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River Teufel Tricksters
Retired [L] Slaanesh (CIBBL)

The Lord of Excess - The Spider of Doom

Head Coach:

Home Stadium:
The Sanatorium, Frederheim Great Hospice

Team Colours:
Turquoise & Pink

River Teufel Tricksters - On Hiatus...

A rare and disturbing team of sadomasochistic elves and perverse worshippers of Slaanesh. Supposedly owned and run by the Dark Prince himself these renegades are all about Lust, Pain and Suffering. Most of the time they’re the target of this mischief themselves and they indulge in it. But they’re also able to pull off some killer plays with a combination of Elven precision, Slaangor sneakiness and the destructive power of the Slaanesh Warriors of Chaos.

Immerse yourself into the wicked background story of the notorious team that is The Tricksters.


Awards & Prestige:

After spring 2604 > 8 prestige points
After summer 2604 > 12,5 prestige points
After autumn 2604 > 16,5 prestige points

Year 2604

Friendlies, Winter - W/D/L - 0/1/1
Game 1: vs. Black Gulf Hippocampi, 0-2 loss
Game 2: vs. Vlad's Vampheroes, 2-2 draw
Game 3: N/A

Recap: Only 2 ‘friendly’ games during this winter but also the first matches for the Tricksters ever. A lot of casualties and journeymen was a theme. Also Death was a theme. 2nd game saw the bloody dimise of both Slaangors. Horrific and beautiful at same time. An immaculate 1st half with 2 TD’s vs. The Von Carstein team was the peak. The rest was below mediocre.

Regionals, Spring - W/D/L - 1/1/2 - 4th place
8 prestige points
(5 prestige points + 3 achievement points)
Game 1: vs. Gardeners of Nurgle, 0-1 loss
Game 2: vs. Seekers of Transcendence, 1-1 draw
Game 3: vs. Black Hearted Bloodseekers, 2-1 win
Game 4: vs. Coven of the Mirrored Hall, 0-2 loss

Recap: The Tricksters started out vs. the experienced Gardeners and the team had a good game but messed up when an obvious opportunity to score a tieing TD was wasted. 2nd game vs. the Seekers was an extraordinary chaotic outing with a rampant Spawn injuring Kless in a sea of extra limbs and horrid creatures. But the game was a draw and 1 point was secured. Lewdshade really started to show leader abilities with a TD, a CAS and MVP award. 3rd round vs. the Bloodseekers finally paid off and the Tricksters got their 1st victory in CIBBL. This was achieved with only 2 warriors, 5 slaves and a bunch of freebooters. Again Lewdshade took to the front with a casualty and a TD. The CAS was a sack that killed the ballhandler who unfortunately was revived by the Khornates doc. 4th game was against the legendary Coven and was also the 1st match with a full contingent of warriors - that would change (!). This game deserves a recap of its own (see match report). An epic match to end the season.
Tournament MVP:
Drachron Lewdshade

Scribbl Summer Climax Qualifiers VIII - W/D/L - 0/3/2 - 7th place
4,5 prestige points
(3 prestige points + 1,5 achievement points)
Game 1: vs. Tartarik Kowaz, 1-1 draw
Game 2: vs. Revenge Street Reapers, 0-2 loss
Game 3: vs. Livin’ Thing, 1-1 draw
Game 4: vs. Mootland Defenders, 1-1 draw
Game 5: vs. Scions of Neferata, 0-4 loss

Recap: Summer came and started promising with a draw vs. a strong orc team that should have secured the win. But 2nd match saw both the death of Kless and a gruelling loss. The ethereals were unstoppable. 3rd game was the best showing this season with a 1-1 draw vs. a tough undead team. Then came the Defenders. The warriors licked their lips hoping for a feast and a score fest... The Tricksters were lucky to get a draw! Top team Scions waited in the final game. The Tricksters tried to overwhelm the lahmians but nothing worked and the biggest defeat to date was a reality.
Tournament MVP:
Rhiahirr Xcezz

