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Rotfall Ironworks Rocketeers
P [L] Clan Skryre (CIBBL)

Clan Skryre, responsible for the production of the vast majority of the Skaven warmachines, weaponry and equipment, is a heavy mover in many other industries. Large quantities of warpstone move through their coffers, and it is not an exaggeration to say they are the most influential of all the Skaven clans (though if asked, each of the other clans would make the same claim). As the popularity of Blood Bowl rose, the smiths and engineers of Skryre saw another opportunity to gain influence, wealth, and renown through showcasing their insidious inventions.

Thus Clan Skryre teams are characterized by their reliance on an assortment of illegal weapons and machines, bribing officials and referees with their massive wealth to allow them to stay on the field as long as possible. Like all Skaven teams, the ratmen's constant exposure to the volatile warpstone often results in hideous mutations which the clan Skryre engineers will often graft additional weapons or automated appendages onto to improve their function.

The Rotfall Ironworks is a large foundry owned and operated by several high-standing members of Clan Skryre, and the source of a large portion of the refined metals, machine parts, and armor circulating through the Skryre-controlled under-city Rotfall. Counted among many Skryre factory teams, the Rocketeers were founded under the supervision of Greesh Nailbit the Sixty Seventh, twelfth spawn of the current Head Manager of the Rotfall Ironworks, Yukk Nailbit.

Team Awards:

Team Colors: Hazard Yellow, Charcoal, and Gray.

Year 3, Spring, Youngbloods X = 1st Place

Year 3, Summer, Explosion's Edge = 3rd Place

Year 3, Autumn, Iron Division = 5th Place

Year 4, Spring, Skavenblight Regional = 1st Place

Year 4, Summer, SCRIBBL Climax IV Qualifier = 5th Place

Year 4, Autumn, Copper Division = 7th Place

Year 5, Spring, Skavenblight Regional = 5th Place

Year 5, Summer, Twin Gates (White) = 7th Place

Year 5, Autumn, Iron Division = 7th Place

Year 6, Spring, Skavenblight Regional = 1st Place

Year 6, Summer, Nuln Invitational = 3rd Place

Year 6, Autumn, Tin Division = 3rd Place

Year 7, Spring, Skavenblight Regional = 1st Place

Year 7, Summer, Grudgemaker Showdown = 7th Place, Shared Regional Win

Year 7, Autumn, Silver Division = 4th Place

Fangsnapper's Clawpack - 4 Matches, 2/1/1, they claimed the life of Flitty Spleent. Team retired in disgrace.
Deluge-Bearers - 5 Matches, 1/2/2, we took the life of Large-Big Cresh Windcutter.
Livin' Thing - 3 Matches, 1/0/2, we took the lives of Loat in the Echo and Balance of Power.
Under-Nuln Bells - 4 Matches, 2/0/2.

The Doom Flayer

Representing the height of Skryre warmachine design (at least, that the clan teams can afford to regularly bribe officials to sneak onto the pitch), the Doom Flayer is a masterwork of violence and mayhem.

The Rabid Rocket

Another design of master engineer Skreevius Skabwerth, the Rabid Rocket is still largely experimental. Potentially the next in the Vortifex series, the Rabid Rocket exhibits an assortment of quirks and mechanical ticks yet to be ironed out. Notorious for sudden accelerations that throw the rider forward and under the spiked wheel, the Rabid Rocket had already gone through a number of pilots as Skreevius was prototyping the new model before Chitt Skabwerth, Skreevius' great grandnephew twice-removed and already a veteran Doomwheel pilot, proved capable of handling the machine's temperamental bucking and lurching. Greesh Nailbit, having just received word that the Rocketeers had earned an advance on their end of season bonus from Rotfall Ironworks, hastily convinced Skreevius to allow the Rabid Rocket to be fielded in official matches during the prototyping phase. The Skryre engineer was eager to see his new creation performing in a live match, and the bag of warpstone Nailbit handed over was not overlooked either...

The Mechavermin

An example of the darker sides of Skryre engineering, these mechanical abominations are shocking and terrifying in their abject disregard for life. The organic components provide little more than basic electrical impulses to drive the motions of the machine parts - whether the minds of the Mechavermin are conscious enough to comprehend their torturous state is not a question to dwell upon.

