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Location: Crystal Mere, Athel Loren
Nickname: Lake Ladies
Stadium: Crystal Mere Shoreside
Surface: Grass

Colors: Aqua and Deep Blue


Winter - Year 6

The team comes into the league relatively late into Winter but with still more than enough time to play their 5 friendly games. Fresh faced and a few early wide TV gaps, the Keepers got to see the potential of the Great Slyph through the inducements granted.

Though we've yet to see a win, the skills are coming. 2 draws and 3 losses with our TV at 1340k going into Spring. A lot of early cash infusions are seeing us take a permanent Slyph, a bold move considered by most with the potential for Wild Animal/Loner disaster but we are still looking to this with anticipation!

Spring - Year 6

We got our first taste of the Athel Loren division and it is one thorny path for sure. Wood Elf, Dryads and Treemen all with established names and coaches behind them. We certainly gave each game our best but tasked with competing against these division giants well...we're definitely going to have to improve for next year.

We walk away with a few of our players sore at a 1/0/3. Our first win of the team's career came against fellow newcomers to the Division, Wolvassa's Kurnous team the Drakwold Thicketkeepers. Quite a bloody game that was too (for them at least).

Summer - Year 6

The collective weight of CIBBL's team value is still proving to be a difficult hurdle to overcome. Despite the fact that Summer was supposed to be a somewhat more promising battlefield for our still developing team, there is just far too much ground to make up on the more senior teams and the dice have not been on our side.

We were entered in the City of Spires Beauty Pageant alongside 5 other beautified teams. Much like spring 4 of them belong to seasoned vets whilst 1 proved to be an even match. Our most promising game came at the hands of the notorious DoS team Eternal Ecstasy, coached by Nightbreed and home to the #1 Legend player Lashweaver we played an amazing game to 3-3 tie with these behemoths. With the immense help of Jordell Freshbreeze in this game, he went on to become a staple star player throughout the run to try and make up the team value difference.

But through it all a win couldn't be bought and we walk away from this on a broken 0/2/3. Least we're still gorgeous though...

TEAM BIO (Warning: Long Read!)

Though the mysterious pools of Crystal Mere within Athel Loren are known to have otherworldy properties, being at the epicenter for the foretelling of danger to the Asrai homeland by it's gifted scryers, it serves another albeit not as well known purpose.

When the sport of Bloodbowl took the Old World by storm Wood Elf teams became one of, if not the most prominent teams ever to grace the pitch. Lightest on their feet of any elf, they could make any score against lumbering and nimble races alike effortlessly.

But with all of this agile prowess also comes a cost. Armor is not something an Asrai player has, nor desires so with speed comes fragility. And Wood Elf teams that persist in the sport do so knowing that any hit to a player could be the last.

And boy does the body count begin to stack. To replace a Wood Elf is an expenditure that would bankrupt a small kingdom, and even Athel Loren can run short on supply of their cherished players between seasons. So a solution was pursued of the more...mystical persuasion:

An elixir of regenerative properties. The scryers of Crystal Mere have long thought it's waters held the ability to heal and so efforts were pursued to brew an elixir that Wood Elves could keep with them on the pitch should the need (as often as it does) arise in times of crisis.

Many attempts were made, the realm's brightest apothecaries were brought in and ingredients from even the most far reaching places of Old World were scoured to bring out the elixir's desired effect. Unfortunately no Asrai has ever seen even a modest improvement to their health when an injury presents itself and the undertaking proved futile.

The scryers returned to their original duties in failure. However one night, Isha the Goddess of Nature and Life revealed herself to them. Or at least it was believed to be her spirit in some form, her avatar had been seen in times of war before, but this was a visage of beauty and grace unlike any other. The scryers were in awe as such a thing was a rare and blessed sight to behold.

They felt unworthy to be in her presence, she then spoke to them commending their efforts to preserve the sanctity of life. Though what happened next came as even more a shock to the scryers. The spirit seemed perplexed as to the nature with which this desire to preserve life came. "This...Blood Bowl, this end you have pursued this gift of life for...what may I ask is it?"

Isha, being believed to be the omniscient force of nature she was desired knowledge from mere mortals? The scryers looked at one another both with intrigue and a silent fear that answering the great spirit's question may have...wrathful consequences. The fact that all this effort was being expended for a mere game seemed offensive when in the presence of a greater being.

However one of the scryers (eventually) spoke up and gave the spirit the knowledge she desired. The game of Blood Bowl and it's brief history in the world was now known to the Goddess of Life herself. History was silently made, and the scryers awaited Isha's reply with bated breath.

Isha pondered this for a short while, then told the scryers: "Your cause seems most unusual...though I still commend you for your efforts. The elixir you seek is one I have the power to grant, but it will not bless the Asrai with the feats you so desire." Disheartened at this brief revelation, the scryers yet waited for the goddess to continue.

"There are however beings in your realm which do have the power to receive this blessing and may be of use to your cause. I will summon them here, return here on the next night and you shall have your "players" as you call them." With that Isha's visage vanished and the scryers left the shores of the Crystal Mere, both with anticipation and a great many questions.

When they returned the next night not only was Isha true to her word but the scryers were taken rather aback by the...locale's appearance. A Blood Bowl pitch, plain as day (or night in this case) had presented itself where the scryers had stood on the shoreside last night, lit by the light of the now shimmering waters of the Crystal Mere and many glowing entities dancing lightly all around that looked almost natural in appearance.