Clay Division, Autumn - W/D/L - 1/1/4- ... place
... prestige points

Game 1: vs. Gnoming (2509), 1-2 loss
Game 2: vs. Black Hearted Bloodseekers, 1-2 loss
Game 3: vs. Squill's Squig Pitt, 2-1 win
Game 4: vs. Black Gulf Hippocampi, 1-2 loss
Game 5: vs. Bloodforce, 1-1 draw
Game 6: vs. ICBM Warpspawns, 1-3 loss

Recap: First game of Autumn was a disaster! Brutal gnomes - supported by a chance warping representative of Tzeentch surely - wiped out the whole team like it was nothing. Only Lewdshade and a couple of slaves made it through the whole game. The Pain and Anguish was lovely though.
Next match vs. the Bloodseekers - regional rivals and sworn arch enemies - was an awesome match. The Tricksters almost ‘tricked’ the khornates with a splendid passing game but a single failure by new goat Lubrigor gave the Bloodseekers an upper hand - and the win.
Third game facing off against bloodthirsty squigs and their mean handlers proved to be somewhat successful. The Tricksters won it and could - with a bit of luck - have won even more comfortably. But pain and glory goes hand in hand with this team and late in the game two underachieving warriors bought the ticket. Ironically enough they were maimed by ignorant sqiugs using their claws as intended so one might say that 'they had it coming'.
Next Myrmidians. Tough game with very good play and very bad play. Lewdshade tripped and stunned himself at a crucial moment - dropping the ball - allowing the opposition an opportunity to score - which they did. Painful loss. But painful in a sexy way...
Then DoK arrived in a haze of violence. The Tricksters managed to squeeze in a 1-1 result despite the obligatory team-‘implosion’ towards the end of the game - slowly becoming a trademark.
Last game vs. DoT was a drag. The pink horrors proved to be superior ballhandlers and dodgers. The heavy rain didn’t bother them and the impending loss was obvious early in the game. Tricksters managed to pull one back but just before the last turn a well placed rock hit Ssin. 4th time in 17 games she was targeted by a projectile from the stands. This time she didn’t escape the cold hands of death...
Tournament MVP:
Buzz Bootlicker

Fixture deadlines - Current season - ...

Year 2605

Destined for Greatness!


The Tricksters 1st public appearance came when a scandalous exposé, featured in the monthly CabalVision program 'Altdorfer anti-Daemonic Rundfunk', hit the news-stands across The Known World. It proved that the SMDS - 'The Sanatorium for the Mentally Deranged in Sports' (a subsidary of The Great Hospice based in Frederheim southwest of Altdorf) - supposedly run by the gentle and meek Sisters of Shallya - had a secret agenda. An undercover journalist - posing as a gender disturbed Half-orc kicker - discovered the dark truth about the institute.

Slaanesh - the Dark Prince himself - had secretly been twisting the minds of renowned Blood Bowl players across the world for decades and ultimately 'drafted' them for a so called 'voluntary compulsive revalidation' at the Frederheim clinic. Behind the barred windows and barbed-wire topped walls of the Sanatorium the reporter discovered extensive brainwashing and manipulation of the patients when these craftsmen of the sport were either convinced to obey and serve the Lord of Excess or drained dry of their precious knowledge and expertise concerning the Holy sport.

When the story blew up in the media Slaanesh himself seized the opportunity to announce his true interest in Blood Bowl by unleashing his vile creation - The River Teufel Tricksters - onto the Blood Bowl circuit. The looming scandal seemingly vaporized with his announcement and this new exciting team concept, and the promise of more glorious CabalVision-friendly bloodshed in the Holy name of Nuffle, stifled most critical voices. Many for good...

Mr. Dorjak Sureclaw - ex-starplayer, former patient and former Trickster headcoach (1 match only!) - puts it like this when interviewed by a mildly intimidated but strangely mesmerized ADR-sportsreporter.

