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Pro Elves

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The Story
The busy port of Marienburg attracts workers, merchants and travelers from various races all over the Old World. One of the inhabitants of Marienburg was a Gnomish inventor specializing in novel applications of strange stones delved near the Badlands. These stones were brought to Marienburg by the international trade affairs of House Rothemuur.

The stones, called “Magnetite Stones”, magically attracted metal objects. One of the first inventions made using these stones was a sort of ‘magnetite broom’. Halfling cooks used this broom to clean up all the cutlery from the floors. Some Halflings were even seen to be using the broom to secretly retrieve coins from the various wishing ponds around the city. This application made the inventor quite famous in the local Halfling community.

When the magnetite stones were attached to a piece of wood floating in a water-filled bucket the wood somehow always magically pointed in the same direction. Sea faring merchants became good customers and used this invention for navigation at sea. This brought the Gnomish inventor into contact with the seafaring Elves of Sith Rionnasc'namishathir, the Elvish enclave inside Marienburg.

Original patent application for show in the Magnetite Museum

There it was that the Gnome met Ulrandir, a famous former blood bowl player from Ulthuan. It is rumored that Ulrandir had to flee from Ulthuan with heart-ache for his mistress and chased by her angry husband. In Marienburg Ulrandir was keen on founding a new blood bowl team. The Gnome made a few specific bloodbowl inventions exclusively for Ulrandir and his new team of Marienburg Magnetites:

Magnetite stones embedded in the gloves, to allow magnetic catching of the metal enforced or spiked ball
Magnetite stone forged brass knuckles, to allow stronger hits on metal armoured opponents
Magnetite stone layer in the boots, to allow more blatant fouls on metal armoured opponents

Promotional video demonstrating the concept of magnetite enhanced gloves

Promotional video demonstrating the concept of magnetite enhanced boots

The team was financed in a typical Marienburg fashion: Merchant houses and rich individuals brought together the 1,000,000 gold pieces starting capital. Each house investing in the team received a share in the assets and profits. Financial statements are made every year to account for the earnings, expenses and market capitalization. Occasionally, so called ‘dividend’ (also known as expensive mistakes) will be handed out to the shareholders as well.

Despite being located in The Old World, the financial manager, the players and the shareholders all voted for participation in the ‘Ulthuan & Naggaroth’ region. For the players: This would allow them to see their overseas relatives during away matches. For the shareholders (mostly Marienburg merchant guilds): This would attract rich fans and associated spendings from overseas to Marienburg during home matches. For the financial manager: The Ulthuan & Naggaroth region is deemed less ‘bashy’ than the Old World region, leading to lower expenses on player replacement, and, henceforth, leading to larger profit shares.

The team quickly rose in popularity and found many supporters in Elf, Human, Gnome and Halfling communities in Marienburg and surrounding villages. The team’s famous song Magnetite! No one escapes the field lines! could occasionally even be heard whistling by a stumpy Dwarf Scout trading ore in the Marienburg docks... although he would surely never admit it.
Sheet music available here

It’s in our gloves, so we catch it
It’s in our boots, so we stomp
It’s in our knuckles, your helmet gets smacked
It forces the whistle right out of ref’s hand
It makes you regret that you wore ferrometallics today

No-one escapes the field lines
No no no

No-one escapes the field lines
No no no


The Team
The team consists of elves that were originally working in the Marienburg harbours. They quit their jobs for the fame and glory and went along with coach Medon on the blood bowl adventure. Some of the players are ‘pure elves’. They were born in Ulthuan many hundred years ago and set sail to Marienburg during a later phase in their lives. It is these elves that fulfil the star roles of blitzers, catchers and throwers in the team. The team is complemented by elves of lesser rank and standards, that were born and raised in Marienburg. Some of these players even aren’t pure blood anymore, having some fraction of human blood running through their veins and carrying local first or family names. These elves fulfil the role of lineman in the team.