The Iron Rat

When Greesh Nailbit approved the production of Mechavermin for use in both the Ironworks as heavy labor and as heavy hitters for the Rocketeers, he wanted a proof of concept to show to investors and the inhabitants of Rotfall. The project's head surgeon/engineer/crackpot, Vyktor Skreem, slaved for eight straight nights on the Iron Rat. Painted in a garish glossy orange hue, the Iron Rat awed and impressed all who attended its unveiling with feats durability and strength. Greesh was thrilled with the reception, and of course immediately announced that the Iron Rat would be playing for the Rocketeers during that summer's Bronze cup.

Subject XIII

After the loss of Call-Me-Kreeyik, the Rocketeers' Mechavermin held strong against all kinds of hazards and foes for several years. At the same time, Vyktor Skreem's devious paws were far from idle, as he refined and experimented further with his designs, to the detriment of many a ratkind (deceased or otherwise). When the "Mark Three" finally was laid low and had to be 'decommissioned', Skreem was putting the finishing touches on what he hoped would be his masterpiece, having made major breakthroughs in the most auspiciously numbered iteration of Mechavermin designs - Subject XIII. The deranged doctor(?) had gangpressed a pair of Moulder pitmasters into squealing some of their clan's secret drug treatment and surgical techniques and applied him to the best organic materials he had acquired yet. Soon the well-preserved corpse of Itch-Yitch was looking suitably impressive and intimidating in a new shell of iron and intricate Skryre machinery, ready to take to the field.


The Jezzailers

Unconventional throwing apparatus are by now a common (but still illegal) practice in Blood Bowl. In typical Skryre fashion, they have innovated on these devices in a variety of ways.

Team Captain: Krakshot Neek

The Rocketeer's first captain, Neek fancies himself a master marksman, able to pinpoint his throws across tremendous distances into the waiting arms of a lowly slave. In actual fact Neek is a yard-monger, launching sloppy, inaccurate balls across one length of the field to another and adding the distance to his personal, not-officially-CIBBL-recognized, tally regardless of whether the ball actually was caught or not. As the team's offense is fairly disorganized and generally consists of just a horde of rats pouring through whatever hole the Doom Flayers and Globadiers have just blown through the opposition, this strategy has not been to his detriment, as one rat or another will invariably recover the ball.

Nikkin Gluepaw

A distant cousin of Greesh Nailbit who, being as typically prone to thieving anything he can pry the nails out of as any Skaven, finally pushed the patience of his patriarch to its limit after being caught in the act for the 59th time. Thoroughly ashamed of his spawn's lack of subtlety, Nikkin's father dropped him in Nailbit's lap in the hopes that he would gain some proper learning in the art of skulduggery. Nailbit, having no patience to look after a ward, simply awarded him a fancy sounding title of vice-vice captain of the Rocketeers, whose duties included simply rationing the slave players water precisely. Nikkin grew to admire the team captain Neek as he watched from the benches, and began practicing and emulating his playstyle in his spare time. Upon the unfortunate loss of Flitty Spleent, Nikkin shocked Nailbit by making claim upon his title as vice-vice captain and appointing himself the now vacant second Jezzailer position.


The Poison Wind Globadiers

Another innovation from Clan Skryre in the field of illegal weapons, the Poison Wind Globadiers unleash horrific toxins and gaseous explosions on their opponents with aplomb.

Noxxus Blyte

Blyte apprenticed under Shokk-naww, now retired, though he did not share his teacher's unique love for the most explosive concoctions in the globadier arsenal. In fact, Blyte is rather unimaginative in his own weapons of choice - he finds there is nothing wrong with good old fashioned warpstone gas. In fact he has practiced with it so exclusively that his teacher and fellow globadiers are somewhat in awe of the finesse with which he can predict how the wind will catch the escaping clouds of gas and blow them just so and catch some hapless player who thought they were at a safe distance.


Rikeek Batseye

The ranks of the Rotfall Globadier Guild have been considerably thinned from the Rocketeers continual desire to keep their own positions full. As a result, they have been forced to pull from some of the less-than-ideal candidates the Guild can offer: Rikeek Batseye suffers from impaired depth perception thanks to a nasty cataract in his left eye. This obviously has had an unfortunate effect on his throwing accuracy, though prideful Rikeek himself is as oblivious to this as he is to his moniker being an insult - having seen how deftly bats navigate their pitch-black environment and him being ignorant of their actual visual acuity.


