100k): 4  
Race: Human (CIBBL) Fan Factor: 8  
Team Value: 1800k Assistant Coaches: 1  
Treasury: 20000 Cheerleaders: 1  
Tournament Weight: 1850k Apothecary: Yes  

Games Played:74 (32/13/29) |TD Diff:16 (108 - 92) |Cas Diff:-45 (82/41/15 - 87/70/26)
Last Opponent: Khorne's Doombringers