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Scions of Neferata
P [L] Lahmian (CIBBL)

About the Scions:

The Scions is a cult of vampires inspired by queen Neferata of Lahmia. Dedicated to the subversion, perversion and exploitation of humanity, the cult deifies and emulates the first vampire, the greatest and vilest of manipulators. Wearing masks, taking ancient Nehekaran names and enslaving only the most capable thralls, they are pretentious and elitist in the extreme.

The Scions have previously been content with infiltrating and sabotaging the higher eschelons of human society, where the greatest amount of damage can be done. However, in recent decades the sport of Blood Bowl has gained the attention and reverence of the general population, and the Scions see this as an opportunity to seduce a large number of the common folk in one fell swoop.

The sisters Itekuyet and Ahmose have been tasked with leading the cults first foray into the sport, a task they accept with enthusiasm and delight. What better way to gain the love of thousands than to deliver casualties and touchdowns by the score? Time will tell if they can.
Achievements great and small:

Prestige: 925

Year 7, summer, Sylvania vs. Ulthuan and Naggaroth

Year 7, spring, Sylvania
1st place
4-1-0 (incl. one win by forfeit)
10 prestige earned
+200, +20 for player achievements, -150 decay, -60 for player death
930 total prestige

A sad showing as scheduling conflicts prevented many matches from being played, and some of the oldest and most established teams bowed out. Still, after the activity that was achieved we came out on top, and ended up in a position to dominate the region in coming years.

Year 7, winter, high TV friendlies

Couldn't get a game, no matter how much we tried. Damn cowards!

Year 6, autumn, Gold division
5th place
3-1-3 (incl. one win by forfeit)
115 prestige lost
+70, +20 for player achievements, -205 lost to decay
920 total prestige

We finally clawed our way into the gold division, but sadly could not dominate the other teams there. We had a few decent matches, but too many strokes of bad luck and lapses in concentration to compete at the very top of the league. If we can maintain the prestige neccessary to stay, expect the players to give it 110% next year around, or be turned into blood sausage.

Year 6, summer, City of Spires Beauty Pageant Bowl
3rd place
45 prestige earned
+150, +50 for player achievements, -155 decay
1035 total prestige
Crushing victory (4-0 or better) in this match vs. Frederheim Renegades
A decent performance, but we could not get the better of our strongest rivals in the pageant and wound up behind the sisters of Avelorn and the daemonettes. No matter, we never liked the Magnificent Maharaja anyway.

Year 6, spring, Sylvania
2nd place
80 prestige earned
+130, +40 for player achievements, -90 decay
990 total prestige
Crushing victory (4-0 or better) in this match vs. Strigos Elită
A solid performance all around, but sadly the Vampheroes won in our last game denying us our rightful place at the top. We exchanged some violence with the blood dragons, saw an impressive showing from the newest vampire team despite their lack of experience, and even got a last chance to meet king Carol before his very timely demise (great job Stalkers!).

Silver star season, next year we want gold.

Year 6, winter, mid-high TV friendlies
Winter's Glory, awarded to Winter's best performing teams
A short and sweet winter season. We met two teams of rampageing, chaos tainted monsters and bested both through vampiric finesse and sacrificing thralls to keep the enemy busy. No luck involved, nooo sirree. Sadly we made little progress at replacing our previous losses and we'll be going into the Sylvanian regional with our surviving stars carrying the team. Who am I kidding, that should be more than enough!

Year 5, autumn, Silver division
2nd place
125 prestige earned
+220, +55 for player achievements, -145 decay, -15 for player death
910 total prestige
Crushing victory (4-0 or better) in this match vs. Crimson Fins and this match vs. Stone Prince's Men
A good season. Despite copious amounts of deaths and three lost vampires no one important were killed or maimed. Our record was enough to secure us a place near the top of the chart, but the Blood Dragons simply won too consistently for us to compete for first place. Next year, perhaps.