The Warp Grinder

Typically used for excavating warpstone and other precious ores, the Ironworks predictably counts a good number of these engineering marvels among its resources. Greesh Nailbit, always looking for an easy turnaround, "retires" these machines once they begin to wear down and takes it as as an excuse to turn to his steady investors for more funding to purchase new ones. At the same time, familiar looking well-used warpstone drills find their way into the hands of the Rocketeers, to be used against their opponents in all sorts of unsavory ways.

Forerat Titch-yikk

The temperamental and poorly maintained warpstone drills have led to the early loss or retirement of several previous Warp Grinders already. Greesh this time directly pulled his newest recruit from his mining teams, hoping their extensive experience with the machines would suit better for the role. Titch-yikk in fact came to the team at the same time as his own favorite drill was retired from mining service, so he has kept it as his weapon while playing for the Rocketeers.

The Clan Rats

The Rotfall Ironworks employs hundreds of Skryre Clan Rats, and holds the writs for thousands of slaves. From these hordes it fills the rank and file of the Rocketeers. Their careers can be short, glorious, or both, but whatever their eventual fate may be there will always be more to take their place. Any Clan Rats of note will be recorded here.

Rotten Roller Mk.1 - DESTROYED

The first model of the discontinued Rotten Roller series. With the machine crushed under a crowd of angry norsemen, pilot Peeler Rivett barely crawled away alive. Skreevius Skabwerth built a second model in the series which Peeler Rivett also piloted.

The Rotten Roller Mk.2 - DECOMMISSIONED

After the Skreevius Vortifex Mk.XXIV was rendered to scrap by a mob of shouting Norsemen, pilot Peeler Rivett insisted that the machine be rebuilt. Skreevius took it as an opportunity to start a new model line, named for Peeler's epithet for the ruined machine. In truth, not enough of it was left to rebuild, but the master engineer took that as an opportunity to introduce several of the improvements he had experimented with in the Rabid Rocket's design. Its reconstruction was hasty, as Greesh Nailbit was insistent on the Mk.2 being ready for the rest of the annual tournament, and some of the Rabid Rocket's faults may have found their way in along with the improvements. The Mk.2 performed admirably, perhaps too admirably. The CIBBL committee began investigating the Clan Skryre teams, and attempts to explain away the two death machines simply as aeration machines for improving conditions of the field proved insufficient - the committee found that while the green admittedly looked lusher and healthier in some places after the Rocketeers had played, two of the machines at once clearly posed a hazard to the players and referees. Thus the Rotten Roller Mk.2 was decommissioned. Peeler Rivett hasn't been heard of since, last being seen drowning the loss of his beloved machine with copious amounts of alcohol, while loudly slandering Greesh Nailbit and the CIBBL commissioners.


Call-Me-Kreeyik - DECEASED

Good materials for Mechavermin aren't always easy to come by, as Vyktor Skreem soon found out. Piles of dead slave rats were dumped to his laboratory, but unfortunately most were too long dead to have brains or organs of any use to him. The mad scientist was lost in thought contemplating less savory methods of acquiring his needed parts, when a plaintive wail from underneath several corpses snapped him to attention. The source of the moaning was none other than Kreeyik, a slave rat that had retired after a head injury, sans a few limbs and barely alive - but Skreem wasn't about to be picky in his circumstances. Before long Kreeyik was ready to return to the pitch for the Rocketeers, however Vyktor Skreem never quite got the head to stop making that awful squealing noise. What Vyktor couldn't do, a crowd of sauced up blood bowl fans could, and a prolonged group stomping eventually put an end to Call-Me-Kreeyik's squealing.