Notable current players:

UlrandirUlrandir is the co-founder and self-declared team captain. Although he did acquire some awards during his career, he mainly excels in one thing: Boasting and bragging about his performance.
Yesanith QidanYesanith Qidan managed to score four completions in his very first ever performance, against the Doom Glade Demons, earning him the "aerodynamic aim" achievement worth 15 prestige points to the team!
Alred SharorisAlred Sharoris is an exceptionally ferocious Blitzer, that had little or no eye for the ball but focused on maiming and killing opponents instead. In this match against Doom Glade Demons he even scored a Triple X award for causing three casualties in a single game!
Kolvar ValethKolvar Valeth grew up as abandoned child of unknown parentage. During his rough life on the streets he developed exceptional strength and blocking skills. He is the anchorman in many offensive and defensive drives, and occasionally even fulfills the role of ball carrier in the running game.

Notable former players:

Ralnor Quina
Ralnor Quina was a lucky man, or so he thought. Started his career in a glorious way, winning the Youthful Vibrance Award for most completions in his very first tournament, quickly climbing the ranks and acquiring essential block and dodge skills. He was full of confidence when the match versus the True Roots of Khaine started. But alas... he quickly found out that these evil trees were not his friends... may you Rest In Peace, Ralnor.

The Performance

Sportive performance
(important to the fans)

Y8 SpringUlthuan & Naggaroth3rd place, 3/0/2?
Y8 WinterWinter Friendlies High4th place, 0/0/1↑ 805
Y7 AutumnTin Division1st place, 5/1/1↑ 780
Y7 SummerSylvania Summer Showdown4th place, 1/4/0 ↑ 580
Y7 SpringUlthuan & Naggaroth2nd place, 3/1/1↑ 520
Y7 WinterFriendlies Mid-= 405
Y6 AutumnWood Division3rd place, 4/0/2↑ 405
Y6 SummerLosterikson's Tournament3rd place, 3/1/1↑ 255
Y6 SpringYoungbloods XIX2nd place, 1/1/1↑ 100

Annual Financial Statement
(important to the shareholders)

YearTurnoverExpensesProfitDividendShare price
Y7840,000640,000200,00010,000↑ 232
Y6480,000430,00050,000-↑ 168
Y5----↑ 100

- Turnover: All winnings combined
- Expenses: Money spent on buying new players and team rerolls
- Profit: Difference between the turnover and expenses
- Dividend: Money spent on 'Expensive mistakes'
- Share price: Market capitalization, also known as tournament weight, divided in ten thousand equal shares issued to the various merchant houses and rich individuals in Marienburg

The Awards
The team and its players acquired numerous awards over the various seasons. The list below is sorted alphabetically, and split in two parts: The first table shows awards that still give prestige. The second table shows older awards that are covered under a thick layer of dust and are nowadays only remembered by the most die-hard fans.

Awards in the Trophy Cabinet
Aerodynamic aim award, Y6 Summer. Handed out to Yesanith Qidan after making four completions in this match versus the Doom Glade Demons.
Cabalvision Silver Partnership, Y8 Winter. Handed out to The Team for playing 8 consecutive seasons in the CIBBL franchise.
Crushing Victory award, Y7 Autumn. Handed out to The Team for winning with 4-0 against Ali's Anarchists in this match.
Star award, Y7 Autumn. Handed out to Yesanith Qidan for reaching 51 star player points.
Star award, Y7 Autumn. Handed out to Alred Sharoris for reaching 51 star player points.
Star award, Y7 Autumn. Handed out to Ulrandir for reaching 51 star player points.
Tin Division Medal, Y7 Autumn. Handed out to The Team for ending nr. 1 in the Tin Division.
Terrific Might of Tin award, Y7 Autumn. Handed out to Yesanith Qidan for the most completions of the tournament.
Triple X award, Y7 Summer. Handed out to Kolvar Valeth after scoring three CAS in this match versus the Grim Shade Stalkers.
Triple X award, Y7 Spring. Handed out to Alred Sharoris after scoring three CAS in this match versus the Doom Glade Demons.
Turn it up to Eleven award, Y7 Spring. Handed out to Simimar Glynqen for committing the most fouls of the tournament.
Turn it up to Eleven award, Y7 Spring. Handed out to Alred Sharoris for causing the most casualties of the tournament.
Turn up to El(e)ven award, Y8 Spring. Handed out to Yesanith Qidan for the most completions of the tournament.
Whisperer in the Woods award, Y6 Autumn. Handed out to Ulrandir for the best blocking thrower and most interceptions of the tournament.
Youthful Vibrance award, Y6 Spring. Handed out to Malgath Venris for the best blocking thrower during the Youngblood tournament.
Youthful Vibrance award, Y6 Spring. Handed out to Alred Sharoris for the most star player points earned during the Youngblood tournament.