Year 5, summer, SCRIBBL Climax, West
5th place
10 prestige lost
+80, +25 for partnership, -115 decay
795 total prestige
Cabalvision Silver Partner, for sticking with the league two whole years
A sad showing after our recent spree of success, but still a decent result. The death of our hitter Itekuyet reduced the teams capabilities against the more agile teams, and while Senenmut is gradually learning the tricks needed to fill her shoes he didn't quite perfect his rat/elf/daemonette killing skills until it was too late and the season was all but done.

Year 5, spring, Sylvania
1st place
195 prestige earned
+170, +70 for player achievements, -5 decay, -40 for player death
805 total prestige

To our great sorrow Itekuyet lost her life against the Vampheroes, deepening our hatred of the Von Carsteins, but this awful crime filled the surviving players with the drive to excel and win the season in our founding sisters honor.

The strange asceticism of the Necrarch allowed them a draw, but all other clans came up short against us, old rivals and newcomers alike. At last the true rulers of the night take their place on the throne!

Year 5, winter, high TV friendlies

Only one game allowed in the high bracket, so we made a point out of playing an established team and showing that we could run with the big boys. Of course the first team to accept our invitation was the highest TV team in the entire league, and a powerful bash team at that, but we held a draw and showed that we deserve a seat at the grown-up table.

Year 4, autumn, Iron Division
2nd place
220 prestige earned
190, +80 for player achievements, -50 decay
610 total prestige
Crushing victory (4-0 or better) in this match vs. Court of Shu
A very good showing. Sadly the Vampheroes slipped past us in their final game, but we're still happy with the results.
Our leading players increased significantly in skill, and some others have been able to climb up from rookie level to start making names for themselves. Going into Spring and the Climax we are starting to get the team into tournament shape.

Year 4, summer, SCRIBBL Climax Qualifier VIII
1st place
270 prestige earned
+230, +40 for player achievements
390 total prestige
Crushing victory (4-0 or better) in this match vs. River Teufel Tricksters
Finally some results to be proud of. Seeing the opposition and noting the lack of high TV murdergangs we entered the season with cautious optimism, and for once we were rewarded. Only one team managed to deny us victory, we did not really know what to do about the ethereals and they played well by any standards. However, even they only managed a draw, and the rest fell like wheat before the scythe.

Of course this means well enter the SCRIBBL Climax next year, alongside CIBBL monoliths such as Eye and Arrow, the Meddlers, the Delegate and LSD, but we'll have an entire year to prepare. For now lets rejoice, thank our lucky stars and look for more lucerative sponsorship deals.

Good show, gang!

Year 4, spring, Sylvania
6th place
20 prestige earned
+10, +10 for player achievement
120 total prestige

Disgusting! Pitted against powerful teams of murderers, outmatched at every turn, and tripping over our own feet even when we had the skill advantage, the team achieved practically nothing. The only match not ending in utter disappointment was against the only team newer to CIBBL than us. At least some of the sisters got a few skills, and we’ve recruited our fourth vampire.

Shape up people, or you’ll be demoted to cheerleaders before long!

Year 4, winter, low TV friendlies

We played a new team from some far away backwater, and way too many skeletons. Not much to show for our trouble, but at least Cabalvisions eyes turn elsewhere in winter and our prestige was unaffected.

Year 3, autumn, clay division
4th place
3-0-3 (incl. two wins by forfeit)
100 prestige earned
100 total prestige

We got tossed into the clay division as a last minute replacement and pitted against a group of somewhat experienced teams. Nothing too awful, but the worst teams in the group refused to play us resulting in a less than stellar win record.

Not the amazing debut we were hoping for, but still a fine start and some promising team development.