Despite the early loss of Call-Me-Kreeyik, Greesh Nailbit maintained enthusiasm for Skreem's mechavermin project. The mad scientist had been having trouble finding raw materials, however, as most slaves had long since learned to take off running at the slightest sign of Vyktor or his cronies on the prowl. Nailbit provided the solution in the form of a blubbering, drunken rat clutching familiar bits of machinery and plating as though they were more precious than warpstone. The next Rocketeers practice meet included a new mechavermin which insisted on being introduced as the "Mark Three". Several of the more veteran players on the team vaguely recognized the worn decorative designs on some of Mark Three's plating, and thought better than to ask further questions. The sad tale of Peeler Rivett and the remains of his beloved Rotten Roller came to an end in spring of Y8 against the upstart Morrslieb Manic Murderers
of Clan Mors: a critical injury to his organic components could not be compensated for by the addition of yet more robotics. Vyktor Skreem is an exacting scientist - subjects who cannot provide him with untainted performance data, no matter how venerable they are, and so "Mark Three" was 'decommissioned'.


Flitty Spleent - DECEASED

A well-traveled Skryre clansrat who claims to have just returned from the distant lands of Cathay and Nippon. There, as he tells it, he followed in the footsteps of the early Eshin masters, learning the secret assassination and espionage techniques of the elusive ninja societies. Returning to his native lands and his clan, he intends to set up his own assassin school to rival those of clan Eshin by combining those ancient learnings with the modern sciences of clan Skryre. To prove his worth to potential Skryre investors and gain funding to start his school, Flitty joined the Rocketeers. Focusing more on running plays, he can be heard screeching out incomprehensible terminology as he makes flashy dodges or causes the ball to "disappear" from his hands and the field (having launched it sky high when no one was looking). Most of his teammates view him as a complete crackpot. While never reaching his lofty goal, Flitty nonetheless became a key fixture in the Rocketeers, acting as an excellent receiver for Neek's haphazard passes. However he met his end at the hands of Fangsnapper's Clawpack's rising star blitzer, Windfury Jr.

Virulent Reever - RETIRED

In contrast with Shokk-naww, Reever stood as an example of a traditionalist globadier. He was armed with a host of different plagues, toxins, and other debilitating gases and solutions, the most dangerous of which can kill a player within seconds while their blood boils out from every pore and their eyes pop out of their sockets like grapes from their skins. Secretly, however, Reever wished to play a more wholesome Blood Bowl - his idols include some of the past stars of the greatest Skaven teams, but burdened as he is by countless lethal phials and baubles, he cannot rush headlong down the field with the ball like a bolt of lightning for a decisive touchdown. So he found his comfort in the torment he inflicted on his opponents, and watched his nimbler teammates enviously as they claim glory in the endzone. His dreams stayed forever dreams, as a head injury meant he found it more and more difficult to play due to severe headaches.


Shokk-naww - RETIRED

For Shokk-naww, nothing is more satisfying than shattering the opposing team's morale through devastating combinations of toxic and explosive bombardment. Most globadiers focus more on purely poisonous agents that can turn a victim's innards out through their bowels, but Shokk-naww prefers to employ a variety of flesh-burning acids, lung-searing gases, and volatile chemical combinations that can ignite into an impressive fireball with no spark or fuse required. His favorite is "Yellowbelly Fog", a nasty concoction which causes its victims to break out in yellow rashes and blisters within seconds, and any who do not flee the immediate area soon fall prey to a second globe containing another chemical mist which causes the whole cloud to combust explosively. His extensive knowledge in the combustible arts meant he wasn't thrown out with the trash after a collarbone injury meant he had trouble lugging around his various baubles of death - he now consults for any upcoming globadier talent scouted by the Rocketeers.

Pestilent Yerk - UNDECEASED

Yerk actually is a former member of the contagion conclave of clan Pestilens. Whether he fled his clan in fear of punishment for some slight against his superiors, or because the Rotfall Skryre managed a sufficient bribe to sway his allegiance, Yerk remains isolated from the rest of his team. He worked closely with Reever after his retirement and improved upon many of his fellow globadier's poxes, as well as introducing a host of new plagues and poisons, up until Yerk was killed by "Waiting for the End" of Livin' Thing. He now plays as a zombie for the rival Undead team.

to death.

Meekin Burnblast - DECEASED

A recent graduate from the Rotfall Globadier School, Meekin did not have much time to leave an impression on the team, lasting less than 2 games before being sliced in twain by an angry Yhetee.


Vilerat Laugh-Snicker - DECEASED

An accident with a particularly insidious gas during his apprenticeship has left Vilerat with an irreversible condition of spontaneous fits of laughter. While this should drastically affect his accuracy in globe-throwing, Vilerat thus far seems to average about the same as his peers.


