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Under-Nuln Bells
P [L] Skaven (CIBBL)

Head Coach:

Comrat Neuquol



Team Colours:
Steel Grey and Warpstone Green

Template by Balle2000

The Under-Nuln Bells
"Seize-grab the means of production!"
it squeaked-screeched from thousands of jaws. The Skaven of Under-Nuln defied-overthrew their former masters-overlords, they wanted-demanded more rations of warpcheese, better working conditions and the right to pursue-play Blood Bowl. Why should backwaters like Under-√úbersreik have Blood Bowl teams, while the great under-city of Under-Nuln was left-neglected to produce-assemble armour, bombs, jezzails and Doomwheels for the big clans? "All power to the council!" the revolution demanded-urged.

For the first time slaves and lowly clanrats overthrew-deposed a mighty warlord, who was later found riddled-punctured with warp-dagger wounds. Afraid-scared of similar uprisings in other under-cities the Skavenblight Great Council of the Thirteen sent Neuquol, an eccentric-weird and narcissitic-treacherous Grey Seer, in a sealed-shut Doomwheel to Under-Nuln. In his manifesto "The right of Skavendom to Blood Bowl" he quickly promised-vowed the radicals-fanatics of Under-Nuln their own team and the triumph-victory of the Old-World revolution.

Under-Nuln was now ruled-controlled by a council of the twelve most influential-dominant revolutionaries-comrats with a thirteenth seat left open for the great horned rat. Comrat Neuquol was voted-bribed to be the Chairrat of the Skaven's Comrats and the coach of the newly formed team, the Under-Nuln Bells.

Winter 2605
The Under-Nuln Bells started-began in CIBBL with the opportunity-misfortunes to play three friendlies-deathgames. Despite deaths-deaths and injuries-maimings the revolutionary Skaven team won-upset all three games.

Spring 2605
The first Skavenblight regional showed the big-huge potential of the Bells, but lackluster-weak performances against the Deluge-Bearers and the Sartors meant a weak-sad 4th place.

Summer 2605
It went a lot better for the Under-Nuln Bells in Summer, a respectable-fierce second place, only behind the White Raven. Tied on points the Bells lost out only on strength of schedule.

Autumn 2605
Again a second place! The closest-tightest tournament CIBBL has ever seen almost ended in triumph, but in the end the Great Kurgan took the win home into the steppes.

Winter 2606
Friendly-Deadlies were won. Everything goes exactly-complety according to the smart-cunning plan.

Spring 2606
Abort! Abort! The plan failed! Treacherous other clans found out our secrets, lost to Skryre and Pestilence. Wins against Moulder and illoustrious-dangerous Mors team not enough. Ended on dissapointing-pathetic 4th place.

Summer 2606
The city of Nuln invited all team of the area and teams witch technological advancements to crown-elect the best. The Bells win-win all five games, including a great revenge-grudge against treacherous Skryre Rocketeers.

Autumn 2606
Success! Success! The Under-Nuln Bells won-triumphed in the Copper Torunament. Greatest-best moment was the 4-0 crushing victory over the Bhubaneswar Rampage. Skaven trickery-bribes also made the K'r'shh Sl'ppr'ss concede and retire from the league.

Winter 2607
Loss-defeat to the Coven of the Mirrored Hall. Our cowardly linemen folded to Tzeentch's heralds.

Spring 2607
A somewhat better performance than the previous spring tournaments, but still no win-triumph for the Bells. First loss to the now retired-disgraced Clawpack and a bad performance against the eventual winners-cheaters Rocketeers ended aspirations-dreams.

Summer 2607
Yes-yes! Another summer win-success for the Bells. Despite elemental treachery and a bad-horrible outing versus a human dwarf alliance we triumph-achieve and lift all of Skavenblight to the top-top. Highlights were the hard fought-fought win against the Midnight Meddlers and the must win game and destruction-annihilation against the Eternals. Sqeekout to the Wyrdstone Inhalers for securing the tournament!