Our best and brightest:

Ahmose: Sylvanias finest thrower and the most agile player in all of CIBBL. 120 prestige
Kentetenka: Swiftest vampire in the land and a mean scoring threat. 90 prestige
Bunefer: An important part of the teams projected power, second to none in the violence game after the death of Senenmut. 20 prestige

Former stars:
Senenmut: The teams best thrall, lightning quick and strong as a Blood Dragon. Killed by one of the Vampheroes thralls who we wont even honor by by naming. 50 prestige
Itekuyet: Once the teams primary hitter and their most experienced player. Killed by the villain Cyprian Drake. 40 prestige
Meresankh: The teams most recent rising star, fouled to death by Xamora before her carreer could take off. 20 prestige
Masaharta: An excellent scorer despite his young age, a true up-and-comer cut down in his prime. Well, killed by accident in his prime. 15 prestige
Merenre: Original team member and a reliable workhorse throughout his carreer. Killed by the monster Angantyr, but we killed'em right back. 10 prestige
...and why we don't like them:

What the Scions think about the different teams they've met in the wonderous world of CIBBL.

BC Submarine Zhufbar: Not just dwarves, but nerdy dwarves. How we lost to these knobs is unfathomable.
Tartarik Kowaz: Dumb green oafs. Stop picking your nose for a second and maybe we can teach you something.
Dukes of Earthquake Valley: Turns out nimble fingers and fabulous looks isn't always enough to win.
Seekers of Transcendence: Don't care what you're trying to transcend, cover your parts before I vomit.
Nehekhara Knightmares: Armored skeletons? Big guys who play ball? 8 players down by halftime!?! Who let these monsters into the league?
Ynys Morion Mabsantwyr: Where are these guys from? Are we even playing the same game? The sport is going to the dogs.
Mahrak Maulers: More bags of bones, hit hard and go down even harder. They wouldn't succumb to hypnotism, though. That made things difficult.
Offa's Hearthweru: What a gallant band of gentlemen. I'd love to meet this count Offa some day.
Strigos Elită: Filthy, rabid critters. The only thing to do is hurt them before they hurt you.
Tower of the Necromancer: A strong team, but oh so boring at the afterparty. They wouldn't even have a drink with us, whats that about?
Way of the Dragon: Brutal oafs, but could make useful allies. Wait, we can't make use of allies? Then screw'em.
Vlads Vampheroes: We tie, we beat them, they beat us. This rivalry is getting tiresome.
Serpent-Guards of Khalida: Hypnotism, chainsaws and high explosives? Genius! Too bad they're still just skeletons.
Livin' Thing: Rotting bags of flesh and bone, just poke 'em and they come apart.
Revenge Street Reapers: Ghosts who play ball! They float, they howl, they scare our thralls to death! Now I've seen everything.
Barak Varr Voyagers: Too slow to catch up, and we managed to avoid their tackles long enough to score a bit. This time. I hate dwarves.
River Teufel Tricksters: Elves, claws and horns. Could be a scary bunch, but they lack the discipline. Choose a new god or learn to dance like a vampire!
Court of Shu: Ascendance through suffering and adversity? It's no fun if they want it!
K'r'shh Sl'ppr'ss: Coiling, slithering critters. Everywhere, something to trip over or step on. Put it away!
Vostok Iron Head: Violent maniacs! Stop hitting us! Put some clothes on!
Black Monolith Worshippers: Claws and saws might scare some people, but nothing compares to strength and malice married to razor precision.
Secret Cult Of Shiamoto: Holy hell, what a powerful team. Still, they could not get past us without mauling the entire team first and so only managed a draw.
Drakenhof Red Dukes: Poor Dukes, come back next year and lets see what you've got.
Eye and Arrow: A wonderful team, but for all their nimble tricks they lack the fury to dominate the children of Nagash. Fan the flames of hatred, girls, and maybe you’ll do better next time.
Lords of the Silent Death: Damn filthy rats, too fast to chase, to slippery to mangle. And these ones have ninjas on the team!
Stone Prince's Men: Sneaky, grabby, handsy buggers. Someone file a complaint with HR!
Eternal Ecstasy: Cheating daemons, hypnotizing the refs and tearing all our thralls to pieces. We need to train more elf-killers for the next time.
ICBM Warpspawns: Haha, no claws, no grace, no style! You can’t defeat Neferatas scions just with fireballs and scrambling attempts at ballplay.
Crimson Fins: Score. Score. Chomp! Score. AAAAH! Score. The horror! Win. Lovely game, looking forward to next time.
Malignant Curators: Big monsters good for stomping and murdering, but so long as there are vampires left on the pitch you can’t prevent the score.
Bhubaneswar Rampage: No skill or grace, just extra limbs everywhere. How the hell did these guys win?
Beerbog Behemoths: The giants might be big and threatening, but those pixies are a terror! Like winged knives with mental problems. At least no one important died.
Montetriste Noblemen: We'd heard about the fiery estalians, but had no idea they were such accomplished vampire hunters. Add that to the list of places never to visit.
Deluge-Bearers: Ewww! We knew they were rats but these don't even seem to get basic health care! Irresponisible team management if I ever saw it.
Grim Shade Stalkers: A valiant try, but they lack the experience to compete at our level. We look forward to meeting the Stalkers with another few seasons behind them.
Crystal Mere Keepers: Meeting new teams and new races is always a delight, especially if they don't armor themselves properly.
Frederheim Renegades: Another murderous team tearing our thralls to pieces while the girls score again and again. When will they come up with something new?
Everlasting Vultures of Settra: Up and down like an undead yoyo, zooming across the pitch as fast as our swiftest vampires. Arent skeletons supposed to be slow? Stop it!
Modryn's Midnight Meddlers: All. Elves. Must. Die.
Fangsnappers Clawpack: Strong team, strong coach, strong smells. Damn rats.
Dreamers of Death and Despair: An impressive team, but they kept poaching our players. Stop it, we were using those!
Doom Glade Demons: A massive team, old and sluggish. Stay away from their hitters and target their arthritic knees.
Marienburg Magnetites: Swift as the wind, fragile as a leaf and vicious as a rabid dog. Being fouled and outbashed by elves felt weird.
Nagarythe Ravens: Do all elves hit this hard? At least this time we killed some back.
Hyanda En' I' Kuruni Aran: Yes. Turns out elves do hit that hard.
All the nice things we've won:

Year 5, spring
Player Ma St Ag Av Skills Inj G Cp Td It Cs Mvp SPP Cost  
Lahmian Vampire
7 3 4 8
Blood Lust, Dodge, Hypnotic Gaze, Regeneration
Pro, Block
  16 1 2 0 0 3 22/31 140k
Lahmian Vampire
7 3 6 8
Blood Lust, Dodge, Hypnotic Gaze, Regeneration
+AG, Block, Pro, Side Step, +AG, Sure Hands, Diving Tackle
  85 99 34 0 2 8 Legend
Lahmian Vampire
8 3 4 7
Blood Lust, Dodge, Hypnotic Gaze, Regeneration
+MA, Block, Pro, Side Step, Sure Feet, Shadowing, Catch
-av 81 3 71 0 7 3 Legend
Lahmian Vampire
7 3 4 8
Blood Lust, Dodge, Hypnotic Gaze, Regeneration
Pro, Block
  18 1 1 0 0 3 19/31 140k
7 3 3 8
Mighty Blow, Tackle, Frenzy
  23 0 3 1 8 4 47/51 150k
6 3 3 8
Dirty Player
  27 0 0 0 1 1 7/16 70k
8 3 3 8
+MA, Dodge
  10 0 0 0 0 4 20/31 150k
6 3 3 8   4 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 50k
6 3 3 8   19 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 50k
6 3 3 8 m 3 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 50k
6 3 3 8
Block, Kick
  19 0 0 0 3 2 16/31 90k
10 players (+1 player missing next game)  
Coach: Weresquid Re-Rolls (120k): 4  
Race: Lahmian (CIBBL) Fan Factor: 8  
Current Team Value: 1740k Assistant Coaches: 0  
Treasury: 340k Cheerleaders: 0  
Team Value: 1790k Apothecary: Yes  

Games Played:85 (38/24/23) |TD Diff:37 (158 - 121) |Cas Diff:-69 (78/44/18 - 115/67/27)
Last Opponent: Wolf Lands Slavers