Screwtail Wrakkin - RETIRED

Screwtail is a particularly unhinged slaverat who continually volunteered for service playing in the Rocketeers, but due to his erratic behavior was turned away as he would deliberately harass or fight with his teammates during tryouts. When the CIBBL commission laid down their guidelines on Skryre team compositions and a loophole was found by Nailbit's pet referees that would allow them to include other, non-doom flayer heavy machinery in the team's assets, Screwtail was given the privilege of being the first Rocketeer to wield an old warpstone drill. Given his temperament, his other players knew well enough to avoid staying near him with a dangerous implement in his paws, which works out well. Unfortunately, that same unpredictable temperament left him careless in handling his drill, and a severe injury left him unable to haul the heavy equipment without exacerbating it and leaving him benched, so he too was retired to "meal duty".


Crazed Kresneek - DECEASED

Learning little from the example of Wrakkin, the next slaverat to be handed a dangerous power tool and allowed to wield it with impunity was perhaps even more screw-loose than Wrakkin. Kresneek handles his drill like a mummer's sword, heedless of the danger to himself and to his fellow players as he waves it about theatrically and cackling madly. Perhaps this carelessness is what led to him being dangerously isolated and singled out by the opposition, knocked to the ground with his drill still spinning and mangling him beyond recognition.


Master Sapper Zeyikk - RETIRED

Finally abandoning the notion of giving insane slave rats lethal implements to wave about, Nailbit approached a well-known Skryre engineering school for promising candidates. Zeyikk had recently been awarded his title of Master Sapper for his work on improving tunnel fortification designs, having identified key weak points in the existing designs that could be targeted to cause the tunnels to collapse. After being awarded that title (and forced to burn his improved designs, so that new tunnels built could still be easily collapsed upon the enemies of the Skaven), Zeyikk found himself somewhat ostracized within the school, and, looking for a change in circumstances, found Nailbit's offer appealing. Very shortly after, he suffered a debilitating head injury that actually left him incapable of operating any machine more complicated than a simple pull lever, and so he was also retired.


Kreeyik - RETIRED?

When pulling employees from the Ironworks to test their affinity for the sport, the first thing the Rocketeers look for is the ability to stick it to a hapless foe on the ground. Kreeyik demonstrated his knack again in the Explosion's Edge match against the Dukes of Earthquake Valley. Kreeyik did little to capitalize on his skill at dirty play, and a head injury against Clan Mors' Clawpack meant he retired. When his teammates are asked about what Kreeyik went on to do with his miserable life, one remarked that for a short while he found his calling in feeding his fellow slaves. The interviewing reporter did not press for further details, upon noticing the excess slaver on the rat's mouth.

to death.

Quee-kin - RETIRED

The most veteran of the team's clanrats, Quee-kin has done little else to stand out. He did, however, demonstrate remarkable viciousness against his fellow skaven during autumn of year 3, killing Zik Shadowfang of the Gobskrav Alliance with a brutal blitz. A head injury making him more prone to concussion did nothing to slow him down, taking another clanrat down in spring of year 4, but unfortunately a leg injury later that season meant the Ironworks wouldn't continue to give food rations for such a heavily crippled slave, and he was retired from team duty.

Nakk-Nakk - DECEASED

Nakk-Nakk made himself an early standout in the Rocketeer's second ever game against the Mordkin Headtakers: making a offense-saving interception and handoff play, killing a Storm Vermin, and finally making the winning touchdown in the final turn. He very soon became an unmistakable presence on the field, largely thanks to sprouting a lumpy growth on his shoulder which had about a half dozen eyeballs stuck in it like disgusting, roving sesame seeds on a bun. Skryre engineers quickly developed an armored housing for the growth which enhance and protect the extra sensory capabilities it afforded him. Unfortunately, a pair of troublesome knee injuries meant it wasn't long before Nakk-Nakk took a hit he couldn't get back up from.