Forgotten Awards
Youthful Vibrance award, Y6 Spring. Handed out to Ralnor Quina (R.I.P.) for the most completions during the Youngblood tournament.

The Highlights
The wizard guild of Marienburg capture some of the finest moments of the Magnetites in crystal balls that are for display in the Magnetite club house.

Marienburg Magnetites - Sandstorm of Settra, Y6 Autumn - Wood Division.

Five players downed by a pitch invasion and three line of scrimmage players removed? Only three players left standing after the first turn? Hopeless situation, impossible to recover? Not for the Magnetites! All it took us was a good wizard, team captain Ulrandir and young blood awarded lineman talent Ralnor Quina (may he Rest In Peace). They turned a hopeless situation into a 1-0 lead and led the way to the match victory.

Marienburg Magnetites - Grim Shade Stalkers, Y7 Summer - Summer Showdown Ulthuan & Naggaroth versus Sylvania.

Malgath Venris displayed some proper AG5 magic in the match against the Vampires of the Grim Shade Stalkers. Dodging through multiple tackle zones, blocking the ball carrier to the ground and stealing the ball. He demonstrated exceptional resilience by withstanding six block dices without even winking an eye, dodging out of the vampire trap and throwing the ball to team mate Ralnor Quina (May he Rest In Peace) who sprinted it in for the win. It later turned out we won the entire summer showdown with a difference of just one single victory. Thank you Malgath!

The Lowlights

The Magnetites also experienced some lowlights, epic fails that will be remembered for training sessions.

Marienburg Magnetites - Eye and Arrow, Y8 Spring - Ulthuan & Naggaroth regionals.

In Y8 Spring we had the chance to finally win one time against our most feared opponent Eye and Arrow. But alas, four block dices against Lydia, in her own endzone, were not enough to conquer the ball. We will try again next year.

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Player Ma St Ag Av Skills Inj G Cp Td It Cs Mvp SPP Cost  
6 3 4 7   7 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 60k
6 2 4 7
Dirty Player
-st 33 1 1 0 0 1 9/16 80k
6 3 4 7
Guard, Block
  29 0 1 0 1 3 20/31 110k
6 3 4 7   12 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 60k
5 4 4 7
+ST, Block, Dodge
-ma 32 1 3 0 8 3 41/51 150k
6 3 4 7
Guard, Dodge
  11 1 1 0 0 3 19/31 110k
6 3 4 7
Dirty Player, Sneaky Git
  34 1 2 0 0 2 17/31 100k
6 3 4 7   6 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 60k
6 3 5 8
Block, Side Step
+AG, Dodge, Diving Tackle, Tackle
-ma 34 3 4 0 9 4 53/76 210k
7 3 4 7
Block, Side Step
Mighty Blow, Frenzy, Tackle, Dodge
-av 32 0 4 0 19 2 60/76 200k
7 3 4 7
Catch, Nerves Of Steel
Block, Tackle, +AG, Dauntless
-ma, -ag 32 3 9 1 7 2 56/76 200k
8 3 4 7
Catch, Nerves Of Steel
Dodge, Block, Side Step
  23 2 11 0 1 1 42/51 160k
8 4 4 7
Catch, Nerves Of Steel
+ST, Juggernaut
  5 2 5 0 0 1 22/31 180k
8 3 4 7
Catch, Nerves Of Steel
Dodge, Block
  17 0 3 0 0 3 24/31 140k
6 3 4 7
  3 2 0 0 0 1 7/16 90k
6 3 4 7
Accurate, Dodge, Strong Arm, Block
n 29 35 4 0 0 3 62/76 160k
16 players  
Coach: Medon Re-Rolls (100k): 4  
Race: Pro Elf (CIBBL) Fan Factor: 10  
Current Team Value: 2420k Assistant Coaches: 0  
Treasury: 290k Cheerleaders: 0  
Team Value: 2420k Apothecary: Yes  

Games Played:35 (18/8/9) |TD Diff:16 (55 - 39) |Cas Diff:0 (46/30/10 - 50/29/7)
Last Opponent: Mugrec's Mechanical Madmen