On it were the promised "players". Training as it would seem, the scryers didn't recognize them at first but one finally pointed out a legend that had been alluded to for as long as the Asrai have been around. The Sisters of the Thorn! Fearsome warriors grown from the roots of The Great Oak known to house incredible magics within their bodies.

They were however still a little new the game it would seem. As the scryers watched they couldn't help but notice what could only be described as an "average" performance. Suddenly one of the players dashed to the endzone with the ball in hand, and a hard shove from another pushed her off the confines of the pitch, causing her to collide with a tree at an incredible force. The scryers could've sworn she was dead with how hard she hit it, but one of her Sisters went to the Crystal Mere and filled a vial with it's imbued waters.

When she brought it back to the unfortunate player, the scryers were amazed. After she drank it her injuries healed effortlessly and she went right back to playing. The scryers cheered in true Blood Bowl fan fashion!

As the game passed, Isha's visage appeared again, this time at the center of the pitch with the Sisters gathered around her. The scryers waited anxiously for her to speak again.

"I present to you the team you desire seekers of knowledge and life, know that they still hold only the basic skill your game requires but in time they will grow. And I will also bestow upon you beings of greater prowess when the time is right."

Suddenly new forms came to life before her, swirling pools from the Mere came forming an almost human shape. And behind them an awesome being of power likened to that of Isha's war avatar suddenly stood towering over all.

"These Naiads are blessed with a speed and fluidity that will greatly traverse the trials ahead of you. The Great Slyph is my will made manifest in a being of incredible power and will assist you greatly should the need arise. All are blessed with the gift of the Crystal Mere I have bestowed upon it, so take care to guard the mysteries of this lake as there are many who would seek to defile it should it's newfound power be learned of. I wish you luck, young Asrai."

And with that, Isha, the Naiads, and the mighty Slyph vanished in a flash of light. When the scryers regained sight after the momentary blinding, they noticed the pitch was no longer there. The shore was as it had been the previous night, with the Sisters of the Thorn looking upon them in silence. One then spoke a very important rule:

To play on the pitch when it appears seemed counter-intuitive to Isha's wishes of secrecy but the goddess is a lot more crafty than her benevolence would have others believe. To the untrained eye there would be nothing unusual about the pitch and the healing the elixir provides would be taken before each match to seem natural to Isha's beings, though this may hamper it from working at times should the effects wear off. The mysteries would remain untouched so long as the scryers were dutiful in their vow.

Then one by one, they gestured to the scryers...giving a hint as to their intention of a quick return and mounted their deerlike "Steeds of Isha" to ride off into the moonlit night. The scryers knew they had been sworn to secrecy by Isha and so it was decided that they shall uphold her wishes, passing it only to their heirs as the ages passed.

They had become the Keepers of Crystal Mere, and for the blood bowl fans who love their team names to have a distinct flavor they decided on the name for the team:

Crystal Mere Keepers!


Nothing yet!


Give the Lake Ladies time!

*** Did you know...

Our Elixir that fuels the team's impressive regeneration is a 100% guarantee. Unfortunately it benefits no other race when ingested (not even Wood Elves!) and when it does fail the Keepers we know that some sneaky goblin switched the vials out with tap water...

Security's still pretty lax, the team's royally expensive as it is!

Bio template by Balle2000. Helmet templates by Thom_Darkness.

Player Ma St Ag Av Skills Inj G Cp Td It Cs Mvp SPP Cost  
Sister of the Thorn
6 3 4 7
Leader, Dodge
  14 3 1 0 0 2 16/31 120k
Sister of the Thorn
6 3 4 7
Dodge, Wrestle
  13 3 0 0 0 3 18/31 120k
Sister of the Thorn
6 3 4 7
  14 1 1 0 2 0 8/16 100k
Sister of the Thorn
6 3 4 7
  13 2 0 0 0 1 7/16 110k
Sister of the Thorn
6 3 4 7
Guard, Dodge
  13 1 1 0 1 2 16/31 130k
Sister of the Thorn
6 3 4 7
  14 3 0 0 1 1 10/16 100k
Sister of the Thorn
6 3 4 7
  14 3 1 0 1 0 8/16 100k
7 3 4 7
Regeneration, Side Step
Dodge, Block
  11 2 6 0 2 1 29/31 150k
7 3 4 7
Regeneration, Side Step
  4 5 0 0 0 1 10/16 130k
7 3 4 7
Regeneration, Side Step
  1 1 0 0 0 0 1/6 110k
Great Sylph
6 5 2 8
Disturbing Presence, Loner, Mighty Blow, Regeneration, Side Step, Wild Animal
  9 0 0 0 3 0 6/16 190k
11 players  
Coach: Bluegill87 Re-Rolls (120k): 3  
Race: Isha (CIBBL) Fan Factor: 4  
Current Team Value: 1580k Assistant Coaches: 0  
Treasury: 20k Cheerleaders: 0  
Team Value: 1580k Apothecary: No  

Games Played:14 (1/4/9) |TD Diff:-17 (12 - 29) |Cas Diff:-30 (8/4/4 - 23/18/5)
Last Opponent: Eye and Arrow