Itch-Yitch - DECEASED

Slave clanrats come and go often in the Rocketeers, but not since Nakk-Nakk has one caught the eye of Greesh Nailbit so quickly. Despite malnourishment and the generally jelly-spined nature of Skaven, Itch-Yitch demonstrates an unusual strength in his wiry muscles. Skryre rats, not having the eugenic knowledge of their Moulder fellows, currently suppose his prowess came about from exposure to warpstone flecks that are sometimes processed into the alloys produced by the Ironworks. In a match against Gorthor's Prophets of Mork, he survived a fatal blow early in the match, only to be injured beyond saving later on. Vyktor Skreem was quick to ensure the proper preservation of Itch-Yitch's corpse.

Reeknose - DECEASED

Reeknose has been with the Rocketeers long enough to understand that it's the rat that keeps his head low and his opponents lower that lives to see the next day's ration ticket. Whenever the team gathers around a helpless downed foe, Reeknose has been the one to deliver the sharpest kick to the softest part - easily holding the team record for most fouls. His dirty play came to an end from a bold block from one of the Strigos Elită's Ghouls.

to death.

Gasmaster Zikk - DECEASED

Another traditionalist globadier, Zikk is a veteran in his art. With a string of losses and retirements among the globadiers lately, the Rocketeers were looking for a workhorse of a player like Blyte. Zikk shares Blyte's lack of ambition concerning the potential of his weapon of choice, though he takes to his job with a stoic pragmatism rather than Blyte's showy throwing - he has been watching the Rocketeer's previous globadiers and finds the interception rate of the thrown globes completely apalling. Never will a globe thrown by Zikk find itself within reach of desperate hands looking to return the deadly projectile to its sender, except by calamitous accident. Zikk enjoyed a longer career than his immediate predecessors, but met his end at the hands of one of the brutal Eunuch guards of the Nejaz Djinn.


Player Ma St Ag Pa Av Skills Inj G Cp Td It Cs Mvp SPP Cost  
Mecha Vermin
5 5 5+ 6+ 10+
Iron Hard Skin
+ST, Block, Guard, Break Tackle, Mighty Blow
  81 0 0 1 22 11 101/126 210k
Doom Flayer
5 7 5+ - 10+
Break Tackle, Dirty Player, Frenzy, Juggernaut, Loner, Mighty Blow, No Hands, Secret Weapon
Guard, Stand Firm, Brawler
  17 0 0 0 5 6 37/51 220k
7 3 4+ 2+ 8+
Cannoneer, Hail Mary Pass, Sure Hands
Dodge, Block, Pass, Accurate, Safe Pass, Fend, Leader
n, -ag 101 76 28 0 4 5 Legend
7 3 3+ 2+ 7+
Cannoneer, Hail Mary Pass, Sure Hands
Dodge, Two Heads, Block, Tackle, Fend, Wrestle, Dauntless
-av 56 9 45 0 11 5 Legend
Clan Rat
7 3 3+ 4+ 8+
  2 0 2 0 1 0 8/16 70k
Clan Rat
7 3 3+ 4+ 8+   2 1 1 0 0 0 4/6 50k
Warp Grinder
7 3 3+ 6+ 8+
Chainsaw, Secret Weapon
Dirty Player
  15 0 0 0 0 2 10/16 70k
Mecha Vermin
5 4 5+ 6+ 10+
Iron Hard Skin
Block, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Guard
  23 0 0 0 17 6 62/76 160k
Clan Rat
7 3 3+ 4+ 8+   6 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 50k
Clan Rat
7 3 3+ 4+ 8+   7 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 50k
Clan Rat
7 3 3+ 4+ 8+
Wrestle, Tackle
n 9 0 2 0 2 2 18/31 90k
Clan Rat
6 3 3+ 4+ 8+ -ma 9 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 50k
Clan Rat
7 3 3+ 4+ 8+   1 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 50k
Clan Rat
7 3 3+ 4+ 7+ -av 3 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 50k
Clan Rat
7 3 3+ 4+ 8+   4 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 50k
15 players Bribery and Corruption
Coach: King_Mad Re-Rolls (120k): 3  
Race: Clan Skryre (CIBBL) Dedicated Fans: 3  
Current Team Value: 1870k Assistant Coaches: 0  
Treasury: 145k Cheerleaders: 0  
Team Value: 1870k Apothecary: Yes  

Games Played:108 (43/24/41) |TD Diff:-2 (133 - 135) |Cas Diff:-3 (159/103/27 - 170/87/35)
Last Opponent: Cuexotl Jungle Daggers