"Any complaints and indignation was drowned by the need, and right, of the public for more and better Blood Bowl. My Master just eyed an obvious opportunity to impose himself, and his gifts to the people, unto the Blood Bowl scene and the hype of the "scandal" convienently escalated everything - now The Tricksters can openly strive for their ultimate goal. Total and inescapable dominance of everything Blood Bowlesque in The Known World - and they will - just you wait and see"

Now that The Tricksters have joined such a well established league as The CIBBL the sky is the limit. Many pundits acknowledge that the appearance of Slaanesh teams in the world of Blood Bowl might finally put the Dark Prince where many believes he belongs - on the Throne of the Dark Gods.

Hall of Fame

Gregor Lushclaw - KIA, final game of Spring 2604.

Headcoach: N/A

Assistant Coaches: N/A

Side-line Seductress:
Lilith ‘Legless’

Current Team Captain:
Drachron ‘The Slicer-dicer’ Lewdshade

Apothecary: Jürgen 'Scissors' Demoncutter. Frederheim specialist in Body and Face sculpting and beautiful suturing. Very popular with the players. Hired after the 2nd game which saw the bloody deaths of both of the teams Slaangors.

The Black Book
These wicked girls and their minions - Scions of Neferata - are responsible for The Tricksters most humiliating defeat. Next time around they’ll get a taste of the cracking whip of Slaanesh themselves.

CIBBL uses special Star Players
NamePriceMASTAGAVSkillsTimes Induced

Angus Porterhouse
240k5527Loner, Break Tackle, Horns, Juggernaut, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Smashed Knee (Niggling Injury), Smashed Hip (-MA), (-AV) 2

Dorjak Sureclaw
140k6339Loner, Claw, Very Long Legs, Smashed Collar Bone (-ST) 1

Duke Luthor von Hawkfire
170k6438Loner, Accurate, Nerves of Steel, Pass2

Bilerot Vomitflesh
130k4429Loner, Foul App., Disturbing Presence, Dirty Player1

Borg'th N'throg
260k5529Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Loner, Regeneration, Throw Team-mate2

Team logo by Fanky - NSL template by Balle2000 - Slaanesh profile pic by doomspider
Player Ma St Ag Pa Av Skills Inj G Cp Td It Cs Mvp SPP Cost  
7 3 3+ - 7+
Horns, Prehensile Tail, Very Long Legs
Mighty Blow, Block
  8 0 0 0 3 2 16/ 130k
Slaanesh Warrior
6 4 4+ - 8+
Claw, Very Long Legs
+AG, Block, Dodge
  17 1 2 0 10 2 37/ 190k
Slaanesh Warrior
6 4 3+ - 8+
Claw, Very Long Legs
  6 0 0 0 2 2 14/ 130k
7 2 3+ - 7+
Horns, Prehensile Tail, Very Long Legs
-st, m 4 0 0 0 1 1 7/ 100k
Slave to Darkness
6 3 4+ - 7+
n 14 1 1 0 1 1 11/ 80k
Slave to Darkness
6 3 4+ - 7+   3 0 1 0 0 0 3/ 60k
Slave to Darkness
6 3 4+ - 7+
Leader, Wrestle
  15 5 1 0 1 2 20/ 110k
Slave to Darkness
6 3 5+ - 7+
Dodge, Block, +AG
  17 11 6 0 3 2 45/ 140k
Slave to Darkness
6 3 4+ - 7+   3 1 0 0 0 0 1/ 60k
Journeyman Slave to Darkness
6 3 4+ - 7+
  0 0 0 0 0 0 0/ 60k
Journeyman Slave to Darkness
6 3 4+ - 7+
  0 0 0 0 0 0 0/ 60k
Journeyman Slave to Darkness
6 3 4+ - 7+
  0 0 0 0 0 0 0/ 60k
8 players (+1 player missing next game)
Coach: doomspider Re-Rolls (140k): 2  
Race: Slaanesh (CIBBL) Dedicated Fans: 7  
Current Team Value: 1350k Assistant Coaches: 0  
Treasury: 120k Cheerleaders: 1  
Team Value: 1450k Apothecary: Yes  

Games Played:17 (2/6/9) |TD Diff:-14 (15 - 29) |Cas Diff:-16 (21/8/2 - 24/17/6)
Last Opponent: ICBM Warpspawns