Autumn 2607
Treachery! Unimaginable treachery! After winning-dominating the first five games with only two touchdowns conceded and twelce scored, we lost-lost to the foul creatures of the misty isle. Because one of our gutter runners couldn't (or was paid-bribed to not) catch the ball. Even worse, the inept-clumsy fimir were able to score a touchdown of their own, after the treacherous fans threw the ball in their direction. Not all was lost though, in the last game against the hideous spawns of chaos a win was needed and looked indeed very likely-sure, but it wasnt to be. Poppy Merrybruck, who was transformed into a Daemon Prince of Khorne scored the touchdown to tie the game. He only grew hands because of the transformation Neuquol himself has helped-caused with his magic. Treachery!

Winter 2608
We won-won against the frogmen and most of our injuries from autumn were healed. Spring is time for revenge!

Spring 2608

Star Players
Squarx Deadreaver
Truly blessed by the Great Horned Rat Squarx blocks even the biggest-meanest foes with ease-ease. Not the most nimble-sneaky rat anymore, but strength makes up for lacking agility.

Qulk Grimgaze
The games have taken their toll on the old-frail gutter, but he remains one of the best on-the-ball defenders of the Bells. Died-died in Autumn 2607.

Quonq Sharpfangs
Sharp-strong claws make Squarx an unstoppable force.

Funt Skurrytail
The horned gutter hits with the fury of a big-big rat. Great-good sacker who recently has learned to fly-fly with ease.

Skruch Duskwalker
Stalks his prey until they slip-fall, Duskwalker's eyes are always on the ball.

The teams best kicker developed into a strong-formidable player.

The many awards of the Under-Nuln Bells


Spring 2605: 4th place
Summer 2605: 2nd place
Autumn 2605: 2nd place Marble
Spring 2606: 4th place
Summer 2606: 1st place
Autumn 2606: 1st place Copper
Spring 2607: 2nd place
Summer 2607: 1st place



Squarx Deadreaver

Quonq Sharpfangs

Funt Skurrytail

Skruch Duskwalker

Xech Steelstalker

Player Ma St Ag Av Skills Inj G Cp Td It Cs Mvp SPP Cost  
Storm Vermin
7 3 3 8
Claw, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Guard, Juggernaut, Horns
  61 0 1 0 44 7 Legend
Storm Vermin
7 5 2 8
Mighty Blow, Tackle, +ST, Break Tackle, Guard, +ST
-ag 57 0 1 0 51 6 Legend
Gutter Runner
9 2 4 7
Block, Side Step, Guard
  19 3 11 0 0 2 46/51 150k
Gutter Runner
9 2 5 7
Wrestle, Horns, Tackle, Leap, +AG
  39 12 23 0 3 2 97/126 210k
Gutter Runner
9 2 4 7
Wrestle, Tackle, Side Step, Shadowing, Strip Ball
  60 10 27 1 4 2 111/126 180k
Gutter Runner
10 2 4 7
  2 1 0 0 0 1 6/16 110k
7 3 3 7
Pass, Sure Hands
Mighty Blow
  6 1 0 0 0 2 11/16 100k
7 4 3 7
Kick, +ST, Block, Tackle, Frenzy
  60 0 2 0 11 10 78/126 180k
7 3 3 7 m 1 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 50k
7 3 3 7
  15 0 0 0 2 1 9/16 70k
7 3 3 7   1 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 50k
6 3 3 7
Dirty Player
-ma 16 0 1 0 1 1 10/16 70k
7 3 3 7   8 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 50k
7 3 3 7
  13 0 0 1 0 1 7/16 70k
13 players (+1 player missing next game)  
Coach: neubau Re-Rolls (120k): 3  
Race: Skaven (CIBBL) Fan Factor: 10  
Current Team Value: 2070k Assistant Coaches: 0  
Treasury: 110k Cheerleaders: 0  
Team Value: 2120k Apothecary: Yes  

Games Played:62 (41/8/13) |TD Diff:50 (114 - 64) |Cas Diff:-25 (97/53/19 - 114/61/19)
Last Opponent: Rotfall Ironworks Rocketeers